Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 451

Chapter 451 Blood Gods Heritage

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The heritage of Blood Kindred’s Divine Blood! Mo Wen furrowed his brows. Did this mean that after Gu Jingman accepted the heritage of the Divine Blood, she would become a Blood Kindred in the future?

“Before she completely integrates with the Blood ancestor’s Divine Blood, please do not let her have any contact with the western world. It’s safe for her to remain in Hua Xia.” Merle’s figure was gradually becoming illusory, like a streak of light image. It was gradually fading away, like it would disappear soon.

If anyone knew that it was not the Emperor’s Divine Blood but Blood ancestor’s Divine Blood, they would definitely go crazy! This was because the Blood ancestor was the highest existence in the Blood Kindred.

It was written within the legend of the ancient times that once one integrated with the Blood ancestor’s Divine Blood, the person might have the potential to become a Blood Kindred’s Supreme. Not only would the members of the Blood Kindred become hysterical knowing this, but even those people who were not in the Blood Kindred would be driven mad by this fact!

Merle had not considered giving the Divine Blood’s Heritage to Gu Jingman previously, as that would have only brought her trouble. However, it was different now…

She was about to disperse into the heavens and the earth, so nobody would know the whereabouts of the Divine Blood. If Gu Jingman could keep this secret, she wouldn’t be in any danger.

Suddenly a Blood Chrysalis split open and Gu Jingman’s figure was floating in the air. A huge golden bat’s illusory figure had wrapped her up within it.

There was a surging wave of power emitting from her body. Even Mo Wen was secretly shocked by this power. It was definitely not a power that a normal person could possess, and even the ancient martial arts practitioner in the Golden Elixir paled in comparison!

“She is going to become a Blood Kindred?” Mo Wen furrowed his brows as he looked towards Merle.

Merle nodded and uttered softly, “Don’t worry. She is not a normal Blood Kindred, so she will become a ruler of the Blood Kindred in the future. That means that she will still look like any ordinary person.”

The lower-class Blood Kindred and the noble Blood Kindred’s ruler were totally two different concepts. If Gu Jingman could completely integrate with the Blood ancestor’s Divine Blood, she would one day become the Emperor of Blood Kindred.

The reason why those people in the Blood Kindred were chasing after her to kill her was not because she went into the Blood God’s ancestral land, but because she had obtained the Blood ancestor’s Divine Blood from the Blood God’s ancestral land.

After she had done this, a legendary Blood Kindred Lord had woken up after a deep sleep. He was now covetous of her Blood ancestor’s Divine Blood.

Suddenly, something was gradually appearing on Gu Jingman’s body, which was floating in the air. It was emitting a streak of exceptionally pure and holy radiance, which instantly covered everything in the room.

Almost immediately, a terrifying aura descended. Mo Wen felt his body sink, as if a big mountain had been pressing on it. He actually couldn’t move at all.

Mo Wen gasped and his were eyes fixed on the object that had just appeared. It was a White Jade statue, which was pure and holy, yet also evil.

That crimson bat leaned on the angel’s body, its teeth sinking into the angel’s throat. This scene terrified everyone present.

“She brought that thing on her body. Oh no!” Merle’s face changed and turned totally pale. It was as if she had just thought of something and was suddenly anxious.

She had forgotten just now! That statue was already on Gu Jingman’s body!

That sacred white light was being emitted from that angel statue! The sacred light soon enveloped Gu Jingman’s body.

Meanwhile, the Golden bat’s illusory figure, which wrapped around Gu Jingman, seemed to be suffering a great torment, as it was constantly giving out sharp shrieks. That horrible sound was filled with great terror and discomfort.

With the shining of the white sacred light, the illusory figure of the Golden bat was gradually dimming, like it could possibly be dispersed at any time.

“Primogenitor, bless us!” Merle screamed at the top of her lungs, her eyes full of terror.

Her face was also full of regrets. She shouldn’t have given that statue to Gu Jingman, and she never should have passed down the Blood ancestor’s Divine Blood in front of the statue!

Following Merle’s screams, the Vampire bat, which was leaning on the statue, suddenly gave out a brilliant Blood light. That Blood light suddenly clashed with the pure and holy white light, then gradually suppressed the white light.

Although that Blood light had suppressed the white light, it was unable to block out the white light completely. The radiance of the sacred white light continued to envelope the room and seemed to be more focused. It no longer enveloped every corner of the room, as its radiance was focused mainly on Gu Jingman’s body.

The shrieks of the Golden bat became less frequent, but its figure continued to disperse. However, the speed of its dispersion had slowed down tremendously.

Merle’s face was paler than before. That Blood light actually couldn’t control the white light completely, which would mean… She simply didn’t dare to think further.

“Mr. Mo Wen, please think of a way to stop that statue. Otherwise, Gu Jingman will be in real danger.” Panic-stricken, Merle looked towards Mo Wen helplessly, hoping that he could resolve the crisis.

