Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 449

Chapter 449 Abduction


Just now, the moment his cultivation had broken through, Mo Wen’s soul underwent a metamorphosis. His thoughts spread across a hundred miles. Within those hundred miles, every moment was within his grasp.

It was an experience that he had never felt before. He was like a deity, who was omniscient and looking over all of the people. He immediately flew out of the room, disappearing into the sky in the blink of an eye.

Meanwhile, in the forest in the wilderness, there were three people who were engaged in fierce combat. It was a two-against-one fight.

An elderly man and a middle-aged man were surrounding a stern youth who was dressed in a suit. The youth was actually not at a disadvantage, even though he was outmanned. He remained sturdy and unmatched.

“Even though the two of you joined forces, you are still no match for me,” the stern youth said coldly as he dealt with their assault.

“Such big talk!” The elder roared. With a long shout, his clothes were immediately torn to shreds, and his originally small and stout figure seemed like an inflating balloon, constantly expanding.

In the blink of an eye he was over two meters tall! All of the clothes on his body were in tatters. Strands of white fur covered the elder’s body. He was like a wild beast!

“So, you are an expert of the Snow Leopard clan. No wonder you evaded the Blood Kindred woman’s probing. Rumor has it that your clan has mastery in concealment arts. Today, I have learned something new,” the middle-aged man from Fu Sang Country said, somewhat moved as he looked at the elder who had just been transformed.

The Snow Leopard clan was a faction of the Beastmen Alliance. It was a clan of just a few members among the Beastmen Alliance. Rumors had circulated that each member of the clan had achievements that were not trivial, yet they somehow always had problems in improving their numbers and were always stuck maintaining the equilibrium of their small group. Maybe the Heavens were fair after all, as it granted the Snow Leopard clan exceptional power and talent, but limited them in these other aspects.

Ida Ikkei had used a treasure from the ninja world to avoid the detection of Merle and the others. But, the Snow Leopard clan elder had used his natural ability to cause everyone to be incapable of detecting him. As for the last strange youth, how he had managed to avoid being detected by so many people remained unknown to Ida Ikkei.

But, this stern youth was truly powerful. He had actually used his own strength to block both of their attacks at the same time! One could only imagine the full strength of his ability!

“Devil Saber Slash!” Ida Ikkei’s expression turned solemn as a katana jumped out from his body quietly.

As he instantly drew the blade, a cold light flashed. Then, with a slash, he strangely leapt through space and ended up standing in front of the youth in an instant!

The sharp light from the blade slashed the stern youth’s figure into two. However, no blood was drawn. The two halves of his body became shadows and dissipated.

Ida Ikkei’s expression changed slightly. The stern youth had actually managed to dodge his Devil Saber Slash. It was something he had never seen before, because no one had ever managed to do it. Everyone seemed to choose to take his slash head-on because their speed could not be faster than the Devil Saber Slash!

The Snow Leopard clan elder was also astonished. When Ida Ikkei had drawn his blade, he had instantly attacked, sealing off the stern youth’s escape route. The two of them had joined forces, but they never imagined that the youth would still manage to calmly escape their attacks.

Both Ida Ikkei and the Snow Leopard clan elder were astonished that a mere youth actually had such frightening power! It meant that he had already surpassed them. His future prospects were unlimited!

“Buffoons.” The stern youth looked at the two of them indifferently, a black, hazy light suddenly shining from his body.

Next, a pair of dim illusionary wings actually emerged from behind his figure. The wings were entirely jet black, like the darkness of a black hole. A terrifying aura emanated from his body, causing Ida Ikkei and the Snow Leopard clan elder to take a step backwards.

“The Fallen Angel clan! How can this be possible?” Ida Ikkei screamed as though he had seen a ghost.

The stern youth’s appearance was too similar to the Fallen Angel clan from the legends. They were a legendary clan, and one had actually appeared before him!

“No, he is not from the Fallen Angel clan, but a descendant of a Fallen Angel. They do not have a pure Fallen Angel bloodline. Ancient texts recorded that they were a clan of those abandoned by the Fallen Angel clan in the mortal realm. They have inherited a small portion of the Fallen Angel’s power,” the Snow Leopard clan elder said calmly with a serious expression.

He was a member of the Demon Gods Alliance, so he knew far more than others about the matters of the inner circles of the Demon Gods Alliance. The clan of abandoned descendants of the Fallen Angels had always existed within the Demon Gods Alliance, but they were all in the higher ranks of the Demon Gods Alliance. Normal alliance members rarely came into contact with them, so they were always very mysterious.

“Such a terrifying power…” Ida Ikkei drew in a cold breath.

The look he gave the stern youth was full of caution. Even if he wasn’t truly from the Fallen Angel clan and only inherited a small portion of the Fallen Angel bloodline, it was still very shocking. His origin was still not something a normal superpowered person could match.

“Those who get in my way will die.” The corners of the stern youth’s mouth curled into a cruel smile.

