Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 429

Chapter 429 The International Superpowers Association


Aso Saki looked at the youth in front of him in shock. He was so frightened, his heart almost jumped out of his chest!

That scary and immense pressure was like a mountain that was pressing down on his body. Just the pressure alone had already essentially rendered him totally powerless!

It was too scary! He felt like he was just a speck of dust. In comparison to the youth before him, he was essentially nothing.

He had only seen a person with such a scary cultivation once before. That was the Devil Saber-kai, an old senior of more than a hundred years old, who was the founding father of the Devil Saber-kai. He could only observe such a person from a distance, as such people belonged to a totally different world!

“I know why you came here. You are here to seek revenge on behalf of that youth from Fu Sang Country, right? Either way, it’s good that you have come. After all, you touched my woman, so I will make all of you pay.” Mo Wen’s eyes scanned over all of the men in black.

When he had uttered his last word, other than Aso Saki, who was at the front of the group, the rest of the men, who were lying on the ground, trembled once before becoming motionless. Blood then spurt in all directions as they died on the spot!

“Dear senior, please let me live! This matter has nothing to do with me! I was simply carrying out orders.” Aso Saki was so frightened, his face trembled.

As that man could kill so many people with just a few words, he was too scary! He was essentially the God of Death!

Aso Saki was an upright person. Even though he had the spirit of an ancient martial art practitioner, he did not wish to simply die so absurdly!

At the moment, he was already a little regretful. If he had not participated in this matter, he would not have met this frightening demon at all!

“You haven’t discussed the terms and conditions with me.” Mo Wen laughed coldly, a gleaming look flashing in his eyes.

In the next moment, Aso Saki’s body convulsed and his expression dulled. His eyes were empty and dark, as if there was no soul inside of body. He was like a mere puppet.

“Bring me to see your superior. His son is using him as a backing to rape and loot others, causing trouble everywhere he goes. I actually want to see just how capable he is.” Mo Wen placed his wineglass on the coffee table, then calmly stood up and put on his outer jacket.

Aso Saki’s expression was frozen as he led the way for Mo Wen, heading towards the control room.

In the control room, Yoshida Jiro looked at the display screen without blinking. The scene being observed was the very corridor that was outside of room 1213. The entrances and exits of that room were all being recorded.

Beforehand, he had just seen for himself his underling barging into that room. Now, all he had to do was wait for the outcome. However, he did not have to wait long.

Soon, the image on the display screen flickered. Then, the entire screen turned white. There was nothing that could be seen at all anymore!

“What’s going on?” Yoshida Jiro stood up immediately and asked in a cold voice.

“Director, perhaps there has been some problem with the surveillance equipment.” The middle-aged man who manned the control room was surprised by the malfunction.

“Perhaps? The answer that you are giving me is only a possibility? So, yo don’t know?” Yoshida Jiro asked with a cold expression on his face.

Upon hearing the anger in his superior’s voice, the middle-aged man trembled and his face turned pale. He knew that if the director was angry, he would definitely not come to a good end. He hurriedly looked for a few specialists to pinpoint the exact problem.

“That’s not right! Why are the other display screens normal, but only this one has problems?” Suddenly, Yoshida Jiro discovered that something was not right. He scanned his surroundings and noticed that all of the other display screens were working normally. It was only the display screen for that corridor that was having problems.

“Director, perhaps someone destroyed the camera that was placed there on purpose.” The middle-aged man could not stop wiping the sweat from his brow.

He was thinking of how unlucky he was. Even if all of the other cameras were not working, this particular camera could not stop working! As they could not install cameras in the passengers’ rooms that was the only camera in the corridor that could monitor the situation of that room!

“Why would anyone destroy that camera for no reason at all?” Yoshida Jiro’s face fell.

Everything had been fine before, yet a problem had occurred at the most critical moment. He suddenly thought of what Aso-kun had said before. Some masters could disrupt the workings of cameras just based on their Inner Qi. Hence, if they were unwilling for it to happen, it was very difficult for cameras to monitor them.

Suddenly, that display screen that had gone completely white reverted to its normal functioning capacity. The scene was now being displayed just as before, completely empty, as if there had been no changes at all.

“Director, it could have been an intermittent fault just now. There seems to be no problem anymore.” Upon seeing that, the middle-aged man immediately let out a sigh of relief, then looked at Yoshida Jiro and smiled.

“Scram!” Nobody expected that Yoshida Jiro’s expression would become even gloomier!

Without a second word, he turned to walk away. It was almost as though he was fleeing from something as he dashed outside so quickly. The middle-aged man looked at his director’s odd departure and was completely stupefied, as he had no clue as to what had just happened!

“It’s too late to escape now!” Just as Yoshida Jiro had dashed out the door, the door suddenly opened and two people stood at the entrance. One was an old senior of about 50 years old and the other was a young man who was not even 20 years of age.

