Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 430

Chapter 430 Deal With The Aftermath


According to what Mo Wen knew, there were more than 1,000 superpower influences in the International Superpowers Association, which covered almost every corner of the world, and the Huatian Palace was one of the members.

An existence like the Huatian Palace was at the highest level when placed among the influences in the International Superpowers Association. There were only a handful of influences in the world that could compare to the Huatian Palace. The most famous ones were the Gods Alliance and the Demon Gods Alliance of the western world. As for the eastern world, perhaps there were powers that could counter the Huatian Palace, but they were always hiding underground and had yet to surface.

Mo Wen knew a bit of the structure of this world but didn’t know that much. How different influences maintained a balance was a problem that had been baffling him from the beginning. After all, the difference between the martial art practitioners and the Immortal Cultivators was too vast, yet they co-existed in this world.

“Kill!” Mo Wen said the word indifferently. Aso Saki, who was standing beside him, suddenly began to make his move like a tiger pouncing onto a sheep, violently slaughtering all the guards around Yoshida Jiro. There were martial art practitioners among the guards, but they were not as strong as Aso Saki. When they faced Aso Saki, they had absolutely no ability to resist him.

“Aso-kun! Don’t forget the spirit of a martial art practitioner. Do you know what you are doing? Devil Saber-kai will not let you off.” Yoshida Jiro’s heart was filled with terror as he constantly walked backwards. He never thought that Aso Saki, whom he had viewed as a protective shield from the beginning, would kill him. However, Aso Saki’s face was rigid as if he basically hadn’t heard Yoshida Jiro’s words, and he didn’t stop the action of his hands at all.

The corner of Mo Wen’s mouth curled into a sneering smile. A person who was controlled by the Divine Soul Trillion Layers no longer had their spirit. Aso Saki was merely a puppet without any consciousness who only knew how to obey commands.

The Divine Soul Trillion Layers was a mystical and profound magical power. The Mighty Immortal Cultivator might not be able to practice it. That year, Ji Wuya had used this magical power to become well-known in the world. Whenever he had an opponent, once the Divine Soul Trillion Layers was used, even those Immortal Cultivators who had higher cultivation than he did would find it difficult to withstand. As the magical power of the primordial soul, it was simply easy to control an ancient martial art practitioner in the Sea of Qi realm.

After a short while, Aso Saki had killed all the guards beside Yoshida Jiro. Yoshida Jiro was the only living person left in the massive control room, but he couldn’t stand stably at that moment. His plump body flopped onto the ground due to shock, and he began stammering.

He had never expected to have such an ending. Now, he was already secretly blaming his dead son for being ignorant and incompetent to have created such trouble for him.

Mo Wen walked out of the control room with a cold face. As for the control room, other than Yoshida Jiro, the rest of them were all lying on the floor, including Aso Saki. He didn’t kill Yoshida Jiro, not because he was being kind and merciful, but because he had other uses for him.

If having so many people killed on the Sword of the Seas was not properly managed, it would create a huge upheaval and panic. The reason he controlled Yoshida Jiro was so he could take care of the corpses properly, deal with the aftermath, and also to cover up the truth.

Mo Wen was there merely for travel, so he didn’t want much trouble. In the following few days, he continued to enjoy a peaceful time of traveling.

Of course, not killing Yoshida Jiro now didn’t mean that he would let him go. In his eyes, Yoshida Jiro was already a dead man, and he would finish him off when he was no longer needed.

When he returned to the room, he realized that Shen Jing was still awake and was staring at the clock on the wall in a daze.

“You will not have enough energy tomorrow if you do not go to sleep now.” Mo Wen removed his jacket and slipped under the blanket.

“It has already been five minutes and 18 seconds,” Shen Jing said softly.

Mo Wen was momentarily dazed after hearing her but then smiled bitterly, as Shen Jing was actually counting the time. Just now he said that he would return within five minutes, but it was only an estimate. He had handled all the matters in about five minutes. As it turned out, Shen Jing had taken it seriously.

“Those people…?” Shen Jing bit her lips as her bright eyes looked into Mo Wen’s. Her eyes were filled with worries. She was not stupid, so she vaguely guessed why Mo Wen had left. Mo Wen saved her from the hands of those people, so he definitely had offended them. They were not kind people. If she and Mo Wen were not aboard the ship, she might have left immediately. Of course, she didn’t know that Mo Wen had killed all of them, otherwise, she would not be worried.

“Relax. I have already handled the matter well.” Mo Wen smiled as he stroked Shen Jing’s beautiful hair. So, she had been worried about this matter.

“Really?” Shen Jing said, worried.

“Of course. Just now I went to the security room to report the case and to expose that group of people. The ship’s security team had already captured all of them,” Mo Wen said with a faint smile. He knew that Shen Jing didn’t understand his world and couldn’t accept killing people in this kind of big matter.

When Shen Jing heard him, she nodded with slight relief. She had actually forgotten about this matter previously, and Mo Wen was the one who was more thoughtful.

“Sleep. Sleep well,” Mo Wen said softly. His words seemed to have a charm, and Shen Jing felt her eyelids getting heavy. She was deep asleep within a short while.


