Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 406

Chapter 406 The Power Of The Divine Buddha

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The three men in black robes looked at Mo Wen with fervent eyes and wished they could swallow him whole.

“Young fellow, I just realized you are actually getting more adorable.” A man in a black robe was laughing evilly. In his eyes, Mo Wen had instantly become a treasure trove. Since he had a storage ring, he didn’t know what other good things he might have. Mo Wen was simply making himself irresistible.

“Mo Wen, you are not their match. Run away quickly.” Pei Fengwu took a deep breath with a helpless expression on her pale face. Even with the Immortals’ treasure, it would be impossible for Mo Wen to defeat an expert in the Golden Elixir realm. With all the treasures, he would only be an advantage to the people of the Ghost Lair if he stayed on.

“Run away? None of you shall leave.” Another man in black robes snorted coldly while he thrust out his sleeve. A streak of black light brightened before it became an arm dozens of meters long. It pierced through the air and captured Mo Wen directly, obviously intending to take him down first.

Mo Wen’s figure transformed faintly into a mass of smoke before disappearing immediately. That arm, which seemed to be able to reach heaven and earth, made its way towards Mo Wen’s position. At a distance of more than ten meters away, a whiff of smoke distorted as Mo Wen’s figure gradually re-appeared.

“Eh. Quite interesting.” Surprise flickered in the eyes of the man in black robes. He looked surprised when he saw the straw cape on Mo Wen’s back. The radiance in his eyes gradually turned fervent. That is definitely an extraordinary treasure of the Immortals.

Mo Wen glanced at the man mockingly. The straw cape on his back had previously been a treasured level weapon, but it was now above a profound level weapon. Although it merely had the remnant power of a spiritual weapon, it was more precious than those normal treasured level weapons.

Ever since Mo Wen gained this straw cape, he had studied it carefully only to realize that the cape had a few very strong functions. If it had not deteriorated due to the passage of time, it would certainly be a tip-top treasured weapon.

One of the straw cape’s functions was to create an illusory transformation. It was able to transform the wearer and create illusions in order to confuse opponents. In the meantime, it also had very strong defense ability. It was able to apply the principle of fighting hardness with softness to the extreme. The greater the strength that was being used, the more difficult it was to harm the owner of the straw cape.

At the same time, the straw cape also had the function of hiding aura and disguising the wearer. If it was used for a surprise attack, it would be simply impossible to guard against it. In terms of worth, it was way above Pei Fengwu and Cai Yan’s profound level weapons.

Pei Fengwu was being besieged by two of the men in black robes. Suddenly, one of them came out of the fight and stared at Mo Wen with a sardonic smile. “He’s merely a young fellow, I will tackle him.”

The other man in black uttered inadvertently, “Malicious Spirit, you may tackle him, but the benefits you will gain…”

That man in black robes, who went by the name of Malicious Spirit, remarked coldly, “Don’t worry. The old practice applies. Whatever I get, we will share equally among ourselves. Don’t let the two women hinder me.”

“With your words, we’ll naturally cooperate.” The other two men in black robes laughed sinisterly before starting to initiate a move to hamper both Pei Fengwu and Cai Yan.

Suddenly, the two of them were anxious, as they were originally at a complete disadvantage. Now, the two men in black robes intentionally hampered them so they would basically have no chance of helping Mo Wen. They could only helplessly watch Mo Wen die at Malicious Spirit’s hands.

Previously, Pei Fengwu had been able to obstruct two people single-handedly. However, after expending much of her focus, even tackling one person took a heavy toll. Hence, she was unable to obstruct the other person. However, with one less opponent, Pei Fengwu’s stress was suddenly reduced by half. Even so, she knew that once that man in black killed Mo Wen, their situation would remain the same without any change.

“Young fellow, your name is Mo Wen? I know you.” Malicious Spirit didn’t make a move immediately, but stared at Mo Wen coldly instead while the Yin Qi fluctuated in his body. If Mo Wen tried to run away, he would definitely kill him at once.

“I must have a great reputation.” Mo Wen curled his lips into a smile.

Malicious Spirit uttered sinisterly with crimson radiance flashing in his eyes, “I don’t know whether you have a great reputation, but you have offended me before and destroyed my good plan. Wait ’til I remove your nerves and skin you alive to let you have a taste of being the living dead.”

That day, those who went to the Bi Clan Manor House to hunt for blood as their food had all been his subordinates. It turned out that they had all been wiped out by Mo Wen, and they even lost one of the stratagem boards. Because of this matter, he suffered quite a severe punishment in the organization. He wouldn’t be appeased if he didn’t shatter Mo Wen into bits and pieces.

“Oh, there is actually such a thing. That is quite a good thing after all,” Mo Wen said, smiling.

“Soon you will know what regret really means.” Fury flashed in Malicious Spirit’s eyes. This youngster actually dares to mock me. He is simply sick of living.

Malicious Spirit leapt into the air while streaks of frightening black Qi were unleashed from his body. That black Qi was as thick as a thigh and was about 20 meters long like the tentacles of an octopus. Dozens of huge tentacles swung to cover the entire place and were stirring a portion of heaven and earth. The vital Qi of heaven and earth seemed to have been dispersed. One tentacle after another joined together to seal Mo Wen in a narrow space.

