Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 427

Chapter 427 Mystery Involving Shen Jing


“Did…You…Kill all of them?” The young man from Fu Sang Country stuttered as he looked at Mo Wen in terror.

“You will be the next one…” Mo Wen said stoically as he stepped into the room. He went straight to the bed and took Shen Jing into his arms gently.

“Mo Wen!” Wrapped in Mo Wen’s embrace, Shen Jing’s tears rolled down her cheeks uncontrollably.

“Don’t be afraid.” Mo Wen patted Shen Jing’s back, apologetic feelings flashing in his eyes.

If he hadn’t have left the room, Shen Jing wouldn’t have had to suffer such a shock. He never expected anyone to actually be so brazen onboard a cruise ship!

After regaining her composure, Shen Jing snuggled even closer to Mo Wen, as only in Mo Wen’s arms did she would feel safe.

“You think you are able to leave?” Mo Wen turned around to address the young man from Fu Sang Country, who was trying to sneak out stealthily.

“You can’t kill me. Do you know who I am? If you touch me, you and your woman will die aboard this cruise ship!” the young man said confidently.

“I don’t know who you are and I don’t want to know. I only know that you’ve touched my woman, so even the heavenly king would have to die for such an offense!” Mo Wen stood up, still holding Shen Jing in his arms. The coldness in his eyes would make anyone tremble.

“Don’t speak recklessly! I am a member of Yamaguchi-gumi, and the Deputy Minister of Kyushu department, Yoshida Jiro, is my father. As this entire cruise ship is under the control of Yamaguchi-gumi, If you dare to even touch a hair on my head, you are seeking death!” The young man from Fu Sang Country said coldly.

He didn’t believe that this youngster was not afraid of Yamaguchi-gumi! Furthermore, Yamaguchi-gumi had already bought this cruise ship secretly a few years ago. As such, a single word from his father could command the entire security team aboard the ship to obey his every whim and desire!

“So, you are the young master who was born in Yamaguchi-gumi? You epitomize the saying, ‘Spare the rod and spoil the child.’ This is no doubt your father’s careless parenting at work.” Mo Wen nodded his head and cold radiance flashed in his eyes.

“You are crazy!” The young man looked at Mo Wen in disbelief.

The young man could not hold his temper any longer. Seeing as it was useless to reason with Mo Wen or threaten him, he rushed out, frantically hoping to get out of the house. After that, he ran out a few steps, but discovered in shock that his body was no longer within his control!

There seemed to be an invisible power that bound him to the ground tightly. He even had great trouble moving his fingers, not to mention running away!

“What do you intend to do with me? Let me go. I can give you anything you want. Money, beautiful women, power and status, whatever you want!” The young man was eventually frightened and looked at Mo Wen in terror.

It was as if he was under some evil spell. He had never experienced such a weird thing in his entire life!

Completely ignoring the young man, Mo Wen placed Shen Jing’s head close to his chest. He then said to her softly, “Close your eyes.”

Shen Jing closed her eyes obediently. As she laid in his arms, she felt immensely safe and secure. Mo Wen then carried Shen Jing out of the main door.

The young man heaved a sigh of relief and relaxed a bit. Although he still couldn’t move, at least he was still alive.

Hence, there was still hope! In fact, he believed that his father would surely come save him.

As he was thinking of Mo Wen, the young man’s face turned gloomy and he gnashed his teeth. He swore secretly that he would make that youngster wish that he had never been born!

However, just when his hatred was reaching its peak, a weird scene happened. Suddenly, his body floated up uncontrollably, like he was in a bizarre vacuum.

The next moment, he suddenly cried and shrieked miserably. His face was so distorted, even a ghost would be afraid of it!

The previous moment, he had been dreaming of making Mo Wen pay with his life. However, at this moment, his wish for Mo Wen had been cast upon himself! Now, he was really experiencing what it was like to be a member of the living dead!

