Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 452

Chapter 452 A Terrifying Gu Jingman

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Merle had disappeared completely. Nobody in the world could locate her anymore.

Mo Wen didn’t disturb Gu Jingman. He held onto Shen Jing’s hand and left the room. The two of them returned silently to their room.

Mo Wen kept the drop of Blood ancestor’s Divine Blood that had been forced out of Gu Jingman’s body in a bottle. Even though Merle hadn’t explained it to him, he knew that this drop of Divine Blood was precious. Otherwise, so many people wouldn’t be hunting her to try and get their hands on it.

Mo Wen knew that Shen Jing was full of questions. So, that night, he told her as much as he could.

The next morning, Gu Jingman slowly opened her eyes. A glint of brilliant, crimson light flashed past them, her eyes were full of sorrow. Even though she had only been asleep for one night, it felt like a century had passed. She had found out too many things in such a short time. She wouldn’t be able to recall everything she had learned even if she had a few lifetimes to do so. She could only seal all the additional memories in her mind.

Mo Wen was the first to visit Gu Jingman in her room. “She left!” Mo Wen said after finding Gu Jingman awake.

“I know.” Gu Jingman nodded, slightly sad. She had never thought that Merle was a Blood Kindred and that she would bring such a huge change to her life.

Mo Wen stood in silence. He didn’t know what else to say to comfort her.

“The Blood Kindred bullied Merle. I will avenge her.” Gu Jingman got up from the bed. She was surprisingly calm.

“You know what happened yesterday, right?” Mo Wen asked. Gu Jingman was too calm, as though she had known everything all along.

“I know.” Gu Jingman nodded. She knew better than anyone.

“Are you a Blood Kindred now?” Mo Wen asked curiously. The race of Blood Kindred was peculiar. They could convert a normal person to a Blood Kindred through bloodline heritage. Besides that, the appearance of a normal Blood Kindred was no different from that of other humans.

“Little brother, do you not like Blood Kindred women?” Gu Jingman stared at Mo Wen with a smile, flirtatiously winking at him. She had returned to her frivolous behavior.

“That’s not what I’m asking,’ Mo Wen replied awkwardly. How was it possible for Gu Jingman to relate everything to romance all the time?

“It’s okay if you don’t like it because I’m not a Blood Kindred. But I can control them.” A strange look flashed in Gu Jingman’s eyes and the corners of her mouth lifted slightly. She demonstrated the haughtiness of a queen again. She was slightly majestic.

“The blood you have been given is quite something,” Mo Wen said. He could sense that the bloodline heritage was not simple. Perhaps Gu Jingman’s achievements now would be more impressive than anything he could accomplish. Thinking of this, he felt a certain amount of sorrow but knew that one’s fate could not be forced. This was Gu Jingman’s fate, not his. The blood hadn’t chosen him. Instead, it had chosen Gu Jingman, although he felt that the blood had favored Shen Jing more. For some unknown reason though, it hadn’t been able to choose her as a carrier.

“The Divine Blood has developed an initial resonance with me, but we haven’t fused. It will take a very long time for the Divine Blood to completely fuse with me,” Gu Jingman sighed.

This was the most dangerous moment for Gu Jingman. Only by completely fusing with the Divine Blood would she have the ability to protect herself. It was precisely because she had not been able to fuse with the Blood ancestor’s Divine Blood in time that Merle had attracted the covetous hearts of the Blood Kindred.

“By the time you have fused, you will most likely have surpassed me, right?” Mo Wen asked emotionally.

“We do not need to wait until then. I have already surpassed you.” Gu Jingman’s mouth curled into a victorious smile. She looked at Mo Wen with a look of utmost pride.

Mo Wen rolled his eyes.

“You don’t believe me?” Gu Jingman looked at Mo Wen, playfully blinking her eyes. Before Mo Wen could react, her silhouette bizarrely appeared in front of him. Without warning, she quickly extended a punch towards Mo Wen.

Mo Wen’s eyes narrowed as he reacted to the punch subconsciously. Gu Jingman’s attack was so quick that he did not have much time to think.

Their two fists clashed!

A terrifying power came from Gu Jingman’s body. The force propelled Mo Wen back seven to eight steps, almost causing him to crash into the wall behind him.

“Little brother, what do you think? Do you admit defeat? Reality has proven that I am still a little more incredible!” Gu Jingman was pleased as she lifted up her sharp chin.

“You are indeed very strong,” Mo Wen said in agreement. He was astonished by the strength of Gu Jingman’s power. It was comparable to that of a Golden Elixir realm ancient martial art practitioner. However, Gu Jingman’s power was purely physical and did not contain any Inner Qi, making it astounding that her power could be compared to the Golden Elixir realm.

Even for Mo Wen, in a situation where he did not use his Inner Qi, his physical strength would, at most, only be comparable to that a Sea of Qi realm ancient martial arts practitioner. From this, it could be seen how ridiculous Gu Jingman’s body was right now. She practically wasn’t human anymore.

“In the future, you need to be more respectful before me. Otherwise, I will teach you a lesson.” Gu Jingman let out a snort.

