Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 426

Chapter 426 Killing In A Fit Of Anger


A mercury-like soul power engulfed the entire cruise ship immediately. In a moment, everything on the ship appeared in Mo Wen’s mind. Within a second, he had easily tracked down Shen Jing’s whereabouts.

The soul power died down gradually and dissipated entirely in an instant. It was as though nothing had happened. Mo Wen’s face paled, and a dark look flashed through his eyes. A trace of blood trickled out of the corner of his mouth.

He was not an Immortal Cultivator, so he originally would not have been able to perform a soul attack. He could only depend on the hundreds of millions of great mysteries of the soul to force out the soul power. However, doing so took a huge toll on his vigor, and doing it for just a moment had already depleted his soul power entirely. If it had not been for the fact that Shen Jing had disappeared, he would not have used this secret technique so easily.

Mo Wen’s face was cold as he took huge strides out of the room. Once again, he headed towards the area where all the deluxe suites were. In the suite that was basically above Mo Wen’s room, a white woman with golden hair and blue eyes was currently holding a book of simple and traditional Divine Scripture, studying it thoroughly. Suddenly, she stood up from her chair, and a radiant look shined in her eyes.

“The soul power. There is actually someone who can release soul power! How could there possibly be such a person aboard a cruise ship?” The white lady’s eyes were filled with disbelief. It was as though she had just encountered a very shocking situation.

However, the soul power that had been used was only maintained for a moment and had disappeared entirely in a second, such that there was already no trace of it by the time the white lady wanted to hunt down its source.

Could it have been an illusion? Impossible, I would not make a mistake in recognizing this. The white lady furrowed her brows in confusion. Being able to use soul power meant that the person was already on the road of the Divine Way and was about to deviate from the normal path of humans. No matter where this person was, he would be a very important figure.

Why would such a person appear on the Sword of the Seas? Could it also be for that matter? The white lady shook her head. It was just a betrayal of the Blood Kindred, and such a thing could not possibly trigger such a person. If it had not been for the coincidental meeting, she would not even be willing to intervene, much less a master of the Divine Way.

Could there be something else attracting the attention of someone of the Divine Way? The white lady sat down, confused. She knew that if the Divine Way had a method of hiding all traces in hopes of not being found out by anyone, she would basically not be able to find the person. Someone of that level was already on a whole different level.

However, Mo Wen was unable to predict that someone could actually sense him releasing soul power. Normally, even an ancient martial art practitioner would not be able to do so. Perhaps when an ancient martial art practitioner in the Embryonic Breathing realm was faced with a very strong soul power, he would be able to feel a sense of uneasiness in that moment. However, it would definitely not be very detailed.

It was only because of this that he was able to release the soul power on the cruise ship without holding back and without fear of any complications.

However, this white lady was not just anyone. If Mo Wen had come across her, he would definitely have recognized her. It was the lady from the afternoon when Mo Wen unintentionally peeped into her room when she had just come out of the shower. It just happened that her position was diagonally above Mo Wen, so she was able to have a thorough look at him.

Mo Wen’s face turned cold as he returned to the top level of the cruise ship once again. When he walked to a very luxurious door, that door shattered into pieces in a moment and was reduced to shards.

“Who is that?” The commotion outside had been noticed by the person in the room. A person dressed in a black, western-style suit walked out suddenly. However, when he had just walked to the door, he was met with a pair of eyes. That pair of eyes was so deep that they looked like black holes, as if they would be able to engulf a person’s consciousness entirely. The moment they locked eyes, the person felt as though his consciousness started to become hazy. Then, he fell to the ground, flopping, and there was no sign of life. He had actually died so absurdly without a single sound.

Mo Wen’s face remained cold as he strode into the room. The inside of it looked like a villa. It was split into two levels and was very similar to Gu Jingman’s luxury suite. However, the styles of the decorations were vastly different.

“Who dares to trespass into this place?” Six shadows had come out separately from different corners and stood in the main hall of the first level. The commotion before had evidently shocked all of them. They all had weapons on them and were dressed in the attire of ancient martial art practitioners. With their strict discipline, they were very likely security guards.

“A Fu Sang person?” Mo Wen asked expressionlessly. The words that the person had spoken previously were not in Mandarin but were in the Fu Sang language.

A man in black babbled, “Whoever is arrogant should die!” Then, he suddenly attacked. With a flash, his body appeared before Mo Wen. The martial art sword in his hand slashed downwards. Its speed was so fast that it essentially did not allow any time for an opponent to react.

“You’re actually an ancient martial art practitioner.” The corners of Mo Wen’s lips curled up into a cold smile. This person who had so daringly captured Shen Jing indeed had some capabilities. An ancient martial art practitioner basically did not have to think twice when going against a normal person. However, when Mo Wen was the one they messed with, only they themselves could be blamed for being careless.

With a flash of golden light, that man in black suddenly froze. He looked just like a statue, pausing with that sword above his head, completely unable to move. In the next moment, the martial arts sword gradually slid downwards and dropped onto the floor with a clang. At the same time, the man’s body split in two right down the middle, with each half falling to either side.

