Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 442

Chapter 442 Incontinence Out Of Fear


“Just now both of them were mocking me for being poor, so I would like to know how much money they actually do have,” Mo Wen said tepidly. He was remembering the grudge — Yang Ting and Jiang Siyin taking turns to mock him and Shen Jing.

“They actually mocked you for being poor!” Gu Jingman covered her mouth and laughed softly after she heard his words.

“I don’t know how much money their two clans have, but you control three Pharmaceutical Groups of the Square Consortium and one of them is Yandang Pharmaceutical Base which seems to be the pharmaceutical company which collaborates with Yang Ting’s clan,” Gu Jingman said with a smile.

Yang Ting’s heart sank as she heard the speech. She naturally knew of Yandang Pharmaceutical Base, the largest supplier of medicinal herbs in the country. The company had been working with Yang Clan for more than ten years and had monopolized many special medicinal herbs. Lin Qing’s Pu Yuan Pharmaceuticals, Yang Clan’s Yang Pharmaceuticals, and Yandang Pharmaceutical Base all had some working relationships.

She never expected Yandang Pharmaceutical Base to actually be in Mo Wen’s control and it was only one of the three Pharmaceutical Groups that he was controlling.

Square Consortium? Yang Ting didn’t know this Consortium and had never heard of it. However, she knew that an organization must be quite massive to be called a consortium. The origin of every consortium was usually a handful of financial magnates which had a massive oligarchical group.

“So, Yandang Pharmaceutical Base has always been working with Yang Group?” Gu Jingman asked. “Since Yang Group is so wealthy, our Pharmaceutical Base might be unworthy of it. When we return, it will be better for us to cancel our collaborations with Yang Group.” Mo Wen nodded as he heard her words.

“Ah, Square Consortium had working relationships with Yang Group in many industries,” Gu Jingman continued.

“Then cancel all the collaborations with them.” Mo Wen uttered apathetically.

Yang Ting’s face had completely paled. If there was actually a consortium which boycotted them and it was a consortium which had working relationships with Yang Group, she was very clear about the seriousness of the consequences. Previously, Mo Wen was able to pay a huge amount of 60 million US dollars casually and, with Gu Jingman’s status, it could be possible that Mo Wen truly had control of a consortium.

Gu Jingman seemed to have thought of something and continued to speak smilingly. “Oh yes, and Square Consortium seems to have control of more than 20 percent of the shares of Yang Group.”

In actual fact, Gu Jingman’s understanding of the Square Consortium was much deeper than Mo Wen’s. Mo Wen merely knew that the Square Consortium was very strong financially, but Gu Jingman had a greater understanding of the Square Consortium’s situation.

The Square Consortium was originally the financial organization under Dafang Sect’s control. It had many years of history with many subsidiaries and sub-subsidiaries which were difficult to account for all at once. Now, Mo Wen was the Sect Leader of Dafang Sect, he had the only say in all matters of the Sect, so Square Consortium was naturally under his control.

The reason why Gu Jingman knew the Square Consortium so well was that during her fight with Wang Yinru, she wanted Mo Wen to be in charge of Square Consortium while Wang Yinru was in charge of the Sect. However, Wang Yinru was so overbearing that she would do everything herself personally, wanting full control over the Sect and the consortium without allowing Gu Jingman’s involvement.

“Mr. Mo, Miss Gu, I…I…” Yang Ting couldn’t stand it any longer. Blood drained from her face out of shock as it finally dawned upon her that she was in serious trouble. If the existence of the Square Consortium was real and it had control of even some of Yang Group’s shares…. Even if she didn’t know, the elders in her clan would definitely know. If everything was as Gu Jingman had said, she couldn’t imagine the consequences.

“Miss Yang, my brother’s temper is quite bad so might need to pray hard.” Gu Jingman went on to cast a look at Jiang Siyin with a wide grin. “Oh yes, my brother also controls the Blue Ocean Group. Young Master Jiang, your clan’s Group seems to be dependent on Blue Ocean Group with at least forty percent of its shares in the control of the Blue Ocean Group. Jiang Clan is so rich that my brother might be too embarrassed to continue working with Jiang Clan.”

Gu Jingman already knew that Mo Wen was in control of Blue Ocean Group. After she returned to Gu Clan Fort, she always paid attention to what Mo Wen was doing. When Lin Qing was parachuted into Blue Ocean Group to be the CEO, Gu Jingman checked to discover the ins and outs of the matter.

After discovering that Mo Wen had hired Lin Qing to be the CEO of Blue Ocean Group, Gu Jingman was really angry. He definitely trusted Lin Qing more than her. Could it be that she had absolutely no ability in Mo Wen’s eyes? She was the Managing Director of Fei Ying Group and had good relations with the authorities and the underworld.

Jiang Siyin at first had merely looked uneasy, but not too worried. “Impossible. Blue Ocean Group had always been under the surname Qin, not the surname Mo.” However, now he was extremely pale and in shock. He was unclear about the Square Consortium and didn’t have any direct knowledge of it. However, Blue Ocean Group was very well-known in Charm City and was a gigantic Group. The Blue Ocean Group was involved in different industries including the service industry and both light and heavy industries. Even military-related industries had the involvement of Blue Ocean Group.

Other than the state-owned businesses, only a handful of consortiums in the country were comparable to Blue Ocean Group.

