Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 416

Chapter 416 Complicated Ship

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At noon, the Sword of the Seas, which was docked at the harbor, finally set sail. It sailed slowly towards the sea. The sky and the water were blue, with the skyline merging with the water. The vast sea was like a piece of sapphire. It was indeed beautiful.

Mo Wen lay on a deck chair on the open balcony, leisurely enjoying the scenery. Once in a while, birds would fly past. Occasionally, one could see whales surfacing. For people who lived in the city most of the time, living for a few days on the sea was indeed enjoyable.

“Do you eat western food?” Shen Jing asked lazily while lying on the deck chair opposite his. In her hand was a bound menu.

There were dozens of restaurants on the Sword of the Seas. Oriental food, western food, Japanese cuisine… the cruise had it all. One could taste almost all the cuisines in the world. There were a few thousand dishes listed on the menu.

“As long as it can be eaten, I will eat whatever you like to eat,” Mo Wen said.

“Then I’ll order some French cuisine.” Shen Jing rolled her eyes at Mo Wen. Then, she called the restaurant. In a short while, an attendant would send the lunch there.

After lunch, both of them didn’t stroll around. They sunbathed on the open balcony.

Mo Wen pondered while staring at the sea. There were many secrets unknown to many commoners on land. For example, there was the existence of ancient martial art practitioners and Immortal Cultivators. So, would there be a hidden side to the sea as well?

The ocean had countless mysteries buried deep under the water. The common areas were most likely already unpredictable, let alone some rare, secretive regions. With his current Cultivation, he would most likely not be able to explore the ocean. However, he could breathe underwater, so he didn’t have to worry about drowning.

However, in the ocean, the water pressure was too great. With his ability, he reckoned he could dive to a depth of 400 to 500 meters. That would be his limit. Besides, he couldn’t stay underwater for a long period of time.

As Mo Wen was lost in his thoughts, suddenly a pair of fair and smooth legs appeared in front of him. He was stunned for a moment, turning his head to look at them.

Upstairs, in the room beside his, a woman was changing. Beside her was the bathroom, so obviously she had just finished bathing. The curtains were not closed. Perhaps she thought that since her room faced the sea, others couldn’t see her. Indeed, she couldn’t be seen from other places; however, Mo Wen happened to be able to see her from his angle.

Obviously, she was a woman. Mo Wen naturally wouldn’t be interested in men’s legs. The woman had an attractive body. Above her pair of slender and fair legs was her slim waist. She didn’t have any extra weight on her. Looking further up, her breasts were big and perky, with pink and tender nipples. She was a foreign woman with wavy blonde hair, a wasp-like waist, and round bosom. She had an hourglass figure. She was definitely a feast to one’s eyes.

Mo Wen didn’t come to the realization at all that he was looking inappropriately. He stared at the gorgeous body shamelessly. The more shameless fact was that his stare was calm, as though he was frank and honorable for peeping.

Suddenly, the foreign woman frowned, seemingly sensing that there were eyes on her. Swiftly, she looked towards Mo Wen. A glint of cold light flashed in her pure, blue eyes. Then, she retracted her gaze and closed the curtains expressionlessly. She was exceptionally calm the whole way through.

“Such sharp perception.” A glint of surprise flashed in Mo Wen’s eyes. With his ability, when he was peeping, it was hard for others to notice him. Even Embryonic Breathing realm ancient martial art practitioners couldn’t discover his stare if they were being careless. To his surprise, that woman noticed him so quickly. She was most likely not simple.

“There are all sorts of people on the cruise ship.” Mo Wen shook his head and stopped paying attention to the woman. He focused his attention on the scenery before him.

“Do you want to walk around?” No matter how beautiful the scenery was, one would eventually grow tired of it. Mo Wen stood up from the deck chair and stretched. He was ready to go for a walk.

“You go ahead. I like the tranquility,” Shen Jing said without raising her head from the book in her hand. Seemingly recalling something, she continued, “There is a copy of the daily bulletin and a map of the cruise ship on the table. If you want to join any activities, you can look for it yourself.” She pointed at the two pieces of paper on the table.

Normally, when a cruise ship was sailing on the sea, the officials would organize many events, even having at least one occurring around the clock in order to avoid the passengers becoming bored. If they were making port, then the number of events would naturally decline, as many passengers would choose to disembark to tour around on land.

Mo Wen picked up the map and gave it a glance. He then placed it back down. As for the daily bulletin, he didn’t even bother to look at it. He had no interest in the entertainment events arranged by the officials.

Shen Jing asked, “Oh right, do you speak English? Although there are many Chinese on board, the majority of the passengers are foreigners. Most of the time, you will need to communicate in English.” She said this in very fluent English, not Mandarin. It was as though she were assessing Mo Wen.

“Communicating is not an issue,” Mo Wen said while nodding. He was also using English.

When Shen Jing heard this, she nodded and continued to read her book with her head lowered.

Mo Wen had barely left when he saw a woman walk past him pulling along a large suitcase. At first he was not concerned about her, but when he glanced past her suitcase, he stopped. A look of surprise flashed in his eyes.

