Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 410

Chapter 410 Meeting Lin Qing Again

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After coming out of the kitchen, Shen Jing sat on the sofa and was constantly pressing on the television remote control to change the channels.

“It is inappropriate for a woman to be always be so full of jealousy.” Mo Wen walked to the sofa and wrapped Shen Jing in his arms before kissing her rosy lips. After a while, both of them separated from each other. Shen Jing’s face was blushing a deep red and she was panting heavily, as if she was going to melt in Mo Wen’s embrace.

“You can’t be jealous for no reason! It’s pointless, as there is nothing for you to be jealous about!” Mo Wen put his arms around Shen Jing’s slender waist and nibbled on her earlobe.

His hot breath caressed her face, causing her body to shudder slightly. She intended to push Mo Wen away, but her entire body was soft and weak.

“I am not going to be jealous, I am going to eat you!” Shen Jing really wanted to bite Mo Wen at that moment!

“If you eat me up, who’s going to be your man then? Who’s going to be your shelter and refuge? Who’s going to love you all night?” Mo Wen laughed.

“You are shameless.” Shen Jing pinched him hard.

“I looked for Lin Qing to ask her to help Qin Xiaoyou manage the Blue Ocean Group…” Mo Wen told Shen Jing about why he had looked for Lin Qing, so that this silly woman would no longer let her imagination run wild!

“After Lin Qing becomes the CEO of the Blue Ocean Group, you will see her more often?” Shen Jing asked softly.

“You are being too sensitive. How are you going to ever be happily married?” Mo Wen looked at Shen Jing, completely exasperated.

“It’s better for me to be sensitive now. Otherwise, I may not know what to do if this happens suddenly in the future.” Shen Jing glared at Mo Wen sternly.

There was a reason why her reaction was so big. Lin Qing and her were confidantes. But, whenever they chit-chatted, she could always see that Sister Lin paid special attention to Mo Wen. Though she always tried to cover it up, she couldn’t hide it from Shen Jing.

This made Shen Jing very curious, as a woman like Sister Lin shouldn’t be interested in Mo Wen. After all, although Mo Wen’s behavior was mature, he was still quite young!

Meanwhile, that afternoon, Shen Jing had classes, so Mo Wen had left. Just after he had left, he called Lin Qing.

“Mo Wen, why are you looking for me?” a slightly surprised voice came from the other line.

“How do you know who I am?” Mo Wen asked curiously, as he knew that Lin Qing didn’t have his phone number. How did Lin Qing know it was him?

“Err, I don’t know. It’s like I just knew somehow…” Lin Qing laughed awkwardly.

She found this whole matter to be inappropriate too, but she was too embarrassed to explain it. In actual fact, although Mo Wen didn’t have her phone number, she already had Mo Wen’s phone number, as she had gotten it from Shen Jing a long time ago. She had just never taken the initiative to contact him.

“I need to talk to you about something. Are you in Charm City or the capital? Let’s have a drink somewhere,” Mo Wen said.

He then whispered to himself secretly, Could Lin Qing have the exceptional power of predicting the future?

The headquarters of Lin Qing’s company was in Charm City, but due to her connection to Professor Pan Aiguo, she had partnerships with many hospitals in the capital. Hence, she would frequent both places constantly.

“‘I’m currently in the Capital. What time and where?” Lin Qin was very forthcoming.

“This afternoon then. You can pick the time and place,” he said.


In the afternoon, Lin Qing arrived early to a quiet little cafeteria near Hua Xia University. She entered and sat at a deserted corner to wait for Mo Wen.

She was very thoughtful to have chosen a location near Hua Xia University. While she had to drive quite a distance, Mo Wen didn’t need that much time to get to the meeting place.

However, even though she had hurried there, Mo Wen was not even there yet. So, Lin Qing could only order a cup of coffee and sit there waiting for Mo Wen. She waited for half an hour…

Mo Wen arrived at the cafeteria, instantly finding Lin Qing, as there weren’t many other diners there. He called out to her, “Sister Lin, a single day apart seems like three years. After not seeing you for a few months, I have been looking forward to seeing you most eagerly!”

