Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 415

Chapter 415 Yang Ting

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A foreign girl in a service uniform walked into the room and bowed towards Mo Wen and Shen Jing before she said in fluent Mandarin, “Hello honored guests, I’m Finley Rogerbin Ilova. I will be your housekeeper for the next few days.”

The cruise ship had a large staff, who went about their work very diligently and meticulously. As such, Sword of the Seas offered a housekeeper to provide special service to the superior rooms. The girl in front of them had blonde hair, big blue eyes, and silky skin, as well as a cute and somewhat pointed nose.

Her features were very distinctive, revealing her to be of pure Russian ancestry. She was considered to be very pretty.

This came as no surprise, as to be able to work aboard a luxurious cruise ship, the first requirement would be having good features that the customers would find pleasant. Hence, it could be said that all of the ship’s service staff were quite easy on the eye.

“Finley, do you know where the boutiques are on this ship?” Shen Jing asked.

“Honored guests, do you intend to shop right now?” Finley asked.

“Yes.” Shen Jing nodded.

“Please follow me.” Finley turned around and ushered them out, leading the way.

They followed Finley through several levels of the building before taking a lift to the third story. They then came to a shopping area with boutiques, jewelry shops, branded bags shop, a branded watch shop and a photograph processing shop.

Mo Wen was following behind Finley, looking around at everything curiously. This cruise ship was big, and it had integrated so many different kinds of elements within it! Moreover, he found its design to be very reasonable, even ingenious!

The shopping area covered half of the entire fourth floor. There were even a few small restaurants that offered really good ambiences.

“Mr. Mo and Miss Shen, this shopping center has many boutiques, all of which offer different designer clothing brands from all over the world. I am sure that you will not be disappointed by the selection.” Finley led both of them to the main shopping street, which wasn’t really a street as much as a spacious passage that was decorated in majestic splendor.

Lining both sides of the passage were stores that were delicately decorated, and they all looked like they were exactly like those found in a regular shopping mall. After Finley finished speaking, she took a step back and stood behind Mo Wen and Shen Jing.

Shen Jing nodded towards Finley to show her gratitude. After that, she pulled Mo Wen into the shopping area and wandered around, while Finley followed behind them.

As they were standing in front of the Armani store, a fashionably dressed woman walked towards them. The moment she saw Shen Jing and Mo Wen, the corners of her mouth curled up into a meaningful smile.

That woman was gorgeously adorned with luxury branded goods from head to toe. The jewelry that she wore was constantly glistening, showing off her immense wealth. She was quite pretty, yet her beauty still paled in comparison to Shen Jing’s.

“Yang Ting!” Shen Jing raised her eyebrows and her face turned slightly cold. She hadn’t expected to meet Yang Ting on the cruise ship.

“What a coincidence! It’s a really small world. Is this your partner? He sure does dress quite unusually…” Yang Ting’s eyes scanned Mo Wen from top to bottom, while her lips curled into a smile that held a tinge of disdain and ridicule.

She was thinking that Shen Jing was actually with a pauper! Although he had delicate features, he was obviously not a part of high-class society. She figured that he must be some hick from a poor mountain village!

“What business is that of yours?” Mo Wen asked her coldly.

“I’m just curious, but it doesn’t matter to me really. You can be with whoever you want to be with. After all, I couldn’t really care less. Oh yes, I just want to remind you that Jiang Siyin is also aboard this ship. I wonder what Young Master Jiang would think of your partner!” Yang Ting’s chin lifted slightly as she smiled proudly. At this moment, she was elated, as Shen Jing was actually with an undesirable person, which made her suddenly feel superior.

“He is indeed my boyfriend. As for what others would think of him, that has nothing to do with me.” Shen Jing inserted her arm through Mo Wen’s, before responding coldly. She knew that Yang Ting was looking down on Mo Wen, so she took the chance to stand up for her man.

Yang Tin continued to sneer, while shaking her head. She just couldn’t believe that Shen Jing actually admitted that this hick was her boyfriend! If word of this were to get around, most people would definitely think that is was a total joke!

This caused Mo Wen to examine himself a little. Although his clothing was indeed ordinary, he was clean and neat. Other than not being high class enough for Yang Tin’s tastes, his appearance was not disgraceful at all!

The reason that he wasn’t wearing high-class designer clothing was that he truly thought that it was enough to be dressed appropriately and neatly. Moreover, he was most frequently in contact with ancient martial arts practitioners, who simply don’t regard what one wears as being of much importance.