The next moment, all the tentacles contracted inwards so vigorously that even a mountain would be ground down, not to mention a person trapped in it. Mo Wen narrowed his eyes to slits as the terrifying pressure in the surroundings caused the air to seemingly freeze. His body felt like he was carrying a mountain on his back, causing him to move with much difficulty. This was the power of the Golden Elixir. It was indeed very shocking.

However, he didn’t panic, and instead poured out more than ten Spiritual Energy Pills from a jade bottle unhurriedly before swallowing them all in one go. After that, he fished out a jade pendant from the medicine spiritual ring. It was the Vajrapani Talisman he had obtained from the Dafang Sect’s Treasure Trove.

As he was returning, Mo Wen had already realized that he had to pay a price. When facing an exceptional expert in the Golden Elixir realm, he could only defeat him using a spell talisman.

The spiritual energy in the Spiritual Energy Pills was circulating in his body before it became soul power. Mo Wen pointed his finger at the Vajrapani Talisman. The next moment, streaks of golden light were suddenly released from the Vajrapani Talisman while a glass-like golden light shield protected Mo Wen. In the meantime, the heavenly sounds of Sanskrit chanting resounded as if the Buddha was reading the Vajrapani Sutra. The unique sound was basically irresistible and filled the big underground karst cave completely.

When those black tentacles that were trying to kill Mo Wen touched the glass-like golden light shield, they instantly disintegrated one after another and broke into pieces before disappearing completely into thin air.

Malicious Spirit’s face suddenly turned extremely pale while horror filled his eyes. His body trembled as he coughed out a mouthful of blood. The instant those tentacles hit the golden light shield, a terrifying power ricocheted and seriously injured him. Furthermore, the weird, heavenly sound of Sanskrit chanting lingered in the mind incessantly and nearly quaked his soul.

“What power is that!” Mo Wen was in the glass-like golden light shield, and Malicious Spirit looked at him in disbelief. He basically didn’t believe that a youngster in the Embryonic Breathing realm was actually able to cause him such great harm.

“Power of the Divine Buddha.” Mo Wen laughed coldly. His figure became a streak of golden light and struck towards Malicious Spirit directly. That grandeur was unprecedented and seemed like it could tumble a mountain.

The spell talismans in his hand were all remnant treasured items of the ancient times, which were different from the normal spell talismans. They were ancient items, and every one of them was rare and precious. Without the wear and tear of the endless years, in the heyday of the Vajrapani Talisman, they could kill an Immortal Cultivator of profound Cultivation, not to mention an ancient martial art practitioner.

The golden light beam’s imposing grandeur mixed with a frightening pressure like a heavenly force and directly hit Malicious Spirit like a hill. He was so shocked that his lips turned green, and his face was as pale as a sheet. Without a moment of hesitation, he flashed to retreat.

However, facing the gigantic power of the Vajrapani Talisman and the interference of the ceaseless Sanskrit chanting, his body was completely unable to move at all. He had been intending to run away, but at the present moment, his thoughts couldn’t control his body.

“No…” Malicious Spirit was so utterly shocked that he screamed miserably. The next moment, the golden light hit his body violently and swept across him, leaving a long golden light strip on his body. In the golden light strip, Malicious Spirit’s body gradually disintegrated before he completely changed into dust and disappeared.

An exceptional expert in the Golden Elixir realm had completely vanished into thin air within the blink of an eye.

The other two men in black robes halted involuntarily and looked at Mo Wen in extreme horror as if they had seen a ghost. How could they believe that Malicious Spirit had died by Mo Wen’s hand in merely a single match? Moreover, he disintegrated into ashes. That was simply like a dream, and even a dream was not that unrealistic.

Pei Fengwu and Cai Yan were completely dumbfounded as they glanced at Mo Wen. Their minds couldn’t process it. What exactly is happening?

Mo Wen didn’t have any sign of satisfaction in killing Malicious Spirit in one stroke. Instead, he was feeling the pain of the cost. The Vajrapani Talisman was a treasured item passed down from ancient times and basically could only be used a few times. Hence, every time it was used, there would be fewer times it could be used again. If it was not for the sake of saving Pei Fengwu and Cai Yan, he would have chosen to run away in a sorry state instead of using the Vajrapani Talisman.

The other two men in black robes looked at each other and shouted simultaneously, “Retreat!” They changed into two streaks of black light and fled outwards frantically without caring about their image of being the seniors. The spectacle just now had completely shocked them.

“No one shall leave.” Mo Wen’s face was gloomy, as he was forced to use such a treasured item, the Vajrapani Talisman. He wouldn’t be able to survive in this world if he were to let them run away.

Almost simultaneously, a streak of golden light flashed and chased after a man in black. That man in black had run more than 100 meters when a streak of golden light shot towards him. His body suddenly paused and stiffened in the air and couldn’t move any further.

“Impossible…” That man in the black robe screamed in horror and struggled to run away, but it was basically useless, as he couldn’t even move a finger. A streak of golden light swept across him and towards the other man in black, who was running away. The magnificent tip of the golden light spread to that man, and then his body gradually disintegrated and changed into ashes before dispersing into the thin air, just like Malicious Spirit had.

After the golden light flashed, it caught up with the last man in black. That man at that moment was already 300 meters away. His body completely stiffened in the golden light and gradually disintegrated into dust.

Pei Fengwu and Cai Yan stood rooted rigidly to the spot, as they were stupefied by the scene in front of their eyes. In the blink of an eye, the three terrifying men in black robes with Cultivation in the Golden Elixir realm had all been killed.