Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 401

Chapter 401 Night Visit

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Huo Changxing and Bi Kuanhai looked at each other and knew that Mo Wen didn’t want to meddle in their matters, so they didn’t comment further. Without the threat of the Ghost Lair, they would be able to handle the things that followed by themselves.

Bi Kuanhai glanced at Mo Wen and Qin Xiaoyou’s receding backs and sighed helplessly. He knew that it was basically impossible to have Qin Xiaoyou marry into the Bi Clan. An elite like Mo Wen was basically on a different level from them, or rather, bluntly put, they were of two different worlds.

He was a rare genius in this world, even in the massive ancient martial arts world. Those big sects might wish to have him, not to mention those small ancient martial arts aristocratic families like theirs.

It was not surprising that Qin Xiaoyou had such talent. The area that the Bi Clan was proud of would be nothing in her eyes. If they continued to have inordinate thoughts about her, they would be overestimating their own abilities.

Bi Fengdi clenched his fist tightly as he gazed at Qin Xiaoyou’s receding back with unspeakable sadness in his eyes. After a long while, he sighed deeply and hung his head low like a defeated rooster before turning around to trudge away, disheartened.

“Young guys, stop looking. Look at yourselves. You look like bears. You didn’t work hard during your practice. Now you know what the difference is? That Qin Xiaoyou is a graceful swan while you are ugly toads, so it’s useless for you to keep thinking about it. You’d better practice well for your father in the future,” Wang Tiannian said with a stern expression while giving each of them a slap. He patted those young men’s heads who were looking longingly at Qin Xiaoyou’s receding back.

Previously, Wang Tiannian still had wishful thinking regarding Qin Xiaoyou, but now that thinking was absolutely gone. He simply lamented that the Wang Clan didn’t have such a shocking and gorgeous genius.

Wang Xiaofei rolled her eyes at her grandfather. How could he describe it that way? Moreover, he actually claimed to be “your father” in front of a group of grandchildren and even great grandchildren. Wasn’t the seniority in the clan too messy…

“Yes…” the youngsters of the Wang Clan said weakly. Regardless of how hard they practiced, it would be impossible for them to compare to Mo Wen.

Wang Yuan stood among the people of the Wang Clan and looked at Mo Wen’s receding back with keen eyes. He never thought that Mo Wen, who was his classmate, was actually so frightening with utterly shocking Cultivation that was way beyond his understanding and imagination. Still waters really ran deep, and he had never observed that before. In fact, from the beginning he had indeed never understood Mo Wen.

However, now he finally had a little understanding. That’s why Mo Wen was not afraid of the Qin Clan’s fourth young mistress and the Meng Clan’s young master, Meng Wei, and he even dared to kill the successor of the Meng Clan, Meng Guo, in the Bi Clan Manor House. The one who should be frightened shouldn’t be him, but those who have provoked him.

Wang Yuan couldn’t help but think of Su Boyu, whom he had not seen in a long time. Previously, he thought that Su Boyu was indulging in debauchery and didn’t like to be in school. Now, come to think of it, he knew exactly why he might never see one of the Top Ten Young Masters in school anymore.

Unlike the relief that the people of the Bi Clan and Wang Clans felt after surviving a disaster, everyone in the Meng Clan was very nervous, as they were afraid Mo Wen would get even with them. After all, among the ancient martial arts aristocratic families present at the scene, only the Qin Clan and Meng Clans had grudges with Mo Wen. Now that the Qin Clan was destroyed, only the Meng Clan was left. If Mo Wen were to get even with them, what could they do?

Almost everyone in the Meng Clan didn’t dare to look straight into Mo Wen’s eyes. Everyone was hiding in the corner as if they were afraid that others might discover them. Not until Mo Wen’s receding back disappeared from their eyes could everyone in the Meng Clan gradually heave a sigh of relief.

Meng Hongbo scanned his clan members coldly before warning them sternly, “In the future, anyone from the Meng Clan who dares to provoke Mo Wen again will be directly executed. You will find out Mo Wen’s address later so that I can apologize to him personally.”

“Yes!” Everyone in the Meng Clan nodded. Now, even without the Clan Leader’s warning, almost no one would dare to provoke that terrifying killing machine. Almost half of those people from the Ghost Lair had been killed by him. With Mo Wen’s ability, he could basically annihilate the Meng Clan effortlessly. Moreover, Mo Wen seemed to be a member of the Huatian Palace, so even when he did outrageous things, they might not even have a place to reason it out.

Meng Hongbo nodded coldly as times had changed. Now, he basically didn’t wish to think about the successor being killed and wanted to nip any future possibilities in the bud. He only knew that if this youngster was offended, the Meng Clan might no longer have any future.

Meng Hongbo had some hidden hatred as Meng Guo had nearly brought disaster to the Meng Clan. If that day the Huo Clan and Wang Clans hadn’t stopped them, the Meng Clan might actually have made a move on Mo Wen, and he didn’t dare to think of the consequences. Now, come to think of it, they should thank the Huo Clan and Wang Clans.

After such a big incident had happened, the Capital Martial Arts Symposium naturally couldn’t continue. Instantly, all the ancient martial arts aristocratic families had left the Bi Clan Manor House and returned to their own clans to handle the aftermath. Many people were still in shock as the legendary Heretic forces had finally appeared in front of them. They realized that it was not a legend, and at the same time, they realized that the ancient martial arts world in Hua Xia had a façade of calm and peace but was actually not peaceful at all.

