Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 425

Chapter 425 Strange Girl


“Okay, okay. You are glorious. You are great, okay?” Mo Wen said helplessly.

Gu Jingman snorted softly.

“Leave that Yamaguchi-gumi to me. We don’t need to have a troublesome underground fight. I will directly kill off all of the members of the Yamaguchi-gumi, then they will not be able to come over and sell drugs in Hua Xia anymore,” Mo Wen said.

“Little brother, you…” Gu Jingman looked at Mo Wen, unable to say another word.

This was too fierce. She only wanted to block the Yamaguchi-gumi’s ambitions this time around, yet he was already thinking of how to eliminate them once and for all!

“What’s wrong?” Mo Wen asked, while looking incredulously at Gu Jingman.

“Maybe the Yamaguchi-gumi do not amount to anything for you, but behind them is the Fu Sang Country’s Devil Saber-kai. The Devil Saber-kai is similar to the Hua Xia ancient martial arts sects. It is formed by powerful practitioners. The strength of the Devil Saber-kai is not any weaker than that of Hua Xia’s Ten Great Ancient Martial Arts Sects. As for how strong they actually are, I do not know,” Gu Jingman said.

“If you head over to the Fu Sang Country to massacre the members of the Yamaguchi-gumi, the Devil Saber-kai will surely fight against you. Other than the Devil Saber-kai, there are Sword God-do, Sakura-do, Ninja-do [1], and other major factions in Fu Sang Country. If you appear in Fu Sang and fight with the country’s practitioners, all of them will surely treat you as an intruder,” Gu Jingman explained.

As even she knew about this, it surprised her that Mo Wen didn’t seem to be aware of any of it. If Mo Wen murdered anyone in Fu Sang, he would surely cause many strong practitioners in Fu Sang to retaliate by hunting him down and killing him.

“How strong are the practitioners in Fu Sang Country compared to those in Hua Xia’s ancient martial arts world? Who is stronger?” Mo Wen asked curiously.

Naturally, he wasn’t surprised at the existence of factions in Fu Sang Country. After all, it would be impossible for a race with more than a thousand years of heritage to not have any inheritance.

“Fu Sang is only a small country. How can it compare with the great Hua Xia?” Gu Jingman rolled her eyes at Mo Wen.

The ancient martial art practitioners in Hua Xia were renowned worldwide. Also, they functioned independently, while the practitioners in Fu Sang had to form alliances with the Western factions in order to survive. Otherwise, if a war broke out among the ancient martial art practitioners, Fu Sang Country would collapse at the first battle!

“But, there are many incredible figures among the top masters in Fu Sang Country too. It is said that some of these people are comparable to the Golden Elixir realm ancient martial art practitioners in Hua Xia. For many years, whenever a peerless top master was born in Fu Sang Country, he would surely come to Hua Xia ostentatiously to look for a fight, hoping to compete against the ancient martial art practitioners in Hua Xia.” As Gu Jingman was born and raised in an ancient martial arts aristocratic family, she had a better understanding of the ancient martial arts world than Mo Wen.

Even though the Yamaguchi-gumi was merely a force in the underworld, behind them was the Devil Saber-kai of Fu Sang Country. There were practitioners in Yamaguchi-gumi too. Otherwise, with her ability, she wouldn’t need Mo Wen to face the Yamaguchi-gumi at all.

“This is rather interesting. This world is pretty exciting!” Mo Wen exclaimed.

“You just have to focus on winning the underground fight. You don’t have to worry about other things. Naturally, someone will take care of it,” Gu Jingman said with a smile.

“What will be the time and place of the underground fight?” Mo Wen asked.

“It is in Fu Sang Country’s Kagoshima. When the ship reaches Kagoshima, we will disembark. By then, the Yamaguchi-gumi will arrange the time for the underground fight,” Gu Jingman said.

“An underground fight in Yamaguchi-gumi territory? Are you not afraid that the Yamaguchi-gumi will set a trap for us?” Mo Wen smiled. The location being in Kagoshima was obviously disadvantageous to Gu Jingman and the rest.

“They will not dare to set us up. Otherwise, there would be no need for an underground fight. An underground fight is traditionally a way to settle disputes in the underground world. Its roots are long-standing. If anyone dares to violate it, they will surely be punished.” Gu Jingman was clearly not worried about it.

Her faction represented the five major underworld influences from the Hua Dong region. If the Yamaguchi-gumi played any tricks, they would definitely shed all pretense of cordiality with the five major influences. At that point, the dispute would not stop until one party was dead!

“Okay. We will discuss this further when the time comes.” Mo Wen nodded, then stood up, ready to leave.

He and Shen Jing also planned to disembark at Kagoshima, then head to Fuji Mountain. He could settle Gu Jingman’s matter in a flash, so it wouldn’t delay him for long.

As he was about to leave, a figure suddenly walked down from the spiral stairway.

“Who is she?” Mo Wen stared at the person curiously. This person was apparently sharing a room with Gu Jingman, which was surprising to him.