“Woman, mind your words! Otherwise, you will bear the consequences!” Mo Wen cast a glance at Yang Ting before turning away, as he had immediately decided that he was not interested in wasting any more of his energy in dealing with this silly woman!

“Bear the consequence? Who do you think you are?” Yang Ting’s face turned cold. She couldn’t believe that this hick had dared to speak to her in such a way!

“Yang Ting, you better keep your mouth shut. We are here for relaxation, so you better not upset everyone! We are going to shop now, so leave us alone!” Shen Jing said coldly. After that, she pulled Mo Wen after her and headed to the entrance of the Armani store.

“Shen Jing! There will be a Charity Auction the day after tomorrow, so you’d better not miss it. I look forward to seeing you there, as charity is obviously your new expertise!” Yang Ting laughed sardonically, while watching Shen Jing leave. Then, she lifted her chin proudly before walking away like a queen.

“Is there really a Charity Auction that is being held the day after tomorrow?” Shen Jing asked Finley, who was standing next to her.

“Yes. It will be held in the afternoon. Sword of the Seas will arrive at the harbor just off of Fukuoka in Fu Sang Country. At that time, the passengers will be able to go ashore for sightseeing. Then, at eight o’clock that night, our company will be holding a grand Charity Auction on the ship, and many celebrities and wealthy businessmen will be in attendance!” Finley explained with a smile.

This cruise had attracted many wealthy people from all around the world, the majority of whom were said to have come here specifically for the Charity Auction. However, Finley, who had been working aboard the ship for a long time, knew that these people were not really here for the charity.

Shen Jing nodded, but didn’t ask any further questions. As they arrived at the entrance, she pulled Mo Wen into the Armani store. As it was a well-known luxury fashion brand, the store’s clothing was naturally exorbitantly priced.

In fact, an average shirt would cost a few thousand dollars, while a suit was even higher! Mo Wen finally realized why men disliked shopping with women. If he was the one buying things, he would simply buy any first item he picked up, as long as it was fine.

However, Shen Jing requested that he try on at least four or five suits. Then, every one of these suits would be scrutinized for a while, every little flaw being pointed out. Then, they might buy, or else the cycle would continue until they found one that she saw as being suitable enough!

Mo Wen gave a bitter smile secretly. He thought every suit looked exactly the same, so to pick one after another was just torture! However, Shen Jing seemed to be enjoying herself, so he didn’t dare say anything.

The quality of the service staff in this store was quite high. Mo Wen was impressed with them, as they maintained their pleasant smiles while helping Mo Wen to change, never complaining.

“I think this suit is quite nice. It’s serious and smart, so perhaps this is the one…” Mo Wen said, as he really didn’t want to continue to torment himself any further.

“The style is fine, but the color is not compatible with your skin color. We will have to find another one.” Shen Jing scrutinized it a little, only to shake her head and continue choosing more suits for Mo Wen to try on.

Mo Wen took off the clothes miserably, then continued to put on the next suit. The saleslady took a glimpse at Mo Wen’s expression, pursed her lips into a smile, then continued to help Shen Jing find more options.

She was used to this kind of thing, as the female customers usually reacted this way, while the male customers also reacted the same way as Mo Wen! Finally, after more than an hour, Shen Jing eventually was satisfied with the clothing they had found, so she fished out a Citibank credit card from her bag and passed it to the saleslady.

Including suits, shirts, ties and belts, Shen Jing had bought two sets of formal outfits for Mo Wen. The final price tag had actually amounted to a crazy amount that was equivalent to a normal person’s yearly salary!

Throughout their entire Armani spree, Finley had remained patiently and quietly waiting quietly for them to finish shopping. Once they paid for their purchases, she led them forward once more.

However, she looked strangely at Mo Wen a few times along the way. Although there were cases of a female cruise passenger keeping a male passenger as a gigolo, these was rare. This was because ninety percent of the time, it was the male passengers who would keep the females as their mistresses.

However, she didn’t mention anything and continued to maintain her respectful responses to the couple, as these kinds of things were very common aboard the ship. Besides, she determined that it really was none of her business.

As he was now wearing his new formal attire, which he had worn straight out of the store, Mo Wen was attracting a lot of attention. He was originally tall and had a great stature, so now, his cool disposition and new clothes made him look out of this world!