Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 434

Chapter 434 Looking Down On Others


Jiang Siyin wore a cold, somewhat embarrassed look as he watched Mo Wen and Shen Jing whispering in each other’s ears as though no one was around. Yang Ting laughed coldly, giving Jiang Siyin a playful glance.

A look of rage flashed in Jiang Siyin’s eyes. Although he knew that Yang Ting was provoking him, he could not help feeling embarrassed. He had said before that Shen Jing would become his woman, but now…

“43 million!” Yang Ting proudly entered a string of numbers, directly raising the price of Da Vinci’s ancient painting from 40.5 million to 43 million. Before this, the increments had been 100 to 500 thousand at a time. She could be said to be going all in. After all, international auctions used American dollars for transactions. Exchanged to Renminbi, it would be close to 150 million.

Once Yang Ting showed her hand, many people immediately began to question whether it was worth carrying on. Obviously, there were people who aspired to obtain the painting. Such a bid was clearly intended to deliver a message to these people. It implied to them that if they continued to bid, it would a very fierce competition.

Many wealthy people who loved collecting antiques gradually fell silent. After all, they did not need to spend so much on a painting, unless they absolutely adored it. Many who participated in auctions held on to the belief that they could profit from their successful bids in the future. If the cost was too great, it would go against this initial principle.

Of course, not everyone was scared by Yang Ting’s bid. The great hall was not lacking in rich people. Also, in an auction, techniques to trick others were very common. No one would know when someone went all in whether they were just trying to scare off people. Usually, when others were scared off, the bid would be successful. If the attempt failed, then the bidder would swiftly retreat and not participate in the bidding anymore.

The number of people participating in the bidding gradually decreased, but some still held on, not letting go, putting on a stance that they must get the Da Vinci ancient painting at all cost.

“The marketplace is like a battlefield, treacherous and ever-changing. But in an auction, it only depends on who has more money. No matter how capable you are, if you do not have strong capital, you can still only just stare and watch.” As she spoke, Yang Ting proudly looked at Shen Jing beside her, casually holding the bidding machine and continuously making bids. She did it as though the string of numbers weren’t money, but just an actual string of numbers.

Other people always said that she was not as capable as Shen Jing, but she wanted to tell the others: what use was it being capable? Based on inheritance, Shen Jing could not keep up with her. The size of the inheritance of the Yang Clan after operating for hundreds of years was not something a self-made grass root could compare to!

“That’s right, Miss Yang’s clan has been doing business for generations,” Jiang Siyin said with a grin. “They have been wealthy for three generations; this little bit doesn’t amount to much at all. Shen Jing, you trying to compete with Miss Yang in wealth is indeed unbecoming,” He pretended not to know the inside story, directly provoking Yang Ting into a competition of their wealth.

Shen Jing looked at the auction stage with indifference. She seemed to have not heard the two mosquitoes buzzing beside her at all.

Jiang Siyin saw that provoking Shen Jing was useless, so he instead began to target Mo Wen. “Mo Wen, as Shen Jing’s boyfriend, aren’t you supposed to stand for her at this moment? If you don’t bid for the Da Vinci ancient painting, it’s too unsightly.”

“I forgot that Shen Jing had a male companion beside her. That works too. Mo Wen, if you can successfully bid for the Da Vinci ancient painting, then I will admit defeat. Shen Jing, your family was originally not well to do. You couldn’t have found a man that is also a poor soul?” Yang Ting said, fanning the flame.

Shen Jing frowned. These two people were going on and on, practically without end. She had come to relax but now felt anxious. She immediately grabbed Mo Wen’s hand and prepared to leave. “Mo Wen, the mosquitoes here are too noisy. Let’s go.”

“Let’s see some more. Who knows, maybe there is something nice in tonight’s event. If there is anything that you like, I’ll buy it for you,” Mo Wen said smiling. He held Shen Jing’s hand gently, enveloping her dainty hand with his large hand.

Yang Ting let out a cold laugh. “You’re boasting without shame,” she said. Every item sold in the auction was highly valuable. Could Mo Wen, this poor guy, afford it? Even if he could buy it, he would most likely be using Shen Jing’s money.

Shen Jing sighed. She knew that Mo Wen was young and couldn’t ignore the provocation of the other two.

“Laughable,” Jiang Siyin said as he looked at Shen Jing. “You can’t afford a painting and you still boast without shame. Shen Jing, if you are willing to go out with me, I will get that Da Vinci painting at any cost. You had better understand that it’s a matter of a lifetime. Finding a poor fool, what happiness can there be to speak of? On the other hand, I have the ability to make you live happily. At least I can get you all the things you want.”

Yang Ting frowned. As expected, this Jiang Siyin wasn’t reliable. He was actually openly stealing her thunder. In order to win Shen Jing over, there was the possibility of him turning on her at any time. She didn’t enjoy it. What was so good about Shen Jing that all the men were always around her?

Yang Ting looked coldly at Jiang Siyin, then she suddenly laughed mockingly. “Young Master Jiang, one must be careful when being friends with you.” Yang Ting understood Shen Jing’s personality. Shen Jing would not give in to Jiang Siyin now.

