Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 412

Chapter 412 Chen Zis Clan

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In the next moment, the black fog suddenly split and a large amount of blood-red mosquitoes flew out from within it. The mosquitoes were very odd, as they did not seem to be alive, yet they were remarkably lifelike!

A look of surprise flashed through Mo Wen’s eyes. He was very curious about these strange creatures.

He had actually seen such a method of attack before in his past life. It was called the Insect Rearing Technique, and it was an Immortal Cultivation technique that was quite rare.

The Blood Mark Bugs before him had not been conjured up by the Insect Rearing Technique however. Their appearance simply reminded him of it.

A solemn look flashed through Mo Wen’s eyes. When faced with such mysterious things, he could not be too careless.

He extended one finger forward, causing a bunch of gold flames to suddenly appear before him. Although the flames were not big, their hot aura seemed to be enough to melt iron instantaneously. The frightening pressure was terrifying!

Those Blood Mark Bugs had been sucked in by the golden flames and were instantly destroyed. They then vanished into thin air!

“Embryonic Breathing realm!” The man in the green robe cried out.

The expression on his face changed drastically, while he looked at Mo Wen in slight disbelief. He had never imagined that a mere youth would actually have such a frightening Cultivation! If he had known earlier, he would not have dared to attack him.

With almost no hesitation at all, the man in the green robe was prepared to escape through the window in a flash. Then, a Black-golden Swirl appeared all of a sudden beneath his feet, directly binding him inside of it. It was like a golden cocoon that was wrapping itself around his body.

“Who are you, and why have you come to fight me?” Mo Wen asked coldly.

“I am from the Witchcraft Cult, so you had better release me. If not, you will wish you were dead!” The man in the green robe said darkly.

After he mentioned the Witchcraft Cult, he gained a sense of confidence all of a sudden. This was because the Witchcraft Cult was very respected, even feared. Anyone who dared offend the people of the Witchcraft Cult would not come to a good end!

“Witchcraft Cult?” Mo Wen looked at the man in the green robe, his gaze full of suspicion. He then asked, “I don’t have any bad blood with your Witchcraft Cult, do I?”

“You have interfered with matters that you should not have, so now there is a higher-up in the Witchcraft Cult who wants to take your life. If you let me go and promise to wash your hands off this matter altogether, I am willing to let bygones be bygones.” The pupils of the man in the green robe darted around as he spoke. He was clearly a bit nervous.

“It looks like you haven’t understood the current situation. People who are ignorant of present happenings will not have a good end.” A cold look flashed through Mo Wen’s eyes. In the next moment, two rays of Sword Qi flashed out and directly cut off the man in the green robe’s arms!

“Ah! You are a gutsy lad! The Witchcraft Cult will definitely not let you off now, though!” The man in the green robe looked at Mo Wen in shock. He had lost a huge amount of blood, so his expression was currently very pale.

“You are one to talk! How have I interfered with matters that I shouldn’t have, and how have I offended a higher-up of your Witchcraft Cult?” Mo Wen asked calmly.

“If you kill me, even if you ascend to the heavens or dive beneath the ground, you will not be able to escape the punishment of the Witchcraft Cult!” the man in the green robe said viciously. As for whom he had taken his orders from, he had not mentioned a word about it.

“Still nagging! If you insist on not revealing this information, yours will be a fate worse than death!” Mo Wen said with a cold humph.

A ray of Sword Qi flashed out once again and cut off both of the man’s legs! He let out a painful scream and yelled, “You will die a painful death. Sooner or later, you will receive the retribution you deserve, then all of your future generations will be cursed. Just you wait!”

The man in the green robe looked at Mo Wen viciously. Then, his body swelled suddenly, just like a balloon that was about to explode. At the same time, a dark aura had actually escaped from the restrictions of the Black-golden Swirl, then silently pounced on Mo Wen.

A golden flame rose in Mo Wen’s eyes, while an invisible force radiated out of them, directly clashing with the dark aura.


The dark aura suddenly let out a painful screech, then dissipated in the next moment.

Meanwhile, Mo Wen was deep in thought…

An attack on the spiritual level has powers similar to a curse. But, it is not comparable to an Immortal Cultivator’s Curse Technique. Thus, it is still not strong enough to cause much concern…

However, that Witchcraft Cult is rather fascinating. It actually has such an unusual technique, which has elements that are very similar to the Heretic forces’. So, could it be a part of the Heretic forces?

Mo Wen did not really understand the Witchcraft Cult. Judging from the man in the green robe’s behavior, it was not your average cult!

In reality, the man in the green robe was, at best, only at the Qi Nucleation realm. However, his unusual methods and special abilities were sufficient to threaten even an ancient martial art practitioner at the peak of the Qi Nucleation realm! As such, if he did not have a good understanding of this cult and his current opponent, it was very likely that he would be placed at a great disadvantage!

Although he still did not know the reason they were attacking him, Mo Wen did not think too much of it. He believed that things would always work out in the end.

In the Huatian Palace’s headquarters of the Kunlun Mountain range.

In the Teleportation main hall, a white light flashed and Mo Wen walked out of the space and time travelling stratagem. He then crossed the Rainbow Bridge to walk over to the Mission Palace Hall.

Although he had not achieved the goal of his previous mission, it had been mainly been due to the miscommunication of the Huatian Palace. As such, not only had he been able to obtain the reward from the mission, he had even gotten an extra 50 percent of the Contribution Credits as compensation for his efforts. After the reward had been distributed, Mo Wen’s share was 50,000 Contribution Credits!

At the present time, he had come over to the headquarters of the Huatian Palace to train for a bit. Since it was convenient, he had decided to stop by to collect his Contribution Credits on the way.

