Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 405

Chapter 405 Returning To The Rescue

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The light from a flame shot through the passage, crossing hundreds of meters in the blink of an eye. Mo Wen’s silhouette was like a meteorite crashing into the cave.

Shangguan Qingyou, who was fighting against a black-robed man, saw a golden silhouette flash past her. Her expression changed slightly. She did not understand why Mo Wen had come crashing back. Her gaze shifted towards the exit of the passage, but she did not notice anyone chasing Mo Wen and forcing him to return. Then why didn’t he escape? Why did he come back?

In just a few seconds, Mo Wen had traversed thousands of meters in the underground passage.

Right now, the woman who had been blocking two black-robed men before was miserably escaping towards the exit. The two black-robed men were in hot pursuit. Then, a golden light flashed and directly passed her. The next moment, a frightening Qi of Sword swept out like a dragon. It directly slashed the intermediate stage Embryonic Breathing realm black-robed man down the middle and cleaved him in two. Blood sprayed like rain, and in the blinding golden light, they seemed to become golden drops.

Another later stage Embryonic Breathing realm black-robed man saw the terrifying aura that was coming towards him. He was shocked and pale. Without needing to even think, he turned back and retreated, not daring to continue chasing the woman to kill her. However, the terrifying golden sword light still passed in front of him. Blood gushed out of his chest. Luckily for him, he had retreated in time, and it had just grazed him. Otherwise, he would have ended up not any better off than the black-robed man from before.

Mo Wen did not continue to bother with the black-robed man who managed to escape death. His silhouette did not stop, and the golden light directly passing by instantly disappeared deep into the cave.

The woman from the Fengwu team took the opportunity to completely escape from the black-robed men. She looked at Mo Wen’s silhouette in alarm, then biting down, she continued to head towards the cave’s exit. Although she did not understand why Mo Wen was heading into the cave, right now she could not be bothered. If she did not get out, she would most likely die.

In the large underground cave, Pei Fengwu and Cai Yan were still dealing with the three Golden Elixir realm black-robed men, causing them to be unable to free themselves and chase after the members of the Fengwu team. However, how powerful were the three Golden Elixir realm absolute strong practitioners? Even with a profound level weapon, they could only barely defend themselves. It was almost impossible for them to be opponents of the Golden Elixir realm practitioners.

At the moment, Cai Yan was already completely at a disadvantage and in a precarious position. After evoking the Purple Treasured Mirror again and again, she had severely expended her qi and blood. The speed of her evocation of the Purple Treasured Mirror was also getting slower and slower. It was hard for her to block off the black-robed men with Golden Elixir realm Cultivation. She had nearly died more than once.

As for Pei Fengwu, her situation was even worse. She alone was blocking off two of the black-robed men. Even if she had multiple trump cards, she could not do much against such an absolute difference. She had already been severely injured and had almost died a few times at the hands of the black-robed men.

“B*stard, I’ll fight you to the death.” Cai Yan spat a mouthful of Blood Essence on the Purple Treasured Mirror, causing it to shine brightly. It once again split into three in the air, seemingly becoming three mirrors.

The black-robed man who was fighting with Cai Yan was shocked, immediately drawing back and retreating. Although it would be difficult for the purple light to harm him, if it collided with his body, it would not be painless.

The Purple Treasured Mirror released three beams of purple light, but they were not aimed at that black-robed man. Instead, they curved and headed towards the other two black-robed men who were fighting with Pei Fengwu. The pillars of light that came so suddenly were impossible to avoid, directly sending the two black-robed men flying for dozens of meters. It saved Pei Fengwu from a crisis by a hair’s breadth.

“You are looking to die.” The black-robed man who was engaging Cai Yan immediately knew that he had fallen for a trick. He was instantly enraged due to his embarrassment. He attacked with full force, frenziedly attacking Cai Yan.

On the other side, Pei Fengwu’s silhouette was light and agile, floating around like a leaf in the wind. She was clearly narrowly avoiding death, but she still remained so elegant. It was not that she was intentionally posing, it was a set of secret advanced movement techniques. If it wasn’t for her incredible movements, she would most likely have already died under the encirclement of the two black-robed men.

However, even though it was so, her condition was getting worse and worse. Although Cai Yan would occasionally be able to lend a hand, she could barely defend herself, so the amount of help that she could give was naturally not much.

“Heaven and Earth Cloud Sleeves.” Pei Fengwu flew up as though she had begun a dance. She swept her sleeves, and two pinkish blue star streaks came down like the Milky Way, sending the two black-robed men flying backwards from the shock. However, she herself also flew back because of the terrifying recoil. Her already pale face became even paler.

“Let’s see how long you can last.” A black-robed man snorted coldly, attacking Pei Fengwu again. He didn’t expect a woman who was yet to be in the Golden Elixir realm to be so hard to handle. She alone had pinned them down for such a long time. If this continued, the people from the Huatian Palace would mostly be able to escape.

“Die!” The other black-robed man was more straightforward. He pounced on Pei Fengwu right away with the intent to kill.

Pei Fengwu pressed her lips. There was blood at the corner of her mouth. She said nothing, continuing to fight the two black-robed men. The longer she could pin them down, the better the chances were for others to escape. Otherwise, with the strong practitioners in the Golden Elixir realm chasing them, it was possible that no one would escape.

