Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 411

Chapter 411 Black Back Centipede

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“How do you know that?” Lin Qin put down the cup of coffee in her hand and looked at Mo Wen in surprise.

Indeed, her Goddess Technique had broken through to the sixth level half a month ago. She had finally accomplished it after going through much hardship. She had been transformed from a normal person to an expert in the Embryonic Breathing realm. Of course, Lin Qing had been practicing the Goddess Technique since she was young, so to have the present achievement in her practice didn’t come easily.

“Of course I know,” Mo Wen said with an evil smile.

“Since you know that, you still dare to threaten me? Aren’t you afraid that I will fix you?” Lin Qing couldn’t believe that after a few months, Mo Wen was able to break through from the Sea of Qi realm to the Embryonic Breathing realm. It would be good enough for him to be in the Qi Nucleation realm. Hence, Mo Wen almost couldn’t be her match.

Although she had not been in touch with the martial arts circle and had never fought anyone before, she had practiced many martial arts of the Goddess Cult. With the great difference in Cultivation, she was confident that she could defeat Mo Wen.

“You shouldn’t be worried about how to fix me, but how you would be fixed by me.” Mo Wen laughed. The Goddess Technique was indeed mystical, as it was able to allow a person to reach Cultivation in Embryonic Breathing realm immediately. That was a realm that some people might never attain in their entire life.

“Who doesn’t know how to brag!” Lin Qing didn’t believe that Mo Wen could defeat her now.

“If you reject me, you will soon know if I am bragging, and you will also know that I am not a kind person. Once I have decided to make a move, there will be no room for negotiation. Tsk, Tsk. Although your Goddess Techniques have broken through to the sixth level, and I can’t seize your Cultivation immediately, the Goddess Techniques being so mystical would definitely be beneficial to a man.” Mo Wen laughed lasciviously and intentionally looked lewd. If he really couldn’t think of any other method, he could only use this worst plan to threaten this woman once. He was uncertain if it would be effective.

“I am not so easily intimidated. Not to mention that you are not my match. Even if you are stronger than me, what could you do to me? Whatever I don’t want to do, even if you kill me, I will not compromise.” Lin Qing snorted softly but basically didn’t buy it.

Mo Wen sighed deeply as he remarked, “Sigh. Nice guys finish last. You must have known that I am kind in nature and won’t do those shameless things, so you have nothing to fear.”

“Shameless.” Lin Qing rolled her eyes. Could he not be so shameless?

“I can agree to be hired as the CEO to help you to earn money, but you will have to agree to my condition.” Lin Qin changed the subject very quickly. Her lips pouted slightly, and she looked at Mo Wen with a grin.

“What is your condition?” Mo Wen squinted slightly.

“I have yet to think of it. I will let you know.” Lin Qing was still grinning from ear to ear as usual.

“Since you are not saying it now, whether to agree to that condition can only depend on my mood. If I am happy at that time, I will agree to it. If I am not happy, I will reject it.” Mo Wen didn’t fall for her trick. Heaven knows what kind of condition Lin Qing will raise in the future.

“Not a gentleman at all.” Lin Qing rolled her eyes at Mo Wen in disdain before saying, “Well, let’s do it this way. I guarantee that the condition will not be too harsh, and it will be something within your capabilities. Since you have invited me to be the CEO, you must show me some goodwill.”

“Whether I will agree depends on my mood, but I can do one thing for you. You can raise the condition repeatedly until I am willing to do it.” Mo Wen refused to make any compromise. All in all, Lin Qing could raise her condition. He would agree to it if he could accept it, and he would disagree if he couldn’t accept it.

“Can you tell me the exact matter? I can manage it for you, but don’t get your hopes up.” Lin Qing was secretly cursing Mo Wen to be a skinflint and simply refused to be at a disadvantage in any way.

Subsequently, Mo Wen told Lin Qing about the Blue Ocean Group.

“What you mean is to ask me to be the CEO of the Blue Ocean Group?” Lin Qing asked as she widened her eyes at Mo Wen.

“That’s right.” Mo Wen nodded.

“You can make the decision?” Lin Qing looked at Mo Wen doubtfully. She naturally knew about the Blue Ocean Group, the business empire and the top 500th strongest corporation in the world. Although it was only a group, it had provided the country with millions of jobs and was a really gigantic company.

“Of course I can. If you are willing, you can be the CEO of the Blue Ocean Group immediately.”

“Are you using some unscrupulous tactics?” Lin Qing looked at Mo Wen quizzically. She knew Mo Wen’s ability. If he used some special tactics, he might be able to control the big group.

However, she also knew that an ancient martial arts practitioner rarely would do that, as the risk was too high. The Huatian Palace would definitely not permit such a thing to happen. Once it was discovered, they would surely handle it severely. Hence, many ancient martial arts practitioners would operate their own business and very few would plunder forcefully.

“Do I look like those who are unscrupulous? Don’t worry, the group doesn’t have any problem.”

The Blue Ocean Group was originally built single-handedly by Qin Xiaoyou’s father. Now, it was a proper and right thing that it was returned to Qin Xiaoyou, so even if the Qin Clan’s people were to complain to the Huatian Palace, nothing would change. Moreover, the Qin Clan’s people basically wouldn’t dare to complain. Otherwise, the Huatian Palace would investigate the things that Qin Shaoyang had done during that time directly instead of investigating Qin Xiaoyou.

