Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 450

Chapter 450 Blood Ancestors Divine Blood


“What’s your purpose in being around Gu Jingman?” Mo Wen snorted coldly as his eyes glanced sharply towards Marle. This woman is really not simple; she actually drew in so many people to try to encircle and annihilate her. She has been with Gu Jingman for such a long period of time and can’t guarantee that Gu Jingman has not been affected. The reason why Mo Wen had captured Marle was to try and make sense of it.

“If you believe my words, bring me to Gu Jingman immediately,” Marle replied tepidly.

Mo Wen furrowed his brows but didn’t immediately decide.

“Don’t worry. She is my friend; I will not harm her,” Marle said softly.

“You are going to die soon anyway, I can tentatively believe you this time.” Mo Wen nodded slightly. His figure transformed into a black light and dashed a few kilometers, not in the direction of the hotel in the urban district, but instead in the opposite direction, appearing on top of a low hill.

“You still don’t believe me,” said Marle stoically. This direction led to the mountain plain which was the opposite of the urban district. It would be impossible to find Gu Jingman.

“Women are simply overly suspicious. I naturally meant what I said.” Mo Wen took a glimpse at Marle before fishing out the Ming Yang ancient needles. He rubbed both his hands and tens of the golden needles transformed into golden lights, before entering Marle’s body and sealing all the acupoints.

He was not worried that this dying woman had a wicked plan but was afraid that she might die before she could find Gu Jingman. In her present condition, she possibly wouldn’t last for more than another fifteen minutes.

However, Mo Wen was unable to save her by using a few Ming Yang ancient needles. The injury didn’t seem to be due to an external factor but was caused by an internal factor. This kind of injury was very difficult to cure. Moreover, Marle’s condition was much more serious than he had imagined. He was quite curious with regard to the circumstances that could have caused such serious injuries.

“You have medical expertise?” Marle looked at Mo Wen in surprise. She could clearly feel that the condition in her own body had been eased quite a bit. The draining away of her constantly weakening lifeforce had also been slowed down, so she wouldn’t die immediately

“Don’t get your hopes up. I have medical expertise but I can’t cure you,” Mo Wen said stoically. He thought about the situation. The woman’s injury was just too odd. It would be very difficult to treat even if he wanted to cure her. Moreover, under such unprepared circumstances, it would be difficult to find the means to do so. It was also unclear if she was a friend or a foe, so Mo Wen didn’t want to spend too much of an effort on her.

“The strange Eastern secretive medical expertise is indeed extraordinary.” Marle gasped sincerely in admiration. Only she herself knew the price of using Twilight. Just by slowing down death, the treatment was very miraculous. All the methods she knew required her to pay a price to do it, but the Chinese man had actually managed it effortlessly, using just a few golden needles.

Mo Wen swept his eyes over the surroundings with two masses of golden suns suddenly surging in his eyes. The suns gradually became hot and were so bright that Marle almost couldn’t open her eyes. Then, a weird energy fluctuation wrapped both Mo Wen and Marle up and completely isolated them from the outside world, like it had formed a private space.

After the invisible Energy space was formed, Mo Wen stretched his hand to grip Marle, before turning around and rushing towards the direction of the urban district. This was to completely isolate both their auras so that nobody could find them with any methods.

No one couldn’t blame Mo Wen for being cautious as this woman had too many secrets. All those people who were after her life was very strong and were from different influences and organizations. He didn’t want to have unnecessary troubles because of a woman.

Furthermore, he also knew that there were many weird secret techniques in this world which could use illusory trace and smell reaction to lock down a target tens of kilometers away. This kind of tracking technique normally existed in the Immortal Cultivation world.

It’s better to be safe than sorry. The situation with Marle was unique amongst Mo Wen’s experiences. With the isolation of the Energy space, he believed that even those Immortal Cultivators, who were skilled in the tracking techniques, would find it difficult to locate him.

The Spiritual weapon cape had blocked Mo Wen’s body which caused him to become a mass of black cloud mist. As such, nobody would detect him even when he was flying in the sky of the urban district.

In a while, Mo Wen flew back to the hotel and entered it through the window. The strong wind gushed in before the window was tightly closed. “With me extending your life, you can have another four hours to live which is enough to wait for Gu Jingman to return.” Mo Wen put Marle on the bed as he spoke indifferently.

Marle kept quiet as she sat cross-legged with her eyes slightly closed. She was exceptionally calm as if she viewed death as nothing.

Mo Wen didn’t comment further and turned around to leave the room. However, he paid close attention to Marle’s movement. He would definitely detect it if anything strange began to happen.

In the forest, a black figure dashed through the trees and appeared on top of the hill that Mo Wen had stopped upon previously. The black figure stood on top of the hill for a long time before he punched a big rock into pieces suddenly.

“Damn it. All the auras are totally gone. What exactly is happening!” A stern young man said angrily. He had used the secret tracking technique left in the Fallen Angels to track them all the way to this place. However, he suddenly realized that there was no trace of Marle and that mysterious person. They had vanished into thin air without leaving a trace.

