Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 413

Chapter 413 The War Between Women

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After bidding farewell to Chen Zi, Mo Wen went to the practice area directly. The purpose of this trip was to practice in Huatian Palace for a while.

He didn’t go to the Qi Circulation Hall, but went straight to the Martial Arts Meditation Hall. It would be difficult for his Cultivation to break through again within a short period of time. Instead, there was much room for improvement in his martial arts.

This time, he intended to delve into the martial arts of the Ming Cult. He wanted to comprehend the Ming Cult’s martial arts thoroughly and master them before making them completely his own martial art. If a martial art could be fully digested, even its normal strokes could be changed from ordinary to something magical.

The Martial Arts Meditation Hall was used for martial arts simulation. A day in the hall was a year outside the hall. Although it was not an actual time difference, the effect was real. As the time in the Martial Arts Meditation Hall was very long, and the thinking was extremely active, the effect of a day was equivalent to a year outside the hall.

Mo Wen practiced in the Martial Arts Meditation Hall for seven days. He was simulating the martial arts every day, concluding and summarizing, simplifying the difficult parts and expanding the simple parts to refinement. Finally, he had practiced the few martial arts of the Ming Cult to the next level.

At this moment, his Heaven and Earth Great Shift was already practiced to the fifth level, and his power had increased tremendously. His Nine Yang Divine Technique and Nine Yin Divine Technique were simultaneously practiced to the fifth level with his Inner Qi gradually becoming more refined. These two Divine Techniques were way above all normal martial arts. Currently, the two Divine Techniques were overlapped, so the Cultivation of Mo Wen’s Inner Qi was already beyond the later stage of the Embryonic Breathing realm and was at the verge of the pinnacle of the Embryonic Breathing realm.

His indestructible body of Vajrapani was also practiced to the fifth level. Once he used it, normal ancient martial arts practitioners in the Embryonic Breathing realm wouldn’t be able to break through his defense. The Tai Yin Claw, Nine Yang Finger, Soul Shuddering Demonic Sound, and other martial arts had also improved and were more powerful than before.

Mo Wen gradually opened his eyes. There was a streak of golden radiance and a streak of black radiance in his eyes that was especially glaring. He waved his hand, and a patch of golden Sword Qi suddenly floated in front of him. When he waved his hand again, a patch of black Sword Qi floated in front of him.

The next moment, the two Sword Qis of different attributes integrated weirdly together to form streaks of dim gray Sword Qi. Those dim gray Sword Qis seemed to be unstable, and their power was emanating outwards while releasing whiffs of terrifying pressure.

During this seclusion, the greatest success that Mo Wen received was the integration of the Tai Yang Sword and Tai Yin Sword. The technique of integrating two into one was used on the sword strokes to form special Sword Qi that was similar to the colorless body of energy.

In fact, the integrating technique of the Tai Yin Sword and Tai Yang Sword had already existed during the time of the Ming Cult’s 34th Cult Leader. That Cult Leader named this Sword Technique the Spiritual Profound Sword Qi, which was an exceptionally great martial art.

In other words, regardless of the Tai Yin Sword and Tai Yang Sword, they would only be half of the Spiritual Profound Sword Qi and a component of the Spiritual Profound Sword Qi. That year, after the Ming Cult’s 34th Cult Leader had created the Spiritual Profound Sword Qi, he realized that only the person who practiced the Nine Yin Technique and Nine Yang Technique simultaneously would be able to practice the Spiritual Profound Sword Qi. What’s more, it was very difficult to have another existence of such a talented successor in the Ming Cult. Hence, he separated the Spiritual Profound Sword Qi into two, which allowed only the Cult Leader and the Sacred Maiden to practice the Tai Yin Sword and Tai Yang Sword.

Mo Wen’s present Cultivation was just enough to practice the framework of the Spiritual Profound Sword Qi, but it was incomplete, and the power was limited. It was a far cry from the full form of the Spiritual Profound Sword Qi. After all, Mo Wen practiced the Yin Yang Technique and was yet to be profound in it. He paled in comparison to the Ming Cult’s leader, who was well-known far and wide.

