Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 399

Chapter 399 Killing All Enemies

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Mo Wen stood in the middle of the empty space, his face somewhat pale. The frightening Qi wave actually did not have much effect on him. He remained standing firmly in his original position.

The Yin Yang Technique combined two into one. This was the Yin Yang Integration Technique that Mo Wen learned from the Soul Nurturing Jade. It was a powerful technique inherited from the Ming Cult’s 34th cult leader. After his Cultivation broke through to the Embryonic Breathing realm, Mo Wen finally could master some of it. Its power compared to before had improved in quality.

After the Tai Yin Qi and Tai Yang Qi combined with each other, it could produce a special form of energy. This special form of energy was very terrifying. Its power was enough that one could look at the rest of the people in the same realm in disdain. However, this was a secret technique and was not easy to utilize. When Mo Wen used it in the Embryonic Breathing realm, he still received some damage that was not light.

The technique that combined the two into one and changed them into energy was not given a name by the Ming Cult’s 34th cult leader. That was because he only mastered some of it, and had not truly, completely combined it. As for Mo Wen, the difference was even greater.

Ghost Ink was a strong enemy, a strong practitioner comparable to Jun Wulei. Normal methods were useless against him. So from the start, he had taken out his hidden trump card. Ghost Ink was careless, so he naturally suffered a loss.


Ghost Ink flew out a few hundred meters. His body crashed heavily onto the ground and sent dust flying. He opened his mouth and coughed out a few mouthfuls of blood. His body was covered in bloodstains. An arm and a leg had flown off of his body. He was a bloody pile of flesh and blood. His sternum had collapsed a few inches into his chest. If he had been a normal person, he would most likely have died long ago from such severe wounds.

“You…” Ghost Ink pointed at Mo Wen from afar. His face was twisted in surprise and anger, as well as an unspeakable fear. With just one blow, he had nearly been killed. If his Cultivation had not been strong enough, and he had not had a few techniques to preserve his life, he would most likely already be dead by now.

The members of the Ghost Lair were all frozen to their spots. They looked upon all this with expressions of disbelief. Their lord with terrifying Cultivation had actually lost so miserably at the hands of this youth.

“I am indeed a Huatian Palace Executor. However, I alone am enough to deal with you all.” Although Mo Wen was also injured, it was not serious. With a wave of his hand, dozens of golden Qi of Swords immediately whistled out. He instantly stood above Ghost Ink’s body, but the Qi of Tai Yang Sword with terrifying power did not slash him. A black fog had seeped out from Ghost Ink’s body, actually blocking all of the Qi of Tai Yang Sword.

“I will grind your bones to dust,” Ghost Ink roared angrily. He took out a round board from his chest pocket, spitting out a mouthful of Blood Essence onto it. Immediately, a black Qi surged through the heavens and the earth. The terrifying black Qi seemed to be gathering across the entire Bi Clan Manor House.

“Acting so recklessly.” Mo Wen laughed coldly. In his eyes, a golden sun once again rose. His eyes turned the color of pure gold and were exquisite and solemn.

Ghost Ink was startled, immediately turning around to not look at Mo Wen. Before this, he had suffered a loss against the bizarre spiritual attack. Otherwise, he would not have lost so miserably. Even now, he could not comprehend how a mere Embryonic Breathing realm ancient martial art practitioner could master such a frightening secret technique. It was beyond normal spiritual secret techniques, comparable to the Primordial Soul techniques from legend.

However, whether or not he was looking at Mo Wen was another matter. The Divine Soul Trillion Layers was a great and powerful technique that shook the Immortal Cultivation world. It could not be compared to his normal spiritual secret techniques. The bizarre spirit power became a thin thread, directly penetrating into his brain.

Even with Ghost Ink’s Cultivation, he immediately went dull, as though his thoughts had been nipped off by someone. Almost at the same time, a dark Qi of Sword flew past without sound or presence, directly chopping off Ghost Ink’s head. The round board in his hand fell to the ground, rolling off into the distance. The surrounding changes seemed to completely disappear.

Mo Wen dashed and appeared before Ghost Ink’s body. He picked up the round board and examined it in detail. “As expected, it is a stratagem board. The Heretic organization actually has such things.”

The round board was a stratagem board from the Immortal Cultivation world. It had been concocted by a strategist. A stratagem board was a mobile stratagem that was able to set up a large stratagem at any time in any place.

However, normal people could not use the stratagem board. This was an item of the Immortal Cultivation world. If one did not have some understanding of the stratagem board and tried to use special items to activate it, an ancient martial art practitioner could not possibly do it. Even Ghost Ink was not an exception.

In the plaza, everyone had stopped. Their gazes all looked at Mo Wen in horror, especially those members of the Ghost Lair. They were all feeling chills down their spines.

“He killed Lord Ghost Ink! How can this be?”

Envoy Guiluo looked in horror at Mo Wen. He could not believe his eyes. He clearly knew how powerful Lord Ghost Ink was. Aside from a strong practitioner in the Golden Elixir realm, people in the Embryonic Breathing realm could not possibly have the ability to kill him.

Qin Guang’s face was also pale as he looked at Mo Wen in horror. He felt the heavens and the earth darken and his limbs turn icy cold. It was as though the end of the world had come. Before this, he had fiercely intended to eliminate everyone here with one swoop, but now, the hunter had become the hunted. This contrast was too big for anyone to accept.

“This is good stuff. It’s just right to kill you all.” Mo Wen gave those people a sweeping glance and laughed. From a jade bottle, he took out a pure white pill. After consuming it, a formless spiritual aura suddenly appeared around his body.

He looked at the stratagem board in his hand. He then reached out and tapped it. The stratagem board immediately released a black light. At the same moment, the surrounding black shroud began to sway. The black fog condensed and formed tens of thousands of Black Fog Swords.

