Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 448

Chapter 448 The Fight Between The Sandpiper And The Clam


Royce furrowed his brows. The order from above had been not to kill Merle instantly but to capture and bring her back alive. Only if he couldn’t capture her and she would otherwise end up in the hands of other influences should he kill her.

“Royce, we don’t have any other options,” Henry reminded him gently. The way those people around them were looking at them was very cold. If Royce and Henry wouldn’t agree to their demands, they might well attack them.

“We’ll cooperate.” Royce cast a look at Pislen. He knew he didn’t have a choice at this moment. If he could kill Merle, they would manage to keep some secrets of the Blood Kindred; it was better than allowing her to be captured by others.

“Since that is so, we should work together for once,” Pislen replied with a cold smile, looking at Merle. At once, everyone’s eyes were fixed on Merle. This woman would die after experiencing the honor of having them all them working together in order to kill her. All those present were by no means lowly figures in their own influences and clans.

Merle glanced at the people without any expression. Suddenly, she let out a long cry. A streak of glaring Blood light shone from her back, followed by the appearance of a pair of crimson bat’s wings, measuring three to four meters across and giving out a sanguinary and evil aura.

Next, Merle’s hands both began to change, with ten frightening talons emerging like the sharpest blades in the world.

Everyone was stupefied and looked at Merle dumbfoundedly. How was she able to transform into a Vampire bat; wasn’t it only the Earl of Blood Kindred who had this ability? Merle was merely a Viscount; how could she possibly transform in this way?

“That isn’t a body of transformation but Atavism! My God! She can actually perform Atavism!” Henry looked at the sinister figure in terror as he screamed with horror on his face. Atavism! It was actually the legendary Atavism; how could it be!

“How can this be?” Royce was dazed as he looked at Merle with an unknown feeling surging in his heart. He was very clear what it meant when a member of the Blood Kindred could perform Atavism, but why wouldn’t the members of the Blood Kindred accept her? Exactly why?

The surrounding people didn’t hear Henry’s words as everyone was in a state of shock. They simply stared at Merle dumbfoundedly.

“God! She is merely a Viscount and can’t have the body of transformation which only the Earl could have,” Pislen remarked in disbelief. “Unless the Divine Blood that she had integrated is not from the Blood Kindred’s Lord, and instead was from a Blood Kindred’s Emperor.”

“It’s definitely not the Lord’s Divine Blood,” Guterra said. “Only the Divine Blood of the Emperor and above would have such a special effect. If this woman is to grow up successfully, she will most probably become a Lord in the Blood Kindred.”

The pupils of Guterra’s eyes constricted as his eyes fixed on Merle. The Sorcerers Family had constantly studied the Lord’s Divine Blood of the Blood Kindred and could be very certain that it didn’t have this effect. If the Divine Blood in Merle’s body came from the Blood Kindred’s Emperor, then…

At that instant, all the eyes were fervently staring at Merle like they were looking at a mountain of gold.

Blood Kindred’s Emperor! That was an immensely great existence. If they obtained the Emperor’s Divine Blood, they would be more than willing to be a part of Blood Kindred.

As long as Merle had not integrated with the Divine Blood completely, they could extract the Divine Blood out of her body. If it was merely the Divine Blood of the Blood Kindred’s Duke, perhaps they would simply treat it as an expensive treasure which could be exchanged for great benefits. However, if the Divine Blood was from Blood Kindred’s Emperor, they would definitely not sell it. Instead, they would integrate it with themselves as they were willing to be part of Blood Kindred for it.

“Greedy people. You will die before me.” Merle looked at them with a peaceful expression. She remained standing on the same spot, but a crimson figure appeared in front of Guterra and Langrok.

Guterra’s face changed as he realized that Merle was attacking him first. He waved his hand and a staff appeared in his hand. He pointed it in front of him to strike towards the crimson figure.

He knew that he wouldn’t be able to escape from Merle’s terrifying speed so he could only fight her head on. If he had attempted to hide, he would have been at a great disadvantage instantly.

The crimson figure did not continue with an attack on Guterra, but instead targeted Langrok, standing beside him. With a strange twist of the Blood light, the figure disappeared from in front of Guterra, appearing in front of Langrok at a strange angle.

A streak of crimson claw flashed, and before Langrok could react, his body began to shatter into pieces. Langrok was merely an Arch Sorcerer and differed from Guterra by a big realm. He was completely unable to withstand an attack from Merle.

“Damn it.” Guterra was furious and waved the staff in his hand. A streak of black fog surged out. The next moment, the surrounding heavens and earth itself seemed to be darkened. A streak of starlight appeared from the sky and instantly hit Merle’s body.

Merle’s body shook slightly and flew backward a few meters but was she was unscathed.

“We must attack together. Don’t give her a chance to get out of all the attacks!” Guterra shouted aloud. His figure flashed as he became the first to fly towards Merle. The others knew that if they didn’t cooperate as one, they might not defeat her. Hence, everyone attacked one after another.