Mo Wen walked to Lin Qing’s seat with a big grin and sat opposite her. He obviously was not embarrassed about being late.

Lin Qing slowly closed the magazine that she had been reading and set it on the table. She then lifted her wrist to look at her watch before saying apathetically, “It’s been half an hour since our phone call ended. A normal person only needs twenty minutes to get here from the male dormitory of Hua Xia University. You spent at least an hour to walk here, so excuse me if I hesitate to believe your great eagerness in seeing me!”

Mo Wen laughed faintly. “Lin Qing has hurried here! Could it be that you missed me that badly?”

“Talk. Seriously…” Lin Qing said each word emphatically. Looking at that smiling face, she felt like smacking it!

“Lin Qing, I’ve been told that you have great business and management abilities…” Mo Wen said.

“So-so. Why? Do you intend to become my business partner?” Lin Qing pouted her lips.

Although she didn’t know Mo Wen’s purpose for looking for her, she guessed that he was thinking of getting some benefits from her. She didn’t know exactly what they were, but the matter was definitely business-related. Moreover, with Lin Qing’s present achievements, many people intended to get money and other things from her. So, she was not necessarily surprised at the moment.

“I intend to hire you to be the CEO of our company. I think with your abilities, you are qualified to take the position,” said Mo Wen.

“Your company? You want me to be the CEO?” Lin Qing blinked her eyes and asked with annoyance and some muffled laughter.

This guy better not be thinking of starting a shell company with some initial capital, while asking me to put in all of the effort and time! If that’s the case, this guy might be too weird…

“That’s right. This a great opportunity. It can be a platform for you to show off your ability and talents.” Mo Wen pretended to be profound and sound like those famous leaders he had seen on television.

“Why should I agree to your request? I don’t want to be a CEO. I am content, as long as I earn enough to support myself and have no financial worries. So, your offer is not attractive to me at all.” Lin Qing placed a cup of coffee that she had ordered earlier for him in front of Mo Wen. She then playfully stirred her own cup of coffee with her spoon.

“Don’t you want to be the queen of the business industry? Don’t you want to travel all over the world?” Mo Wen didn’t expect Lin Qing to reject him so directly. He found it difficult to handle.

“Nope. Don’t want to.” Lin Qing shook her head with a smile on her lips.

The more she watched him, the more Mo Wen looked like a conman to her. He reminded her of one of those lowly talent scouts who tricked those gullible girls into paying tons of money, all with the promise of making them stars.

“Do you want to or not?” Mo Wen stared fiercely at her, unwilling to accept her previous answers.

“What are you doing? Are you seriously bullying a woman in public?” Lin Qing curled her body a little, pretending to look at Mo Wen fearfully. However, there was no fear in her eyes.

“Under normal circumstances, I naturally would not bully you. However, if you dare to make me angry, I will do anything. You know I have that ability!” Mo Wen threatened her aggressively.

“I will not agree to your request. What can you do to me?” Lin Qing lifted her sharp chin slightly and looked very proud.

“Sister Lin, after all I am practically your savior. I spent so much time and effort to get you out of that monsters’ den. I even suffered serious injury. It nearly cost me my life. Don’t you know that you have to repay such a great debt?” Since threats didn’t work, Mo Wen began using guilt and persuasion.

“I don’t know about repaying any debt, as I have already forgotten about that matter.” Lin Qing shook her head immediately, giving him a look that told him that she just wouldn’t agree to it.

“I can’t believe how ungrateful you are being! Don’t you have a conscience?” Mo Wen reprimanded Lin Qing.

“Whatever! I will not agree to it!” Lin Qing drank her coffee slowly now, giving Mo Wen time to beg…

“Are you really not afraid of me?” he asked, somewhat shocked.

“Not at all,” she shot back.

“Believe it or not, I can still take you down at anytime,” he threatened.

Mo Wen’s mind was contemplating what method would make Lin Qing agree to his offer. This woman was intentionally making things difficult for him!