Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 453

Chapter 453 Grand Duke

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When Masri thought about the fact that the Divine Blood was the Emperor’s Divine Blood and not the average Divine Blood, he felt mildly relieved. Even to a Blood Kindred’s Marquis, the Emperor’s Divine Blood would also have a fatal blow.

“That person’s aura vanished completely in a moment. Even though I unleashed the secret technique of the Fallen Angels Clan, I was unable to find him. If I manage to attain the Divine Blood or am able to locate the Divine Blood, I won’t be left wandering around here,” Masri said helplessly.

For the past two days, he had constantly been wandering in this forested area, hoping to find some trace of that mysterious person. It was as though that person had evaporated into thin air, leaving not a single trace behind.

“Gurap, we were a couple of days too late. Even if whatever Masri said was true, as it has already been a few days, it would be impossible for us to find any traces of that person at all. Hence, our hunting him down would be a bit of an impossible feat.” A Marquis of the Blood Kindred shook his head as he spoke to the Blood Kindred’s Marquis at the front.

“I am guessing that the person who attained the Divine Blood has already escaped at least 500 kilometers away by now. Otherwise, we should have been able to detect something when we unleashed the Blood Kindred’s secret technique,” another Marquis of the Blood Kindred said.

As they were marquises of the Blood Kindred, they naturally possessed secret techniques that others did not know of. Hence, if the Blood Ancestor’s Divine Blood was nearby, they would be able to sense it.

However, in the end, they were unable to detect any aura of the Blood Ancestor’s Divine Blood at all. In such a situation, there were only two possibilities.

One of them was that the Blood Ancestor’s Divine Blood was more than 500 kilometers away, while the other was that the Blood Ancestor’s Divine Blood was no longer in the same dimension as them. Of these two scenarios, they fervently hoped that it would be the former.

“The few of us have rushed over from the Blood world. Because of the restrictions in the dimensions, the process was very complicated. Thus, we were delayed quite a bit. As such, the person who attained the Blood Ancestor’s Divine Blood has very likely already escaped far away. However, there is a very slim chance that he might still be in the vicinity,” the last Marquis of the Blood Kindred said with a sigh.

If it were not for the fact that they were away from their primeval ancestral land, they would not have possibly allowed that young girl of the Blood Kindred to escape. Now, it would be almost impossible to find that Blood Ancestor’s Divine Blood!

“We can’t allow for the Blood Ancestor’s Divine Blood to get away! Hence, even if we have to flip the primeval ancestral land upside down and turn it inside out, we definitely have to find the Divine Blood!” Gurap pursed his lips, while his eyes looked sharply into the distance.

They had to find the Divine Blood no matter what. If not, they would not be able to bear the consequences.

After all, this was a divine item that could elevate an emperor to become part of the Blood Kindred. Thus, it concerned the future of the Blood Kindred. Hence, there was no room for mistakes!

Upon hearing this, Masri inhaled a breath of cold air. It was as though he did not dare to believe his own ears.

Blood Ancestor’s Divine Blood!

His heart was so nervous, it almost jumped out of his chest. It was not even just the Emperor’s Divine Blood, but the Blood Ancestor’s Divine Blood as well!

In a moment, his expression had turned beyond pale and his body could not stop trembling. If it had been just the Emperor’s Divine Blood, he would have surely coveted it. However, the Blood Ancestor’s Divine Blood was something that even he did not dare to consider!

After all, the Blood Ancestor was the most revered and respected thing in all of the legends of the Blood Kindred. It was the champion of all things in the world and was enough to even compare to the God of the clergies!

It was a god-like figure. In fact, in the eyes of the Blood Kindred, the Blood Ancestor actually symbolized their God!

He did not know if there were any Blood Ancestors in the Blood Kindred left. However, he did know that the Blood Ancestor’s Divine Blood allowed for the possibility of the appearance of another Blood Ancestor in the Blood Kindred.

