Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 431

Chapter 431 Charity Auction


“Jiang Siyin, how dare you?” Shen Jing’s expression changed, becoming chilly as she said coldly, “Jiang Siyin, I have no relationship with you! In fact, I am not interested in you at all, so I hope that you will not pester me again!”

Jiang Siyin’s last sentence had obviously been meant as a threat. Shen Jing clearly understood what kind of person Jiang Siyin was, so Shen Jing completely believed that he would do anything to get things done.

“Miss Shen, every gentlemen seeks a noble young lady. In my eyes, you are a woman worth seeking. It matters not whether you acknowledge me now. Sooner or later, I will win you over.” Jiang Siyin spoke to her with a warm smile, hiding his cold intentions.

“Mr. Jiang, I hope you will be a gentleman and not do things that only a scoundrel would do,” Shen Jing said indifferently. Once she finished saying this, she prepared to close the door.

“Miss Shen, are you interested in disembarking and going sightseeing around Fukuoka?” Jiang Siyin asked, smiling as he held the door, but not leaving.

“Not interested.” Shen Jing’s face turned cold. With a loud bang, she slammed the door shut. The door nearly hit Jiang Siyin on the nose!

Originally, Shen Jing was planning whether or not to disembark and go sightseeing. But once Jiang Siyin interrupted her, she had lost interest.

“B*tch. Just you wait…” Jiang Siyin mumbled as he stood outside the door. He was so angry, the veins in his forehead were bulging and his facial expressions were hideous.

When he came to look for Shen Jing, he had mentally prepared himself to put on a smiley face regardless of what happened. He was attempting to lure Shen Jing and Mo Wen to disembark.

It was hard for him to handle Mo Wen when they were on the cruise ship. However, once Mo Wen and Shen Jing disembarked and were in Fukuoka, which was an unfamiliar place for them, he could do whatever he wanted with Mo Wen!

But, Shen Jing’s attitude had completely provoked his anger. He couldn’t hold his temper, so he threw a fit.

Jiang Siyin knew that today’s plan had most likely failed. But, he decided that it was fine, as he still had ample time to handle the brat once he had some more exact information on him!

Just when Jiang Siyin was ready to turn around and leave, the door, which was shut, suddenly opened again.

A glint of joy flashed flashed in Jiang Siyin’s eyes. He thought that Shen Jing had changed her mind, or that she was at least willing to compromise a little.

However, the person standing at the door was not Shen Jing. Instead, it was a youth in casual wear!

“How dare you scold my wife?” As he was speaking, he waved his hand and, with a loud slap, sent Jiang Siyin flying into the wall at the other side of the corridor!

“How dare you hit me?” Jiang Siyin covered his face, half of his body leaning on the ground. There was blood coming out from the corner of his mouth.

He stared at Mo Wen incredulously. A brat with no power or influence had actually dared to hit him! It felt to him like the world had been overturned!

He had never expected that the person who would appear at the door would be Mo Wen instead of Shen Jing! On top of that, Mo Wen dared to hit him!

Mo Wen let out a cold laugh, then took a step forward and slapped Jiang Siyin again. Jiang Siyin, who was just starting to get up from the last slap, stumbled and fell on the ground again.

“I just hit you again. How about that?” Mo Wen hauled Jiang Siyin up and gave him yet another slap. This time, two of his teeth were sent flying out of his mouth, while both of his cheeks were swollen like steamed buns.

“You… you… you…” Jiang Siyin stammered, unable to finish his sentence.

His eyes were filled with rage. However, at the moment, he couldn’t do anything. When it came to fighting, he was not Mo Wen’s match.

“Get lost. If I see you again, I will not be so kind.” Mo Wen sent Jiang Siyin flying again with one last slap. Then, with a cold expression, he returned to the room and shut the door with a thud.

Shen Jing was standing at the door the whole time, staring outside with a worried expression. But, she didn’t stop Mo Wen.

“Those kind of people need a good beating. He really thinks he is something!” Mo Wen consoled Shen Jing after seeing that she was worried.

“Can you not be so short-tempered? With Jiang Siyin’s personality, he will surely seek revenge on you,” Shen Jing asked helplessly.

Before this, she was worried whether Jiang Siyin would do something to Mo Wen. Now, Mo Wen had beaten Jiang Siyin up! This matter would most likely be hard to settle.

“Seek revenge on me? Him?” Mo Wen let out a cold laugh.

He then hugged Shen Jing in his arms and said, “Don’t worry. If he has any funny thoughts, I will make sure he dies a horrible death!”

“You’re just bluffing!” Shen Jing rolled her eyes at Mo Wen.