In the large karst cave, a streak of golden light flashed. A shining, gold man suddenly appeared. His strong aura swept across the cave like a gale. However, compared to the three black-robed men’s, his aura paled into insignificance. The aura of the Golden Elixir realm practitioners was hidden, yet it could be felt continuously. It was enough to terrorize any Embryonic Breathing realm ancient martial art practitioner.

“Mo Wen!” Cai Yan and Pei Fengwu looked at Mo Wen simultaneously. A glint of puzzlement and anxiety flashed in their eyes. Hadn’t he escaped? Why did he come back again? Could it be that there were some terrifying, strong practitioners outside that forced him to retreat?

A streak of purple light pushed the black-robed men back. Cai Yan took the opportunity to retreat and asked Mo Wen anxiously, “Why have you returned? Couldn’t you escape?”

Mo Wen shook his head. “I’ve returned to help you all.” He had changed his mind on the way. If he had not returned, the two women would most likely die. He was unrelated to Pei Fengwu and Cai Yan, and the reason he had joined this mission was just for the 10,000 Contribution Credits. He did not need to risk his life for them. If everyone was selfish, caring only about their own interests, then Mo Wen would surely not take the risk to return.

However, throughout the journey, everyone on the Fengwu team had protected him, intentionally or unintentionally. They took the initiative to block the black-robed men. They would rather put themselves in danger. As a man, he was really guilty for asking the women to stay behind so that he could escape safely.

He originally had not wanted to be too deeply involved, but since matters had come to this, he could not make any other choice.

“You’ve returned to help us?” Upon hearing his words, Cai Yan was both upset and amused. She had the urge to kill herself. This man was rather overconfident. Wasn’t he looking for death with his ability? They had risked their lives to create an opportunity for him to escape. In the end, he didn’t appreciate it.

“Mo Wen, stop fooling around. Quickly get out of here. Now is not the time to act on emotions,” Pei Fengwu said anxiously. She was slightly distracted while talking, receiving another palm strike from the black-robed man. It sent her flying backwards, injuring her even more.

“Haha. Young lad, did you come back to drag the team down? You are silly to the point of being cute. You don’t know what death means.” A black-robed man laughed out loud. He had never seen a person act so recklessly. This little ancient martial art practitioner was too hilarious. With just mere later stage Embryonic Breathing realm Cultivation, he actually talked so big. He could squash him with just a finger.

Mo Wen did not speak. A light flashed in his hands, and a straw cape appeared. Even though it was old and rugged, it emitted a black, foggy shine. It was obviously not an ordinary item.

As soon as it appeared, it automatically clothed Mo Wen. The next moment, Mo Wen’s figure changed into a cloud of shapeless fog. It gave an enigmatic, illusory vibe. He seemed to have lost his physical form.

“Another Immortals’ treasure!” The eyes of a black-robed man narrowed. His expression instantly turned serious. The reason why Pei Fengwu and Cai Yan could fight with them was because they had two Immortals’ treasures. If the Fengwu team didn’t have the items, they could have killed them in an instant. Now, there was a third Immortals’ treasure appearing. It was not a good news for them.

Another black-robed man suddenly said with a shriek, “Something is off! He has a storage ring. A storage ring that recognizes its owner! He is merely an ancient martial art practitioner. How is this possible?” Everyone was focusing on the peculiar straw cape and didn’t notice where it had come from. Thinking back, this youth hadn’t had the straw cape with him. It seemed to have appeared from thin air.

There could only be one explanation for it. Mo Wen had an item for storage. However, it was an Immortals’ treasure. It was rare even among the Immortal Cultivators. Compared to common treasures, it was much more valuable. He was merely an ancient martial art practitioner. How could he have a storage ring?

The three black-robed men felt incredulous. Could it be that the Huatian Palace would equip the Executors on missions even with things like the storage ring? It was too luxurious! Furthermore, just now the youth could simply retrieve an item from the storage ring without using a spiritual stone to open it. There could only be two possibilities. One was that the youth was an Immortal Cultivator. He practiced spiritual power and could operate Immortals’ treasures directly. The other possibility was his storage ring was one that could recognize its owner automatically. That kind of storage ring was far more precious than the common storage ring. It was almost impossible for an ancient martial art practitioner to acquire one.

Even Pei Fengwu and Cai Yan were stunned, let alone the three black-robed men. Before this, they had no idea that Mo Wen had Immortals’ treasures. In other words, the Immortals’ treasure was definitely not an item assigned by the Huatian Palace for temporary use during a mission. It was Mo Wen’s personal belonging. Before this, Mo Wen didn’t know about this mission at all. He hadn’t been to the Huatian Palace’s headquarters, either.

“This kid is too rich.” A glint of envy flashed in Cai Yan’s eyes. He even had a storage ring! As a Huatian Palace high level Executor, naturally she had some understanding of the items of the Immortal Cultivators. Usually, when they were on some dangerous mission, the Huatian Palace would assign them some Immortals’ treasures for protection. However, a storage ring was not commonly seen. Only when they were on some special missions would the storage ring be assigned to them.

The profound level weapons that she and Pei Fengwu had were treasures assigned by the Huatian Palace for temporary use. Once the mission had been completed, they had to return the items to the Huatian Palace immediately. The items were not their personal belongings.