However, it was simply not something that he could be involved in. Even if he managed to steal the Blood Ancestor’s Divine Blood, he would lose his life trying to protect it. A deep regret rose within Masri’s heart. If he had known these things earlier, he would not have participated in this fight for the Divine Blood!

“What do we do now?” Marquis asked helplessly. As the world was so big, if they wanted to find the Divine Blood, it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack!

“Activate every single force that can possibly be activated. Even if we have to comb through every inch of the primeval ancestral land, we have to locate the whereabouts of the Divine Blood! If we still have no means of finding it by the end, we will have no choice but to return to the Blood Kindred and beg for mercy. Then, by offering our few lives as a sacrifice, we will have to beg that some of the higher-ups in the Blood Kindred will then join forces to activate a Blood God altar,” Gurap said, while trying to stay calm.

A few of the other marquises widened their eyes upon hearing this. Their faces also fell.

If it got to the stage that they were only able to find the Divine Blood by setting up the Blood God altar, they would definitely have to sacrifice their lives. In fact, they would not be the only few sacrificing their lives…

The atmosphere on the peak was a little cold. In fact, Masri was freezing! A few of the Blood Kindred’s marquises were very strong. Hence, he clearly knew that any one of them would be able to crush him by just lifting a finger!

“Assemble all of the Blood Kindred people in the primeval ancestral land. The manager of the primeval ancestral land failed to do a good job, so he better not even think of shirking this responsibility. If he does not come up with a way to find the Divine Blood, I’m afraid that he will not end up much better than we will,” a marquis said somberly.

If it were not for the incompetence of the Blood Kindred in the primeval ancestral land, the young girl from the Blood Kindred could not have possibly escaped. Then, the Divine Blood would not have been lost!

“That old fool Ferrade is of no use to us. He bears the greatest responsibility in this incident. I’d even bet that he has already let some other people escape! I even suspect that the young girl from the Blood Kindred’s being able to escape was also somehow related to him. Ever since he was put in charge of the Blood Kindred in the primeval ancestral land, he has not acted in the interests of the Blood world. Many a time, he has doubted and disobeyed the orders from the higher ups. It is really not impossible to imagine that he has gone and done something behind our backs…” another Marquis said coldly.

Masri breathed in deeply. Ferrade was one of the big shots in the Demon Gods Alliance. Yet, these people still dared to say such things about him!

“Chris, you shut your mouth!” Gurap coldly glared at the marquis named Chris. Then, he said expressionlessly, “Please watch your words and actions. Mr. Ferrade is a Duke of the Blood Kindred. Moreover, he is actually a Grand Duke, who is on his way to becoming a Lord. Hence, there is no room for your disrespect. If you have anything to say, you can speak when we have returned to the Blood world. But here, you must be cautious of your words, or else they will get you in trouble.”

Upon hearing this, Chris froze. He finally sensed that his words had not been appropriate. Thus, he kept a straight face and shut his mouth from then on.

“This matter has still not been discussed with Mr. Ferrade. As such, the few of us have insufficient capabilities to find the Divine Blood in the primeval ancestral land,” another marquis of the Blood Kindred said.

As they were the Blood Kindred that had come from the Blood world, they had no forces present in the primeval ancestral land. Hence, they were all alone and without support. If Ferrade refused to help them, they would not be able to activate most of the Blood Kindred in the primeval ancestral land.

After a discussion amongst a few of the marquises, they came to a combined decision to approach the Grand Duke, Ferrade, for help.

“What should we do with him?” Just before leaving, a Marquis looked at Masri and asked the question.

“Kill him!” Gurap said instantly.

“No. You noblemen… My father is a part of the Demon Gods Alliance…” Masri shook his head in fright. However, before he could even complete his sentence, a ray of Blood light shone down from the skies and directly melted his body within it!

“Anyone who knows about the Blood Ancestor’s Divine Blood must die.” Gurap only left this one sentence before his body morphed into a Blood light and he disappeared into the distance in the blink of an eye. A few other Blood Kindred also turned into Blood lights, one after the other, before they all disappeared into thin air.