Mo Wen was both angry and amused. “You are simply a small person intoxicated by success.” Despite Gu Jingman’s power, she would not necessarily be a match for him when it came to actual combat. Even if he did not use any other external force, he had the confidence to defeat her. After all, she only had brute strength. Maybe she could defeat an Embryonic Breathing realm ancient martial art practitioner, but against someone like Mo Wen, she would be far too weak.

Also, she had just obtained this power. Being completely in control of it was not something she could achieve in a short amount of time.

“You actually dare to scold me!” Gu Jingman glared at Mo Wen. Her facial expression was not pleasant. She looked extremely angry.

At this moment, Shen Jing walked in. She had actually come to see Gu Jingman. “You are okay, aren’t you?” she asked. Shen Jing saw that Gu Jingman was able to stand with no problems, so knew there was nothing to worry about.

“Sister Jing’er, I am absolutely fine.” When Gu Jingman saw Shen Jing enter, the expression she had given Mo Wen altered immediately. Now she was smiling like a flower in bloom. Whether she was really that happy just because she had seen Shen Jing, only Heaven knew.

“Mo Wen, let’s go down for breakfast.” Shen Jing rolled her eyes at Gu Jingman, not bothering with her. She held Mo Wen’s arm tightly, showing off her affection for him. Gu Jingman proclaimed herself as their elder sister all the time, but Shen Jing had never acknowledged it.

“Let’s go. I’ll come too. It’s my treat.” Gu Jingman walked over with a smile, taking Mo Wen’s other arm.

Shen Jing glared at Gu Jingman. Wearing a glum expression, she didn’t say a word.

“My elder sister is now very powerful. She no longer needs my help. After breakfast, us two can go sightseeing to Mount Fuji,” Mo Wen said to Shen Jing with a smile.

“Who said that? Who says I don’t need your help anymore?” Gu Jingman’s eyes widened instantly. She glared at Mo Wen as though she was looking at her enemy.

“Didn’t you just say that you are more powerful than me? Why would you still need my help?” Mo Wen asked, feeling wronged.

“Really?” Mo Wen’s words had transformed Shen Jing’s mood. “Later, I will book flight tickets. We can reach Mount Fuji today!”

Gu Jingman held onto Mo Wen’s arm. “Aiya, I was kidding just now. Why so serious? Of course, you are still incredible. It is so rare for you to promise me something, you will do it, won’t you?” She was obviously not letting him go.

“You are still more incredible,” Mo Wen said. He was not swayed by Gu Jingman’s words.

“You’re so petty.” Gu Jingman rolled her eyes at Mo Wen. Then, she walked towards Shen Jing. Holding onto Shen Jing, Gu Jingman coaxed, “Sister Jing’er, stay for a few more days. When I went shopping yesterday, I saw a decent fur coat. If you stay, I will get it for you.”

“I will follow what Mo Wen says,” Shen Jing said hesitantly, not quite able to bring herself to refuse Gu Jingman.

“Relax, Mo Wen listens to me. Could you stay? It’s only for a few days.” Then, without waiting for him to speak, she directly glared at Mo Wen. “You heartless thing. You know that my power cannot be exposed, otherwise, trouble will come finding me. What? Could it be that you wish to see my life in danger?”

“In the future, be gentler when you see me,” he replied. “I have done you such a huge favor. I haven’t even asked for anything from you.”

“Conceited man!” Gu Jingman softly snorted.

For the next two days, they waited in the hotel for the Yamaguchi-gumi to arrange for an underground fight. Mo Wen used the free time to find out about his soul power after its metamorphosis. As for Gu Jingman, she went shopping with Shen Jing every day. It had only been two days and their relationship had improved greatly. At the very least, Shen Jing was no longer resentful towards Gu Jingman.

The three of them lived their lives peacefully. However, Kagoshima was not as calm as it appeared to be.

On a barren mountain around fifty miles from the city, there were a few people wearing ancient black swallowtail tuxedos. They stood on the top of the mountain. Their bodies emanated an aura of nobility. They all seemed to be distinguished gentlemen.

Four of the people were middle-aged men. They were handsome, with impressive characters. Even though their appearances were different, they shared a vital trait: they were filled with evil Qi. However, this evil Qi didn’t reduce their appeal; instead, it made them charming. They were definitely ladies’ men.

As well as these four people, there was also a youth. His facial expression was very cold. He wore a black suit. It was the stern youth with Fallen Angel bloodline from before.

“Masri, you have one more chance. If you do not tell us the truth, don’t blame us for being rough.” A middle-aged man looked at the stern youth with a gloomy face. His body slightly emanated a very terrifying aura. It was enough to cause the stern youth called Masri to tremble.

“Lord Marquis, I have not lied. Merle was indeed abducted by a mysterious man. He was very powerful and adept in concealment techniques. I also could not chase after him. I don’t even know what he looks like.” Masri smiled bitterly.

He truly did not know much. If he did, he would have used all of his resources to find the person who had abducted Merle. The person responsible was impossible to track down. Even the secret techniques of the Fallen Angel clan that he had practiced could not locate him.

What he had never expected was that Merle had actually attracted four Marquises from the Blood Kindred! These ancient, hidden strong men had been alive for hundreds of years. Four of them had actually appeared at the same time, for the sake of the Divine Blood.