Other than practicing the martial arts of the Ming Cult, Mo Wen also didn’t forget to practice the Spiritless Clean Fire and Divine Soul Trillion Layers. These were the magical powers of the Immortal Cultivation world, so they were very important. Hence, Mo Wen gave them top priority.

However, he realized that these two magical powers were not easy to practice, especially the Divine Soul Trillion Layers. Now he was at a bottleneck and had a hard time making any improvement. As for the Spiritless Clean Fire, it was able to absorb the flame in the Flame Divine Furnace and was constantly growing stronger.

However, based on this, it was extremely difficult to gain any success in these two magical powers. It was almost impossible to even get an entry level at it. After all, these two magical powers were the great magical powers of the Immortal Cultivation world. One who was not an Immortal Cultivator might not get great achievement in it, even if they could practice them. Moreover, these two magical powers were very demanding in terms of spiritual Qi. On earth where spiritual Qi was very lacking, it was difficult to find a spiritual land that could sustain his practice.

Mo Wen was not too worried that he was not going to be an Immortal Cultivator at this moment, but there would definitely be a chance in the future, especially according to the man in the black robe that day. Huatian Palace seemed to have the ability to cultivate a normal ancient martial art practitioner to be an Immortal Cultivator. Perhaps he would have a chance.

After further stabilizing the martial arts that he had practiced, Mo Wen didn’t stay in the Huatian Palace any longer and returned to Hua Xia University directly.

In the days that followed, Mo Wen took some time out to accompany Shen Jing and Qin Xiaoyou. For the first time, Mo Wen knew what suffering it was to deal with two women simultaneously. Fortunately, Qin Xiaoyou spent most of her time practicing and learning, so they had avoided many problems. However, he was in contact with Shen Jing frequently and didn’t cover it up, so Qin Xiaoyou soon discovered that they had an unusual relationship.

However, the weird thing was that after Qin Xiaoyou knew it, she didn’t cry or make a scene but was very calm instead. The only change was that she would intentionally make time to accompany Mo Wen. Sometimes, she would use different kinds of reasons to pester him and ensure that he was by her side, not allowing him to have too much time to contact Shen Jing. “Mo Wen, are you hungry yet? I have already cooked the meal and am waiting for you at home.”

One day, Mo Wen and Shen Jing came back from the market near the school. While they were passing by the basketball court in front of the teachers’ apartment, they saw Qin Xiaoyou standing by the street, looking at them with a wide grin.

Mo Wen glanced at Shen Jing helplessly. It happened again. This girl seemed to be against Shen Jing and would frequently disturb the private time between him and Shen Jing. However, she didn’t express her opinion clearly or against his relationship with Shen Jing. When one thought that she was angry, she appeared to be very calm, but when one thought that she was not angry, she would use different excuses to stir up a row.

“Xiaoyou is indeed very virtuous. Mo Wen, you must be very fortunate. Thank you for carrying the bag of vegetables for me. Why are you still in a daze? Hurry, go back with Xiaoyou. I can carry the bag myself.”

Shen Jing smiled unnaturally before taking the bag of vegetables that Mo Wen was carrying like she was trying hard to cover up something. She knew that Qin Xiaoyou didn’t know anything, and her covering up was just an effort to deceive herself. She was Qin Xiaoyou’s teacher, and she was morally embarrassed competing with a student for a man.

Although she had never owed anyone anything, and Mo Wen owed it to her instead, she would always feel helpless and flustered, like the mentality of a thief, whenever she faced Qin Xiaoyou.

“Miss Shen Jing is also as gentle and beautiful as me. Mo Wen, let’s go home.” Qin Xiaoyou wrapped her hands around Mo Wen’s arm intimately. She lifted her chin proudly while looking at Shen Jing as if asking her to read between the lines.

Shen Jing smiled unnaturally but didn’t comment further.

“I will have dinner at your side tonight,” Mo Wen told Shen Jing before returning with Qin Xiaoyou to the apartment that he had rented. He knew that at this time, it was unwise to have any confusion. Hence, he followed Qin Xiaoyou back decisively.

“Is Miss Shen Jing’s cooking better or is my cooking better?” Qin Xiaoyou asked casually as she picked some dishes for Mo Wen.

“Of course it’s yours,” Mo Wen said without any blushing or heart quickening.

“Did you answer the same when Miss Shen Jing asked you this?” Qin Xiaoyou rolled her eyes at Mo Wen.

