Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 445

Chapter 445 Kagoshima


“Guterra, when have you become so over-cautious? Can it be that as you aged, you become more fearful?”

A mocking laugh resounded from outside the door as a middle-aged man pushed the door and entered the room. He obviously saw the scene just now.

“It was said that you have some achievement in your practice of Dark Sorcery. Recently, you have also mastered a shockingly powerful Dark secret technique. This kind of secret techniques was very suitable for assassination. Won’t it solve all the problems when you kill that Hua Xia Country’s youngster quietly without notice?” Langrok said with a sinister smile.

“That youngster is not simple. Fighting with him may cause a big stir and I’m not confident in killing him with a single stroke.”

Guterra shook his head as he spoke.

“That youngster from Hua Xia Country is that powerful?” Langrok looked at Guterra in surprise and obviously doubtful.

Guterra was an elder among the Sorcerers. His sorcery was a realm higher than his and was considered a Sorcery mentor which was equivalent to the Archbishop among the clergies. Guterra was actually apprehensive of merely a youngster.

“Could he be an expert equivalent to the Sorcery mentor?” Langrok inquired.

From what he knew, the person whom Guterra was not confident of killing, must be at least a Sorcery mentor or an expert of a similar realm to the Sorcery mentor. Even the normal Sorcery mentor was never going to be Guterra’s opponent.

“We can’t use Sorcerers’ realm to define him. He should be a martial arts practitioner in the Hua Xia Country and his realm should be in the Embryonic Breathing realm of the martial arts practitioner which is equivalent to Sorcery mentor of the Sorcerers. Moreover, he is definitely not a normal expert in Embryonic Breathing realm.”

Guterra said with certainty. He had seen many martial arts practitioners in Embryonic Breathing realm but a normal martial arts practitioner in Embryonic Breathing realm definitely would not give him such a strong dangerous feeling.

“That’s so unbelievable. We have very few such young prodigy in Demon Gods Alliance too.”

Langrok was secretly shocked. He had practiced for tens of years and was merely in the realm of the Arch Sorcerer which was equivalent to a martial arts practitioner in the Qi Nucleation realm. That youngster, who was not even twenty years old, was actually higher than him by a realm.

“If I have a chance, I would like to fight with him. However, it was inconvenient onboard the cruise ship.” Guterra commented with some pity.

“Guterra, you are already so old and is still thinking of fighting a youngster. Won’t it be very embarrassing? However, his appearance in the cruise ship may most probably related to the Divine Blood. This ship already had the gathering of all kinds of experts from everywhere one after another. You may really have the chance to fight with him.”

Langrok said jokingly. Both of them appeared onboard the cruise ship for the Divine Blood. Once that person of the Blood Kindred with the Divine Blood disembarked from the cruise ship, there might be a fierce fight of the powerful experts.

When Mo Wen returned to his room, Shen Jing was still sound asleep so he didn’t want to wake her up.

That old man in black robe had extraordinary strength so Mo Wen didn’t make a move on him immediately. He also didn’t want to cause a big stir onboard the cruise ship. Both of them had agreed on this point.

If they had disembarked the cruise ship, it would be fine if that old man in black robe no longer had an attempt on the Hope Diamond. However, if he didn’t behave sensibly, he wouldn’t be easy on him like now.

The night gradually passed. The cruise ship remained calm, but an invisible movement was going on silently.

When the first ray of sunlight shone through the window, Shen Jing had already woken up early to prepare a sumptuous breakfast for Mo Wen.

She didn’t react abnormally. She seemed to have forgotten everything about last night and could only remember that she finally slept in Mo Wen’s arm unknowingly.

“In an hour’s time, the Sword of the Seas will disembark at Kagoshima. We will go ashore straightaway, and we will also go to the Fuji Mountain.”

Shen Jing held a map in her hands while planning for the upcoming sightseeing itinerary.

After the Sword of the Seas had disembarked at Kagoshima, it would stop for a day before starting its voyage back to the Charm City. They didn’t intend to take the Sword of the Seas back to their country so they would go directly to the Fuji Mountain.

“You stay in Fu Sang Country without a visa, be careful that the Fu Sang Country will treat you as an illegal immigrant.”

Mo Wen said with a laugh. They travelled via a cruise ship so they didn’t get a visa as the cruise ship operator was the guarantor. However, once they left the cruise ship, it would be an illegal overstay.

“Don’t worry, I have a way.” Shen Jing simply didn’t worry at all and continued to research on the trip to the Fuji Mountain.

This morning, Gu Jingman and Merle were packing their luggage early in the morning so as to be ready for the disembarkment at Kagoshima. Gu Jingman had an agreement to have an underground fight with the Yamaguchi-gumi at Kagoshima while Merle had the purpose of being migrating into Kagoshima illegally so she naturally wouldn’t follow the cruise on its return voyage.

“Merle, what do you intend to do after this? Do you have any relatives in Fu Sang Country?”

Gu Jingman asked as she packed her luggage. In fact, she didn’t have much to pack, merely a few clothes and some simple items.

Merle didn’t answer but merely shook her head.

“You don’t have relatives in Fu Sang Country?”