After collecting his Contribution Credits, Mo Wen headed directly for the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall. All four Executor Main Halls had Practice areas. However, Executors from the different main halls would normally not have any interaction with one another.

He had just walked over to the door of the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall, when he bumped into someone coming from the opposite direction.

“Mo Wen!” After calling out his name, a young girl in a purple skirt walked over. She looked as if she had been expecting Mo Wen’s arrival.

The young girl had short hair and large eyes, with an exquisite face, just like a porcelain doll. She was none other than Chen Zi!

“Congratulations on breaking through to the peak of the Qi Nucleation realm!” Mo Wen said with a smile. He had rather a good impression of this young girl called Chen Zi!

“It is all thanks to you! Ever since I began training with the Intentionless Dagger Technique, I am making great improvements every day!” Chen Zi’s smile was very sweet and appreciative.

Being able to achieve the peak of the Qi Nucleation realm was already considered to be a huge achievement, especially given her young age. It was expected that she would even be able to achieve the Embryonic Breathing realm one day.

“Are you looking for me for any particular reason?” A questioning look flashed through Mo Wen’s eyes. He could naturally tell that Chen Zi had been waiting there for him.

“Yup, I would like to invite you over to my clan as my guest. Don’t be too quick to reject my offer. I know you are busy, but this is very important for both of our clans.” Chen Zi looked deeply into Mo Wen’s eyes, as if there was some deeper meaning in her words.

“What is it?” Mo Wen looked at Chen Zi cluelessly, not knowing what she was referring to.

“It is related to the Ming Clan, so you should understand.” Chen Zi lowered her voice to a whisper.

“How do you know about that?” Mo Wen furrowed his brows and looked at Chen Zi, his eyes turning bright.

She actually knew of his connection with the Ming Clan, and had very possibly even known about him inheriting the Ming Clan! Hee could not figure out how Chen Zi could have found out!

“The ancestors of our Chen Clan have been a part of the eight major sects of the Ming Clan for many years. We used to be very powerful and had a high position, having established ourselves as one of the pillars of the Ming Clan. The Intentionless Dagger Technique was one of our renowned martial art techniques. In fact, it could be said that our Chen Clan is one of the surviving powers of the Ming Clan!”

She continued. “When I was battling you that day, I noticed that the martial art techniques that you used were very familiar, as if I had seen or heard of them somewhere before. After reading up on some of the ancient classics that were imparted by the Ming Clan, I began to have some suspicions. Then, not too long ago, someone was able to confirm the facts.”

She took a breath, then continued her explanation. “Our Chen Clan has maintained a strong belief all the while, and our spirit has been with the Ming Clan, as we have always seen ourselves as being a part of the Ming Clan. For hundreds of years, generations of the Chen Clan have been hoping for the Ming Clan to be revived, so that it can regain its former glory.”

“Exactly who told you about this?” Mo Wen narrowed his eyes slightly, wondering who knew of his identity. It was more than a little disconcerting!

There seemed to be only one person who knew his identity for sure, and that person was Gong Biluo. This made Mo Wen wonder if the person who told her was actually Gong Biluo!

“The person who told me harbors no evil intent towards you, so you need not worry. Perhaps I should say that the person is just like me, simply hoping that the Ming Clan will be revived. However, not everyone in his clan supports this hope, making their situation a little different from our Chen Clan’s,” Mo Wen said.

“What is the current situation in your Chen Clan?” Mo Wen asked.

“Our Chen Clan is considered to be a hidden ancient martial arts power, and we very rarely make an appearance. Ever since the Ming Clan was disbanded, the ancestors created the Intentionless Sect. After developing for hundreds of years, its power has now surpassed those top ten sects that are out in the open! If you have the heart to rebuild the Ming Clan, we could perhaps offer to help you in whatever little ways we could.” Chen Zi paused for a moment, then continued.

“However, It is too difficult to rebuild the Ming Clan, as you still don’t have that ability yet. The Chen Clan also lacks that ability. Hence, whatever plans we make now can only be for the future,” she said.

“You all seem to be fervently hoping for the reappearance of the Ming Clan, right?” Mo Wen asked.

“You may not understand, or you may even be suspicious of us, but our Chen Clan is very different. You will be able to understand our intentions in the future,” she said.

“If I have the time, I can make a trip over to visit your Chen Clan. But now, I still have some other business to attend to.” Mo Wen shook his head.

Although Chen Zi’s words had been very sincere, he was not one who liked to take risks. After all, an Intentionless Sect belonged to the hidden martial arts, so he was not sure just how many powers they had, or whether they had other motives!

He also did not know if appearing now was appropriate. Moreover, Gong Biluo had reminded him previously that, if he had already broken into the Golden Elixir realm, it would be best for him to avoid having any contact with powers that were related to the Ming Clan. He had explained this be revealing that an ordinary man would not get into trouble there, but one with assets would, as it was difficult to predict what covetous thoughts they would have towards him!

“Our Chen Clan harbors no ill intentions. If it were not for some issues with the Intentionless Sect that require our present attention, my father would very likely come to see you personally. Regardless, it does not matter, as you can just come and find me whenever you think the time is ripe. If you hope to rebuild the Ming Clan, you will definitely have to contact all of the dispersed powers of the Ming Clan. I hope that the first one you contact will be the Chen Clan, as we will be able to save you quite a bit of trouble.” Chen Zi could understand Mo Wen’s hesistance, so she did not push him further.

Moreover, his current abilities were still insufficient, so it was impossible to change anything right now. However, her father could see the potential in Mo Wen, as Mo Wen was the second person to have mastered both the Nine Yin and Nine Yang techniques! This made her father believe that Mo Wen could help the Ming Clan to be revived in the future!