Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 414

Chapter 414 Luxury Cruise Ship

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Mo Wen was willing to accompany her in her travels. This was beyond Shen Jing’s expectations. After all, the time that Mo Wen spent with her was scarce.

“Where do you intend to go?” Mo Wen asked.

“I want to enjoy the scenery at sea. Along the way, I will make a trip to Fuji Mountain in Fu Sang Country to look at Sakura. The day after tomorrow, in the morning, there is a cruise that will go to Fu Sang Country from Charm City. The route will go from Charm City to Fukuoka in Fu Sang, then to Kagoshima in Fu Sang, then back to Charm City. The whole journey takes about five or six days. After we reach Fu Sang, we can leave the cruise ship and go to Fuji Mountain!” Shen Jing seemed to have everything planned.

“Don’t you need to book the tickets for a cruise two and a half months in advance? Do you already have the tickets?” Mo Wen asked.

Every country had different policies. Besides, the cruise needed to consider the hidden problems involved in international tourism. Therefore, one must book cruise tickets two and a half months in advance.

After the governments from different countries verified one’s identity, only then could one board the cruise ship. So, unless Shen Jing had planned to go on this trip a few months ago, it would be impossible for her to have cruise tickets.

Shen Jing smiled and took out two Royal Caribbean Cruise tickets from her bag. She waved the cruise tickets in front of Mo Wen’s eyes.

“Why are there two tickets?” Mo Wen asked suspiciously.

He wasn’t surprised at Shen Jing’s having the tickets. Instead, he detected the root of the problem right away.

Before this, Shen Jing couldn’t have known that he would be willing to accompany her. So, he had to wonder why there were two cruise tickets.

Could it be that she had hoped that he could accompany her ever since the beginning?

“Why shouldn’t there be two? I never said that I was travelling alone, right? Even if you aren’t going, naturally I would have someone accompany me!” Shen Jing softly snorted at this petty guy in front of her.

“You are indeed a rich lady, as a cruise ticket is worth a lot of monet, and you bought two of them at once!” Mo Wen took the cruise tickets from Shen Jing, clearly astonished by her extravagance.

The ticket price displayed five figures. Common families would most likely be reluctant to spend such a large amount of money during their whole lifetimes!

“What does that have to do with you? I’m not asking you to pay for it.” Shen Jing snatched the tickets from Mo Wen, putting them back in her bag.

“Actually, you planned to go with Lin Qing,” Mo Wen said with a smile. Just now, when he had snatched the tickets, he saw that one of them had Lin Qing’s name on it, so he knew who the other cruise ticket had been bought for.

“Originally, I made plans to go with her. But recently, she is so busy that she can’t take time off. Otherwise, do you think I would be willing to go with you?” Shen Jing rolled her eyes at Mo Wen, giving him a “save-your-wishful-thinking” expression.

Mo Wen naturally knew about Lin Qing’s condition. The Blue Ocean Group was a huge mess, so if she still had time to travel now, it would indeed be strange.

“Since the cruise ticket is for Lin Qing, I can’t use it. So, how can I accompany you on the cruise?” Mo Wen asked.

“Don’t you worry. I have my ways to change the information for the cruise ticket. I can get it done by tomorrow,” she said.

“Since we are going to travel together tomorrow, then I will not leave tonight,” Mo Wen said with a mischievous smile.

“Save your wishful thinking. Go back to your Xiaoyou. You are always up to something. That girl is so docile, following whatever you say. I am different.” Shen Jing pushed Mo Wen out of the door, leaving no room for discussion. If she let him stay overnight, she was almost certain that Xiaoyou would make life difficult for her.

At night, in Qin Xiaoyou’s room.

“Xiaoyou, I want to go sightseeing. Do you want to go?” Mo Wen asked.

“Do you want me to go?” Qin Xiaoyou asked, while staring at Mo Wen with her big eyes.

“Of course I do,” Mo Wen said, while laughing dryly.

“You don’t mean it.” Qin Xiaoyou seemed to be able to read Mo Wen’s mind. She then rolled her eyes at Mo Wen, saying plainly, “I still need to study hard and practice. You and Miss Shen Jing should go ahead, just don’t go sightseeing for too long.”

“Not long. Not long.” Mo Wen nodded repeatedly. He then muttered in his heart… Since when was this girl so smart? I can’t hide anything from her. How am I going to live in the future?

The next morning, Mo Wen showed up at Shen Jing’s house very early. After the two of them had breakfast, they left together.

“Where is your luggage?” Shen Jing asked quizzically, while she passed her luggage to Mo Wen.

“I don’t need any luggage,” Mo Wen said with a smile.

“You men are lazy. You think everything is so troublesome. Go back and pack a few fall outfits. The weather in Fu Sang Country is different from Hua Xia’s. Besides that, prepare a proper dinner jacket. You will need it during the cruise,” Shen Jing said bossily.