Gu Jingman looked at Merle in surprise. She thought Merle had relatives in Fu Sang Country which was the reason for her to migrate illegally to seek refuge from them.

“I am merely an outcast from my clan, how will I have any relatives?” Merle laughed with some self-mockery.

“Why would you choose to come to Fu Sang Country then?” Gu Jingman asked, baffled.

“In order to run away from the killing of the greedy ones.” Merle cast a look at Gu Jingman before packing her own stuff silently.

“You are in some troubles? Perhaps I can help you.” Gu Jingman said as she furrowed her brows. She never thought that Merle’s identity was so complicated. Killing? Who was after her?

“Gu Jingman, thank you! You are my only friend. Hua Xia’s people are indeed friendly.”

Merle took out a statue from her luggage and was silent for a while before walking towards Gu Jingman. She put the statue into Gu Jingman’s hand and said, “I have nothing to give you. Please keep this well, perhaps there is some uses in the future.”

“After the ship disembarks, I will be leaving. There is no need to contact me. Next time… next time if it is fated, perhaps we will meet again one day…”

“Merle, what’s the matter? I have the feeling as if this is a moment of separating forever.” Gu Jingman said as she furrowed her brows.

“Isn’t separation supposed to be sad? Don’t think too much…” Merle said with a smile.

“This thing is so frightening.”

Gu Jingman looked at the statue in her hand and said humorously. She was wondering if this thing was a terrifying prop which was made to scare people intentionally with the purpose of scaring the people.

The statue was an angel made of special material like Suet Jade but didn’t look like it either. It didn’t have the beauty and purity of an angel as the angel’s neck had a Vampire Bat on it. Its sharp fangs were biting on the angel’s throat and streams of blood were trickling down from its fangs. Moreover, the angel had a painful expression so one could even feel the terror and hopelessness in the angel’s eyes.

The statue looked so real that vividness was insufficient to describe how real it was. When one glimpsed at it, one might feel as if everything was happening before their eyes. The terror and hopelessness could be felt deep in one’s heart uncontrollably which explained why Gu Jingman thought that it was used to scare the people. She was also shocked unconsciously.

“You have to put it on you in the future. It was my heirloom which could bring you luck. However, you can never ever let anyone see it. If anyone is to plunder it from you, you may give it to him.”

Merle gazed at the statue before she sighed softly.

“Don’t worry. I will surely safekeep the thing that you have given me. I will kill anyone who dares to snatch it from me.”

Gu Jingman reassured with a smile. She thought this statue must be so expensive that Merle was worried as the people might have evil designs on it.

“Remember, never ever let anyone see it. Even your closest person.” Merle reminded her again.

“Don’t worry. I will hide it every day. Even my future husband will not know about it, alright?” Gu Jingman assured with a smile.

Merle nodded but didn’t comment further. She walked to the balcony alone and watched the rising sun at a distance. The golden lights shone down onto her face while she was in a daze, seemingly thinking of something.

An hour later, the Sword of the Seas disembarked at Kagoshima. Those passengers who were interested in sightseeing at Kagoshima had gone ashore one after another.

Mo Wen held Shen Jing’s luggage in one hand while holding Shen Jing’s hand with the other. They walked in front and disembarked before the rest of the people.

In front was the big harbour which was very spacious like the window of the world. The massive flow of people and goods in this harbour every day was shockingly rapid.

“Why exactly did your good sister look for you?

Shen Jing was a little upset as it was difficult for Mo Wen and her to have such a trip but his sister had to meddle with it.

“Merely a small matter. It won’t delay us for too many days,” Mo Wen explained with a smile.

“It’s a small matter, yet she troubles you,” Shen Jing said softly.

“Why are you getting more jealous?” Mo Wen asked cheekily.

“I am not…” Shen Jing’s face was blushing slightly as she pursed her lips in silence. Originally, her plan was to set off today for the Fuji Mountain. However, Gu Jingman’s matter would delay them for a few days.

Both of them didn’t wait for long before a fashionable metropolitan beauty walked out from the passage. Who else could it be other than Gu Jingman.

When she saw Mo Wen, she walked over with a grin. Without standing on ceremony, she stuffed her luggage into Mo Wen’s hand.

After that, both Mo Wen’s hands were occupied with a luggage on each side.

Behind Gu Jingman, there were seven to eight followers with Zheng Shuangshuang being one of them. She was pulling a big luggage with her. Other than her, there was another person whom Mo Wen recognised. He was the Gu Clan Fort’s housekeeper, whom he had seen once, by the name of Chen Gangxun while Gu Jingman called him Uncle Chen.

When Uncle Chen noticed Mo Wen for the first time, respect flashed in his eyes. To a martial arts practitioner, the one who was stronger would be the master and was qualified to be respected.

“Sister will treat both of you to a sumptuous dinner tonight.”

Gu Jingman flung her hair to the back before removing the sunglasses from her blouse. She put it on elaborately, looking like a young mistress of a big family was travelling.

“I will take that.”

Shen Jing looked at Gu Jingman with displeasure while extending her hand to take her own luggage from Mo Wen’s hand. Gu Jingman had so many bodyguards behind her, yet she wanted Mo Wen to take care of her luggage as if Mo Wen was easy to bully.