Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 446

Chapter 446 Blood Gods Ancestral Land


“Ah, Sister Jing’er, why do you feel bad for him? This sort of thing won’t tire him at all.” Gu Jingman held onto Shen Jing, saying, “He is a grown man. He should do some of the heavy lifting while traveling with beautiful women. Let’s go.”

The group had just left the port, when a few stretch limousines drove over, slowly stopping in front of them.

A few men in black suits got out of the cars together. They walked towards Gu Jingman and bowed slightly. “Miss Gu, welcome.”

“Your Yamaguchi-gumi is rather hospitable. Let’s get into the car,” Gu Jingman said straightforwardly. She walked towards the middle limousine. Naturally, Mo Wen and Shen Jing followed her.

“Uncle Chen, are you not sitting with the Lady Boss?” Zheng Shuangshuang stared at Uncle Chen, perplexed. To her surprise, Uncle Chen sat alone in another car. She knew that Uncle Chen was specifically in charge of ensuring the Lady Boss’s safety. He would never be further than a hundred meters away from her. When they were out, it would be impossible for them to not share a car.

“Don’t worry. The young miss will be fine,” Uncle Chen responded smilingly.

Zheng Shuangshuang gave Uncle Chen a puzzled glance. This was not like him. Uncle Chen was a cautious person. Why would he carry out such a careless act?

The motorcade headed towards the Royal Sun Hotel in Kagoshima. The most luxurious suite had been booked. Even when they were enemies, the Yamaguchi-gumi didn’t skimp on hospitality when welcoming people like Gu Jingman, who influenced the giants of the underworld.

The journey was calm. After the members of Yamaguchi-gumi had taken Gu Jingman and the others to Royal Sun Hotel and left someone for them to order around, they left.

Gu Jingman held onto Shen Jing’s hand, as though they were good sisters. “Sister Jing’er, let’s put some nice makeup on. After this, I will take you to some of the interesting places in Kagoshima.”

“I seldom wear makeup,” Shen Jing said frankly.

Gu Jingman praised Shen Jing while constantly nodding. “That’s true. Sister Jing’er is inherently beautiful with a charming face. Even when you are not in makeup, you are a beauty who attracts a million gazes.” She described Shen Jing as a great beauty, the kind of which was rarely seen.

Shen Jing blushed slightly, saying nothing. However, her facial expressions became gentler. Nobody would turn down praise from others. As the Chinese saying went, ‘never hit a smiling person’. For the time being, Shen Jing couldn’t continue to look miserable in front of Gu Jingman.

In the afternoon, Gu Jingman went out shopping with Shen Jing. Zhen Shuangshuang followed closely behind the two of them like a little tail. Mo Wen stayed in the hotel instead. He would rather fight a group of Embryonic Breathing realm strong practitioners than accompany the ladies on their shopping trip. The two of them surprisingly didn’t force him to follow, allowing him to stay in the hotel alone.

Since he was free and alone, Mo Wen found a quiet room and started practicing.

Up until now, there had been no time for practicing. After so many days, this was his first opportunity to do so. Soon, Mo Wen was immersed in his practice.

After he had been showered with the light of Hope Diamond, his soul had transformed its state of matter. He had reached a new height, causing his practice of the Divine Soul Trillion Layers to improve.

Now, he had only scratched the surface of the Divine Soul Trillion Layers. He couldn’t be considered a master in this area. However, his power was already frightening. Even immortal cultivators would suffer losses from fighting with Mo Wen if they weren’t careful, let alone ordinary martial art practitioners.

Furthermore, after his soul was transformed, he could sense that his cultivation was on the verge of breaking through. This sensation was getting stronger. Seemingly with a slight push, he could break through to the intermediate stage of the Embryonic Breathing realm.

As Mo Wen and the rest of his party spent their afternoon calmly, a calamity was surging on the other side.

After they had disembarked, Merle had parted ways with Gu Jingman immediately. She left the port alone and found a cab. She said the name of a random place and the cab left in a hurry.

Almost at the same time, a few cars appeared quietly, sneakily followed the cab.

“Miss, where are you going exactly?” In the cab, the driver of Fu Sang nationality stared at the girl beside him quizzically. The Caucasian lady had only mentioned an area since she boarded the cab. Then, she had shut her eyes and hadn’t said anything else.

They had now reached the place that she had mentioned. But the place was too vast and they were still on a road. He did not know where she would go next at all. He couldn’t possibly drop her off here.

Merle slowly opened her eyes and took out a thick stack of American dollars from her luggage. She passed it to the driver, saying, “This is for your troubles.” She was speaking the language of Fu Sang, so did not have any problems with communicating.

“This…,” the driver looked at the stack of American dollars in front of him, unable to respond for a long while. With so many large denominations of American dollars, at least 30 to 40 thousand, it was enough to buy his cab and have change to spare.

The first thought that came to mind was whether the customer had gone crazy. Right after that, the second thought that came to mind was whether they were fake notes.

He had not had the opportunity to move on to a third thought when a fabulous blood red light flashed from Merle’s eyes. The next moment, the driver had completely passed out, lying unconscious on the steering wheel.