In fact, Qin Shaoyang also knew Qin Yi’s family that year and was only a normal person without any backing, so he didn’t know about the existence of Huatian Palace. That’s why he dared to do such a thing.

Mo Wen simply briefed Lin Qing about the grudges between Qin Xiaoyou and the Qin Clan so that she would have no further doubts.

“That Qin Clan is really detestable.” Lin Qing was infuriated after hearing about the Qin Clan’s evil deeds.

“There are still many of the Qin Clan’s people in the Blue Ocean Group. If you take over, there are many things that will definitely follow suit, so you need to be mentally prepared.”

Under the Qin Clan’s management, the Blue Ocean Group had become a family enterprise with many complicated relationships in it. Those who were somehow related to the Qin Clan were taking most of the positions at the management level, not to mention the clan members themselves. When Lin Qing became the CEO, the first challenge would be the change of manpower, which was a complicated process. After all, those people had been deeply rooted in the group and had interests in different aspects of it.

“Don’t worry. Believe me, within a short time, I will be able to get the group into good shape,” Lin Qing uttered confidently.

“That will depend on Sister Lin.”


After settling the matter, Mo Wen left the cafeteria while Lin Qing left for Charm City that very night. Although the Qin Clan was in the Capital, the headquarters of the Blue Ocean Group was in Charm City. After all, Charm City was the economic center of Hua Xia, the window to global trading.

As for the issue of taking over the group, Mo Wen was not that worried. He had handed Qin Shaoyang to Lin Qing, and with his assistance, everything would go smoothly. That was another reason why he had not killed Qin Shaoyang.

The safety problem was not a worry, as he had already extirpated Qin Shaoyang’s Cultivation and had taken his daughter as a hostage, so he didn’t dare to be disobedient. Moreover, Lin Qing was no longer easy to handle. With Cultivation in the Embryonic Breathing realm, it would be effortless for her to suppress Qin Shaoyang.

In the following half a month, Mo Wen put his heart and soul into practicing. It would be very difficult to make an improvement after breaking through to the Embryonic Breathing realm, so he had to put in more effort. Fortunately, Mo Wen had been an expert in the Golden Elixir realm previously, so he could avoid any detours after breaking through to the Embryonic Breathing realm and improve by leaps and bounds daily.

Lin Qing was indeed a successful businesswoman. She had complete control over the Blue Ocean Group within half a month. Furthermore, she managed to gradually get rid of the people related to the Qin Clan in order to have completely new management.

One night, Mo Wen was practicing alone in his room. There was pin-drop silence.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes with two streaks of cold light in his pupils. He shot a look at the window to find the moonlight shining onto the windowpane. A half-meter-long big red and black centipede as thick as an arm was crawling slowly into the house while making some rustling sounds.

That big red and black centipede had a pair of azure-green eyes that were emitting a glowing green radiance. It seemed to be staring at Mo Wen before it suddenly opened its mouth and released a mouthful of green smoke that instantly enveloped Mo Wen.

Hmph! Mo Wen snorted coldly. A golden swirl immediately appeared on his body that produced a suction force. It sucked in all the green smoke, and the green smoke was instantly completely removed from the room.

In the meantime, a streak of golden sword light flashed and suddenly chopped at the big centipede’s back. There was a clanking sound of metal on metal.

“Eh!?” Surprise flickered in Mo Wen’s eyes. That stroke didn’t cut the black-back centipede into halves but only left a scar on it that was neither deep nor shallow.

Such a hard shell!

He merely used a streak of Sword Qi that didn’t contain much power. However, even so, a normal ancient martial arts practitioner in the Qi Nucleation realm wouldn’t be able to resist it, not to mention an animal.

This black-back centipede was indeed not a simple one. It was way stronger than those poisonous vermin of Ren Liusha’s. Although that stroke didn’t hurt the black-back centipede, it did infuriate it. With a flash of red and black like a streak of sword light, it pounced onto Mo Wen.

“No regards of danger.” Mo Wen flicked his finger. A streak of golden Sword Qi flashed once again before a terrifying hot aura shot out.

A thud resounded.

Something dropped onto the floor. It was the black-back centipede. Now it was cut into two with greenish liquid flowing out of it. It corroded the ceramic tiled floor, creating a huge hole with white smoke coming out of it.

In the darkness, an angry voice resonated suddenly. “How audacious! You actually dare to kill my Little Red. I will surely throw you into the snake cave and have millions of snakes devouring your heart.” That voice was full of rage, yet also with much surprise, as if the person hadn’t expected the black-back centipede to die at Mo Wen’s hand so easily.

A glowing light flashed in front of the window, and a person appeared inside the house. That person was dressed in a big, loose, green robe that entirely hid his body. His body was emitting a sinister aura.

“Who are you? Why are you so hostile towards me?” Mo Wen asked stoically. He was very surprised in his heart and was constantly conjecturing about this man’s origin. He didn’t seem to have encountered this kind of person before.

“Someone who’s here to get your life.” That man in the green robe refused to discuss it further and immediately made his move. A streak of black Qi gathered in his hand and momentarily became a mass of black fog that lingered in his palm.