Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 443

Chapter 443 The Light Of Hope


“Hope represents love through selfless sacrifice. Do you know about the Titanic?” Shen Jing gazed at the surface of the sea, a look of longing in her eyes. As her hand clutched the Hope Diamond, she seemed to have been transported to the distant past.

“I have heard of it. If this ship sinks, I will think of a way to make sure you live, even if it costs me my life.” As he spoke, Mo Wen had a look that resembled some weird uncle who was trying to trick young girls.

“You and your mouth! How could such a fine ship sink?” Shen Jing rolled her eyes at Mo Wen.

“I was just giving an example,” Mo Wen said innocently.

Shen Jing looked at the surface of the sea in the distance. She then said in a somewhat melancholy manner, “Love, renowned far and wide, has always had poignant endings. I have always wanted love to be simpler, where we can journey together hand-in-hand and grow old together.”

“Then, I will hold onto your hand and journey with you until we are old,” Mo Wen said, while hugging Shen Jing in his arms and staring at the ocean.

“I hope you can do exactly as you say,” she said.

“Of course. You can’t run away from me now,” he assured her.

“The legend says that the Hope Diamond is cursed. All of its owners will supposedly encounter bad luck,” Shen Jing said with an obsessed gaze, while holding the blue diamond in her hands.

“Are you scared?” Mo Wen asked her.

As Mo Wen glanced at the Hope Diamond, a complicated look flashed in his eyes. He could sense that this diamond was extraordinary. However, exactly how it was different from any others, he couldn’t tell one bit.

There was a vague aura that was fluctuating on the surface of the diamond, which was most likely the power of the curse. Perhaps, when others said that it was cursed, they weren’t just spreading rumors. This item really was extraordinary!

He had given the Hope Diamond to Shen Jing anyway because his instincts told him that the diamond wouldn’t harm her. As for why, he couldn’t explain that.

However, he trusted his instincts because they had originated from the Divine Soul Trillion Layers’ instinctive reaction towards the Heavens and Earth. Before this, he didn’t have this ability.

“Anyhow, I am not scared of it. We have hit it off with one another!” Shen Jing said with a smile, while holding onto the diamond. She rubbed it gently with her palm, as though she was caressing a child.

“Hit it off?” Mo Wen asked her quizzically.

“Yes! Every time I hold it in my palm, I can sense an intimate aura shared between us. It is as though it is my own child. It is very dependent on me. Every time I caress it, it doesn’t want to leave my hand!” Shen Jing turned her head sideways, pondering this intimate attachment carefully.

“Do you think a stone has emotions?” Mo Wen asked, speechless. Why didn’t I notice that the stone was like a child to her?

“Regardless, I can sense it. It is very dependent on me!” Shen Jing said confidently.

“Okay, okay,” Mo Wen said helplessly.

“Don’t you like me? If I give you away, you will surely be unhappy without me, right?” Shen Jing cooed, speaking directly to the Hope Diamond.

Mo Wen beamed and touched Shen Jing’s face. Sometimes, this girl is unexpectedly naive!

At that moment, the Hope Diamond suddenly emitted a ray of bright blue light, which enveloped Shen Jing in an instant. Mo Wen was so stunned, he couldn’t move his body at all. His stiff hands held onto Shen Jing’s waist, and his eyes were filled with horror as he stared at the blue gemstone.

It was as though he was faced with a heavenly force. Mo Wen didn’t even dare to breathe loudly. After all, he had encountered the pressure from the Demon Devil’s Heart before. However, it paled into insignificance when compared to the vast ocean in front of his eyes now.

What exactly is this?

Mo Wen glanced at Shen Jing, who was in his arms. He realized that she had actually fallen asleep within the blue light. Her look was calm and sweet, as if she was having a good dream.

Mo Wen was feeling miserable now. He couldn’t move at all, and he was having to endure the terrifying pressure. If this continued, he suspected that he would go crazy!

Thankfully, the Divine Soul Trillion Layers was the magical power of the primordial soul. When faced with such terrifying pressure, it was still protecting Mo Wen’s soul.

Also, it had actually borrowed the strength of the enormous pressure to accelerate the agglomeration of Mo Wen’s soul power. Hence, Mo Wen’s soul power increased steadily, then grew at a terrifying speed!

Everyone in the world knew that one’s soul was shapeless. However, Mo Wen knew that one’s soul could also take form.

When the cultivation of the immortal cultivators had reached a certain level, they could form a Primordial Soul. The Primordial Soul was the product of an agglomeration of the soul. Once Primordial Souls were formed, the person would continue existing as long as the Primordial Soul didn’t disappear.

If before this, Mo Wen’s soul was merely a shapeless will, it had become a gas now. If he could go a step further, it would most likely be transformed into a liquid. Then, he would be one step closer to crystallizing his Primordial Soul!

Mo Wen could clearly sense that his soul had been strengthened exponentially. It had transformed from shapeless to tangible, completely changing in its state of matter. He was no longer on the same level as he previously had been.

