Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 447

Chapter 447 Stone Demons Clan


Merle drove the car, driving frenziedly down the road, specifically driving towards places that were deserted. When she passed a forest, she got out of the car expressionlessly. She then took her bag and silently walked towards the mountains.

She walked to a beautiful spot at the foot of the mountain that had a pool of water within it. Then, she found a rock and sat down on it.

“This scenery isn’t too bad,” Merle mumbled to herself.

Then, she took out a bottle of white wine from her bag and furiously chugged it down. After wiping the corners of her mouth, she laughed in self-mockery. The world was so vast, yet there was actually no place for her to go!

“Merle, I find it very strange. Why did you not flee?” A faint, floating voice was suddenly heard.

The voice seemed to be distant yet close at the same time. It was followed by two silhouettes that appeared on the opposite bank of the pool. They were dressed in black robes, which hid their entire figures.

Merle ignored the two people, minding her own business as she drank her wine. Guterra looked at Merle from across the pool. He stood upright, while standing there quietly. Langrok’s expression was serious as he stood behind Guterra, not saying a word.

“Everyone, since we are all here, why don’t we be frank with one another?” Guterra suddenly said after a long pause.

He had two reason for his not having attacked Merle immediately. The first one was because he wasn’t confident about it, and the second reason was that he knew that there were others peeping around.

However, those people had ulterior motives. They purposely didn’t appear, so they he would attack first. Then, they would benefit from the dispute.

“Guterra, old man, you are becoming more and more cautious as you age. Merle is merely a first generation of Blood Kindred traitor. It is said that she only has the power of a Baron. If you had taken the chance and attacked her just now, you might have seized the Divine Blood.” An elder in white robes walked out from the woods, followed by five or six people. It was none other than Pislen and the clergy!

“The first generation of Blood Kindred fellows who are on the opposite side, you are the ones who care most about the Divine Blood. Your clan even fights amongst yourselves for it! Could it be that you plan to keep hiding?” Pislen spoke slowly, while glancing at the bushes nearby.

“Merle is a first generation of Blood Kindred traitor. As such, she will be executed by the first generation of Blood Kindred! Thus, it is best if you stay out of the matters of our first generation of Blood Kindred inner circle. Otherwise, you will bear the consequences.” Royce said, as he and Henry appeared, both wearing cold expressions.

If it was not because these people were coveting the Divine Blood that Merle had, they wouldn’t have had to rush. They could have at least waited until the first generation of Blood Kindred lords who had the rank of Earl and above got here first before they settled Merle.

“Could it be that only the few of you are hunting me? Are there any others?” Merle swallowed a mouthful of wine and finally spoke.

“You still seem to not know the gravity of your predicament.” Pislen looked strangely at Merle. The people here alone were enough to kill Merle ten times over, yet she actually thought they were too few!

“No, it is you who does not know your own predicament. Just the few of you dying here with me is indeed too few. So, if there are any others, quickly come out now! Don’t waste any more of my time.” Merle shook her head and continued to drink her wine.

“This woman has gotten tired of living. Lord Pislen, what are we waiting for? Let’s quickly capture her and extract the Divine Blood.” Carlo stared at Merle as though she was a treasure that he could not wait to immediately dash forward and seize.

Pislen didn’t pay any mind to Carlo. Instead, his gaze was fixed on Merle like an eagle.

“Merle, you still have a choice to cooperate with us. Perhaps, you can escape death…” Royce said as he looked at Merle with a complicated look, then took a deep breath.

“It is pathetic to be a first generation of Blood Kindred. In the eyes of those people, you are slaves who can be sacrificed at anytime. Stop lying to yourselves…” Merle smiled self-deprecatingly. In the eyes of those pioneers of the first generation of Blood Kindreds, later generation first generation of Blood Kindreds were merely dummies who could be used as sacrifices at any time.

“A bunch of cowards that hesitate when dealing with a woman.” A cold snort sounded in the forest. It was followed by a tall figure who dashed out of the thicket and rushed straight at Merle!

“That’s the… Members of the Stone Demons Clan!” A glint of surprise flashed in Langrok’s eyes as he stared at the gigantic figure who had appeared from out of nowhere.

The person was two meters tall and had a well-built figure. Also, he looked like a moving hill when he ran.

“He has a layer of grey shimmer on him. He is indeed from the Stone Demons Clan. I didn’t expect the Stone Demons Clan to be involved in this too.”

“The people from the Stone Demons Clan have brawn, but no brains! Since he is willing to test out the waters for everyone, why not let him?”

Many of the onlookers commented the figure’s sudden appearance.

Merle glanced briefly at the brawny guy from the Stone Demons Clan, then finished the last mouthful of alcohol in the bottle and stood up. The next moment, a terrifying aura exploded from within her.

It was like a furious gale that swept across the ground. Her crimson power expanded crazily like a blood sphere.

Within the blood sphere, Merle raised her head to look to the sky. She then screamed loudly, while her blood red eyes fired out two beams of crimson light.

In an instant, her figure disappeared. Almost at the same time, she re-appeared before the tall man from the Stone Demons Clan. A dazzling, crimson claw extended in a flash, looking as though it would rip the surrounding space entirely apart!

The tall member of the Stone Demons Clan was unafraid and simply laughed a cold laugh. With an angry roar, his body suddenly expanded, growing larger than three meters in an instant!

His originally buff figure became a bulge of muscles and his skin turned dark grey. It was as though his body was made entirely of rock!


