Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 441

Chapter 441 Someone Is Jealous


“That’s right, an immediate transfer.” Mo Wen nodded his head.

“Are you certain?” The beautiful auctioneer looked at Mo Wen in shock, while she tried to confirm once again. The beautiful auctioneer then brought a laptop over and indicated that Mo Wen could begin his transfer.

Yang Ting and Jiang Siyin were both looking at Mo Wen in shock. Not only had this fellow been able to successfully bid for the Hope Diamond, he could even afford to pay via immediate transfer!

How could that possibly happen?

The two of them were still in disbelief. Other than a few mysterious local organizations, no one had such wealth and resources! In fact, these people could be counted with one’s fingers!

The CEO of the Fiat Group, Andrea, looked at Mo Wen in shock. He couldn’t believe that this youth was actually so capable! This was something that he himself could not even achieve!

As Mo Wen did not perform the transfer of funds himself, after obtaining the account of the auctioneers, he slowly fished out his phone and made a call. After a few minutes, he hung up.

“Please wait a moment,” Mo Wen said.

The beautiful auctioneer smiled and nodded patiently. She gestured to the staff to start generating the receipt for the transaction. Although they were an underground auction, they still produced proof of their transactions.

As Yang Ting’s eyes swept across Mo Wen, she pursed her lips. The phone that he was using was an iPhone 6. This clearly showed that he was an outdated fool indeed. A person with taste and depth would not possibly be so out of touch with the times that he would use such an outdated phone!

In less than a minute, the beautiful lady had looked briefly at the transaction account, her face adorned with a wide smile. She then looked back at the laptop.

The account reported that the funds had already been transferred over. On their side, a message had popped up, indicating that the funds had been transferred by a mysterious organization called the Square Consortium.

There were many hidden and mysterious organizations in the world, many of which had vast resources and astonishing wealth. The members and stakeholders of such organizations were far richer than the so-called world-class rich that always appeared in the newspapers.

“Sir, congratulations on your successful purchase of the Hope Diamond. I hope we will collaborate again in the future.” The beautiful auctioneer smiled as she placed a tray in front of Mo Wen.

A white gold gift box was on it. The surface of the box was inlaid with more than a hundred diamonds. It was bright and radiant, beautiful, and exquisite. Just the packaging alone was very likely worth millions. The auctioneers were actually very generous, as this treasure box was evidently a complimentary gift that came with the bidded item.

The Hope Diamond that was infinitely valuable was resting within the white gold box. It was the dazzling centerpiece of a necklace that had been crafted with 62 little diamonds all around it.

Yang Ting and Jiang Siyin both inhaled deeply. They couldn’t believe that Mo Wen had actually bought the Hope Diamond. Moreover, he had paid for it via an immediate transfer!

“Do you like it?” Mo Wen held up the treasure box and asked, while looking at Shen Jing.

Shen Jing pursed her lips and nodded her head. Her face was slightly red as she asked in a soft voice, “How did you get so much money?”

“Actually, I don’t actually have that much money…” Mo Wen said.

“Then, that means you…” Shen Jing covered her mouth, thinking the worst…

What did Mo Wen do in order to buy that Hope Diamond for me?

“But… for my wife, I am willing to spend my entire family fortune.” Mo Wen said, a very solemn look on his face. Yet, in just a second, he burst into a fit of roaring laughter.

“Sweet talker!” Shen Jing rolled her eyes at Mo Wen.

She now knew that Mo Wen was just teasing her on purpose. This lad was constantly sweet talking his way through everything, so it was no wonder that he had Qin Xiaoyou wrapped around his little finger, all the while maintaining her loyalty towards him. The Mo Wen in the past was not like that at all!

Shen Jing did not know, however, that, since her confrontations with Qin Xiaoyou in the past, Mo Wen had changed his mindset completely. He had become much more quick-witted.

“I’ll put it on for you.” Mo Wen put the Hope Diamond around Shen Jing’s delicate neck.

The diamond that was of a deep blue hue was hanging between her fair collarbones and shone with a mysterious glow. Shen Jing’s natural beauty was already very moving, and it became even more glorious when she was adorned with such an elegant bauble.

“Is it beautiful?” Shen Jing asked with a blush.

“Of course it is beautiful. With my wife wearing it, even a worthless pebble found in a cesspit would appear as though it was a shining and priceless gem!” Mo Wen did not hold back on his compliments at all.

“Oh please, you just can’t be more serious about things!” Shen Jing lowered her head slightly. She was refuting his words on the surface, but internally, she was pleased by them.

Jiang Siyin gritted his teeth as he looked over at Mo Wen with flaming eyes. He finally understood why he had been defeated by Mo Wen. This Mo Wen was just too sneaky!

Meanwhile, a flame of jealousy was burning in Yang Ting’s heart as well. She looked at the eye-catching Hope Diamond that Shen Jing was wearing, and she wanted so badly to snatch it away, if only to embrace it for a moment.

Why don’t men treat me like that? What’s so good about Shen Jing? Other than her attractive looks, she does not have any other great qualities. These men must all be blind!

As the Hope Diamond symbolized love, it was seen as the most romantic diamond in the world. As such, every single woman wished to have it. If anybody gifted the Hope Diamond to a woman in person, then asked that woman to be his wife, she would definitely agree to the proposal without a moment’s hesitation!

Andrea discreetly gave Mo Wen a thumbs up, then sighed with deep emotion. It was no wonder that Mo Wen could find such a gentle and virtuous lady like Miss Shen. She would undoubtedly make a well-educated and presentable wife. This was the difference between them, and he had to give some credit to Mo Wen.

Finley also looked at Shen Jing with some envy. She was touched beyond words as she looked upon the present scene.