After all, Jiang Siyin was very famous and powerful in Charm City. Hence, he was not easy to mess with. However, she wasn’t too worried. After all, they were on a cruise ship, so it would not be easy for Jiang Siyin to take revenge on Mo Wen.

As for when they had returned to Hua Xia, since Mo Wen didn’t live in Charm City, it would not be easy for Jiang Siyin to target Mo Wen. Furthermore, she knew that Gu Jingman, Mo Wen’s elder sister, was incredible.

She had quite a lot of influence in Charm City. So, with Gu Jingman’s protection, Mo Wen would most likely be fine.

Mo Wen laughed wryly, not explaining anything. He then asked, “Are we not disembarking and going to sightsee today? I heard Fukuoka has many fun places to visit.”

“Nope. Fukuoka is boring.” Shen Jing shook her head. As she was unsure of what Jiang Siyin had up his sleeves, she decided that it was safer to stay onboard.

“Mo Wen, I’ll definitely shred you into pieces!” In a luxurious suite, Jiang Siyin forcefully smashed a cup on the floor, while he roared in anger at the sky. It could clearly be seen that he had a bruised nose and a swollen face.

He felt so wronged and ashamed. He had actually been beaten to a pulp by Mo Wen, and in front of Shen Jing! He couldn’t possibly face her in the future!

Beside Jiang Siyin were two medical officers. They were carefully treating his wounds.

“Young Master Jiang, please sit back and relax. This is but a small hiccup. You do not need to take it to heart.” On the opposite couch sat a middle-aged man. In his hands was a cigar. He was Jiang Guhuai, the leader of one of the five underworld influences in the Hua Dong region.

“Mr. Jiang, you must seek justice for me regarding this incident. Afterwards, I will send you a generous gift. That brat must die,” Jiang Siyin said sinisterly.

“Rest assured, Young Master Jiang. You and I have cooperated many times. Do you not trust me? That brat will sooner or later end up in your hands. When that time comes, if you want him to live, he will live, but if you want him to die, he will die!” Jiang Guhuai said.

He then added, “However, Young Master Jiang will need to be patient for a few more days. After all, the cruise ship does have a security team, so we had better not do anything too extreme. Once he disembarks from the cruise ship, or when he returns to Hua Xia, I will naturally settle the score with him for you at the first opportunity!”

As Gu Jingman did not plan to disembark, the rest of the day would naturally be spent on the cruise ship. Luckily, Sword of the Seas was large enough that it had many things to see and do.

When nighttime came, the evening view of Fukuoka port was very beautiful. The bright lights shined brilliantly. Standing on deck of the cruise ship, one could see the scenery far into the distance.

Shen Jing and Mo Wen were on the top deck, drinking their beverages and enjoying the scenery, while people were coming and going. Mo Wen clearly felt that more and more people were on Sword of the Seas. Also, most of them were well-dressed, rich and wealthy people. Even an inconspicuous watch on them was worth millions.

“Finley said that tonight there would be a charity auction. Many wealthy people, who did not board the ship before, chose to board at Fukuoka in order to participate in this auction.” Shen Jing explained softly. She seemed to notice the questioning look in Mo Wen’s eyes as he sized all of these people up.

“Do rich people all like to participate in charities?” Mo Wen blinked his eyes.

“Hmm…” Shen Jing pondered this for a while, then shook her head and said plainly, “It’s hard to say. Besides, this auction does not seem to be a normal charity auction.”

She had participated in many charity auctions, but she had never seen one where so many wealthy people had shown up to attend. Surely something else had attracted them for such a phenomenon to occur.

Also, she had never heard of a charity auction that was held at sea. Moreover, no target recipient had been announced, which was obviously abnormal.

“Are we going to participate?” Mo Wen asked.

“I am very curious, so we can go see what it’s all about when it is time,” Shen Jing said.

As the night descended, after being docked at port for a day, Sword of the Seas finally set sail once again, slowly cruising further into the vast ocean. The charity auction was held in the great hall in the center of Sword of the Seas. It was set to begin at 8 p.m., with admission beginning half an hour earlier.

“Finley, thank you for showing the way.” In front of the central great hall, Shen Jing smiled and thanked their housekeeper Finley.

“Miss Shen, may I follow you both in to have a look?” Finley asked curiously. Unless the customers brought them in, the staff attendants could not simply enter the great hall.

“Of course you can. Are you also interested in auctions?” Shen Jing asked with a smile.

“I just want to go inside and see. I certainly have no way of participating in an auction,” Finley said with a slightly red face, as only wealthy people were qualified to participate in this type of auction.

“I am also quite curious. Come, let’s go inside and check it out.” Shen Jing grabbed Mo Wen’s hand and led him towards the main entrance of the hall.

Finley followed behind them, an excited look on her face. It was a special treat for her to be able to experience such an occasion!