Gu Jingman wouldn’t have a problem if the statue could be removed. However, her body basically couldn’t move at all now. That angel statue is too terrifying!

Mo Wen furrowed his brows and attempted to move his body. However, he simply swayed and was unable to take a single step. That omnipresent frightening power had severely injured him. This was evident by the trace of blood that trickled out of the corner of his mouth.

Refusing to succumb to his injury, he activated all of the strength in his body again, attempting to resist that sinister power. However, he was only injured further, as the counter reaction was even stronger this time around. Mouthfuls of blood gushed out of his mouth, but his body simply couldn’t move from its original spot.

“Mo Wen, how are you?” Shen Jing was immensely shocked and rushed towards Mo Wen to hug him tightly. She took out a handkerchief to wipe away the blood from his mouth.

“You can move?” Mo Wen looked at Shen Jing in shock.

Merle looked at Shen Jing for the first time, her pupils constricting instantly.

“Yes. Why wouldn’t I be able to move?” Shen Jing asked dubiously. Other than the unbelievable scene before her eyes, she didn’t feel anything different happening to her.

“Then, can you move over there and take that statue away?” Merle asked anxiously, her eyes fixed on Shen Jing.

Shen Jing hesitated as she looked at Mo Wen. That statue was in the air and it seemed weird, so she didn’t really want to touch it.

“Is there any danger?” Mo Wen asked with some hesitation. He would rather risk himself than put Shen Jing in danger.

“That statue will only attack the Blood Kindred, so there won’t be any danger. If the statue is not removed, Gu Jingman may die!” Merle said anxiously.

“I’ll try.” After Shen Jing heard the severity of the situation, she walked towards the statue carefully, reaching it effortlessly.

When she stretched out her hand to take hold of the statue, that sacred white light and that crimson Blood light seemed to have met something fearful, which caused them to withdraw frantically. Within a split second, they returned into the statue and the room returned to its original peaceful state.

That illusory figure of the Golden bat gradually stabilized and returned to its previous form again as well. Merle heaved a sigh of relief, as the scene just now had been a really close shave!

However, just when Merle was feeling relieved, the Vampire bat on the statue weirdly shrieked, and the crimson Blood light burst out. That white glowing White Jade statue became crimson instantly, like a glistening Blood Jade.

The previous scene had happened again! Mo Wen’s body was once again rooted to the ground! After these weird situations happened one after another, he lost his patience. What exactly is that weird statue?

The Vampire bat on the statute seemed to be alive and opened its mouth slightly. Then, a drop of glistening crimson blood gradually floated out of it. That blood seemed to have a spirit within it, and it went around the house once before focusing on Shen Jing.


The blood transformed into a string of red threads before it hit vigorously between Shen Jing’s eyebrows. However, that drop of blood dropped out of Shen Jing’s body after a short while, giving the impression that it had suffered a rejection or met with a thing that it couldn’t withstand therein.

However, the drop of blood didn’t seem to give up. It went around Shen Jing several more times and attempted to enter her body again.

However, this time it was faster than before. Almost the exact moment it flew into her, it was expelled again by something unknown.

Merle was dumbfounded. Her eyes never left that drop of blood as she looked at Shen Jing with disbelief in her eyes.

That blood seemed to be angry now, and it went around the room at a very high speed, then pounced vigorously between the eyebrows of Gu Jingman once again. The next moment, that brilliant Blood light burst out of Gu Jingman’s body.

That frightening Blood light flung the Golden bat, which was wrapped around Gu Jingman’s body, out directly! After that, a drop of golden blood instantly entered Gu Jingman’s body.

Then, with a loud thud, it hit onto the wall nearby, like someone had thrown some rubbish out! The illusory figure of the Golden bat screamed in terror, as if it had just met something terrifying. It burrowed into the golden blood, then disappeared instantly.

“Oh my God!” Merle covered her mouth, as she simply couldn’t believe her eyes. The Blood ancestor’s Divine Blood is actually being forced out of Gu Jingman’s body!

A streak of red light appeared on Gu Jingman’s body, then started flashing weakly before disappearing completely. Her body was gradually lowered from the air onto the bed. It almost looked like she was sound asleep, as a sense of serenity was hanging around her entire being.

The statue, which had completely become Blood Jade, then transformed into a streak of golden light. It looked like an illusory thing as it entered Gu Jingman’s body straightaway.

“Blood God’s heritage!” Merle screamed.

Her eyes were completely fixed on Gu Jingman. Her gaze was filled with extreme shock and delight. The legendary Blood God’s heritage had really appeared, and it all happened right before her eyes!

“She shall be the hope of the Blood Kindred… I can now die with no regrets…” Merle lifted her head up and laughed hysterically.

She was feeling a strong sense of carefreeness. With her laughter, her body gradually became more illusory. Then, it eventually dispersed into the air.

Mo Wen sighed deeply. Before Merle had given the heritage to Gu Jingman, it might have been possible for him to save Merle’s life. But, after it was passed down, nobody could save her, not even the gods.