Gu Jingman toured Shen Jing all around Kagoshima for a couple of days. She had also already arranged for an underground fight with the Yamaguchi-gumi.

An underground fight in the underworld was very simple. Both parties would send out a few people, who would fight it out to determine their rankings via a challenge ring. What was interesting is that there were no specific rules involved in underground fights.

As such, one could use any technique at all. They could even kill their opponents! In a nutshell, every trick in the book could be used!

The two competing parties in this particular underground fight were Hua Xia Country’s Hua Dong region’s five major underworld influences and the Yamaguchi-gumi’s Shen Province. Although it was just a portion of the Yamaguchi-gumi, they were very capable. Previously, even Gu Jingman did not have much confidence in facing such an opposing force, which was why she had gone to look for Mo Wen.

After all, the Yamaguchi-gumi had the Devil Saber-kai backing it! As such, it was difficult to ascertain whether or not the masters from the Devil Saber-kai would be invited to the fight.

Once they got to a certain stage, the underground fights would have some connections with mysterious influences. If there were no influences backing the fights, it was very difficult for the underground fights to expand.

Gu Jingman’s Fei Ying Sect had the Gu Fort Clan backing it. The other four major underworld influences also had the shadows of ancient martial art powers.

This underground fight was located in a luxurious estate that was in a northern district of Kagoshima. It was a property that was owned by the Yamaguchi-gumi. The space was very big and had a huge grassy patch that was perfect for the fight.

At the moment, the areas surrounding the grassy patch had been set up with tables and chairs. The patch itself had been split into two sides. One side was for the Yamaguchi-gumi people, while the other side was for Hua Dong region’s five major underworld influences.

Gu Jingman was seated on her chair and was drinking some tea quietly. Initially, she had planned to send Uncle Chen to the battle. However, now that she had Mo Wen, she naturally did not require Uncle Chen to take the risk. Although Uncle Chen’s cultivation was rather high, there was still a very high risk should he battle the Yamaguchi-gumi, who had the backing of the Devil Saber-kai.

On the same side as her, sitting in the seat right beside her, a middle-aged man was wearing a Chinese tunic suit. It was none other than Jiang Guhuai.

He was the person at the helm of the Black Eagle Sect of the Hua Dong region. It was said that he had the backing of an aristocratic family. As such, he had always been very successful in the Hua Dong region. No matter how unstable the underworld got, he had always been able to maintain a stable and superior position.

Sitting on the other side of Gu Jingman was a middle-aged woman who was dressed luxuriously. Although she was not young, she was very beautiful. Clearly, she was very focused on maintaining her beauty, as her figure and aura were exceptional.

At a glance, the first impression she gave was that of a beautiful rich lady. However, she was not just a simple rich lady. She was the renowned boss of the Hua Dong region’s underworld’s Red Sparrow Gang. Although she was a woman, she still gained the respect of everyone she met.

Meanwhile, the other two major underworld influences were seated a couple of positions away from Gu Jingman. Their leaders were both middle-aged men who had rather great powers. Hence, together with Gu Jingman’s Fei Ying Sect, they made up the five major influences.

“Lady boss, you weren’t joking just now, weren’t you? You sent him for this battle? Are you sure it’s him?” Zheng Shuangshuang looked at Gu Jingman with an exaggerated expression. As she pointed one finger at Mo Wen, her entire expression was one of disbelief.

She couldn’t believe that the lady boss had actually gotten pretty boy to go for the underground fight! Currently, she really did not know what the lady boss was even thinking!

Zheng Shuangshuang thought that even sending her up would have been a hundred times better than sending that pretty boy! Besides, she had always thought that the person participating in the underground fight should have been Uncle Chen, as only Uncle Chen had the adequate abilities needed.

“Just sit and watch! Stop butting in so much!” Gu Jingman chided her, while she continued to drink her tea and look exceptionally relaxed.