A glimmer of ecstasy flashed in Mo Wen’s eyes, as he had inexplicably encountered such a great opportunity! Right now, he wished that the Hope Diamond would keep shining forever!

However, in just a moment, the light of the Hope Diamond slowly contracted. After that, it dropped from the sky and hung itself back on Shen Jing’s neck, returning to its original appearance.

Mo Wen’s eyes showed a hint of regret. If that mysterious blue light could have shone for a bit longer, his soul could possibly have liquefied, and he could have agglomerated a primordial soul! Once he could agglomerate a primordial soul, it would mean that he had already begun to walk the path of the immortal cultivators.

After that, he felt relieved. After all, opportunity was something that could not be forced. The more one pushed for it, the more one wouldn’t get it.

Mo Wen noticed that his current soul power had already surpassed his previous life’s soul power. In his previous life, he had a cultivation of the Golden Elixir realm, but his soul power was not even half of what it was now. From this, it could be seen just how powerful Mo Wen’s current soul power was.

“Maybe I have come across a true treasure.” Mo Wen looked at the Hope Diamond and smiled.

But, this treasure did not belong to him. It was because of Shen Jing that this Hope Diamond had undergone such strange changes.

What exactly is this thing?

Mo Wen’s eyes flashed a hint of doubt. The scene just now had been too frightening. Only someone who had personally experienced it could understand that fact.

In Gu Jingman’s room, a Caucasian young maiden with blonde hair and blue eyes leaned against the railing of the balcony. Her gaze was fixed on the ocean in the distance.

“What are you thinking about? Tomorrow, we will be able to reach Kagoshima.” Gu Jingman ate a fruit salad, while she casually gave the Caucasian young maiden a cursory glance.

“Your friend managed to bid for the Hope Diamond?” the Caucasian young maiden asked, as she turned her head to look at Gu Jingman with a strange expression.

“Hmm, he spent 900 million USD just to please a woman. He really is a misfit.” Gu Jingman softly snorted.

“But, if he gave you the Hope Diamond, you wouldn’t say that, right?” the Caucasian young maiden said with a knowing smile.

“I have absolutely no hopes of him doing so. Besides, why would he be so generous?” Gu Jingman rolled her eyes.

“Since you like him, then you should try to win him over. Don’t wait, as you will only live to regret it in the future. What’s more, with your ability, you should be able to kill the woman without anyone knowing, right?” The Caucasian young maiden walked up to the table and casually picked up a bowl of fruit salad.

“How could I kill her? That Mo Wen would kill me then! Ugh, you don’t understand the Hua Xia people. Could it be that you foreigners love fighting and killing over every trivial matter?” Gu Jingman gave the Caucasian young maiden a strange look, clearly thinking her to be quite bizarre!

“Regardless of what nation one is from, this world has always been one where the strong prey upon the weak. Those with the adequate abilities and resources can do as they please and possess everything,” the Caucasian young maiden said coldly.

“Merle, your thinking is too extreme. You should think in simpler terms. Of course, when you truly love someone, you cannot do anything that would harm the other party, especially if it’s just to fulfill your own selfish desires. Otherwise, what kind of love would that be?” Gu Jingman truly did not approve of the Caucasian young maiden named Merle’s perspective.

“The Hope Diamond is an ominous item. You better tell your friend to not come in contact with it too much. Better yet, tell him to find an opportunity to sell it soon,” Merle said plainly.

“That is just a legend,” Gu Jingman said, while clearly laughing her friend’s superstitions off.

“That is not a mere legend.” Merle looked at Gu Jingman with a serious expression.

“You seem to know a lot about the Hope Diamond…” Gu Jingman said with a frown.

“You should trust me. I am treating you as a friend. At least now, I will not harm you, and one does not wish for anything to happen to a friend, right?” Merle asked.

“Then, what about in the future? Do you mean to say that we will not be friends in the future?” Gu Jingman did not quite understand what Merle was saying.

“In the future? Maybe I will not have a future,” Merle said plainly.

In a dark room, the president of the Fiat Group stood respectfully in front of a Caucasian woman. He seemed to be reporting something to her.

“Highness Stunning Snow, the Hope Diamond appeared in the auction. I could feel the power of it. It is not the fake one that was in the Smithsonian Institute in America.” Andrea slightly bowed his head.

When his gaze occasionally looked at the woman before him, it was full of devotion and reverence. Very few people knew that the Hope Diamond had been stolen from there many decades ago. Hence, the Hope Diamond that was still placed in the Smithsonian was just a fake.

“The true Hope Diamond has finally appeared in the world again.” As Her Highness Stunning Snow slowly closed the Divine Scripture in her hands, her eyes hid a divine light.

She seemed to have great wisdom, being able to see through all illusions. This Caucasian woman was the woman who, before this, had noticed Mo Wen releasing his soul power.