Merle stuffed the stack of American dollars into the driver’s clothes. Stopping the car, she opened the door and pushed the driver into the bushes by the side of the road. Then, she climbed into the driver seat. With a step of the accelerator, the car charged forward frenziedly, like an arrow leaving the bow.

Further down the road, a car trailed behind the cab at a distance. “The car suddenly sped up. She seems to have noticed us,” Carlo said loudly as he saw the car kick up a dust cloud.

“She should have noticed us a long time ago. However, I feel very puzzled as to what exactly she is doing. She seems to be headed into the wilderness,” Pislen said curiously. He was surprised by her actions. “Since the traitor of the Blood Kindred knows that there are people hunting her down, why isn’t she staying in an area with lots of people? Why is she heading into the wilderness?”

“Archbishop Pislen, how would I know the answer to such a deep question?” Carlo said loudly as he frenziedly pursued after the car. If he lost her, then that would be problematic.

“I did not hope for you to know. You have only one mission, and that is to closely follow the car. Once the time is right, then we will attack and seize the Divine Blood.”

Pislen slapped Carlo on the head. If this fellow was a bit smarter, then he would not need to worry so much. When they had set off, Carlo’s father had admonished him again and again, so it was hard not to feel obliged to take care of him. As a pastor rank member of the clergy, coming along to participate in such a mission was akin to looking for death.

As he knew, the traitor of the Blood Kindred was originally very normal. After absorbing the Divine Blood, however, her powers now seemed to be no weaker than a Blood Kindred Viscount. She could even compete with an Archbishop. She was also a Viscount with Divine Blood powers. Even Pislen did not have confidence that he could defeat her.

But Carlo’s father had thoughts only for this son of his. He wanted to use this mission to let Carlo accumulate contributions. That’s why he had sent his pastor son over. Except for Carlo, the weakest among them were priests, and all of them were bishops.

“Royce, that traitor seems to intend to head out into the wilderness where there are fewer people. What exactly is she planning to do?” Henry asked, frowning.

If he was in this situation, he would definitely not have gone into the wilderness, instead finding a place with lots of people to stay in. Only in public places would they have any misgivings and would, therefore, avoid action.

“Did you think that she would not think that way? There is a saying in Hua Xia that says a cornered beast will still fight. She should be preparing to fight us to the death.” Royce sighed softly. His eyes flashed a serious look. Only the Blood Kindred knew that the so-called traitor of the Blood Kindred was just a pitiful sacrifice. She could only blame herself for knowing too many secrets of the Blood Kindred and not having the ability to protect them.

“With just her?” Henry said disdainfully. “How could she fight with so many of us?” He laughed loudly. They were not the only two who were interested in her. According to his sources, people from the Roman Curia had already appeared. Even the Sorcerers family that was also a part of the Demon Gods Alliance had sent people over. With so many people after her, how would she fight against them all?

“But aside from putting on a last stand, what else can she do?” Royce asked, again sighing softly. “Could she, as you said, hole herself up in a place with lots of people, causing us to not dare to simply take action due to potential collateral? But don’t you forget how important this matter is to us Blood Kindred. At least a few existences above the rank of Blood Kindred Earl are rushing over. Once those people arrive, no matter where she is, there can only be one ending for her.”

Even if it was just one Blood Kindred, the inner circles were very complicated. That young maiden should have received the respect of the Blood Kindred, but because of the desires and ambitions of those people, she had become a sacrifice. From the bottom of his heart, he truly did not want to go against the Blood Kindred, but in the family, he was just a small figure. He could only follow orders, unable to change anything. Also, such words could only be thought. He did not dare to say it out loud, not even in the presence of Henry.

Henry nodded, “That is true.” If a Blood Kindred Marquis was here, even if the traitor stood in the middle of a square with ten thousand people, she would still be unable to avoid the fate of being captured. With the power of a Blood Kindred Marquis, capturing her without sound or being seen was a piece of cake.

“Henry, no matter what grudges our clans may have, when handling this matter, we must unite, even going so far as to forsake our own safety and fight to the death. Otherwise, you know what the consequences will be,” Royce said as he looked at Henry with a serious expression.

Henry nodded his head. “I understand,” he replied, his facial expression turning serious.

Only the two of them understood how serious a matter the Blood Kindred young maiden had gotten involved with. It could possibly affect the rise or fall of the entire Blood Kindred clan. Laughably, the clergy and sorcerers who were in the dark thought that a single drop of Divine Blood had caused them, the Blood Kindred, to have infighting.

“Royce, the traitor… has she really entered the Blood God’s ancestral land before?” Henry asked, drawing in a deep breath.

“It must be true. Otherwise, the clan would not take it so seriously and order us to capture her at any cost.” Royce lowered his gaze. To the Blood Kindred, the Blood God’s ancestral land was a sacred and mysterious place. Since the second generation of Blood Kindred, no one had ever entered the Blood God’s ancestral land. Across history, there had appeared many earth-shattering Blood ancestors among the Blood Kindred. But even they had never had the chance to enter the Blood God’s ancestral land.

Legend had it that the Blood Kindred who could enter the Blood God’s ancestral land had the chance of becoming a Blood God. But this ancient legend had never been proven, because since ancient times until now, no one had ever been able to enter the Blood God’s ancestral land.