His miserable, shrill screams continued for a full fifteen minutes before they stopped gradually. His body was completely covered with blood.


At that moment, a low thud sound was heard. The young man’s body had dropped from the air and landed hard on the ground. He was completely dead!


Mo Wen carried Shen Jing into their room and placed her on the bed.

“I want to take a shower,” Shen Jing said softly.

“Are you strong enough? Do you need my help?” Mo Wen was clearly worrying about her, but he still had intimate thoughts in his mind.

“Knock it off.” Shen Jing pushed Mo Wen away softly, her face still quite pale. She had yet to recover from her earlier shock, yet Mo Wen was already thinking of messing around in the shower with her!

Mo Wen beamed a wide smile at her, but didn’t dare push too hard. After all, he knew that she was exhausted and still fragile.

Before Shen Jing went into the bathroom, she was about to close the door, but hesitated for a moment, looking anxiously at Mo Wen.

“Don’t worry. I am not going to leave you tonight,” Mo Wen assured her.

“I better leave the door open…” Shen Jing said awkwardly, blushing a bit.

After about fifteen minutes, Shen Jing walked out of the bathroom, then said, “Let’s sleep together tonight.”

Mo Wen embraced Shen Jing in his arms, her body’s fragrance filling his nostrils. He was happy to hear this, as he couldn’t bear to let her go. Mo Wen then wrapped Shen Jing in his arms, rolled onto the bed, and got under the blankets nimbly.

“Don’t make any moves, though, only sleep!” Shen Jing said sternly.

“Ah, alright…” Mo Wen glanced at Shen Jing pitifully.

“Go back to your own room if you are unwilling to follow my rules.” Shen Jing refused to relent in any way.

“Alright,” answered Mo Wen weakly.

“Isn’t it enough to let me simply sleep in your arms? You’re always having impure thoughts in your head.” Shen Jing rolled her eyes at Mo Wen.

Mo Wen laughed faintly, but didn’t comment further. He just embraced Shen Jing in his arms and tried to be content with that.

In actual fact, it was not that Mo Wen couldn’t control his own lust. He merely had a nagging question in his mind that he was hoping to get an answer to.

When he had first met Shen Jing, that mysterious Eight trigram had appeared and changed his life completely. At that time, he was doubtful if it was related to Shen Jing in any way.

After that, he had an unplanned sexual encounter with Shen Jing, which resulted in the opening of the Eight trigram for a second time. At this time, he went into a dream of his past lifetime.

It could indeed be said that the mysterious Eight trigram had changed his life completely. Moreover, during the time when he was in the Underground Demonic Palace, the Eight trigram exhibited its prowess and destroyed the soul of the Demon Devil’s Heart! Thinking of the this phenomenon, he was certain that this Eight trigram definitely had some shocking origin.

Ever since then, he had paid more attention to the Eight trigram. During that time, he tried many different methods, but had never managed to open it again.

In the meantime, he didn’t discover anything mysterious about the Eight trigram. It seemed to be merely a normal antique. However, Mo Wen was still convinced that there must be some shocking secrets within it.

Furthermore, the two times that the Eight trigram had helped him to enter the dream of his past life, it was merely an incomplete part of a memory. Especially the second time that he was in the dream, he only had a vague premonition that his life was going to have some upcoming twist to it.

Perhaps that twist contained the answer to whether he was able to practice Immortal Cultivation or not! Therefore, he desperately wanted to go back into the dream for the third time, hoping that he would be able to get his answer.

However, in order to get into the dream for the third time, he would need to open the Eight trigram again, but he had no idea how to this. Shen Jing was his most likely hope to unlocking this mystery!

After that accidental incident, he had never again copulated with Shen Jing. So, he really wanted to try it again to see if it had the power to open the Eight trigram and bring him into the dream once more.

As Shen Jing curled up in Mo Wen’s arms, her eyes were especially bright and never moved away from Mo Wen’s face. It was as if she would never be tired of looking at him and was not sleepy at all.