Qin Xiaoyou didn’t return to the Huo Clan, although her mother would possibly marry into the Huo Clan as the Mistress of the Clan Leader and tie the knot with Uncle Huo to end the regrets they had had for dozens of years. However, the Huo Clan was not her home, so she didn’t intend to be too involved with the clan, and she didn’t intend to be the Huo Clan’s young mistress. She would be satisfied visiting her mother occasionally, knowing that she was well and enjoying a happy life.

Therefore, Qin Xiaoyou returned to school after leaving the Bi Clan Manor House. Though she had already finished all of her courses for the term and wouldn’t be affected if she didn’t attend class, she still wanted to learn more things. In the ancient times, it was a virtue for women to have no talents, but it was different now, as an outstanding girl should know etiquette and have knowledge, as well as having her own qualities.

The library of Hua Xia University was a treasure for humans. It had many things in it that couldn’t be learned from other places. Most of the books were unique copies of hundreds of years of heritage, and there were even some ancient classics that were passed down that would be very useful for the practice of ancient martial arts. They usually allowed her to comprehend many principles. Perhaps the school was not the kind of place suitable for practicing ancient martial arts for others, but it was the most suitable place for her.

Mo Wen managed to rent a place at the teachers’ apartment building in the school through his relationship with Old Man Wei. It provided Qin Xiaoyou and him a place to stay so that he could teach her some matters of ancient martial arts. After all, he couldn’t teach her in the female dormitory.

Over the next few days, Mo Wen stayed in the school to teach Qin Xiaoyou to practice patiently. After realizing that she had great talents, Mo Wen naturally put more importance on her, as Qin Xiaoyou might have a great achievement similar to his in the future.

Although Qin Xiaoyou’s ability to comprehend was very strong, Mo Wen didn’t teach her a lot. However, he did teach her all the heritage of the Ming Cult’s Sacred Maiden. After all, she shouldn’t bite off more than she could chew. Some things were not really learned after only having a simple understanding of it. It was basically not easy to digest the way of the Ming Cult’s Sacred Maiden.

Whether he should teach her other things or teach her the route towards Immortal Cultivation, these were the matters of the future. Everything would have to wait until she had a stable foundation.

In the meantime, Mo Wen used a secret method to control Qin Shaoyang’s mind to order him to transfer all the shares of the Blue Ocean Group to Qin Xiaoyou. He used normal legal procedures to take the entire group back.

Qin Xiaoyou was a member of the Qin Clan, and the Blue Ocean Group had been founded by her father, Qin Yi. They claimed that Qin Xiaoyou was too young at that time, so her elder uncle, Qin Shaoyang, was managing the group’s assets on her behalf. Now that Qin Xiaoyou was of age, the group returned them back to her. In this way, in terms of legal procedure, it was valid and legal.

Hence, not long after the share transfer agreement was finalized, the Blue Ocean Group was one of the top listed big groups in the country with more than 20 listed companies in it. Some were involved in very profitable industries and even collaborated secretly with the government. It was also said to be involved in the military field.

Once Qin Xiaoyou became the owner of the Blue Ocean Group, she could be listed on the Forbes World’s Richest Billionaires List and possibly be the richest woman in the country. In terms of wealth, among the five big ancient martial arts aristocratic families in the Capital, the combined wealth of the other four aristocratic families might not be as much as the Qin Clan’s. After all, half of the Qin Clan’s wealth was a result of plundering Qin Xiaoyou’s father – the business genius.

Of course, Qin Xiaoyou intended to be in complete control of the Blue Ocean Group, but it was difficult to do that within a short period of time. So, Mo Wen continued to retain Qin Shaoyang and didn’t kill him. This person was still of some use. If he had been killed, Qin Xiaoyou would have had a problem taking over such a massive organization within a short period of time.

As for the Qin Clan, those who had practiced ancient martial arts were extirpated of their Cultivation according to Mo Wen’s decision. Those who refused to obey would be killed to deter the rest from doing the same. As for the old, weak, females, and young, they were made to go on their separate ways according to their families. They were allowed to bring along some assets to leave the Qin Clan Manor House to seek a living for themselves.

In a short period of a few days, the Qin Clan Manor House was almost empty with everyone going their separate ways. The big clan was completely divided.

In the night, Mo Wen and Qin Xiaoyou were sitting cross-legged facing each other, and Mo Wen was attentively teaching Qin Xiaoyou about the practice of ancient martial arts. With Mo Wen’s teaching and her own talents, Qin Xiaoyou improved by leaps and bounds.

Suddenly, Mo Wen furrowed his brows and seemed to have sensed something. He indicated to Qin Xiaoyou to continue with the practice while he walked out to investigate.

In the little bamboo forest outside the apartment, there were stone tables and stone stools being placed randomly at a distance. Normally, the students or teachers would stroll or relax in the little bamboo forest.

At this moment, the bamboo forest was especially quiet with almost nobody in it. The moonlight shined through the long and slender bamboo shoots onto a tall and slender figure who was standing with his hands behind his back. His clothes were fluttering in the breeze. In this tranquil bamboo forest, he seemed to have completely merged with the surroundings.

Mo Wen walked to the front of the person before asking indifferently, “Why do you look for me?”

The person in front of him was Mo Qingtian. If there was nothing important, Mo Qingtian wouldn’t look for him. He was weird as usual, with the perfection that captivated the women and men of this world. It seemed strange, but it was indeed so. Mo Qingtian’s exceptional intersexual beauty had very great charming power on both men and women.