“I don’t have a dinner jacket,” Mo Wen said.

“Never mind then. We will buy one on the cruise ship,” Shen Jing said helplessly.

She had forgotten that Mo Wen was poor. He didn’t even have any nice clothes, let alone a dress jacket!

“I’ll do whatever you say,” Mo Wen said with a smile.

After all, he wasn’t without his own luggage. On the contrary, the amount of “luggage” on him was dumbfounding. However, it was all kept in the medicine spiritual ring, so he didn’t have anything to carry at all.

Shen Jing rolled her eyes at Mo Wen. She was too lazy to respond to him, so, choosing to mind her own business, she watched silently as Mo Wen put her luggage in the trunk. Then, they went straight to the airport in her Audi A8.

Their plan was to reach Charm City today, then board the cruise ship tomorrow from Charm City. After they got off the plane, they found a hotel to spend the night. That same day, the cruise ticket changes had been taken care of, and a brand new cruise ticket was delivered to Shen Jing.

The next morning, right when the two of them stepped out of the hotel, a Cadillac stopped in front of them.

“Get in.” The car window was lowered and the voice of a gorgeous lady came from inside the car. It was none other than Lin Qing!

“Sister Lin, aren’t you busy? Why are you free to pick us up?” Shen Jing opened the car door, then sat in the front passenger seat.

Just now, she had actually just dialed Lin Qing’s number, preparing to ask her not to come. She never thought that Lin Qing had already reached the hotel!

“It doesn’t take much time after all.” Lin Qing smiled and turned around to glance at Mo Wen, the corner of her mouth lifting.

She then said playfully, “Jing, you truly appreciate your student, as you even bring Mo Wen along for a sightseeing trip. I should nominate you for the Ten Best Teachers of the Year!”

“Well, someone didn’t fulfill her promise and stood me up. I am a girl, after all, so I can’t travel alone. Naturally, I needed to find someone to accompany me!” Shen Jing said, not at all affected by Lin Qing’s teasing.

“Aren’t you happy to have Mo Wen accompany you? Having him as company is far better than having me.” Lin Qing winked at Shen Jing.

Only recently had she realized that there was something fishy between Mo Wen and Shen Jing. She never would have thought that Shen Jing, who was usually quiet and independent, would fall for her student!

“Someone shamelessly begged to go with me. He said something like he was worried about me going alone. What could I do?” Hearing her words, Mo Wen was speechless.

Since when did he beg?

Lin Qing pressed her lips together and smiled. She didn’t doubt it, as she was aware of Mo Wen’s attitude. He was horny!

Plus, Shen Jing was a flawless beauty with a good-looking face, a nice body shape, and a good temperament. It would be odd if the brat didn’t make full use of any chance he had with her!

After Lin Qing sent both of them to the International Cruise Terminal Station, she drove back alone. After all, there was still plenty of work awaiting her at the Blue Ocean Group.

Upon their arrival, the two of them saw a huge cruise ship at the terminal. It was indeed a large-scale cruise ship!

This cruise ship was named Sword of the Seas, and it had become a rather famous cruise ship in recent years. It could accommodate five to six thousands passengers at once.

The ship’s crew consisted of more than three thousand people, and it was equipped with service crew from many different countries. As such, it was almost impossible to encounter a problem with language barriers!

Sword of the Seas was famous not only because it was enormous, but because it was luxurious too. It was considered an aristocrat among the cruise ships. It also had five star facilities and services!

“It’s such a huge ship!” Mo Wen exclaimed, while staring at the gigantic cruise ship in the distance. It was like a palace that was floating on the sea!

“Let’s go. Stop staring. Can you please look less like a loser? Follow me.” Shen Jing rolled her eyes at Mo Wen, a slight annoyance in her eyes.

“Hold on to this. After we board, you can use it.” Shen Jing took out a Citibank card from her Louis Vuitton bag and passed it to Mo Wen.

“I have mine.” Mo Wen glanced at the bank card in Shen Jing’s hand, but he didn’t take it. He wasn’t a gigolo, after all! Plus, he had his own money.

“Just hold on to it as I asked!” Shen Jing forcefully stuffed the bank card into Mo Wen’s hand.

She knew that even if Mo Wen had a bank card, he would most likely not be able to use it on the cruise ship, as they only accepted certain ones. Furthermore, with the little money he had, it was hard to say whether he could afford this particular cruise’s expenses.

“Let’s go.” Staring at the blue sky and azure sea, Shen Jing felt exceptionally delightful. She held on to Mo Wen’s hand and dashed towards the boarding point.

Upon boarding the ship, Mo Wen once again experienced a sense of great awe at the enormity of it. The cruise ship was more than ten-stories high, and there were all kinds of rooms, roughly ten thousand of them! On top of that, there were many entertainment centers, recreational centers, shopping areas, and Mo Wen even saw a basketball court and a mini golf course on the upper deck!