Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 419

Chapter 419 Mediation

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Zheng Shuangshuang was truly furious. She had never seen such a shameless and despicable man!

“I admire you. You truly are incredible.” Looking at Zheng Shuangshuang, who had a gaze as though she was about gobble someone up, Mo Wen smiled brilliantly. He then saluted with the utmost admiration.

“You just spoke to me disrespectfully and provocatively. You better not think that I’ll go easy on you.” Zheng Shuangshuang did not buy into Mo Wen’s acting. Right now, she loathed Mo Wen and was preparing to teach him a lesson!

But because such a large commotion had occurred, it had alarmed the masses. Hence, almost everyone had their gazes focused in their direction. Also, the security team, who had rushed over when they received word of the incident, had just arrived.

“Everyone, please stop and listen. I am the leader of the second security team. Please act civilized on this trip and cooperate with the authorities.” A team of security guards in white uniforms swiftly surrounded the people that were onsite. Each of the guards were equipped with riot shields and high intensity electric batons. Some special members of the team even held guns.

When the cruise ship was in the middle of the ocean, in order to ensure safety as well as to deal with sudden incidents, they were allowed to have some special armed forces with combat abilities onboard. A person who looked like the leader walked up to Mo Wen and the rest of the group.

After seeing that it was just a normal brawl, he let out a slight sigh of relief and said, “Ladies and gentlemen, given your excessive behavior, could you please cooperate by following us to the security room for a bit? Rest assured, we are not law enforcement officers and will not convict you of any crime, let alone harm you.”

Usually, the security team on the cruise ship would not do anything that could harm the passengers. Even if the passenger broke the law, they only had regulatory power. Once they reached land, they would simply surrender them to the local government’s judiciary to be handled.

As for normal fights and brawls, most of them were handled privately under the mediation of the security team and were not blown out of proportion. If there were people who did not follow their advice and continued to cause problems, they would then expel them from the ship. They would also blacklist them, ensuring that no other cruise company would welcome them as a passenger in the future.

“Please don’t get too excited. We can discuss this matter calmly. Let’s listen to the security team. They are fair, just, and reasonable.” Mo Wen cast a glance at Zheng Shuangshuang, who wanted to punch him. He then smiled and threw up his hands, seemingly saying that he had no choice.

“Despicable!” Zheng Shuangshuang was mad that the security team had shown up at this time. With the security team present, her plans to beat up Mo Wen had been ruined!

In the presence of the armed security team, the guy with the crew cut naturally did not dare cause a scene. The people who were lying on the ground also stood up and followed behind the security team. They were all headed towards the security room for mediation.

The crowd that had gathered to watch from afar started discussing the scene…

“How uncivilized! They actually dared to brawl in public!” a French lady said.

“Those people seem to be Chinese. How can they show such a lack of class?” an Englishman asked.

“Nonsense! It was the Chinese who were being bullied by those people!” a Chinese person said in their defense.

“That’s right!” another Chinese person immediately said in agreement. “Us Chinese are very particular about adhering to proper etiquette! Also, as we concern ourselves with public morality, we would definitely not do such things as to instigate such a brawl!”

“Really? So then these people were actually people from Fu Sang? Well, then the people from Fu Sang are certainly despicable!”

“I have heard before that the people of Fu Sang were unkind to people of other nationalities. This is to be expected of a race that loves war so much!”

“Yes, thanks to such a scene, we can now see how violent and chaotic this country is! Tomorrow, when we arrive at Fu Sang’s Fukuoka, I will not even depart the ship to go and sightsee!”

Yang Ting looked at Mo Wen, who was calmly following behind the security team. She was so filled with hate for him, she grinded her teeth.

On the other side, Jiang Siyin stood at a distance with a gloomy look. Without a second word, he then turned and walked inside the ship.

In the security room, Mo Wen and the group of men with crew cuts were seated in two separate groups. As for Zheng Shuangshuang, she sat a distance away from them, a sulky look still on her face.