It was no wonder that Miss Shen and Mr Mo could live together so happily. Finley knew that previously, Miss Shen had not known that Mr. Mo was well-off. She did not know of his status at all.

All of these things could have been observed from looking at the small details in their lives. However, Miss Shen still maintained her unconditional care and concern for Mr Mo, regardless of her presumptions about his status, or lack thereof.

Mr. Mo was clearly very capable. However, he was always willing to remain by Miss Shen’s side, staying low-key. Only at the critical moments would he display his wealth unabashedly.

The relationship between the two of them was far purer than all of the so-called love stories she’d ever read about or heard of, so it was truly very moving to behold them. Of course, Finley did not know how much of a b*stard Mo Wen was in the eyes of other women. If she had known this, perhaps she would not have such thoughts about him.

“Little bro, you’re really an exceptional hero. Tsk tsk! Such a price to pay, all to bring a smile to your beautiful lady’s face. Even I, as an older sis, am jealous.” A girl dressed in a white skirt walked over and spoke to Mo Wen.

Her figure was slim, and she was exquisite and graceful. She looked noble, yet classy. All sorts of classiness had morphed into one body, such that, no matter where she went, she would attract the gazes of all people.

Beforehand, Gu Jingman had already noticed Mo Wen. However, she was seated at the back row when the auction was being conducted. As such, it had not been very appropriate for her to walk about. Now that the auction had ended, she was the first to walk over to speak to Mo Wen.

“For my wife, anything is worth it,” Mo Wen smiled dryly and said.

However, he was cursing internally. He was hoping that Gu Jingman hadn’t come to cause trouble.

“Little bro, your older sis is very envious, as that is the Hope Diamond! Your older sis also wants one, so what do you say?” Gu Jingman now stood in front of Mo Wen and pouted.

Shen Jing raised her eyebrows slightly and subconsciously pressed on the Hope Diamond that was laying on her chest, as if she was worried that it would be taken away from her by Gu Jingman at any moment. Mo Wen laughed dryly and acted as though he did not understand her meaning. Regardless, he did not care about whatever Gu Jingman had to say to him.

“My younger sis-in-law, don’t worry! Your older sis will not steal your belongings. After all, I am the older sister, so I should be giving to the younger ones! But, I am really jealous. Mo Wen never gifted me with such things before.” Gu Jingman looked proud that she was an older sister, and she used her words to trap Shen Jing, while pouting her lips at Mo Wen as if she was being bitterly mistreated.

Mo Wen laughed bitterly. He knew that he should not have expected anything good to come out of Gu Jingman’s sudden appearance. Shen Jing covered her mouth and did not say a word. Instead, she hugged onto Mo Wen’s arm and leaned in closer to his body.

She looked just like a little, scared bird. Although she did not say anything, her actions were clearly done for Gu Jingman to see. Sometimes, a single action was far more convincing than any of the sharpest words. She was clearly claiming Mo Wen.

The surrounding people did not sense that there was something not quite right about Gu Jingman’s words. After all, as Mo Wen’s older sister, it was very normal for Gu Jingman to say such things.

Only Shen Jing knew that Gu Jingman’s relationship with Mo Wen was not as simple as a mere older sister and younger brother. Although she had only met her a few times, there was always an underlying tension between the two women.

“Miss Gu, you and Mo Wen…” Jiang Siyin’s expression looked a little awful. Ever since Gu Jingman had made an appearance, his heart had fallen.

He knew very clearly what kind of a person Gu Jingman was. There were very few people in the high society of Charm City that did not know of this woman.

Yet, she was apparently Mo Wen’s older sister. This fact alone inevitably caused his heart to tremble.

“Jiang Siyin, I know all about those horrible things you did in Charm City. You wooed Shen Jing before and caused huge chaos to erupt because of it. In the end, you even forced Shen Jing out of Charm City. I can’t be bothered with that incident, though. However, now that Shen Jing has become my little brother’s woman, you had better not have any designs on her.” Gu Jingman’s eyes grew cold as she glanced over at Jiang Siyin.

“I…” Jiang Siyin’s expression was pale, and he gripped his hand into a tight fist. He was so stunned, he could not even speak. Besides, he could definitely not afford to offend a woman like Gu Jingman.

Yang Ting’s face also paled a little. She had never imagined that Mo Wen would be related to Gu Jingman! Moreover, their relationship was not that simple.

People like Gu Jingman did not play by the rules. Once she was offended, one would rue the day they ever crossed her. The power that she had in her hands was very shocking, and she was simply not someone to be trifled with!

“Gu Jingman, don’t scare my little friends here. We are all civilized people, so we go by the books. That’s right, their families all have businesses in Charm City. Are they all doing alright?” Mo Wen raised his brows and asked.

He then added, “I know a bit about the both of them. Yang Ting’s family owns the Yang Group and mainly dabbles in the pharmaceutical industry. It is actually a rather large company. After Yang Ting had taken over the family business, she had always been a competitor of Lin Qing’s Pu Yuan Pharmaceuticals. She has also done a couple of rather boorish things. However, that Sister Lin of yours is not that simple. She has been handling Pu Yuan Pharmaceuticals all by herself, steering them through all the hardships, and it has been growing steadily over the years!”

He then said, “As for Jiang Siyin, he was also born into a traditional business family. Now, he has become the assistant general manager of the Jiang Group, but it really is just an empty position. This person has too much time on his hands and loves to mix with bad company. However, he is the only male descendant of the Jiang Clan’s third generation, so everyone in the Jiang Clan constantly overindulges him.”

“Why does my little bro have such an interest in their family businesses?” Gu Jingman blinked her eyes at Mo Wen.