Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 433

Chapter 433 Fight Of The Rich


The appearance of Yang Ting and Jiang Siyin caused the atmosphere to become tense suddenly. Shen Jing looked at the two people beside her and furrowed her brows. She wondered secretly if it attending the auction had been the wrong choice.

“Young Master Jiang, is your face any better? I’m really sorry. The next time you come over, perhaps my mood will be better and I won’t hit you as hard.” Mo Wen extended a hand and patted Jiang Siyin’s shoulder, as if the both of them were good brothers who knew each other well.

Mo Wen’s pat was casual, but Jiang Siyin felt a shock, as his body trembled and nearly fell off the chair! He thought Mo Wen was going to beat him up again, as the incident this morning was still fresh in his memory.

“Don’t touch me!” After realizing that he had lost his composure, Jiang Siyin blushed. He then glared at Mo Wen with malice in his eyes.

“Brother, you need to stay calm. Amid such a serious occasion, you are speaking so childishly! That’s why my wife thinks you are a wishful-thinking toad!” Mo Wen continued to pat Jiang Siyin’s shoulder.

“Go to h*ll.” Jiang Siyin couldn’t stand it any longer. His rage was burning in his heart, while hate grew in him.

He was no longer afraid of Mo Wen’s vicious power. Some things could be tolerated, but some things just couldn’t, so he clenched his fist and punched towards Mo Wen’s face.

However, not only did he not punch Mo Wen, but he stumbled and fell forward onto the ground with a loud thud! His face hit the floor and he couldn’t get up for a while.

“Young Master Jiang, you seem too excited. Why are you so uptight? Are you hurt in any way?” Mo Wen asked him several questions very calmly, while nudging Jiang Siyin, who was lying at his feet, with his toe.

“Mo Wen… You and I…Are irreconcilable enemies…”

Jiang Siyin struggled to get up from the ground. Both of his eyes were bloodshot and looked like they were going to spew out fire. There were two streams of blood pouring from his nose. He was clearly in a sorry state.

“Young Master Jiang, please pay attention to your image. You look ghastly! Be careful, as the security guard may ask you to leave!” Mo Wen warned him a bit maliciously.

Shen Jing looked at Jiang Siyin’s sorry state and felt like laughing, but was trying hard to keep a straight face. She stared at Mo Wen with her bright, big eyes. This guy’s mouth could simply drive anyone to his grave!

Idiot! Yang Ting’s face looked gloomy as she cursed secretly. She found it simply humiliating to work with an idiot like this!

“Clean yourself up a little, eh?” Mo Wen fished out a packet of tissues out of his pocket and put it in front of Jiang Siyin.

As there was indeed blood on Jiang Siyin’s face, he began to stretch his hand to receive it, but Mo Wen’s hand swiftly drew back, bringing the tissues with it! Then, he took out a single tissue and waved it in front of Jiang Siyin.

Jiang Siyin clutched his fist tightly and gnashed his teeth. He wished that he could pounce onto Mo Wen and bite him! He had been careless and fell into Mo Wen’s teasing trickery again.

Yang Ting’s mouth twitched. At least Mo Wen was right about something, as this Jiang Siyin was indeed a fool.

“Mo Wen, you will regret this…” Jiang Siyin used his sleeve to wipe away the blood on his face vigorously.

He then struggled to control his anger as he sat up again. However, he didn’t bother about Mo Wen again, as he knew that if he were to create trouble in the auction, he would definitely be asked to leave by the security guards.

“What a fool.” Mo Wen laughed and shook his head.

Jiang Siyin clenched his teeth tightly and endured the impulse of wanting to kill him, as he knew that this was not the time to lose his mind. After another half an hour had passed, the auditorium was almost 80% full.

An announcer appeared on the stage and briefly gave a speech before starting the auction officially. The beginning of the speech mentioned that this auction was a Charity Auction, so a portion of the administration fees received would be used for charity, but the targeted charities were never mentioned.

At the same time, the exact percentage of the administration charges that would be given to the charity was also never mentioned. After all, this was a classic scam in the name of charity!

