Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 422

Chapter 422 Ballroom Dancing


“What do you mean, I bullied her? She alone could take on ten men. Would I dare bully her? Could it be that you did not see that she was just waiting to come at me and punch me? I was scared to death!” Mo Wen said, feeling very wronged as he beat his chest.

“In the future, you are not allowed to bully women. Men should understand how to be tolerant, modest, and reasonable. How can you be so exacting with a woman?” Shen Jing glared at Mo Wen. Disregarding whether he was right or wrong, intentionally angering others just now was wrong of him.

“Milady is right. It must be corrected,” Mo Wen said giggling. After being caught in between Qin Xiaoyou and Shen Jing for a while, he was getting more and more proficient at being obedient.

Shen Jing rolled her eyes at Mo Wen. She snorted silently inside. He said it so easily. Most likely around 80 percent of him did not consider this an issue.

After that, Mo Wen and Shen Jing headed to the dining area to prepare to have some food. The party would be long and have all sorts of entertainment. Only after eating would they have the strength to have fun.

Of course, the welcoming party would not be attended by all of the passengers. To have 60 percent show up was already very good.

“When you are eating, don’t keep looking around. Keep to the expected etiquette and culture.” Shen Jing placed a glass of juice in front of Mo Wen, signaling him to concentrate while eating.

Mo Wen retracted his gaze and muttered, “So many rules.”

“Shouldn’t you display your demeanor and culture in this sort of social space? Otherwise, how will you make valuable friends?” Shen Jing placed a plate of already cut-up steak in front of Mo Wen.

“It has always been others who have come to me to be friends,” Mo Wen said cockily.

“Smug,” Shen Jing said amused.

At seven thirty in the evening, more and more people appeared on deck. There were neatly and elegantly dressed men and women everywhere.

The captain of the Sword of the Seas appeared at the event, too. He was a Caucasian old man in his fifties or sixties. His name was John or something. His name was too long, so Mo Wen didn’t remember it. After giving his speech, the captain announced that the party had begun. The party was divided into a few different sections. There was the networking section, recreational and sightseeing section, and the entertainment section.

“Do you know how to dance?” Shen Jing asked with a smile after noticing that Mo Wen was staring at the dance floor. The ball was usually the core session of a party. The gentlemen and the ladies usually got acquainted with friends who would be useful to them through the ball. They attended the ball with a clear purpose. Of course, there were also people there who danced for fun.

After the captain had finished giving his speech, the ball began. Melodious music encircled the open air dance floor. Even those who were not joining the ball stared at it from afar.

“I don’t know,” Mo Wen said honestly. He was merely thinking that it was morally objectionable for those men and women to be hugging and dancing on the dance floor.

“I can teach you later. Gentlemen in the upper class must be equipped with such socializing techniques,” Shen Jing said with a smile.

“You know how to dance?” Mo Wen stared at Shen Jing, conflicted.

“Of course,” Shen Jing said while smiling and nodding. For ladies like her, etiquette class was compulsory.

“Never dance with others in the future,” Mo Wen said, slightly depressed. Since Shen Jing knew how to dance, surely she had danced with others before.

“Can’t you be more generous?” Shen Jing was speechless inside. How small minded was this little man to be jealous about this? She had not attended a ball in a very long time.

“In the future, if you want to dance, come find me to dance,” Mo Wen said.

“First, you must know how to dance, then only you can dance with me,” Shen Jing snorted softly. This man was so overbearing.

“Wasn’t milady going to teach me? For milady, a small sacrifice is nothing,” Mo Wen said with a smile.

“I offer to teach you ballroom dancing and you are the one making a sacrifice?” Shen Jing widened her eyes, looking at Mo Wen in disbelief. She really wanted to pry open his head and see what sort of weird logic was contained in that brain of his.

After eating, Shen Jing dragged Mo Wen by the hand onto the dance floor. The dance floor was very big, big enough to accommodate many people dancing together. Above them was the starry night, and at their feet was a grass field. The night was beautiful.

The two of them had just walked onto the dance floor, and they had already attracted many gazes. Of course, those people weren’t looking at Mo Wen, but rather at lady Shen Jing, who was beside him. With a slender figure, an elegant demeanor, and a charming face, Shen Jing easily became the focus of the dance floor.

“Mister, may I invite your female companion to dance?” A tall and handsome Caucasian youth in a black tuxedo approached them and nodded respectfully at Mo Wen. At a ball, a man must first acquire the permission of the male before asking his female companion for a dance.

“Nope.” Mo Wen rejected him right away without thinking. This man had the audacity to request a dance with Shen Jing in front of him. If his temper had not been greatly improved at that moment, he would have immediately killed the man with a palm strike.

The Caucasian youth was stunned for a while. To his surprise, the youth had rejected his request so blatantly during a ball. The youth was rather ignorant of etiquette. Subconsciously, the youth cast his glance towards Shen Jing, who was beside Mo Wen. Shen Jing didn’t say anything. She only gave him an apologetic look.

The Caucasian youth sighed and smiled, slightly embarrassed. “Sorry for disturbing you.” After he had said it, he turned around and left.

“When you reject someone, you should do it tactfully.” Shen Jing rolled her eyes at Mo Wen.

Mo Wen smiled while nodding frequently. As for whether he had taken the advice to heart, only heaven knew. In the world that he lived in, people always interacted with fists. Did interacting with etiquette work?