After waiting for almost 15 minutes, the security team’s small leader walked in. A Caucasian fellow, who was wearing a security team uniform, followed behind him.

“Hello everyone, I am Silai, the leader of the second security team. I have just been briefed on the situation.” The small leader called Silai spoke in English. The Caucasian fellow behind him acted as a translator, translating every sentence he spoke.

After Silai said this, he took out a disc from a portfolio. After placing it in a projector, an image suddenly popped up on the screen that was hung on the wall. The image was taken at the central swimming pool, the scene where they had been making such a ruckus.

“Mr. Zhang Qiang, I would like for you to explain to us why you attacked the others without any provocation?” Silai looked at the man with a crew cut. From the recording, it could be seen that their group had actively attacked the others.

“He molested my woman!” The man with a crew cut, who was called Zhang Qiang, had a sullen look as he answered.

He truly was depressed that what had originally started out as a good situation had escalated to this. His original plan was to take Mo Wen away, then once Mo Wen was on their turf, he would naturally deal with Mo Wen as he pleased.

But, when he discovered that he had no way of taking him away, he thought that he would first beat him up, then decide what to do about him later. His big brother’s intention was the same. However, the events that followed had not worked in their favor.

The Caucasian fellow translated Zhang Qiang’s words for Silai. “From the footage of the surveillance camera, we didn’t notice any action of Mr. Mo Wen that crossed the line. Even though your female companion fell down, she didn’t have any physical contact with Mr. Mo Wen. How did you infer that he molested her?” Before coming over, Silai had already investigated the people here, so he naturally knew their names.

“When I rushed over, I saw my girlfriend standing there, scared and in a state of undress, right next to this person. So, I guessed that he had molested her,” Zhang Qiang said plainly.

In reality, he had actually plotted everything out beforehand. But, of course, he wouldn’t be so dumb as to let others know this! Even though he intentionally did it, he had to find an excuse to make it appear that it was unintentional on his part!

“Then, based on the recording that you have seen just now, it should be enough proof that Mr. Mo Wen did molest your female companion. Based on what you have just said, this is simply a misunderstanding,” Silai said as he nodded his head.

“That’s right, it is indeed a misunderstanding.” Zhang Qiang did not refute him. He knew that it was impossible for him to teach Mo Wen a lesson now. He might as well give up now and plan to return to this matter again later.

“But, as you endangered Mr. Mo Wen’s personal safety, I request that you apologize to him. I think Mr. Mo Wen will accept your apology. Then, I hope the both of you will shake hands and bury the hatchet.” As a member of the security team, he naturally hoped that the two parties could reconcile and not continue to cause any further issues. Otherwise, the security team would have to take stricter measures.

“Apologize?” Zhang Qiang coldly snorted.

His gaze then fell on Mo Wen, a glint of malice flashing past his eyes. However, he still said, “Excuse me. Just now, I was impulsive. I hope we can let bygones be bygones.” Even though he was apologizing, anyone could tell that his words had little to no sincerity in them.

“Mr. Mo Wen, this has all been a misunderstanding. Please forgive his transgression. Also, you have not suffered any loss. Otherwise, I would have demanded compensation from them. And please be assured that the security team will protect the safety of every one of our passengers. If there are any sudden incidents, we will appear to reconcile promptly,” Silai said as he looked somewhat apologetically at Mo Wen.

In his heart, he knew that Mo Wen was the one who had truly received unfair treatment. As for his last sentence, he said this particularly for Zhang Qiang and the rest to hear. He meant to show that the security team would strengthen Mo Wen’s protection and that they had better not have any more strange ideas to cause trouble.

“Leader Silai, you are too generous. As long as they don’t cause me trouble, I will not find fault with them,” Mo Wen said plainly and smiled.

“Humph, I don’t care about all of that, but their trying to capture me and take me back into their rooms, I doubt that could be a misunderstanding! If I am not given an explanation, there will be no end to this!” Zheng Shuangshuang, who was sitting alone on the couch, said coldly. She was upset that they had dared to mess with her.