Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 404

Chapter 404 Women Are As Good As Men

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Cai Yan fished out a small purple mirror from her body with one hand, while her other hand held a piece of the spiritual stone. She then spat a mouthful of blood onto the mirror.

Suddenly, that delicate purple mirror gave out a streak of spectacular purple light which swept across to directly block the man in the black robe from pouncing towards them. After that, the purple light hit onto the side of a wall.

As it made contact, surrounding space suddenly gave out a weird distortion, like something had been shattered. With a cracking sound, the lights in the karst cave blacked out. The whole environment then quickly returned to its peaceful original state.

It appeared that the delicate small purple mirror was very mystical and actually had the special function of eliminating the stratagem technique! With this mirror, the normal stratagem technique wouldn’t be able to trap them!

Surprise flashed in Mo Wen’s eyes again. That delicate small purple mirror was a profound level weapon, and it was also a rare profound level weapon that could eliminate stratagems.

Since they were ancient martial arts practitioners, it was impossible for Pei Fengwu and Cai Yan to have such Immortal treasures. Instead, they should be ad-hoc supplementary items that were issued to them by the Huatian Palace, so as to ensure that this operation would progress safely and smoothly.

They easily gave out two pieces of profound level weapons and equipped them with a spiritual stone to activate them. This revealed that the Huatian Palace was indeed affluent.

“Retreat!” Cai Yan commanded in a low voice, then flashed her figure to retreat.

The man in the black robe immediately chased after them. However, the small purple mirror continued to have some remnant power, so as she turned, that streak of purple light flashed and hit the man in the black robe and held him back.

“Sister Cai Yan, what about Sister Fengwu? Shangguan Qingyou asked with anxiety on her face.

At this moment, Pei Fengwu who was obstructing the two men in black single-handedly, was at a disadvantage. This made it basically impossible for her to leave with them. If they were to escape without her, Pei Fengwu would most probably die in this cave!

Many people halted in their paths involuntarily, hesitating about leaving. They were the most prideful geniuses among the ancient martial arts practitioners, so they couldn’t abandon their partners!

There were nine of them, so if they were to fight with all their might, they might be able to stand up against the three men in black robes. Then, both Pei Fengwu and Cai Yan should be able to lead them out.

“I am Assistant Team Leader. Whoever disobeys my command will be expelled from the Fengwu team,” Cai Yan said coldly.

She waved her hand and the strong power caused the group of people to retreat seven or eight steps. Her entire body was releasing a frightening pressure that was equivalent to half an ancient martial arts practitioner in the Golden Elixir realm.

“Since the Ghost Lair has set traps for us, our mission will definitely not be easy. Whether we will be able to escape from here is still an uncertainty. If any one of us is able to escape and send out the signal to the Huatian Palace for help, perhaps we can still save Pei Fengwu. Otherwise, we will all die here together,” Mo Qingtian said stoically.

Hearing his words, everyone’s faces changed a little. They realized that this was not the time to act impulsively. The few of them then quietly rushed out to follow the order.

“Go your separate ways. Try to disperse as much as possible,” Cai Yan commanded in a low tone while turning the precious mirror in her hand.

After blocking the attacks of the man in the black robe with the mirror several times, her face turned totally pale. After all, every time she used the purple mirror, her Qi and blood depleted a little more.

There were many passages from the karst cave to the outside world. In fact, seven or eight of the dark cave entrances led to unknown and mysterious places. All of them could only choose one based on their luck, all the while hoping that it would lead them out quickly!

“Hmmph! I’ve already mentioned that no one will leave here alive.” That man in the black robe bellowed while fishing out a small bell from his sleeve. He then started shaking it vigorously.

Suddenly, several black figures flashed within those dark cave passages. Every figure was very strong, each almost the equivalent to one in the Embryonic Breathing realm. All of them made their moves to intercept those members of Fengwu team who were trying to dash out.

Indeed, other than those three men in black robes, there were many strong experts of the Ghost Lair who were hiding in the cave. Those people who were trying to dash out were instantly hindered.

Facing the siege of one or more men in black, dashing out of this place was definitely not going to be an easy task. Since the Ghost Lair had set the traps, it would not be easy to escape this place.

“Dying Old fellow, are you still thinking of minding others’ business? I will kill you first.” Cai Yan was furious as she saw this scene. Then, she waved both her hands.

That purple treasured mirror instantly flew out. Its flash became three purple suns, which shone three streaks of purple lights before hitting towards the man in the black robe. That man in the black robe was shocked upon seeing this.

He flashed his body, trying to escape, but the speed of the purple lights was too fast, so they hit him. He flew backwards and hit a slab of wall with a loud bang, leaving behind a hole.

However, the strength of the Golden Elixir realm was indeed shocking, as nothing had happened to that man in the black robe. He even rushed forward again!

Though he looked battered, he was not injured. Those three purple sacred lights didn’t even hurt him!