Jiang Siyin ignored Yang Ting’s mockery. In his eyes, Shen Jing was the only woman worth pursuing. Everything he did was in order to win her over. This was also the reason why he would cooperate with Yang Ting.

“I am sorry, but I have already found happiness. And a woman only has one happiness,” Shen Jing said slowly. Her gaze was on Mo Wen. She did not even bat an eyelid at Jiang Siyin.

“Your love is unrequited!” Yang Ting sneered. She had already known that this was going to be the result.

“I hope you won’t regret it.” Jiang Siyin took a deep breath, clenching his fist.

“The two of you joined forces to bully my woman. Did you think that she was a pushover? I hope the two of you won’t regret it,” Mo Wen said, neither softly nor harshly, his glance sweeping over Yang Ting and Jiang Siyin.

“Regret? Ridiculous! Just because of you?” Yang Ting looked at Mo Wen with disdain.

“Sooner or later, you will kneel before me and beg.” Jiang Siyin looked sinisterly at Mo Wen. He was not afraid that Mo Wen would attack him again because if he did, the security guards of the great hall would immediately escort him out.

By this point, the bidding competition for Da Vinci’s ancient painting was white-hot. Fewer and fewer people were now bidding. In order to mock Shen Jing, Yang Ting had been chasing the painting relentlessly from the start.

The bid had soared from the starting price of 30 million dollars and now stood at 51 million. It was an astronomical figure. However, if the Da Vinci ancient painting was perfectly preserved, it was worth this price. But it was almost approaching the limit. Bidding any further would not be worth it.

By now many people had stepped out of the bidding. Only two or three wealthy folks who loved ancient writings and paintings were still involved.

“55 million dollars!” Yang Ting took in a deep breath and once again entered a string of numbers. She directly increased the price originally shown by four million. This was a surprisingly big increase; usually, the later the bid, the smaller the increment. Auctions such as these, with bidding for the sake of bidding, were rare.

The few people who were still bidding began to hesitate. For someone to make such a bid, the risk now was that others realized the bidder needed to get the painting at all costs. Although Da Vinci’s ancient painting was precious, its value had a limit. Endlessly competing would cause severe losses. No one wanted to be that fool.

Yang Ting looked calm on the surface, but inside she was trembling slightly. She had already reached her limit. If it wasn’t in order to win against Shen Jing for once, she would not consider spending such a huge amount to bid for an ancient painting. She was not an antique collector. Instead, she was a businesswoman, and businesswomen were most concerned about profit. Doing such a thing as she now was unwise.

If someone bid against her now, she would need to pay an even bigger price to successfully secure this ancient painting. Hence, she was far more nervous than everyone else.

After a long while, no one had bid again.

“55 million dollars, going once.”

“55 million dollars, going twice.”

“Is there anyone who still wants to bid? There are only a few Da Vinci ancient paintings in the world. If you miss this chance, most likely there will not be another opportunity.”

The auctioneer on the stage held on to a small golden hammer. Her voice sounded throughout the entire hall. But the great hall was quiet. The display stopped at 55 million, with no one bidding again.

Yang Ting let out a slight sigh of relief, the corner of her mouth curling into a victorious smile. Her eyes were fixed on the auctioneer’s small golden hammer, waiting for it to sound.

Just as the auctioneer was prepared to slam down the small golden hammer, the display that had been frozen suddenly skipped, showing a new figure.

60 million dollars!

The auctioneer was very professional. The small golden hammer that had been about to slam down immediately stopped, freezing in mid-air.

Yang Ting’s smile froze on her face. She looked at the display in disbelief. There was actually a person who had directly added 5 million to the price. It was in dollars, not Renminbi. Did they have to go so high, even for an ancient painting?

Yang Ting’s hand was trembling slightly. She held the bidding machine stiffly. How had such an outrageous bid suddenly come in? Could she still successfully win her bid? 60 million dollars was an astronomical figure, even for her. Squandering so much for an ancient painting would give her clansmen a possible reason to impeach her.

Also, even if she was willing to spend 60 million dollars, the person now bidding against her would most likely not give in.

Shen Jing turned her head, looked with astonishment at Mo Wen. Her gaze was slightly blank, for she had seen Mo Wen make the bid.

Jiang Siyin was also looking at Mo Wen. He had not managed to wrap his head around what had just happened. He was sitting beside Mo Wen, so naturally had seen his actions.

“Miss Yang, did your clan elders not tell you what it means to have grandiose aims but puny abilities, and to not look down on others?” Mo Wen looked at Yang Ting with an indifferent look. His gaze bore mockery and disdain. He had originally had no intention to compete in wealth with Yang Ting. He was completely uninterested. But they had gone too far, targeting Shen Jing again and again. That was something he could not tolerate.

“Mo Wen, you…” Yang Ting stared at Mo Wen. She was speechless. She had realized that the person who had called out the bid just now was Mo Wen, this poor brat. However, the poor brat had actually dared to bid against her, and he had called out 60 million dollars with his first bid. It was surreal.

Shen Jing sighed. She held onto Mo Wen’s hand, but she said nothing.