Then, the illusionary black wings on his back slightly flapped and his person appeared in front of the Snow Leopard clan elder. With just a punch, he sent the Snow Leopard clan elder flying, seemingly without any resistance.

Beastmen clans were famous for their power, especially the Snow Leopard clan, who were the leaders among the Beastmen clans. Even so, the Snow Leopard clan elder, who could compare with a practitioner of the Embryonic Breathing realm, still could not withstand the power of one of the stern youth’s punches!

Ida Ikkei felt his body go cold. He had lost the courage to fight. His silhouette turned into black smoke and, in an instant, he had fled far away.

However, his speed paled when compared to that of the stern youth, who had the blood of the Fallen Angel. In one breath’s time, the stern youth had caught up with him. The stern youth then exerted a forceful punch on Ida Ikkei’s back.

Upon impact, Ida Ikkei spewed out a mouthful of blood. He didn’t dare stay any longer, escaping like a crazy man!

On the other side, the Snow Leopard clan elder also lost the courage to continue fighting. He broke into a run, not caring about his injuries.

The two of them had stopped thinking about the Emperor’s Divine Blood. After all, it would be useless for them to have anything if they were dead!

“You aren’t bad. You have the opportunity to step on the Divine Way of the Blood Kindred. But, it’s a shame that the Blood Kindred did not learn, and they are still killing among themselves after so many years.” the stern youth said calmly, while he turned around slowly and looked at Merle.

“I originally thought that I could watch a good show. Too bad the two of them were so disappointing,” Merle said expressionlessly to the stern youth.

“What if we make a deal?” the stern youth asked plainly.

“Of all of the people here, you are the only smart one. However, if you wish to obtain the Blood Kindred Divine Blood, that is impossible.” Merle gave the stern youth a surprised look, but instantly laughed coldly.

“After all, you are about to die, right? Why do you still guard the Divine Blood? If you have any last wishes, I can help you achieve them.” The stern youth frowned.

Only he knew that the Emperor’s Divine Blood was different from normal Divine Blood. Once it fused into a person’s body, it wasn’t easy to separate it. Hence, only with Merle’s agreement could this process be successfully carried out. Otherwise, with just a thought, she could completely destroy the Divine Blood. If that happened, he would get nothing.

“I have no last wishes,” Merle said plainly. Then, she closed her eyes and actually directly ignored the stern youth.

The stern youth’s expression changed. After remaining silent for a long while, he then coldly said, “You’d better not refuse a toast only to drink a forfeit. Even if you intend to destroy the Emperor’s Divine Blood, if I pay a small price, I can still stop you.”

Merle was unmoved by this. She still kept her eyes shut. Her life force now was rapidly lapsing. She was only waiting for the moment her life would end.

A cold air enveloped the stern youth’s gaze. He walked towards Merle expressionlessly. He could indeed prevent Merle from destroying the Emperor’s Divine Blood, but the price he had to pay was not small.

But, what he feared most was thinking about the possibility of, after having paid the high price, still not being able to keep the Emperor’s Divine Blood. Everything would be down the drain for him then. But, the temptation of the Emperor’s Divine Blood was too strong, so it was impossible for him to give up.

As the stern youth was approaching Merle, a shadow quietly appeared in the forest, then headed straight towards Merle’s position. The wind from a palm strike silently flew out, like a spring breeze blowing past. It quietly crashed towards the stern youth of the Fallen Angel bloodline.

“Who is it?” The stern youth was shocked.

His gaze focused on the shadow. Before this, he had not detected it. Only when it had approached closer did he suddenly become aware of its presence.


The stern youth and the shadow exchange blows. He was actually sent backwards three to four steps from the shockwaves alone!

As for the shadow, it was like fog, and with a nimble twist, it appeared in front of Merle soundlessly. It directly picked her up, then turned into a wisp of smoke, immediately disappearing into the forest.

“How dare you?” The stern youth’s eyes nearly ruptured. The goose that he had laid his eyes on had actually flown away right before his eyes!

The illusionary wings on his back furiously flapped and a black light expanded. The next moment, his silhouette instantly disappeared from his original position, frenziedly chasing after the bizarre shadow.

A terrifying huge black palm shot out, crashing with the stern youth, once again sending him flying with its powerful force. By the time the stern youth recovered his senses, the dark shadow had disappeared without a trace.

“Who are you, exactly?” The stern youth furiously struck a nearby tree with his palm, shattering it.

He did not understand. When the shadow took Merle away, she did not resist at all. Could it be that the person is Merle’s companion?

“So, it was you!” Merle looked at the shadow that had captured her. Only she could see the face that was hidden in the black Qi. It was the face of a youth with a serious gaze.

“Your wounds are very severe. I am very surprised that so many people are hunting you,” Mo Wen said with a frown as he looked at the pale-faced Merle.

He felt that there was something off about this woman. Hers did not seem to be a normal wound. Her life force was dropping constantly. If this continued, it would not be long before she perished.

“I am very surprised that Gu Jingman has such an incredible little brother,” Merle said plainly.