“Bi*ch, wait till your Qi and blood are used up. We’ll see how arrogant you are then!” The man in the black robe was indeed in a rage.

“I won’t let you off easily, even if it kills me!” Cai Yan shouted in a rage before activating the purple light precious mirror once again to hit the man in the black robe.

She did this to control him totally, so as to prevent him from killing the rest of the team. After all, among the team, other than Pei Fengwu and herself, no one else could obstruct this kind of exceptional expert in the Golden Elixir realm. Even she and Pei Fengwu had relied on the two profound level weapons to obstruct the three men in black robes.

Meanwhile, Mo Wen snuck out of the karst cave and dashed towards the passage. Those three men in black robes were people that he didn’t intend to provoke, as they were the exceptional experts in the Golden Elixir realm!

As he didn’t feel like he really belonged to the Fengwu team and didn’t even know those people within it, he was unwilling to risk himself for a fight between those people and those in the Golden Elixir realm.

After all, he was no longer an impulsive youngster filled with vigor. He was also no fool!

After he flew a few hundred meters, he saw two black figures flying towards him, obstructing his path. The Cultivations of the two persons were quite high, as one was in the later stage of the Embryonic Breathing realm and the other was in the intermediate stage of the Embryonic Breathing realm.

Once they appeared before him, they released a frightening pressure in an attempt to suppress him. Mo Wen snorted secretly, thinking that they were overestimating themselves. His figure then flashed and headed straight towards them, intending to hit them hard.

Unexpectedly, before he could make another move, a figure that was much faster than him flew past him and hit the two men in black! The three of them exchanged blows and almost caused the cave entrance to collapse! In fact, if they hadn’t restrained their power, the cave entrance would have collapsed instantly.

Mo Wen went forward, only to realize that the person who was obstructing the two men in black was someone from the Fengwu team!

“What are you looking at? Run away quickly and go get help from the Huatian Palace.” That woman from the Fengwu team ordered.

She then glared at Mo Wen before striking a palm with all her might to push back one of the men in black and pounce towards the other man in black. He was amazed to see that she was actually able to hold the two persons back, thus giving Mo Wen ample time to run away!

“Go! Why are you still in a daze? I can’t hold them off for too long!” That woman said anxiously. If Mo Wen was to delay any longer, she might just die in this cave!

Mo Wen immediately obeyed and flashed across. After a few flashes of his figure, he was at the end of the passage.

As he reached the fork of the path, coincidentally, another person flew out of the other passage. A person in white had appeared and instantly given out a sense of coldness. It had to be Shangguan Qingyou!

Shangguan Qingyou, who had obviously also discovered Mo Wen, snorted with an unkind countenance. Mo Wen didn’t intend to bother himself with her, so he ignored her completely and flew towards the passage ahead of him, hoping to get out of this underground passage so that he could signal the Huatian Palace for help.

Suddenly, in the passage ahead, a figure blocked the path. He was a burly man with an axe in his hand. His muscular body was giving out a thick and steady pressure, so he was most likely an expert in the later stage of the Embryonic Breathing realm.

“Hmmph! You are courting death…” A cold voice echoed from behind Mo Wen.

The next moment, a white figure flashed past Mo Wen and pounced onto the burly man in black. A long sword danced in the air with cold intent before striking aggressively towards the burly man in black.

Mo Wen pursed his lips tightly and cast a glance at Shangguan Qingyou before moving away from their fighting ground. He then dashed out of the cave once again.

“Consider yourself in luck.” Shangguan Qingyou looked at Mo Wen’s receding back and snorted coldly. Then, she concentrated on her frantic fight with the burly man in black.

Mo Wen flew out a hundred meters and met another man in black, who tried to obstruct him. That person seemed to have been waiting there for some time.

He held two sharp daggers in his hands and his evil-looking eyes looked askance at Mo Wen, who was flying out. He had been waiting for him to come out so that he could kill him with a single stroke!

Mo Wen’s stare turned cold and his hand shook slightly. Seven masses of brilliant firelights flew out of the Medicine spiritual ring. In the blink of an eye, the seven masses of firelights united together. Then, a burning longsword descended from heaven and landed right in Mo Wen’s hand.

In a flash, Mo Wen’s speed suddenly increased by ten times, like lightning, instantly allowing him to zoom past the man in black.

As Mo Wen flashed past him, the eyes of that man in black went dull and the two daggers dropped from his hands. His head slanted to the side, then dropped and rolled on the ground like a watermelon. Clearly, he was dead!

Mo Wen’s figure stopped in the middle of the passage, but didn’t move out of it. He sighed softly before his figure became a firelight. It then actually went back into the cave and dashed towards the karst cave.

Although he didn’t see himself as being a true part of the Fengwu team, the Fengwu team had treated him as one of their own. So, at this moment, he realized that he could no longer leave the fighting ground indifferently.