Jiang Clan’s Group had a close relationship with Blue Ocean Group. It could be said that it was dependent on Blue Ocean Group. Hence, he was not very worried even when he knew that Mo Wen was in control of a consortium. Under the care of Blue Ocean Group, he didn’t need to be afraid of anyone. However, if Blue Ocean Group was in Mo Wen’s control, then…

“Blue Ocean Group has always been under the surname Qin, it is impossible it belongs to Mo We,” Jiang Siyin repeated with a cold face. Although he didn’t understand very much about the situation in the Blue Ocean Group, he knew that Blue Ocean Group’s backing was not simple. There was a mysterious clan behind it. The surname of the clan was Qin, not Mo.

The corner of Gu Jingman’s mouth curled into a smile. There was pride in her cold eyes. “It’s true that Blue Ocean Group has been under the surname Qin, but it will be Mo in the future.”

Shen Jing looked at Mo Wen in surprise. She has no doubt about Gu Jingman’s words. After all, with Gu Jingman’s status, she couldn’t be lying in public. That’s why Lin Qing had been inexplicably hired as the CEO of Blue Ocean Group, which led to her giving up this trip. Come to think of it, it was definitely related to Mo Wen.

She glared at Mo Wen. How many things had this guy been keeping from her?

“Nonsense.” Jiang Siyin was totally confused and couldn’t be bothered being respectful to Gu Jingman.

“Don’t have to waste time with them. Let’s enjoy the sea view.” Mo Wen didn’t comment further and took Shen Jing’s hand before beginning to walk straight out of the auditorium. By now, most of the people had already left the auditorium.

Gu Jingman tilted her chin a little and took a step forward before wrapping her hand naturally around Mo Wen’s other arm. She looked as proud as a peacock.

Mo Wen’s arm trembled and he nearly lost his balance while he glanced at Shen Jing from the corner of his eye. After realizing that she didn’t seem to be behaving oddly, he smiled bitterly while his entire body felt uneasy. Then, he led the two beautiful women outside.

“Scaredy-Cat.” Gu Jingman laughed secretively.

“Why do I have envious feelings towards him?” Andrea, who had been standing behind to watch the entire incident, lamented as he looked at the receding figure of Mo Wen.

Finley’s face looked odd as she followed silently behind Mo Wen and company. She no longer understood what was going on.

In the auditorium, only Jiang Siyin and Yang Ting remained. They looked at each other.

“You foolish woman, you said he was a guy without power and influence who could be bullied easily?” Jiang Siyin said to Yang Ting gloomily. He wished he could give this woman a slap now. If she hadn’t tried to cause trouble, the situation wouldn’t have turned out to be so bad. Even aside from the question of whether Mo Wen’s identity was real, if Gu Jingman was against them, they had landed themselves in serious trouble.

“You should blame yourself,” Yang Ting said. “Who was the one who said previously that he dared to assault Shen Jing and wouldn’t let her go even if he was a heavenly king. Why? Are you afraid now?” She walked away coldly. Her heart was trembling at this moment. If what Gu Jingman said was true, she couldn’t imagine the consequences. Now, she must get in touch with her clan immediately to verify this matter.

“Stupid b*tch.” Jiang Siyin cursed violently before striding out. He couldn’t stay any longer and wished he could get back to the clan instantly. He could only pray that Gu Jingman was bluffing. If Blue Ocean Group was really in Mo Wen’s control, then…

Gu Jingman didn’t want to pester Mo Wen. After they left the auditorium, she instigated a parting from Mo Wen so that Shen Jing and he could enjoy their time together.

A scrumptious candlelit banquet was being prepared on the beautiful sea view balcony. With the stars twinkling in the sky it was especially romantic. After Finley had prepared the banquet, she left with a smile.

Shen Jing held a glass of red wine in her hand while lying on the couch comfortably. She gazed at the night scene of the sea before saying softly, “That sister of yours really sticks to you.”

“You are jealous.” Mo Wen smiled bitterly before saying helplessly, “She did it intentionally. Don’t fall for it.”

“Jealous?” Shen Jing snorted softly, rolling her eyes at Mo Wen, “I start to wonder now if I can be jealous. You try harder and soon you will be able to drown me in jealousy.”

“Some things can be pretended, but some things can’t be pretended. If I get angry when she infuriates me intentionally, that will be giving her what she wants. I won’t get angry and even if I am angry, I will not be angry in front of her.” Shen Jing was quiet and good-tempered without any interest in fighting with anyone. However, one would be wrong to think that one could bully her. In some things, she could be as scheming as others.

“That’s right. Let’s not be angry. Actually, there is really nothing between Gu Jingman and me…” Mo Wen said with a faint smile.

“Don’t explain. I don’t like hearing it. Don’t talk about another woman when you are with me in the future.” Shen Jing stopped Mo Wen from continuing with his explanation. She would be crazy to believe Mo Wen.

Mo Wen looked miserable, feeling that he was being accused. Why couldn’t he win another person’s trust! There was really nothing between Gu Jingman and him and they had been pure in mind and body since the beginning. If he was going to be accused, it must only be when there really was such a thing.

“Thank you!” Shen Jing pursed her lips into a smile. Then, she held the Hope Diamond, which was on her chest, in her hand gently while a strong sense of warmth surged in her heart.