Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 409

Chapter 409 Young Master Of The Ghost Lair

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In an unknown location, a secret place in the Underground Palace…

“Young Master, the fake sacrificial altar at the east of the Taihang Mountains has been discovered by the people of Huatian Palace.”

In a dark and old palace deep in the forest, a mysterious person dressed completely in a black robe was kneeling on the ground. There was a slender figure standing in front of him. That figure had seemingly merged into the surrounding darkness. It felt surreal because even though one could see that he was clearly standing right there, there was no hint of his aura at all.

This person was wearing an exquisite bat-style mask, and only his sharp chin and the depths of his eyes were visible.

“Oh, one more has been revealed? The Huatian Palace’s investigation is really not that simple. Out of the 17 fake sacrificial altars, they have already discovered four. However, the more of them they discover, the greater their loss.”

That mysterious masked person’s lips curled up into a cold smile. He had set up dozens of fake sacrificial altars to mislead and mess with the Huatian Palace’s investigations. The real sacrificial altars were still flawlessly hidden.

“Young Master…” The man in the black robe who was still kneeling had opened his mouth to speak, then seemed to hesitate a bit.

“Hm?” The masked person glanced over at that man, and the entire temperature in the palace suddenly dropped significantly.

The man in the black robe subconsciously shivered. He knew of the Young Master’s temper, so he did not dare delay the news any longer. He reported immediately, “Young Master, this time, we didn’t manage to get an advantageous position. Malicious Spirit and two others have all died at the hands of the Huatian Palace.”

“Not that Malicious Spirit again. He hasn’t done much good but has committed so many failures.” The mysterious masked person let out a cold sigh. Previously, he had sent people out to hunt for sacrificial items, and in the end, he had brought back the least number of sacrificial items.

The man in the black robe said, “Young Master, I’m afraid the people of Huatian palace have now sharpened their vigilance. How should we respond to this?” It was probably because they had been on the losing end the previous few times, so they had now sent out someone especially powerful to go against them.

“Huatian Palace isn’t dumb. Later on, we will set up a few more fake sacrificial altars and just send a few ancient martial art practitioners in the Golden Elixir realm to guard them. As for whether or not Huatian Palace has noticed, it does not actually matter. At most, a couple of people will die. The group has developed them thus far, so they have the responsibility of sacrificing on behalf of the group. In any case, in order for the sacrificial ritual to be completed, no sacrifice is too big,” the mysterious masked man said coldly. He did not even mind a few of his ancient martial art practitioners in the Golden Elixir realm being sacrificed. It was as though the masters in the Golden Elixir realm were no more than a few ants in his eyes.

“Alright, your subordinate will get to it immediately.” The Young Master’s cruelty made the man in the black robe shiver slightly. He did not dare say anything more and stood up to leave at once. He knew that following this, the Huatian Palace would definitely investigate their fake sacrificial altars. By then, there would be many members of the Ghost Lair losing their lives. It was basically them sacrificing their lives to attract the Huatian Palace’s attention.

“This time, the sacrificial ritual is a matter of life and death. The king has already set the decree. We can only succeed, and there is no room for failure. Anyone who hinders this mission will be buried alive.”

After the man in the black robe had left, the palace resounded with a slight sighing sound.

When Mo Wen returned to school, it was already close to morning. Xiaoyou was still sleeping, so he did not go and disturb her.

On the second day, Xiaoyou went for lessons as per usual. In her spare time, she did her best to train.

Meanwhile, Mo Wen was handling matters regarding the Blue Ocean Group. The Blue Ocean Group shares that the Qin Clan held had all been transferred to Qin Xiaoyou. Apart from that, she also had another 23 listed companies under her name, with absolute control over the shares in 16 of those companies. As for the other six companies, she still had shares that made up more than 30 percent.

It could be said that the Qin Clan had a huge business empire in their hands. Many of the aristocratic families had their own family businesses. However, there were very few of them that could compare to the Qin Clan. In a short period of time, Qin Xiaoyou had become a rare little rich lady.

However, she did not care at all about the Blue Ocean Group and did not question anything. Whenever Mo Wen told her anything about it, she would respond with the same sentence: “You are the head of the household, so your decision is all that matters.”

This had troubled Mo Wen to no end. Qin Xiaoyou did not want to care about the matters of the Blue Ocean Group, and he all the more did not want to, either. Moreover, he did not have the time to care about such trivial things. Although he had gotten justice for Qin Xiaoyou, no matter how he looked at it, he seemed to have found more trouble for himself.

As he thought more about it, Mo Wen thought about a person. It was impossible for him to manage a huge organization like the Blue Ocean Group. However, he could get a person he could trust to manage it on his behalf. Internally, he had thought of a rather suitable candidate.

It was Lin Qing, the up and coming talent of Charm City’s business industry. She was currently just over 30 years of age but already had a rather large-scaled pharmaceutical company. Although she had some connections with Professor Pan Aiguo of the medical industry, she had abilities and talent in business, so there were naturally no doubts about her given her current achievements.

If he was able to get Lin Qing to become the CEO of the Blue Ocean Group, not only would it fully do justice to Lin Qing’s abilities, it would also save him quite a bit of trouble.

Upon thinking of Lin Qing, a weird feeling welled up within Mo Wen. He had not seen her for several months, and he was actually a little excited to see her. A matured and charming figure continuously appeared in his mind. It was that familiar attractive and bewitching figure. It was absurd! He had never been like that before. Could it be that he was born a pervert? Now, because his hidden true nature has been discovered, could he not be peaceful once he set eyes on a beautiful woman?