She was a Caucasian teenage girl. She had brown hair and a petite figure. She was rather beautiful, but her eyes were flat and her face was quite pale. She almost seemed like a walking corpse.

“She is a friend of mine, Haih. It’s a long story. She is quite pitiful. I’m in charge of getting her to Fu Sang Country safely,” Gu Jingman said, while she glanced at the girl and sighed.

As the two of them were speaking, the Caucasian girl seemed to have noticed Mo Wen too. She glanced at him, then shyly retracted her gaze quickly. She then hastened into the bathroom with her head lowered.

“Do you know her?” Mo Wen asked. Staring at the silhouette of the Caucasian girl, a glint of golden light flickered in Mo Wen’s eyes. The corner of his mouth curled to form a playful grin.

Upon hearing his words, Gu Jingman was stunned. After thinking carefully, she shook her head, saying, “I don’t really know her. Actually, I only met her a few days ago, but I feel like we hit it off. Besides, her background is pitiful. Originally, I wanted to keep her by my side, but she is not willing to stay. She only asked me to take her to Fu Sang Country.”

“Why must she go to Fu Sang Country?” Mo Wen asked curiously. As the girl was a Caucasian, she was most likely not a citizen of Fu Sang.

“I don’t know. She doesn’t have any identification. If it wasn’t for my help, she wouldn’t have even been able to get onto the cruise ship. I know very little about her.” Gu Jingman shook her head. At this moment, she suddenly realized that, after spending seven to eight days with the Caucasian girl, she actually knew nothing about her!

“Then, you still dare to let her stay?” Mo Wen asked, amused.

“Sometimes, when interacting with others, one depends on one’s feelings. I feel like I hit it off with her. Furthermore, sneaking a person into Fu Sang Country is not a big deal,” Gu Jingman said indifferently. After all, she did what she pleased.

“I can’t understand why she would hit it off with you.” Mo Wen shook his head and smiled.

However, he said nothing more and left. As Shen Jing was still waiting for him in the room, it was inappropriate for him to stay any longer.

“Lady Boss, is that Mo Wen really your little brother?” After Mo Wen left, only then did Zheng Shuangshuang return to the room.

She looked at Gu Jingman with a strange look. No matter how she looked at it, the two of them did not seem to have just a pure brother-sister relationship.

“Hmmm….What relationship do you think I have with him?” Gu Jingman asked with a smile.

“I hope the two of you have no relationship at all.” Zheng Shuangshuang snorted softly. If it wasn’t for the fact that the b*stard was related to her lady boss, she wouldn’t have let him off so easily.

“Are you still angry at him? You’re a lady. Don’t sulk all the time. That fellow is indeed detestable, but he has his charm, right?” Gu Jingman advised her earnestly.

“He is not cute or charming!” Zheng Shuangshuang rolled her eyes.

How can the b*stard be associated with the word ‘charming’? I’m afraid that only in your eyes, he can miraculously be associated with that word! Even though she thought these things, she did not have guts to say them in front of the lady boss.

Right when Mo Wen left with Zheng Shuangshuang, on the top deck, in a luxurious suite not far from Gu Jingman’s, a man in a white suit was sitting on the sofa. He had a glass of red wine in his hand.

Another man who was dressed in black was kneeling at his feet. Both of them were Asians. However, they were not Chinese, but were people from Fu Sang.

“Seize this woman. When I come out of my bathroom, I want to see her in my bed!” The youth who was wearing a white suit threw a photograph and a piece of paper on the coffee table. His facial expression was cold as he spoke in the language of the Fu Sang Country.

It was a woman’s photo. She was beautiful and elegant. She was none other than Shen Jing! As for the paper, it had Shen Jing’s room number written on it.

“There is another man in the room. I hope, from tomorrow onwards, I will never see him again!” A glint of frightening killing intent flashed in the youth’s eyes as he spoke.

“Young master, killing people on a cruise ship is inappropriate,” the man in black said hesitantly.

“Humph! Why is it inappropriate? This cruise ship has been under our control for a few years now, so one or two men disappearing should not cause a big problem. Furthermore, those two people don’t have strong backgrounds that we need to fear!” the youth said in a cold tone, narrowing his eyes slightly.

The man in black felt a chill in his heart. He then grabbed the photograph on the coffee table, saying, “I will settle it immediately.”

When Mo Wen returned to the room and discovered that the door was ajar, he couldn’t help but frown. After he opened the door, he noticed that Shen Jing was not in the room. Moreover, the room was a mess! His eyes immediately saw footprints, which were obviously not his or Shen Jing’s, on the floor!

Mo Wen’s expression chilled instantly. Someone had actually kidnapped Shen Jing when he was not around!

Mo Wen’s face was somber, while a cold wind blew in the room. Two terrifying beams of golden light shot out of his pupils. It was as though they hid two golden suns of bright light.

Ripples suddenly appeared in the surrounding space. The next moment, a terrifying soul power erupted forcefully, with Mo Wen at its center.

Instantaneously, it enveloped the whole cruise ship. Then, everything on the cruise ship strangely appeared in his mind.

[1]: -do refers to the “path” or “way of life” in martial arts.