“She has never asked me,” Mo Wen answered with a faint smile.



“Did you teach Miss Shen Jing to practice ancient martial arts?” Qin Xiaoyou asked curiously.

“She can’t practice ancient martial arts.” Mo Wen furrowed his brows. It was not that he had not tried teaching Shen Jing some ancient martial arts for self-defense. However, Shen Jing’s physique was very peculiar, as he had never seen or heard of one who couldn’t practice ancient martial arts at all. It was baffling and weird to him.

Qin Xiaoyou blinked as she asked, “She doesn’t like practicing? Or she doesn’t have a talent for it?”

“Difficult to tell.” Mo Wen shook his head. He also didn’t know what exactly was going on.

“Eat this.” Qin Xiaoyou grinned from ear to ear while putting his favorite duck tongue into his bowl. She seemed to be very confident suddenly.

Mo Wen was helpless. Were women born to be competitive? Wang Yinru and Gu Jingman were so, now Qin Xiaoyou and Shen Jing were also acting this way. He never expected that Qin Xiaoyou, who was usually gentle and good-natured, could have such an aggressive side.

At night, Mo Wen appeared at Shen Jing’s apartment punctually, as he knew that if he didn’t turn up tonight, Shen Jing would definitely ignore him the next day. Although Shen Jing appeared to be giving in when facing Qin Xiaoyou, she would never yield an inch when she was with him.

When he went through the door, Shen Jing was placing the dishes on the dining table. After hearing the sound of the opening door, she said without turning her head back, “You are quite punctual. Neither early nor late.”

“Don’t you have classes this afternoon? Since I wouldn’t see you, why would I be here?” Mo Wen smiled appeasingly.

“You always have an excuse.” Shen Jing snorted. She pulled out a chair for Mo Wen as she said, “Let’s have dinner. You are at my place probably only for the meals. If you are not hungry, I reckon you won’t think of this place.”

“I am not hungry now, but I will definitely eat more if it is cooked by you,” Mo Wen continued to remark with a smile.

Shen Jing placed a bowl of rice in front of Mo Wen before asking stoically, “Xiaoyou’s cooking tastes very good, too?”

“It’s alright but not as delicious as yours.” Mo Wen discovered that during this period of time living between Shen Jing and Qin Xiaoyou, his emotional quotient had increased by many levels.

“Only a ghost would believe you.” Shen Jing rolled her eyes at Mo Wen while placing a sweet and sour fish, which he liked, into his bowl.

After having their dinner, Mo Wen accompanied Shen Jing to watch a television drama series as usual. Every time, he would disregard Shen Jing’s protest and embrace her. In the beginning, Shen Jing would struggle a little, but later she became more submissive instead and liked to climb onto Mo Wen’s body.

Shen Jing, who was watching the television drama series, turned her head suddenly and mentioned inattentively, “I intend to go away for relaxation. Perhaps I may go for some time, so if you need a meal, find Qin Xiaoyou.”

“Where do you intend to go?” Mo Wen asked in surprise.

“I intend to go to many places. I want to travel around the world. The best would be not to see an annoying guy like you again.” Shen Jing bit Mo Wen’s chest softly, leaving a row of fine teeth marks on it.

“So ambitious. Do you have the time to travel around the world?” Mo Wen asked, laughing. Now was not the long holiday period, so as a lecturer in Hua Xia University, she wouldn’t have time to travel.

“I have applied for a long leave, but I am only allowed a month of holidays. That means I will have to face you, the rascal, a month later.” Shen Jing rolled her eyes at Mo Wen.

“I will accompany you. I’ll be worried if you go alone.” Mo Wen held Shen Jing’s waist tightly in his arms and looked like he wouldn’t let her go.

“You are free? You are a very busy man.” Shen Jing looked at Mo Wen in surprise. Although she didn’t know what Mo Wen was busy with all day, he would usually disappear for a long time without any notice and was mysterious about his whereabouts. How could he be free to travel with me?

“For my beloved wife. Even if I have no time, I will make time,” Mo Wen said with a smile.

“Tongue in cheek. Who’s your wife?” Shen Jing rolled her eyes at Mo Wen, but her face had an enchanting smile on it.