Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 428

Chapter 428 Night Raid


That night, in the most luxurious suites in the bow of the Sword of the Seas, a man dressed in white samurai clothing was kneeling on the ground. His face was pale. He seemed to be reporting something.

A stout middle-aged man was sitting in front of him. The middle-aged man’s eyes were small, and he had a pencil mustache. His facial expression was sinister. He didn’t have an imposing manner, but as he sat in the room, everyone present was respectful toward him.

“What did you say!?” The plump, middle-aged man suddenly stood up. His face was twisted as he looked at the samurai dressed in white. His eyes were full of rage.

“Mr. Yoshida, please calm your anger. The young master…” The white-robed samurai shook slightly, not daring to move a muscle as he kneeled on the ground. He was Yoshida Yuichi’s lead bodyguard. However, tonight the young master had given him special permission to attend the Welcoming Party, so he hadn’t stayed beside Yoshida Yuichi throughout the entire night. In the end, by the time he had returned, he discovered that the young master was dead in his room. All of the bodyguards were dead, too.

“Calm my anger? My son is dead, and you ask me to calm down!?” Yoshida Jiro slapped the samurai in the face. He was so enraged that his entire body was shaking.

“Investigate! Find the killer! I want to shred him into pieces!” Yoshida Jiro gave the samurai a cold glance. Then, he took down a katana from the weapons rack, threw it expressionlessly in front of the samurai, and strode out of the room.

The samurai’s face shook slightly. He revealed a pitiful smile as he picked up the katana with two shaking hands.

In the room, a person dressed in black samurai clothing looked indifferently at Mr. Ozawa, who was kneeling on the ground. His eyes showed no sign of compassion. If one made a mistake, one had to bear the consequences. If he gave an explanation now, at least he would not involve his family members.

“Mr. Ozawa, the young master’s safety has always been your responsibility. Now that this has happened to the young master, someone has to face Director Yoshida’s wrath. If you cannot give an explanation, the consequences will most likely be very severe.”

After he finished saying this, the samurai dressed in black walked out, and everyone in the room followed him. Only the samurai dressed in white was left kneeling blankly in the room. After a long while, he clenched his teeth, pulled out the katana with a cold gleam, and committed seppuku.

In the Sword of the Seas cabin control room, Yoshida Jiro sat on a chair. In front of him were a few displays replaying their recordings.

“There was nothing at all?” A middle-aged man stood beside Yoshida Jiro. He stared at the displays for a long while. In the end he shook his head. His eyes were full of suspicion. In the security recordings, nothing was actually recorded. When Yoshida Yuichi met his fate, the recordings were blank.

The fifty-year-old elder that stood behind Yoshida Jiro said with a serious expression, “An expert blocked the camera’s monitoring function. It could have been done by someone in our field.”

“Is it difficult to block the camera’s monitoring function?” Yoshida Jiro asked with a gloomy face. He knew what Aso-kun meant by, “someone in our field.”

“Very difficult! Based on the rank of practitioners, those above the Sea of Qi realm are able to do so.” Aso Saki pondered for a while. Once a practitioner’s cultivation reached the Sea of Qi realm, they could release their Inner Qi and use it to disturb their surroundings. By using it to perform the functions of light, they could successfully affect the camera’s monitoring function.

“You mean to say that the person who killed my son has at least Sea of Qi realm cultivation?” Yoshida Jiro said as he frowned. If it had been an ordinary person, he would not need to worry, but if it was a practitioner with strong cultivation, then it would be a little problematic. The person who killed his son was most likely a practitioner. After all, he had expended a lot of effort in order to protect his son. There had been at least four or five practitioners protecting him at all times.

“I cannot confirm that. It is possible he used other methods that achieved the same effect. However, we should assume that he has at least Sea of Qi realm cultivation. Otherwise, it would have been very difficult for him to kill the young master.” Aso Saki shook his head. With the information and leads he had now, he could not confirm anything at all.

“Director Yoshida, we have a lead.” The middle-aged man who was responsible for investigating the security footage suddenly walked over and said with a stern look on his face, “About an hour ago, one of Young Master Yoshida’s bodyguards kidnapped a female passenger from room 1213. However, the female passenger was not in Young Master Yoshida’s room. Maybe this incident is related to that female passenger.” As he said this, the middle-aged man took out a laptop and placed it in front of Yoshida Jiro. The video on the screen showed a man in black walking into Yoshida Yuichi’s room, hoisting a cylindrical white blanket with the woman wrapped inside.

“The female passenger, does she have companions?” A glint of cold light flashed in Yoshida Jiro’s eyes.

“Yes! A Chinese youth who seems to be only a student. We do not have much information on him.” The middle-aged man rewound the video, and a youth appeared on the display. It was Mo Wen. The man also brought out the video of the dispute between Mo Wen, Zhang Qiang, and the others.

“This youth does not seem to have any special points,” Aso Saki said as he frowned. How could a practitioner, especially a Sea of Qi realm practitioner, be bullied by a group of delinquents?

