Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 417

Chapter 417 Jiang Guhuai

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“May I ask if there is any milk tea?” Mo Wen asked with a smile.

The Chinese waitress nodded, then smiled and asked, “Do you have any special requirements?” The passengers on the cruise ship were very strange, after all, and some of them had very unusual tastes, so it was not out of the ordinary for her to ask him this.

“Nothing in particular, thank you,” Mo Wen replied, while smiling back at her.

“Please wait a moment.” The Chinese waitress bowed slightly and soon returned she to serve him a piping hot cup of milk tea. The luxurious steamship had a variety of options, so the basic requests of the passengers could easily be fulfilled.

Mo Wen admired the beauties who were frolicking in the pool while drinking his milk tea. Taking a dip under the hot afternoon sun seemed to be rather pleasant.

Not far away from where he was, a young woman got up and walked towards a young man, who was sitting in a lounge chair by the pool.

The woman was none other than Yang Ting, whom he had officially met once before, while the man was Jiang Siyin.

“Young Master Jiang, I’m sorry to disturb you. I hope you don’t mind…” Yang Ting walked over, a smile playing on her lips.

“Miss Yang, of course I don’t mind.” Upon seeing Yang Ting, Jiang Siyin stood up politely to greet her.

Yang Ting was not of a low status, so he would naturally be delighted to be able to make her acquaintance. However, he was also rather confused by her sudden appearance.

After all, they had really only met a couple of times. Now that she came up to look for him, he wondered just what could possibly be the matter, as a woman like Yang Ting would not approach him for no reason at all.

“I have two pieces of news for you. One is good, the other is bad. Which one do you want to hear first?” A teasing smile appeared on Yang Ting’s lips.

“Miss Yang, you can just be direct and say whatever it is that you want to tell me,” Jiang Siyin looked at Yang Ting suspiciously, unsure of what her puzzling remark meant.

“The good news is that a great beauty that you have been pining for is on this cruise…” Yang Ting paused for a moment and looked towards Jiang Siyin thoughtfully.

“Shen Jing is also on the Sword of the Seas, for real?” A look of surprise flashed through Jiang Siyin’s eyes as he asked in anticipation, “Where is she? I had no idea!”

“I still have a piece of bad news for you. Shen Jing already has boyfriend.” Yang Ting’s gaze fell on Jiang Siyin’s face, wanting to observe his reaction.

“What?” As expected, Jiang Siyin’s expression changed drastically, and his aura had became cold in an instant. He then asked in a cold voice, “Who is this boyfriend?”

“You don’t have to worry, he is just a country bumpkin, a pretty face who lives off of rich women. I really don’t understand why Shen Jing would fancy such a man. People are really not as they appear to be!” Yang Ting said with a cold laugh.

Jiang Siyin looked at Yang Ting suspiciously, with clear disbelief in his stare. After all, tons of people in the business industry were wooing Shen Jing, yet she had fancied not a single one of them yet.

So, it made no sense why she would like a pretty-faced boy all of a sudden. As such, he did not believe her words.

“Young Master Jiang, you have always said that whoever dared to have any designs on Shen Jing would become your enemy. What are your thoughts about this now? I guarantee that the person does not have anyone powerful backing him!” Yang Ting asked.

Yang Ting continued teasing Jiang Siyin, yet she was careful to not be too offensive. Hence, it was difficult to grasp her true intentions. However, her bringing up Jiang Siyin’s own words from the past clearly was some form of a challenge.

Yang Ting knew that Jiang Siyin was a very prideful man, who took responsibility for his actions. Moreover, he greatly desired Shen Jing.

Hence, he would not mind using some underhand methods to win Shen Jing’s affections. As such, it was clear that Yang Ting only had one motive for looking for Jiang Siyin.

She clearly wanted to get a scapegoat, so that she could deal with Mo Wen! After all, that ground beetle had dared to threaten her, so he really needed to be put in his place!

“Do you have any bad blood with the boyfriend?” Jiang Siyin inhaled deeply, trying to keep from losing his cool.

“Yes. I am indeed upset with him, which is why I am telling you about the two of them being a couple. Otherwise, do you think I would just come over to tell you such news? No matter what, he should not be tolerated by you. You should be grateful that I told you about him!” Yang Ting maintained her smile and was unfazed by Jiang Siyin’s having seen through her intentions.

“Well, if that is the case, I seem to have a common enemy with you, Miss Yang. Please give me that person’s address and information now,” Jiang Siyin requested calmly.

“Don’t worry, I am definitely on your side. However, if you do anything to him, Shen Jing will definitely get angry. She may even do something extreme!” Yang Ting continued to instigate him.

“Since you know how to use me as a scapegoat, I naturally know how to return the favor. Anyone who dares lay a hand on Jiang Siyin’s woman will face death.” Jiang Siyin laughed coldly before saying, “Miss Yang, you just have to wait for the show! Although there is security on this cruise, there are still many things that can be done!”