The auctioneer was a Caucasian lady in her thirties, who had a voluptuous figure and beautiful looks. Her voice was especially charming and seductive. Hence, she was the perfect candidate to lead many people in squandering lots of money impulsively!

There were many different things at the auction, including antiques, jewelry, paintings, and so on. Everything was also very expensive.

“That’s actually a Da Vinci painting!” Shen Jing cast a look at the antique painting on the exhibition stand, shock flashing in her eyes.

This particular Da Vinci painting was a priceless piece! It had been raised to the relics level and was nearly impossible to auction off. Is it actually the real article or a fake one?

“The things in this auction were all verified by several top appraisers, so it is impossible to have fake articles in this auction.” Yang Ting seemed to see through Shen Jing’s doubts.

She curled her lips into a mocking smile and lifted her chin slightly, as if she was more superior. After all, she had a better understanding of this kind of occasion than Shen Jing. It could be said that her purpose of being aboard the Sword of the Seas was not for a vacation, but for this auction specifically.

This auction had a long history, so it never had any credibility issues. Hence, it had attracted many wealthy people to it.

It was said that, in this auction, the things that one most unexpected to be see might just appear the next moment before one’s eyes. It was even exaggerated that it was possible to see a nuclear bomb in the auction!

“They are indeed auctioning a true relic.” Shen Jing was amazed.

“Shen Jing, you are interested in this painting? Why don’t you bid? It is very valuable. If you bid, you will not only be contributing to charity, but you will also get a precious painting!” Yang Ting’s eyes moved as she urged her.

As the Da Vinci painting’s initial bidding price started at thirty million US dollars, Shen Jing ignored Yang Ting straightaway, as this price was too much for her.

“Pauper.” Yang Ting snorted coldly, sneering at her outrightly.

“Woman, you better watch your words.” Mo Wen raised his brows.

This had been the second time that he had spoken to Yang Ting. Although he was not interested in bothering with this woman, he couldn’t ignore her constantly picking on Shen Jing. Perhaps Shen Jing didn’t mind, but he was bothered by it.

“What about my words? I am not allowed to state the truth? She is poor! Mo Wen, you are also a pauper! Don’t think you are somebody. Besides, everyone knows that you are only a gigolo!” Yang Ting was in a rage instantly.

“Mo Wen, she is merely a crazy woman. Let’s not lower ourselves to her level.” Shen Jing held Mo Wen’s hand and hoped that he wouldn’t argue with Yang Ting again.

Although Yang Ting had a low moral character, her family background was indeed superior to theirs. So, she didn’t want to discuss this point further, as this world looked down at the poor, and there were too many people like Yang Ting here this very day.

Mo Wen took a glimpse at Yang Ting, while cold radiance flashed in his eyes. However, he didn’t do anything. Instead, he turned his head to the side, completely ignoring her.

“It’s merely a painting. I will bid for it though, because I can! You will see…” Yang Ting twitched her lips and looked askance at Shen Jing and Mo Wen with disdain.

She held the bidding tag in her hand and began bidding for the painting. Originally, she didn’t intend to bid for this painting, but at this moment, she was determined to get it, even if it was to just mock and humiliate Shen Jing and Mo Wen.

“Nobody can mock you, as you are my woman!” Mo Wen held Shen Jing’s hand. He whispered near her delicate earlobes in a reassuring way.

Shen Jing’s face blushed slightly, as Mo Wen had actually done such an intimate thing in public. However, Mo Wen’s words sent warmth and comfort to her heart. Although this man is terrible, arrogant, and unreasonable, sometimes he does indeed care for me!

“You better have some abilities before boasting so much about being my man! However, I am willing… to wait for you…” Shen Jing lowered her head shyly, her voice gradually becoming softer.

“Please remember. We don’t have to wait until the future. Every minute and every second, I will protect you. Even if I really don’t have that ability at the moment, I will work hard to be able to do it.” Mo Wen cooed in her ear.

The more he was with Shen Jing, the more he realized that this woman’s heart was beautiful and pure, and the stronger his feelings for her grew.