“No matter whether or not there is a problem, investigate it. Don’t let any lead go unchecked, especially that woman. Capture her and bring her here. I will personally interrogate her,” Yoshida Jiro said with a cold look.

“Director Yoshida, do you need me to go as well? If the woman has a practitioner around her, it will most likely be very difficult to capture her.” A gleam of light flashed in Aso Saki’s eyes. He was very interested in the person who could kill Young Master Yoshida.

When he heard this, Yoshida Jiro nodded. “Aso-kun, you had better follow along. That way, I will also be at ease.”

“Don’t worry, Director Yoshida. I can handle practitioners below the Qi Nucleation realm.” A glint of pride flashed in Aso Saki’s eyes. Although he was not a Qi Nucleation realm practitioner, he had killed three practitioners at the pinnacle of the Sea of Qi realm. He was only a small step away from achieving the Qi Nucleation realm. His fame was not small among the practitioners in Fu Sang Country.

“If the person has Qi Nucleation realm cultivation, does it mean we can’t handle him?” Yoshida Jiro suddenly frowned. Subconsciously, his thinking was inclined to the worst scenario.

“If the person has cultivation in the Qi Nucleation realm, with our manpower on the cruise ship now, we are indeed not his opponent. But Director Yoshida, please don’t worry. The probability of that is slim. Every Qi Nucleation realm practitioner is a strong practitioner. They are rarely seen.” Aso Saki smiled, not really concerned.

“But just in case?” Yoshida Jiro liked to take precautions before it was too late. Before he did anything, he would plan a route of retreat for himself. Since the person was related to the practitioners, he couldn’t help but be cautious.

“Director Yoshida, you worry too much. Not to mention that the probability is small. Even if he really has cultivation in the Qi Nucleation realm, he will not dare to kill people on the cruise ship. The International Superpowers Agreement is not just an empty statement. If we are really in trouble, you only need to find a secluded spot to hide. He can’t do anything to you if he can’t find you.” Aso Saki frowned. This Director Yoshida was suspicious and indecisive when handling situations. On top of that, he was as timid as a mouse when faced with challenges. If it wasn’t for the fact that the Devil Saber-Kai ordered him to protect Yoshida Jiro, Aso Saki would not have stayed with him. It hurt his pride as a practitioner.

“Since Aso-kun believes there is no problem, then naturally Aso-kun and I are on the same page,” Yoshida Jiro said as he forced a smile. He naturally could see that Aso Saki was dissatisfied. However, Aso Saki was not his subordinate, so he could not say much, either.

In the dark, Mo Wen was staring at Shen Jing’s twinkling eyes. Seeing that her eyes weren’t shut, he couldn’t help but smile and ask, “Why are you not asleep yet?” It had been more than an hour. Could it be that she was not sleepy yet?

“I don’t feel like sleeping,” Shen Jing said lazily as shifted her body.

“Since you don’t feel like sleeping, should we do something?” Mo Wen laughed a dry laugh.

“We’re doing nothing. If you have any funny thoughts, I will kick you out of bed.” Shen Jing gently bit Mo Wen on the chest.

“You rest well. I’m going out for a while.” Suddenly, a glint of cold light flashed in Mo Wen’s eyes, but it was fleeting. Even Shen Jing, who was right beside him, didn’t notice it.

“What are you doing?” Shen Jing grabbed hold of Mo Wen’s clothes without thinking.

Mo Wen laughed, and as he touched Shen Jing’s face said, “Don’t worry. I’ll not go far. I’ll be right back. Since when were you so clingy?”

“I…” Shen Jing opened her mouth, then forcefully closed it. She snorted softly. “You go wherever you like. It’s best if you never come back.”

“I will return in five minutes.” Mo Wen did not quarrel with Shen Jing. He got out of bed and gently closed the bedroom door.

He walked into the living room and casually poured himself a drink. He then sat expressionlessly on the couch. A beam of pale white light enveloped the bedroom door nearby. It ensured that no matter what happened outside, Shen Jing would not be able to hear the movements inside.


The living room door sounded softly, then silently opened. A few dark silhouettes dashed inside, seemingly already having a target as they rushed to the room. They seemed to not have noticed Mo Wen.

A terrifying pressure descended from above, immediately crashing towards the men before they could respond. It was as though a mountain had come booming down on their heads. Seemingly without a shred of resistance, they fell directly to the floor.

The lights in the living room suddenly all lit up. It was as bright as day in the room. Mo Wen remained seated on the couch with a glass of red wine in his hand. In front of him on the carpet were a few people laying face down. Their hands and feet were opened wide. They couldn’t move a muscle.

An old man in his fifties stared at Mo Wen in horror. There was an indescribable fear in his eyes. He rambled, but Mo Wen couldn’t understand him. “Speak a human language. If you speak gibberish again, I will send you to the King of Hell,” Mo Wen said plainly after glancing at the person.

“You are… Chinese…” Just now, Mo Wen had used the language of Hua Xia. The black-robed elder had actually understood him and answered in crude Mandarin.