Instantly, more than ten experts from different influences, including the Blood Kindred, besieged Merle frantically. The terrifying power almost flattened the surrounding mountain forests.

Facing the attack of so many experts with everyone putting in their best effort, Merle was finally at a disadvantage. Regardless of how strong she was, she would be helpless when facing so many experts of the same realm simultaneously. However, Merle remained calm and her calmness was frightening to all.

“Twilight!” A streak of special energy aura silently appeared on Merle’s body before her power eerily began to increase. In a split second, it multiplied many times. The terrifying pressure covered the heavens and earth like a tornado.

“What! She actually practices Twilight, she must be crazy!” Pislen, who had besieged and attacked Merle with all his might, stopped suddenly as if he saw a ghost. Then, he ran away frantically, his courage instantly deserting him.

“Crazy! You are a lunatic!” The two fearless persons from Stone Demons Clan were also frightened at this moment. They turned around and began running with all their might.

“My God!” Guterra yelled at the top of his voice. At this moment, he turned around and ran without any concern for his reputation.

As Merle performed Twilight, all the people lost their fighting spirit instantly as nobody wanted to die, and certainly didn’t want to die for anyone else’s sake.

In the Gods Alliance, there was a kind of secret technique named Glory of Ages, which gave up one’s life in exchange for a moment of exceptionally powerful strength. The person who performed it would give up their entire life in exchange for a moment of glory.

Every time there was a Holy war between the Gods Alliance and Demon Gods Alliance, the Glory of Ages would make the Demon Gods Alliance pay a heavy price.

In order to break this weakness, the mighty ones in the Demon Gods Alliance had used the Glory of Ages as the basis to study and create Twilight, which was equivalent to the Glory of Ages and suitable for the people of Demon Gods Alliance. Once Merle performed Twilight, it simply meant that she had completely given up her life.

Endless streaks of crimson light flashed in the sky, with crimson illusory figures appearing to almost turn the sky red.

Those who had begun to run away as Merle performed Twilight had no chance of escape. All were dead; none spared, including the two Blood Kindred.

Merle floated in the air and was as calm as usual. Even though she knew she was going to die, it didn’t seem to affect her emotions.

“Eh? There is still someone else?” Suddenly, Merle’s eyes looked towards a hedge of bushes with two streaks of cold crimson light flashing in her eyes. Previously, she hadn’t realized there was someone there. After she performed the Twilight, she detected something was wrong.

“Interesting. Indeed interesting!” A person walked out of the bushes slowly. He was clapping as he walked treacherously, with a craftiness in his smile. He was middle-aged and of average stature, with two mustaches. He wore a pair of spectacles, giving him the look of a scholar.

“Are you a citizen of Fu Sang? Merle asked. The middle-aged man didn’t speak English but did speak Fu Sang.

“You are creating such a big stir in Fu Sang, how could you expect us not to know?” the man said with a cold laugh. “Those people were indeed foolish if they didn’t realize that they had prepared everything for us.”

“How did you escape my sensing?” Merle asked coldly. If she hadn’t used Twilight, she might never have discovered this man at all. The others hadn’t detected him either…

“Since you don’t know, you won’t need to know. You only need to understand that you are in my hands now. Don’t worry, I will leave your corpse intact and even give you a good funeral. After all, you have given me a great gift. Tsk. Emperor’s Divine Blood…ha ha….”

The middle-aged man of Fu Sang gave a satisfied laugh. After performing Twilight, this woman from Blood Kindred no longer had any strength left to fight. It was said that the fisherman would benefit when the sandpiper fought with the clam. He was definitely in the role of the fisherman now.

“The people of Fu Sang are indeed crafty. However, you may have counted your chickens before they have hatched.” As the middle-aged man laughed hysterically, a youngster dressed in a black suit walked out with an unsmiling face. He was tall with a cold, stern demeanor. His disposition was noble and he had the classic image of tall, rich and handsome.

“There will always be some people who think that they are smarter than the rest.” As the somber youngster appeared, another weird laughter resounded. An old man, with a short and small figure, walked out of the forest in a leisurely manner, with his hands behind his back.

“Interesting! There is only one portion of Divine Blood. Three of you will have to see about it.” Merle laughed aloud suddenly while she slowly sat on the floor with her legs crossed. She felt her life ebbing away and was waiting for the last moment to come.


In the house, Mo Wen gradually opened his eyes. Two masses of golden radiance were constantly moving in his eyes. Then, a streak of terrifying aura spread, with him as the center. It only spread a few meters as if it had been blocked by something. The aura was sealed completely in the room.

His premonition had been right; his Cultivation had naturally broken through to the intermediate stage of Embryonic Breathing realm after he had simply practiced for a while. Moreover, the three Divine Techniques had also broken through to the intermediate stage of Embryonic Breathing simultaneously.

“Eh?” Surprise flashed in Mo Wen’s eyes. His figure flashed and disappeared from the house. He transformed into a mass of fog before flying straight out of the window. Nobody in the hotel noticed what had just happened.