“Idiot!” Upon seeing their comrade’s death, the other five companions in black immediately flew into a rage. Almost at once, they all attacked. Some used cunning means, secret attacks, or direct attacks. The five of them were very collaborative with their attacks as they tried to kill Mo Wen.

“You don’t know your place.” Mo Wen’s lips curled upwards mockingly. Five cold rays flashed as five martial art swords immediately surrounded him. However, no matter how they attacked, not a single one of the five martial art swords was able to attack Mo Wen. It was as though there was a personalized protection around his body keeping the attacks at least three inches away from him.

An invisible aura had suddenly surrounded Mo Wen, engulfing the entire main hall. There was not a single opening that it did not permeate. In the next moment, that invisible aura circulated slightly. Then, it was as though those men in black had been sucked into an invisible swirl. They were all levitating, and each one of them had fear in their eyes, as they had lost control entirely.

Mo Wen did not even spare those people a glance. He headed directly for the spiral staircase and walked up the stairs.

When he had walked to the second level, the invisible aura in the main hall had disappeared instantly. The five men in black all fell to the ground from their positions in the air. Each of their bodies had been seriously twisted, as if they had been molded into a fried dough twist while they were still alive. They were all killed, mangled to the farthest extent.

Those men in black were at best at a level equivalent to the Soothing Pulse realm. There was not a single one of them in the Sea of Qi realm. Mo Wen did not even have to lift a single finger to kill them all.

In a room on the second level, Shen Jing was wrapped with a quilt. She was lying very still and stiff on the bed, her body unable to move one bit. Her eyes were filled with fear and uneasiness. She wanted to escape but was shocked to find that it was as though some spell had been put on her, and she was not even able to move a finger. It was as if her body no longer belonged to her.

Not far away from the bed, there was a bathroom. At the moment, there was the sound of running water coming from the bathroom. One could faintly make out someone bathing inside. Time had passed by the second, and to Shen Jing, each second seemed a century long.

After an unknown period of time, the door to the bathroom finally opened. A youth wearing a bathrobe walked out. He glanced over at Shen Jing, and his mouth curled up into a teasing smile. He said calmly, “I’ve already said it before, you won’t be able to escape my clutches.” He was speaking in English to ensure that Shen Jing would be able to understand.

“It’s you!” Shen Jing’s eyes widened as she glared at that young man. Although she was unable to move, she was still able to talk. However, she did not scream, because she understood that the sound-proofing in the rooms made it such that one would not even be able to hear the sound of thunder through the walls.

The youth of Fu Sang Country minded his own business as he poured himself a glass of red wine. After sipping it and moistening his throat, he stopped for a bit before slowly saying, “Are you very surprised? Anyone who dares to ignore my invitations will have to pay a price.”

This youth was none other than the youth from Fu Sang Country who had invited Shen Jing to dance on one of those nights but had been rejected.

Shen Jing’s voice shook non-stop as she asked, “What are you thinking of doing?”

“Haven’t the people of Hua Xia Country said that a sexually blissful night is best coupled with beautiful scenery? The night scene tonight is so beautiful, so shouldn’t we be doing something?” The youth of Fu Sang Country downed the glass of red wine in a single gulp. Then, he had a devilish look as he glanced over at Shen Jing.

“Don’t be rash. I hope you can be more level-headed. Raping a woman is illegal. The security team will not let you off.” Shen Jing trembled continuously. She forced herself to persevere through her inner fear in hopes of convincing and stabilizing that arrogant youth.

“Beauty, you’re actually still looking at the law at such a time. You’re really too cute. Let me tell you, the words that I say are the most important on this cruise ship.” The youth laughed evilly as he took huge steps towards Shen Jing.

“Don’t you come over… So rude, if you dare to disturb me, I will not let you off,” Shen Jing looked at that youth taking such huge steps over to her, and she felt utterly shocked and struggled continuously. This caused her energy to be depleted, and she was no longer able to struggle at all. Everything had been for naught.

“Don’t worry. Tonight, there will be no one disturbing us.” The youth of Fu Sang Country began to laugh evilly as he started to untie the belt of his bathrobe.

“Is that so?” A cold voice suddenly reverberated through the entire room. A frightening cold air rushed into the room, and strong winds ensued. It was as though it had become the middle of winter.

“Who is that?” The youth of Fu Sang Country was entirely shocked as he looked fiercely out the door. Unbeknownst to him, the door had disintegrated into dust. A youth with a cold expression silently stood at the door.

“Idiot, you will have to die. Capture this lad for me.” The youth of Fu Sang Country’s eyes widened, and he looked at that youth in disbelief. After that huge commotion, there was actually someone standing quietly just outside the door, and nobody had noticed.

“You are right. Some of them are, indeed, already dead,” Mo Wen said coldly.

Upon hearing that, the youth’s expression changed. He had perhaps sensed that something was not quite right. He grabbed a glass fiercely and smashed it vehemently onto the floor. Then, after what seemed like half a day, he did not even get a reaction. Not a single one of his men appeared.

In a moment, his heart had become cold, and his body could not resist the shudder that spread through him. He knew that all of the security guards his father had assigned him were loyal. If they still did not appear even at such a time, there was only one possibility – they had all been killed and had already become corpses!