In the evening, Gu Jingman and Shen Jing came back from their shopping trip. When they stepped into the room, Mo Wen pulled Gu Jingman to the room Marle was in.

“What’s wrong?” Gu Jingman looked at Mo Wen, totally baffled.

“There is someone who would like to see you. I don’t know her purpose but you better take a look,” Mo Wen said softly. He didn’t understand the relationship between Gu Jingman and Marle. If they really were friends, now that Marle wanted to see Gu Jingman for the last time, he couldn’t reject her wish. That’s why he had brought Marle back. If it wasn’t for that, Mo Wen most probably wouldn’t care about Marle’s life.

“Marle!” When Gu Jingman walked into the room, she discovered Marle lying on the bed and let out a shout of surprise.

“Gu Jingman, I thought we would never meet again. It’s indeed fate that we get to see each other one more time.” Marle finally gave her a weak smile.

“What silly words. If you are willing, you can stay here temporarily,” Gu Jingman said with a smile. She was puzzled as to why Marle was speaking as if they were experiencing a life and death separation when they had merely been apart for an afternoon.

“I wouldn’t leave again,” Marle said with a smile as she shook her head.

“You are willing to stay?” Gu Jingman looked at Marle in surprise. Previously, she had tried to persuade her many times but Marle was always adamant about leaving. However, she had changed her mind unexpectedly after half a day.

“Mr. Mo, thank you for saving me. However, for the subsequent matter, I hope you will not stop me. Please believe that I will not harm Jingman. I am a dying person and she is the only friend I have in this world.” Marle looked at Mo Wen with eyes which were especially bright and clear, and filled with deep sincerity.

Mo Wen nodded but didn’t comment at all. He practiced Divine Soul Trillion Layers so if Marle had any ill intention, he would be able to sense it at once.

“Marle, you are saying silly things…” Gu Jingman was slightly dazed as she didn’t understand why Marle kept talking about dying.

Shen Jing held Mo Wen’s hand as she looked at Gu Jingman and Marle curiously. At the moment, she could also detect that the atmosphere was not right.

“Jingman, I don’t know if what I am going to do is actually right or wrong. I only want to give you whatever I have.” Marle smiled weakly. A streak of Blood light suddenly shot out from between her brows and shot into Gu Jingman’s body. Subsequently, Gu Jingman’s body limped and was completely unconscious.

Marle carried Gu Jingman onto the bed. A streak of Blood light was released from her body which enveloped both Gu Jingman and her. Instantly, a Blood Chrysalis was formed with both figures completely covered in the Blood light.

The sinister vampire bat’s illusory figure appeared above the Blood Chrysalis and almost enveloped half the room. The strong and evil aura was spreading out frantically.

Mo Wen furrowed his brows. He released the Energy space which completely isolated the aura, ensuring none was able to leak out.

Shen Jing covered her mouth and looked at the scene in disbelief, her scope of knowledge and understanding completely surpassed by the fairy tale like world in which she had suddenly found herself. She unconsciously gripped onto Mo Wen tightly. Her hands became sweaty and she wondered whether or not she was hallucinating.

Mo Wen embraced Shen Jing in his arms while talking comfortingly, “Don’t be afraid. Everything is very normal. I will protect you.” His voice was like a charm which caused Shen Jing to calm down very quickly in his warm embrace. She looked at the scene before her curiously. It was obviously beyond reality and nature, but she realized that it didn’t seem as difficult to accept. Like Mo Wen had said, everything was normal.

“Mr. Mo, she likes you. She has always liked you in her heart and she doesn’t merely want to be your sister. I think she can be the person who will stand by you forever so please protect her well.” The Blood Chrysalis swayed for a while before it cracked gradually. Marle’s figure walked out from it as she looked calmly at Mo Wen.

“Of course, I will protect her well. What did you do to her?” Mo Wen asked.

Mo Wen smiled bitterly as he peeked at Shen Jing. After realizing that she was very calm and wasn’t reacting oddly, he heaved a sigh of relief before looking at Marle. Everything that Marle had just done to Gu Jingman should be a kind of inheritance, but it didn’t quite seem that way. Although he didn’t know exactly what was happening, he was not ignorant of everything, otherwise, he wouldn’t have let Marle do it.

“Do you know the Blood Kindred’s Divine Blood?” Marle asked.

Mo Wen shook his head. He only knew that the original blood of the Blood Kindred was worth a lot of money, but he was unclear about the concept of Divine Blood.

Marle looked at Mo Wen. She was surprised that he didn’t know about Blood Kindred’s Divine Blood. With his ability, his knowledge shouldn’t be so limited. However, right now, Marle wasn’t too concerned, saying seriously, “Mr. Mo, I have given her the heritage of Divine Blood. That is the Blood Ancestor’s Divine Blood of the Blood Kindred and I believe you will understand its preciousness in the future. However, in Hua Xia, you have a saying that a man’s greatest ruin is to arouse another man’s greed.”