“Beautiful lady, would you like to dance?” Right after the Caucasian youth left, an Asian youth approached Shen Jing. He had ignored Mo Wen completely, inviting Shen Jing.

“Sorry. I only dance with my husband.” Shen Jing frowned. He was not respecting others. Naturally, he couldn’t earn the respect of others.

“Lady, I am Fu Sang Country’s…” The Asian youth frowned, seemingly reluctant to give up.

“Sorry. I’m dancing with my husband.” Shen Jing didn’t wait for the youth to finish his sentence. She held onto Mo Wen’s hand and walked right past him, entering the dance floor.

The youth from Fu Sang Country put on a sullen expression. He murmured while staring at Shen Jing’s figure, “You fail to appreciate kindness…” Only then did he turn around and leave.

“Left foot forward, shift your weight onto that foot.”

“Silly. Not your right foot. The left foot…”

“Left turn. Aiya. It’s the left turn, not the right turn…”

On the dance floor, a couple was waltzing choppily. The waltz was also known as the gliding dance. The dance steps were simple and easy to learn, yet it preserved the elegance and beauty of dancing. Therefore, the waltz was the most common ballroom dance.

The couple’s dancing had attracted the gazes of many people. It was the clumsiest dance on the dance floor. It wasn’t elegant at all; rather, it was strange.

There was some laughter bursting out on the dance floor once in a while. However, most people had genuine smiles on. Anyone could tell that the lady was teaching the man how to dance. It was rare to have such an occurrence at a ball. It was usually impossible to have such a scene. After all, this was a ball, not a dance studio for ballroom dancing lessons.

Nobody thought it was inappropriate. Instead, they thought it was cute and lovely. The couple was immersed in their own world. The gentleman was learning seriously, and the lady was engrossed in teaching. They didn’t care about the surrounding gazes at all.

As time passed, the couple attracted more and more stares. Many dancing couples on the dance floor would occasionally cast their gazes on them, too.

It was obvious that the gentleman was dancing for the first time. However, everyone was shocked to notice that even though his clumsy dance moves were not elegant, they had an indescribable temperament to them. It seemed as though the two of them were not dancing on Earth. They seemed ethereal.

Ethereal! This adjective popped up in many people’s minds. Both of them had an ethereal temperament. It was indescribable. Only they had such a temperament among all the couples dancing on the dance floor.

A lady, who was dancing on the dance floor, asked her male companion, “The gentleman has a strong ability to comprehend. Did you notice that he is getting skillful at the dance steps?” Obviously, she had been paying attention to them.

Her male companion exclaimed, “Now I wonder whether he pretended to not know how to dance before this. It is rather impossible for a person to have such a strong ability to comprehend.”

“Why do I feel like the gentleman has learned a few years of dancing in etiquette class? If he continues dancing, I am worried whether he will surpass me right away.” A lady of the nobility stared, amazed at Mo Wen. In the beginning, everyone thought that his dance moves were clumsy. However, as they continued watching, they discovered that he had a unique temperament.

Even Shen Jing, who was teaching Mo Wen how to dance, was surprised, let alone everyone else. His dance steps went from clumsy to skillful with a noble demeanor. The most important point was that they were more and more in sync when dancing. It was a perfect harmony between their souls and their bodies. He was close to perfectly matching up with his dance partner. He seemed to know beforehand what the other person was thinking every time, and he responded harmoniously.

“Perhaps you are a natural born dance master,” Shen Jing said in admiration. Perhaps Mo Wen’s dance techniques were not as good as those dance professionals’, but she had achieved an incomparable harmony with him in terms of their souls and actions.

“Your husband is a professional in every field,” Mo Wen said complacently.

“Smug.” Shen Jing rolled her eyes at Mo Wen.

“D*mn it!”

Standing to the side, Jiang Siyin stared at the dance floor with a glass of red wine in his hand. His facial expression was distorted. The woman whom he had been thinking about day and night was dancing intimately with another man. Anyone could tell that they weren’t dancing for the sake of socializing. It was a play between a couple.

Before this, when Yang Ting told him, he didn’t really trust her words. He was well aware of how hard it was to court Shen Jing, but now that he had seen it with his own eyes, how could he not be furious?

“Brat, just you wait and see.” Jiang Siyin turned around coldly and left the dance floor, ignoring the dance partner who was accompanying him.

“Lady Boss, the guy is too detestable. I am still full of anger when I look at him now. If we weren’t on a cruise ship, I would beat him up so badly that his mother would not be able to recognize his face.”

Far away, there was a row of deck chairs on the port deck. The deck chairs were there for people to enjoy the view at sea. At the moment, Zheng Shuangshuang was lying on the chair with a glass of fruit juice in her hand. However, she was in no mood to enjoy the night view of the ocean. Her eyes were ferociously fixed on the dance floor in the distance.

It was too detestable. To her surprise, the b*stard had become the focus on the dance floor.

“Shuangshuang, girls should not be too violent. People like girls who are gentle and caring, right?” Gu Jingman slowly shifted her gaze from the ocean and looked towards the social dance floor with curiosity. “Let me see who dared to bully our beauty, Shuangshuang. Later, big sister will help you teach…”

She was halfway through her words, when she suddenly stopped.