The Black Fog Swords suddenly moved, swarming forth. They slashed towards the members of the Ghost Lair, like wave after wave of a sword tide, never ending and unceasing. Even those at the Embryonic Breathing realm could not defend against it, let alone people in the Qi Nucleation realm.

In an instant, the plaza was filled with screams. One by one, the members of the Ghost Lair fell. However, the normal ancient martial art practitioners of the Bi Clan Manor House were unharmed. The Black Fog Swords seemed to have eyes, only attacking the members of the Ghost Lair.

For a while, screams would come and go.

“Ah! How can this be? He actually can evoke the power of a sacred level weapon…” A member of the Ghost Lair in the Qi Nucleation realm had not managed to finish his sentence when his body was torn to shreds by the Qi of Black Fog Sword. In the plaza, the stench of blood was getting thicker and thicker.

Envoy Guiluo was scared to the point he turned and fled, but at that moment, the surroundings were covered by a black shroud. He could not escape at all. The black fog directly collided with his body, sending him flying backwards. The stratagem that was used before to trap the Bi Clan Manor House’s ancient martial art practitioners had now become the cage to trap the attackers.

“Nice kill!” Quite a few members from the ancient martial arts aristocratic families shouted out loudly. Looking at the members of the Ghost Lair being killed by the Qi of Black Fog Sword one by one made people enthusiastic. Before this, it was a one-sided massacre. But now, already there were people beginning to chase the strong practitioners of the Ghost Lair in a counterattack. The ancient martial art practitioners from the aristocratic families that had once lost morale surprisingly united together, unleashing a never before seen power.

How could the members of the Ghost Lair defend against the onslaught of the stratagem? One by one, they were killed. Even Envoy Guiluo died hatefully under the Ghost Fog Stratagem.

However, Mo Wen did not kill the members of the Qin Clan, intentionally leaving them alone. Of course, it was not because he was merciful or had gone soft.

Mo Wen said with a cold expression as he swept a glance across the plaza, “The Qin Clan cooperated with the demonic Heretic forces, ambitiously wanting to eliminate all the aristocratic families. They have acted cruelly and unjustly. What punishment should be bestowed upon them?”

Bi Kuanhai said coldly, “For colluding with the demonic Heretic forces and making an enemy of all the aristocratic families, the clan should be exterminated.” It was impossible for the area around the capital to welcome the Qin Clan anymore.

“The clan should be exterminated!”

“The clan should be exterminated!”

Everyone looked hatefully at the members of the Qin Clan. Every one of them was brimming with killing intent. They could not wait to slaughter all of the members of the Qin Clan. Even the members of the Meng Clan were no exception. All the actions of the Qin Clan were despicable. With such evil intentions, they could not allow them to stay.

“Mo Wen, spare my Qin Clan. In the future, the Qin Clan will do anything to repay your kindness.” The Qin Clan’s eldest great grandfather’s face was pale, and his body was shaking slightly. Right now, he truly regretted his actions. His lapse in judgement had ruined the entire clan. No matter how high his Cultivation was or how great the benefits were that he had obtained, if the Qin Clan was destroyed, what point was there?

He initially thought that swearing allegiance to the Ghost Lair could cause the Qin Clan to rise up and reach previously unattainable heights. Hence, he was even prepared to risk the world.

“Even if the members of your Qin Clan become beasts of burden I would not deem it worth my time. The reason I have spared you up until now is because you have yet to return to me what you owe.” Mo Wen coldly laughed. He reached out his hand, and a formless Qi flow instantly enveloped the Qin Clan’s leader, Qin Shaoyang. It directly sucked him forwards dozens of meters.

With a scream, Qin Shaoyang directly threw up a mouthful of blood. Mo Wen extended his palm and with a strike, completely crippled his Cultivation.

“Do you know what you owe?” Mo Wen asked indifferently as he grabbed onto Qin Shaoyang with one hand.

“I owe you Qin Yi’s life. I’ll commit seppuku, but please spare my Qin Clan. Do not involve the innocent Qin Clan members.” Qin Shaoyang laughed miserably. Since it had come to this, what else could he do? He did not even have time to regret.

“Now, just because I say so doesn’t mean that your Qin Clan won’t be killed. Even if I don’t make a move, others naturally will. I only want to ask you this: the will that Qin Yi left behind back then, where have you hidden it?”

The will that Mo Wen was referring to was the will of inheritance that Qin Yi had stored in an overseas insurance company. Back then, the Qin Clan had used unknown means to steal it and forge a fake.

“If you promise that my Qin Clan will be unharmed, I can give the will and all of the wealth under the Qin Clan to you,” Qin Shaoyang said as his eyes twinkled.

“Do you think you are in a position to bargain with me?” Mo Wen curled the corners of his mouth. Then, with a flick of his finger, a golden light flashed. His Inner Qi took physical form, becoming nearly a dozen long needles. They directly stabbed into Qin Shaoyang’s body.

Qin Shaoyang immediately started screaming. His body was contorted, and his face twisted. Saliva flowed out from the corner of his mouth. His screams were like the wailing of ghosts and the howling of wolves. It was as though he were undergoing hellish torture.

After a few full minutes, Qin Shaoyang still had not begged for mercy. His bloodshot eyes remained staring at Mo Wen. He clearly meant that if Mo Wen did not protect their Qin Clan, he would not say a word.

“You sure are a tough one.” Mo Wen suddenly smiled. This Qin Shaoyang had some backbone. He could actually withstand pain of this level. Maybe it was because his clan’s survival was at stake that he gained courage out of nowhere.

“Do you think I cannot get it out of you?” Mo Wen smiled. As he said this, his eyes gradually became hollow, like two black holes. They were dark and deep, being able to consume everything in this world, even light.