“I will leave it to you then, Young Master Jiang. The alleged person is right under your nose!” she cackled, then smiled darkly and pointed at Mo Wen across the way.

She then said, “That fool who is drinking milk tea on a cruise is none other than Shen Jing’s boyfriend! I don’t know too much about him, except that he is definitely someone without great power and ability. When I saw him for the first time, he was dressed like a beggar. Afterwards, I heard that his Armani outfits were paid for by Shen Jing! You won’t hold back against such a guy who lives off of a woman, right?”

“I will choose to believe you, Miss Yang, but just this once.” Jiang Siyin narrowed his eyes and looked over to Mo Wen, who was more than a hundred meters away.

A cold gleam appeared in his eyes. No matter whether Yang Ting’s information was true or false, Jiang Siyin was officially declaring this man an enemy!

On the other side of the pool, Mo Wen lifted his eyelids and looked towards the direction of Yang Ting and Jiang Siyin. Initially, he had not paid any attention to the two of them. However, Yang Ting’s obvious action of pointing at him just now had made it difficult for him to ignore them.

“Such a foolish woman,” Mo Wen muttered and shook his head.

Although he did not know what Yang Ting was up to, he was sure that it was nothing good. Yet, Mo Wen was too lazy to find out more about it, so he closed his eyes and continued to enjoy the rare moment of relaxation he was experiencing.

He would not bother with that pair, as long as that Yang Ting did not mess with him. However, the moment that she did, he would not hold back!

After a few minutes, a woman with a really hot body walked in his direction. When she passed by Mo Wen, she paused for a moment.

“Huh,” the woman let out a light exclamation of surprise.

Her gaze fell on Mo Wen’s face and her expression changed immediately. She was the same hot and feisty girl that Mo Wen had bumped into previously. She had already changed into a dress and was holding a glass of red wine in her hand. Clearly, she was enjoying the cruise life as well!

Upon noticing Mo Wen, she did not advance any further, but simply sat down on the empty seat beside him. Her pupils darted about, as if she had something else on her mind.

“Young lady, what is your name? You keep looking at me. Are you interested in me? I am very sorry, but I am already spoken for.” Mo Wen glanced sideways at the lady and gave her a friendly smile.

“Only a ghost would be interested in you. You had better watch out.” Zheng Shuangshuang’s blood boiled after hearing his cocky words.

In fact, her entire face turned red. She wanted to give Mo Wen a slap so badly! He had actually spoken to her in such a way in public. If it had been some other place, she would have already fought him tooth and nail!

Not even skipping a beat, Mo Wen kept talking. “I have always been very careful to never get involved in any affairs. No matter how big the temptation, my heart has never wavered from my lady!” Mo Wen continued to smile very brightly.

“You had better wish you don’t fall into my hands!” Zheng Shuangshuang was furious now.

She looked around her surroundings and finally managed to hold herself back from attacking him in such a public and posh place.

Meanwhile, inside a casino that was on the cruise ship, Jiang Siyin weaved through hall after hall, finally arriving at the door of a room that was reserved for rich people who had the Silver status. Two men were guarding the door, each dressed in black.

They were tall and fierce, with serious expressions that looked frightening. Hence, the average person would not even dare to approach the door. Besides, it was not a place that just anyone could enter. Only special guests had access to it.

Seeing him approaching, one of the security guards dressed in black extended his hand to block Jiang Siyin from entering. The other security guard said with a hard voice, “Please show us your VIP card.”

“I am a Silver member of the club.” Jiang Siyin pulled out a silver card from the pocket of his suit and extended his hand to pass it to the man.

“This room can only be entered by members of the Gold status and above.” Unexpectedly, the man simply glanced at the card, then refused to take it! Then, he shook his head and refused to let him in!

Upon hearing that, Jiang Siyin’s face flushed red and he looked a little awkward. His status as a Silver member was already rather high, so it was very rare for there to be people of an even higher status than him aboard the cruise. The standard of that single gambling room alone must be staggeringly high!

“I am looking for Mr. Jiang Guhuai. We have business to discuss. Please pass the message along to him on my behalf.” Jiang Siyin knew that if the people inside the room were willing to see him, he would then be able to enter as their guest.

“Please wait here a moment.” Upon hearing the request, the security guard nodded his head, then turned and disappeared into the room. Meanwhile, the other man in black continued to stand guard by the door.

Inside the room, there was a huge gambling table that currently had eight people seated around it, each of whom were dressed lavishly and had very grand auras. Clearly, they were not just your average people!

In the center of the table, the dealer was distributing a new deck of cards. Out of the eight people, there was only one woman.

If Mo Wen saw her, he would definitely get a shock. That was because the woman was none other than Gu Jingman of the Gu Fort Clan!