In the morning, Mo Wen stretched as he got out of bed. He realized that Shen Jing was still deep asleep, so he didn’t wake her up.

“Mr. Mo Wen, may I help you?” The housekeeper, Finley, stood in the hall and greeted him politely as she saw Mo Wen walking out.

“When did you get here?” Mo Wen asked in surprise.

“Mr. Mo Wen, I normally start work at six o’clock in the morning. If you have any special requests, we can also come earlier or later,” Finley replied with a smile.

“That is indeed quite tiring,” said Mo Wen, smiling.

“It’s our responsibility and duty to serve our customers.”

“You will have a holiday today. You can do your own thing and don’t have to follow us,” said Mo Wen.

“Mr. Mo Wen, are you not satisfied with my service?” Finley furrowed her brows slightly but regained her composure very quickly before saying politely, “If Mr. Mo Wen thinks that I have not done well, you can ask for a different person to serve you.”

Mo Wen shook his head as he replied, “You misunderstood me. You are doing a good job. I’m merely giving you a holiday. It is my request.”

The ship was very well-equipped with different kinds of facilities. They never had the situation of a language problem, so Finley wasn’t of much help. He didn’t want to have a chaperone while he enjoyed some time together with Shen Jing.

“Then… Alright.” Finley hesitated for a moment but could only nod. She couldn’t refuse a customer’s reasonable request.

At nine o’clock in the morning, Shen Jing gradually woke up. When she looked up at the clock on the wall, she was shocked that she had actually slept for such a long time. Normally, she would wake up punctually before six o’clock.

She stretched lazily. She realized that it had been a long time since she had slept so comfortably with her heart being exceptionally peacefully.

Mo Wen sat on the balcony while enjoying the morning view of the sea. When he saw Shen Jing walking towards him, he asked with a smile, “Awake?”

“Why didn’t you wake me up?” Shen Jing complained. This was their first morning on the ship, and she was hoping to wake up early to watch the sunrise. The sunrise at sea was definitely very beautiful.

“I was afraid that you wouldn’t get enough sleep,” Mo Wen said with a smile.

Shen Jing stared at Mo Wen before walking to the table. She looked at the breakfast on the table and began eating without standing on ceremony.

There were many entertainment programs on the ship, so Shen Jing dragged Mo Wen with her, wandering around the ship all day. They only managed to return to their room at night.

The entire day was peaceful. Perhaps due to the interference of the security team, Zhang Qiang and company didn’t disturb them any further.

The following morning, the Sword of the Seas had crossed the ocean and gradually disembarked at Fukuoka, Fu Sang Country. The passengers of the ship could go ashore for sightseeing there.

Mo Wen and Shen Jing were having their breakfast when an abrupt knock at the door interrupted them.

“Who’s that?” Shen Jing’s brows furrowed slightly, as it was very impolite to disturb them early in the morning. Moreover, it couldn’t be the housekeeper, Finley, as Mo Wen had given her the day off earlier.

“Miss Shen, I was surprised to hear that you were aboard the ship yesterday. Did I disturb you by calling on you without notice?” A good-looking man with a slender figure dressed in a black suit stood outside the room, smiling at Shen Jing as he spoke.

“Jiang Siyin!” Shen Jing furrowed her brows. She never expected to see this person during her travels. To be exact, she didn’t want to meet this person and had been avoiding him for some time. If it were not for courtesy, she wished she could slam the door in his face.

Jiang Siyin didn’t seem to see Shen Jing’s displeasure and asked with a smile, “Miss Shen, we are considered as acquaintances. Are you going to invite me in?” He naturally hadn’t seen Shen Jing yesterday aboard the ship. He had known Shen Jing was aboard the ship since the first day of boarding. However, he didn’t go over to greet her and chose to call on her today.

“Mr. Jiang, this is a lady’s room so it may not be convenient.” Shen Jing rejected the suggestion. She didn’t want to have this person enter her room. Not only was she reluctant, but with a “little boss” in the room, she would also never let this man in. Shen Jing knew how petty Mo Wen was. If he knew of Jiang Siyin’s existence, he might make trouble out of it.

“Miss Shen, you are staying alone?” Jiang Siyin wasn’t displeased with Shen Jing’s rejection. He maintained a gentle and cultured smile. However, when it was mentioned that there was another person staying with her, a tinge of gloom flashed in his eyes.

“Mr. Jiang, thank you for your concern, but this is my private matter. If there isn’t anything else, I won’t take up more of your time.” A radiance flickered in Shen Jing’s eyes as she spoke apathetically. She already realized that Jiang Siyin should have known of Mo Wen’s existence. With her understanding of Jiang Siyin, nothing good would probably come of it. With the worries in her heart, she immediately asked him to leave. Jiang Siyin was not a kind person. She couldn’t let him have any contact with Mo Wen.

“Miss Shen, how is that person related to you?” Jiang Siyin’s smile was gone, and a serious expression replaced it.

“It has nothing to do with you,” Shen Jing replied coldly.

“Shen Jing, you should know my feelings towards you. Can’t you give me a chance? Because of you, I would do anything. I hope you can consider that clearly.” Jiang Siyin lowered his eyes as his expression turned cold.