“Aso-kun, you…” Yoshida Jiro looked at Aso Saki, who was in front of him.

Then, he turned to look at Mo Wen. His expression changed all of a sudden, and he took three to four steps backwards. At that moment, a few of his security guards surrounded them and protected Yoshida Jiro in the middle.

“Aso-kun, why have you betrayed me?” As Yoshida Jiro looked at Aso Saki, his heart felt cold.

It had just dawned on him that the person he had always seen as his protective charm, who the Devil Saber-kai had sent him, had betrayed him entirely! Otherwise, he would not have brought this youth with him!

Aso Saki did not seem to hear Yoshida Jiro’s words, as he remained expressionless, his eyes like empty holes. He looked just like a wooden person.

“You’re the father of that youth from Fu Sang Country?” Mo Wen raised his eyebrows and looked at Yoshida Jiro, then walked inside leisurely.

“You killed my son, Yoshida Yuichi?” Yoshida Jiro’s face turned dark as he looked at Mo Wen.

At that moment, he had just pieced together what was going on. The people that he had sent had probably all died. Even Aso Saki had betrayed him!

“Oh, so he is called Yoshida Yuichi…” Mo Wen nodded his head and spoke calmly. “Not bad, your son is quite good. He goes around raping and looting, causing trouble everywhere. There is no knowing what other misdeeds he has committed in the past. Since you have been so tolerant towards him, you should be sent on your way to join your son.”

“You… You can’t kill me… You are restricted by the International Superpowers Association. If you dare violate the agreement not to kill normal and harmless people, you will be duly punished!” Yoshida Jiro took a step back and looked at Mo Wen in fear.

At that moment, he just hoped that the so-called International Superpowers Association would be useful at this critical moment. Since this youth could instigate Aso Saki to rebel and yield to him, he definitely had to be a very scary character. Even without this youth, he would probably be rendered helpless, even if it were just Aso Saki who had betrayed him.

“The International Superpowers Agreement?” Mo Wen’s mouth curled up into a smile as he said calmly, “You’re so childish to actually be relying on that thing.”

Mo Wen was rather bemused that a normal person would actually know about the International Superpowers Agreement. It did not matter that he would know, but the fact that he was actually hoping to use it to go against someone with a superpower was ridiculous.

Mo Wen knew a little bit about the Superpowers Agreement. It was an agreement among all of the people with superpowers.

Although each individual country had their own organization for superpowers, the numbers were still small and had an insufficient amount of people. Hence, the main body was normally still made up of average humans.

In order for the people with superpowers to not cause too much trouble in the human realm, a Superpowers Agreement was established on the international stage, which posed restrictions on all people with superpowers globally. Simply speaking, it said that people with superpowers could not use their abilities to cause chaos or harm normal people.

For example, they could not simply kill normal people, they could not wage a battle too close to normal people, and they could not use their superpowers against normal people. With all of these laws and regulations, there were many restrictions.

However, in this world, the powerful ones always controlled things, while the weak simply had to follow. Those rules and regulations in the agreement were meant to restrict the powerful people and protect the weak.

However, it was naturally not very feasible. Other than some of the major things, many of the rules were seen as being dispensable. For example, the rule of not using one’s superpowers against a normal person was completely impossible to enforce.

Of course, there was a baseline for everything. If things were allowed to get too out of control, there would be huge repercussions for everyone.

For example, if Mo Wen had killed every single person on the Sword of the Seas, going so far as to sink the entire ship, the International Superpowers Association would definitely investigate the matter further. Once they had proof that he was the culprit, the International Superpowers Association would definitely capture him and punish him accordingly.

“You… You dare… go against the agreement among the superpowers?” Yoshida Jiro looked at Mo Wen nervously.

At the moment, he did not have any confidence at all regarding the International Superpowers Agreement. It had just been mentioned to him casually by Aso Saki during his free time.

“This is such a joke. So, you are allowed to kill and harm others, but others are not allowed to kill you? You stupid thing! If I wanted your life, I would have at least a hundred methods to kill you. Then, even the International Superpowers Association would not be able to pin me down for anything. Of course, that is if they were even willing to investigate the matter!” Mo Wen laughed coldly.

If only Yoshida Jiro died, the International Superpowers Association would definitely not be very likely to interfere. After all, he was not that important. In fact, even if he had killed everyone on the boat, the International Superpowers Association may not even have taken interest.

The situation in the International Superpowers Association was too complicated. Many times, it seemed as if they existed only in name. After all, there were too many powers included within it, and there were too many clashes of interest as well.

Ultimately, they would never be able to unite as one. It was just like international collaborations of governmental organizations. Although they appeared very glorious and impressive on the surface, they were always stuck in a gridlock when it came to taking actual actions or making unanimous decisions.