This was the natural ability of the members of the Stone Demons Clan. After being fossilized, their defenses were very frightening. As such, people of the same rank as them would find it hard to break through such defenses.

“I recognize that member of the Stone Demons Clan. His name is Tan Mu. Before this, I once saw him in the Demon Gods Alliance. He is a rare youth expert among the Stone Demons Clan and is very arrogant. On the battlefield of the demon gods, even a few first generation of Blood Kindred Viscounts died at his hands. Who knew that he would show up here?” Henry’s expression changed slightly.

The man from the Stone Demons Clan was indeed powerful. Although Henry and Royce were first generation of Blood Kindred Viscounts, they would most likely not be able to defeat the man if they were to battle him one-on-one. With the strength of Tan Mu’s defense, even Merle might have a problem cracking his fossilized body!

However, the next moment, both of their expressions turned stiff as they looked at the crimson shadow. A crimson claw flashed past and actually scraped five one-foot-deep claw marks on the Stone Demon Clan’s fossilized body! A torrent of blood gushed forth from the five wound streaks instantly!


Tan Mu roared, his angry eyes opened wide. He forcefully extended his gigantic fist towards Merle, who had transformed into a crimson shadow.

However, the crimson shadow soon disappeared before his very eyes. Alas, he had lost his target!

The speed of the first generation of Blood Kindreds was renowned worldwide, but Merle’s speed had reached an even more terrifying realm. She flashed past Tan Mu, then instantly re-appeared behind him. As her two crimson claws charged at him, another ten blood-gushing wounds appeared on Tan Mu’s back.

This was still because Tan Mu had a fossilized body. If any other person from the same realm had endured such a terrifying claw attack, the person’s body would most likely have been torn apart entirely!

In the time it took for a few breaths, Tan Mu had dozens of wounds on his body. Blood gushed forth continuously. He didn’t even manage to get near Merle. Even though he had powerful strength, it was useless to him now.

“Help!” Tan Mu was frightened.

He had completely lost his arrogance from before. He didn’t want to fight anymore, so he turned around to run away.

However, he couldn’t escape Merle at all. He had only moved a few steps, when a crimson claw cut his throat open! He could only struggle a bit before he fell onto the ground, dead.

“She is formidable!” Henry drew in a cold breath, his face slightly pale as he stared at Merle.

He knew that Merle’s ability was not simple after she merged with the Divine Blood. However, he didn’t expect her to be this powerful.

“She is already strong enough to be comparable to a Viscount at the pinnacle!” Royce said with a serious expression. The strength that Merle had demonstrated was too stunning!

Not only were Royce and Henry, the two first generation of Blood Kindreds, shocked, the other people around them went pale too. They all stared at Merle in utter horror.

“You, first generation of Blood Kindred woman, deserve death, as you have actually killed the genius in my clan! The Stone Demons Clan and you are officially irreconcilable!” An enraged roar sounded from afar as another two tall and big figures rushed forward, shaking the earth.

Before this, when Tan Mu was in danger, they had wanted to rescue him. However, in terms of speed, the Stone Demons Clan would never be able to catch up with a first generation of Blood Kindred of the same realm. So, they could only witness Tan Mu being killed by Merle.

In this way, another two strong practitioners from the Stone Demons Clan had joined the battle. However, they were comparable to strong first generation of Blood Kindred Viscounts.

“Anyone else? I am talking about other clans too.” Merle was floating in mid-air now as she spoke.

A crimson light enveloped her, constantly changing shapes. Her intimidating aura made everyone feel chills running down their spines.

“The ability of this first generation of Blood Kindred woman has far surpassed our predictions. Why don’t we join forces temporarily and kill this woman? We can fight over the Divine Blood after we have killed her,” Guterra suggested, while he glanced around at everyone.

Everyone who was here had clearly come for the first generation of Blood Kindred’s Divine Blood. Since the first generation of Blood Kindred woman was so powerful, the Divine Blood that she had fused with would most likely not be simple either.

“Guterra is right. Before this, the first generation of Blood Kindred woman was merely a baron. Now, she is so terrifying. From this alone, we can see how extraordinary the Divine Blood is. It might even be the Divine Blood of a first generation of Blood Kindred Lord. Now, she has yet to completely fuse with the Divine Blood, but once she has succeeded, she will most likely become a first generation of Blood Kindred Earl in an instant.” Pislen’s eyes blinked, while he nodded to indicate that he agreed with Guterra’s suggestion.

After all, the more powerful this woman was, the nobler her Divine Blood was also. Besides, Pislen was getting more interested in this Divine Blood.

He figured that, if the Divine Blood was from a lord, after one had completely fused with it, the person would most likely become someone as powerful as a first generation of Blood Kindred Marquis in the future! If he could really become a marquis, he was willing to become a first generation of Blood Kindred, even if he needed to give up his faith.

After all, a first generation of Blood Kindred Marquis had the lifespan of a thousand years, as well as possessed unparalleled strength. The God of his faith couldn’t even give him such things!

The people from the Roman Curia and the Sorcerers family also agreed to join forces. Soon, the Stone Demons Clan agreed too. Now, only the two first generation of Blood Kindreds were yet to join them.

“Royce, isn’t she a traitor of your first generation of Blood Kindred clan? Killing her is supposed to be your mission, right?” Pislen stared coldly at Royce and Henry, the two first generation of Blood Kindreds.

If the two of them were not willing to join forces, Pislen and the others wouldn’t let them watch in safety while they were fighting. Instead, they would kill them too!