Or, could it be that there was some other reason for it?

Mo Wen delved deep in thought and concluded that the former was a more likely case. After all, other than the Cultivating the Goddess Technique, he had not noticed any other special abilities that she had. Meanwhile, Shen Jing, on the other hand, was still someone he could not fathom.

On the afternoon of the next day, Mo Wen leisurely strolled over to Shen Jing’s residence. He conjured a set of keys from his hands and entered directly. At the moment, school had just ended, and Shen Jing was currently in the kitchen, busying herself.

In no time, she was carrying a plate of vegetables out. All of a sudden, she noticed someone seated in her living room, scaring her so badly that she almost smashed the plate of vegetables in her hand. After she had confirmed that the person was Mo Wen, she finally let out a sigh of relief.

Shen Jing was so angry that she said loudly, “Mo Wen, how can you just barge in without making a single sound? Have you been possessed by a ghost!?” Normally, she was always alone at home. When a person appeared out of the blue, she was naturally scared out of her wits.

“What do you mean by barge in? I’m just coming back to my own home,” Mo Wen retorted.

“It’s obviously my home. Since when has it become your home?” Shen Jing was so angry that both her cheeks had turned red, which actually made her look very adorable. She was really amazed at how this Mo Wen could be so unreasonable.

“You already belong to me, so naturally, your house is also mine,” Mo Wen smiled and walked over to pull Shen Jing into his embrace.

Shen Jing attempted to push him away but failed. Finally, she had no choice but to tell him, “I still have to continue cooking. Stop making trouble.”

“I’ll be eating at home today. Quickly go and make two more dishes.” Mo Wen released Shen Jing and sat at the dining table like a boss, waiting for Shen Jing to serve the dishes.

Shen Jing glared at Mo Wen fiercely and scolded him a hundred times over in her heart. Only then did she return to the kitchen to continue cooking.

During the meal, Mo Wen continuously picked at the dishes to give Shen Jing some food. His attentiveness made it seem as though he was the host entertaining the guest.

“Stop getting more food for me, if I eat anymore, I will become fat.” Shen Jing looked at her bowl that was overflowing with food and rolled her eyes. In order to maintain her figure, she had always been very careful with her diet. She never ate foods that were fatty. Normally, she had a fixed nutrition plan and the amount of food she ate was very precise. Every girl that was vain would never allow herself to eat so freely.

“No worries, even if you become fat, I will still marry you,” Mo Wen gave a look conveying that he would never forsake her.

“Only a ghost would marry you.” Shen Jing gave Mo Wen a look that expressed how narcissistic she thought he was.

“Why have you come looking for me? Just say it.” There was no such thing as a free lunch in this world. Now that Mo Wen was treating her so unusually well, he definitely had something to ask of her.

Mo Wen blinked and answered, “I have no purpose in coming to look for you. What purpose could I have? I just want to have a meal with you.”

“Then just eat and stop talking.” Shen Jing let out a light humph as she lowered her head to eat. She purposely shut her mouth and ignored Mo Wen.

After eating for a bit, Mo Wen suddenly opened his mouth. “That’s right, I wanted to ask you.”


“Are you listening to me? Don’t just eat and ignore me.”


“Alright, I do actually have something to ask you.” Seeing Shen Jing pretending to be mute and deaf as she ate with her head lowered, Mo Wen had no other choice but to admit it. Why were all women so petty?

“Are you begging me?”

“…Yes, begging you.”

“Say it. If I’m able to, I will tell you. If I’m not, I won’t be able to help even if I wanted to.” Shen Jing knew that if it were just a normal question, Mo Wen would not act this way. For all she knew, it could be some very sensitive question.

“Actually… Do you have Lin Qing’s phone number? Or are you able to contact Lin Qing? I have to find her for something.”

“I don’t have it.” Shen Jing’s hand that was holding the chopsticks trembled a little. Her nose suddenly crinkled as she lowered her head and fell silent.

Asking about another woman in front of her, and it had to be her best friend of all people… Was he not able to leave her a little dignity? She knew that Mo Wen was a playboy, but being a playboy behind her back and doing it in her presence were two very different things altogether.

“Ahem, you are mistaken. I am looking for Lin Qing regarding some other matter,” Mo Wen said a little helplessly. All women seemed to get jealous very easily. They also really liked to let their imaginations run wild. Previously, Shen Jing had already suspected that there was something more to his relationship with Lin Qing. Hence, she would naturally think along those lines.

If it were not for the fact that he did not have Lin Qing’s contact information, he would definitely not ask Shen Jing for it. He would be foolish to talk about such sensitive things in front of a woman.


Shen Jing continued staying silent.

“I’ve only met Lin Qing twice, and I don’t even have her number. What could happen between us? Don’t accuse me falsely, I’m a person who knows his place.” Mo Wen felt like he had been maligned. He was not looking for Lin Qing for any unprofessional purposes.

“Stop trying to explain yourself. Only a ghost would believe you. I get frustrated just looking at you. You can go and contact her yourself. I will definitely not be the matchmaker for you.” Shen Jing’s face was black as she placed her phone in front of Mo Wen. Lin Qing’s number was displayed on the screen. Then, she completely ignored Mo Wen as she lowered her head to continue eating. After eating, she kept her chopsticks, completely ignoring Mo Wen and treating him as though he were air.