The woman noticed Mo Wen’s gaze. She glanced at him, bold and rude. “What are you looking at? Have you not seen a pretty girl before? I can tell from a glance that you are not someone good. If you keep staring, I will gouge your eyes out.”

Mo Wen was stunned, examining the woman from top to bottom again. Her looks were pretty decent. However, compared to Shen Jing and Lin Qing, she paled in comparison. Her looks could only be said to be comfortable to look at. Even when compared to Yang Ting, this woman’s looks were slightly lacking.

Even though her face was not outstanding, her body shape was nice. She was tall and slender with an hourglass figure. It was enough to attract others’ attention. She could be considered half a beauty. However, when she said it herself, it seemed a little narcissistic.

“You’re still staring at me. Do you believe that I will punch you?” The woman rolled up her sleeves, looking as though she were a female overlord.

Mo Wen glanced at the woman’s arm, shaking his head slightly. He didn’t bother to argue with the likes of her. He turned around and walked out of the corridor. Judging from the brawniness of her arms, the woman had most likely undergone some special physical training. At the very least, three to five brawny guys would not be worthy opponents for her. However, she posed no threat to Mo Wen.

He was merely lamenting that there were indeed all sorts of people on the ship. Hopefully, they would not mess with him. He was only here for sightseeing. He didn’t want to cause trouble.

“What are you being arrogant about? I just don’t want to cause a scene here, so I’m letting you go. Otherwise, I’ll have your guts for garters.”

Looking at Mo Wen’s look of disdain, Zheng Shuangshuang stomped her foot forcefully. Dragging her extra-large suitcase, she angrily walked towards the room next door. She slammed the door shut with a loud thud.

In the room, Zheng Shuangshuang lifted the suitcase up with great strength, throwing it onto the bed. After that, she entered the bathroom and took a soothing bath. In her bathrobe, she returned to the bedroom and climbed onto her bed. She keyed in a series of passcodes into the suitcase. Then, the case opened with a snap.

There was a whole container full of weapons arranged neatly in the suitcase. One could feel the chill from the shine of the cold metals. The equipment was plentiful. Not only were there assorted types of pistols, automatic rifles, and high-end semi-automatic sniper rifles, there were portable grenades, stun grenades, smoke grenades, combat uniforms with bulletproof vests, and other related equipment. There was even a big guy in there. It was a portable RPG launcher with three rocket missiles.

If anyone saw this, they would surely wonder whether this girl was attempting to hijack this cruise ship. The security inspection at the boarding point was very strict. God knows how she carried so many weapons onto the Sword of the Seas.

Zheng Shuangshuang reached out to touch the weapons in the suitcase. It was as though she were caressing a lover. She had an intoxicated look on her face.

After a long while, she finally got off of the bed and locked the suitcase. She stored it in the safe for the valuables. The safe could only be opened with the boarding pass, which was specialized for the room. This could avoid the cleaning crew discovering it.

After she made the necessary preparations, Zheng Shuangshuang clapped her hands together. She then changed into a simple blue dress and stepped into a pair of high-heeled sandals. She then walked out casually, looking like a pretty woman. If they had not seen it with their own eyes, most likely no one would connect her with that suitcase full of terrifying weapons.

Onboard the large ship there were many decks separated into the lower deck, middle deck, and top deck. Normally the top deck had the most comfortable environment and was the most popular spot.

Following the signs, Mo Wen went all the way up to the top deck. The cruise ship had a total of 15 floors. The top deck was equivalent to the balcony of a 15-storey high building. However, compared to the size of a balcony, the top deck was much larger. The top deck of the Sword of the Seas had a central pool, a basketball court, an ice-skating rink, a mini golf course, and many pubs and restaurants. It was akin to a mini square.

Right when Mo Wen set foot on the top deck, a huge central pool came into his sight. There were many people playing in the pool. There were rows and rows of deck chairs around the pool. Many women were in bikinis. After they were tired from swimming, they sunbathed on the chairs.

The ground was covered with a thick layer of clean, fine-grain sand. It was a man-made beach. It was like a beach by the seaside. It suited the occasion, giving people an illusion that they were by the seaside.

At the moment, in the middle of the pool, a synchronized swimming team was performing. Every now and then there were cheers.

Mo Wen walked towards an empty deck chair and laid down comfortably on it.

Mo Wen had not laid down for long when a Chinese female attendant approached him and asked politely, “Sir, do you want anything to drink?”

The majority of the service crew on this cruise ship were foreigners. Also, all of them knew English regardless of their nationalities. After all, the cruise ship traveled across the sea frequently. It had passengers from all around the world. English was the international language. Naturally, it was the most effective language for communication.

In recent years, Hua Xia had developed rapidly, and the percentage of Chinese tourists was getting bigger. Therefore, there were gradually more Chinese service crew members on the cruise ships, so that they could provide service to the Chinese who couldn’t speak English. This time, the Sword of the Seas departed from Hua Xia’s Charm City. There were many Chinese tourists, so there were many Chinese service crew members, too.