Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 454

Chapter 454 Argument

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“Then Uncle Chen…”

Zheng Shuangshuang was about to say something but was interrupted by Gu Jingman. “Uncle Chen is already old, how can he take the risk? Don’t talk about this matter again.”

“Lady Boss, I can do it. I am not afraid of the danger,” Zheng Shuangshuang said with a strong sense of righteousness. She had thought that the Lady Boss had asked Mo Wen, the gigolo, to stand in as she was genuinely worried about Uncle Chen’s safety.

Now she was really annoyed to see Mo Wen. She didn’t know what abilities such a man, who was always hiding behind a woman, could possibly have.

“What can you do? Sit down quietly.” Gu Jingman shoved Zheng Shuangshuang into the seat. How could this girl, who was not an ancient martial arts practitioner, participate in such underground fight? This was not a normal fight among the underworld influences.

Mo Wen simply sat there enjoying his tea leisurely. He hadn’t asked Shen Jing to come as he was afraid she would see the bloody reality of an underground fight.

Jiang Guhuai was sitting right next to Gu Jingman so naturally had heard Zheng Shuangshuang’s words. He suddenly turned towards in her direction. “Sect Leader Gu, what kind of person will be representing Fei Ying Sect?” he asked. “This underground fight is very important so you shouldn’t be hiding your real ability!”

“Sect Leader Jiang, don’t worry. Of course, that won’t happen,” Gu Jiangman replied. She obviously didn’t have a good opinion of Jiang Guhuai.

Jiang Guhuai continued to speak with a smile. “That’s true. Sect Leader Gu is a person who clearly knows the right thing to do. How would it be possible to throw such a fight! It is also you who suggested the idea of getting involved in Yamaguchi-gumi’s drug market, so you will need to treat this underground fight as an important thing. Among the five big influences, Fei Ying Sect may have to send an expert to control the scene.”

Gu Jingman noticed that Jiang Guhuai had gone from speaking about hiding one’s real ability to instead talk of throwing a fight. He was obviously hinting that Gu Jingman intentionally wouldn’t be putting in her best effort as she planned to collude with Yamaguchi-gumi.

“It’s more important for Sect Leader Jiang to concentrate on what you need to do.” Gu Jingman gave out a cold laugh. “Oh yes, previously the people of Black Eagle Sect have attacked my brother. Don’t blame me for not warning you that my brother is not easy to handle. You must be careful or he’ll be on the lookout for all of you…”

“Sect Leader Gu, this sounds like you are regarding us as outsiders. Remember, the five big influences in Hua Dong are like siblings. Now I know that Mo Wen is your brother, I will treat him like my brother and won’t dream of attacking him. What happened before was all a misunderstanding. One can’t be guilty of that which one doesn’t know. Will Sect Leader Gu pick on me for this? If Sect Leader Gu is very upset, I will send a big gift and apologize to Brother Mo Wen later.”

Jiang Guhuai appeared calm and at ease, handling Gu Jingman’s accusation smilingly. He naturally didn’t think Mo Wen that was a threat but believed that Gu Jingman was making the most of the opportunity to stir things up, and had picked on Black Eagle Sect. Now, Black Eagle Sect was no match for Fei Ying Sect, so naturally Jiang Guhuai had to calm Gu Jingman.

In actual fact, Jiang Guhuai hadn’t known that Mo Wen was Gu Jingman’s brother, otherwise he definitely wouldn’t have touched him. It would be foolish to offend Gu Jingman because of one business transaction. The five big underworld influences in the Hua Dong region would meet together frequently and had a very unique relationship with one another. The stronger influence among them naturally had an advantage. Gu Jingman’s Fei Ying Sect was one of the best among the five big influences while the Black Eagle Sect was not as strong. It would be foolish in the extreme to offend Gu Jingman. They did not want to give her an excuse to pick on them.

Jiang Guhuai had been tricked by Jiang Siyin. If not for Jiang Siyin, he wouldn’t have provoked Mo Wen. Once Jiang Siyin discovered that Mo Wen was Gu Jingman’s brother, he didn’t dare to look for him anymore, instead taking a plane back to his country as soon as he had left the cruise ship.

Jiang Guhuai was acting in an extremely humble manner, even showing his willingness to offer compensation for his actions in front of the three big influences. Gu Jingman couldn’t therefore find trouble with Black Eagle Sect simply because of these events. The underworld might seem unreasonable but in fact were very respectful of the rules and wouldn’t break the moral principles.

“I won’t be bothered picking on you but I’m afraid someone else will.” Gu Jingman smiled in a meaningful way. She knew that Mo Wen was very petty and would definitely seek revenge when offended.

“It’s fine, as long as Sect Leader Gu doesn’t let it affect our good relationship.” Jiang Guhuai used his words to silence Gu Jingman. As long as she didn’t use these events as an excuse to find trouble with Black Eagle Sect, he didn’t care about anything else. As for Mo Wen, Jiang Guhuai did not give him a second thought. He was merely a youngster.

Mo Wen looked skeptically at Jiang Guhuai before he once again closed his eyes to rest. He had actually known for some time that those who had caused him trouble on the cruise ship were Jiang Guhuai’s people.

“Sister Gu, your brother looks quite handsome. Do introduce to me when there is a chance.” A rich middle-aged woman in the seat next to Gu Jingman looked in her direction and smiled. However, the woman’s eyes were fixed on Mo Wen and she looked him up and down coquettishly.

“Widow Wang, you better not have any designs on my brother. You may get more than you bargained for.” Gu Jingman looked coldly at the rich middle-aged woman with some annoyance.

Widow Wang didn’t take offense. “Sister Gu, I merely want to get to know your brother. You don’t have to act like a coyote,” she said, laughing as she covered her mouth.

Gu Jingman cast a cold look at Widow Wang. She didn’t think much of this woman. “Chairwoman Wang, you are very famous. I don’t care if you destroy others, but if you dare to bother me, don’t blame me for being impolite.”

“Sister Gu, you must be joking. You are so protective towards your brother. That’s why Sect Leader Jiang had to personally apologize with so much humility after he had unintentionally offended him.” Widow Wang made sure she controlled her smile. Gu Jingman’s expression made it clear that if the teasing continued, she might explode at Widow Wang.

“You better look after yourself.” Gu Jingman laughed coldly at her words, without bothering about Widow Wang again. Widow Wang’s speech was clearly designed to sow disharmony between Gu Jingham and Jiang Guhuai. After all, the speech of Jiang Guhuai previously had been polite and apologetic merely in order to dissuade Gu Jingman from seeking revenge. However, with Widow Wang describing the speech as a humble apology, would what Jiang Guhuai, who after all was a Sect Leader, think?

Indeed, after Jiang Guhuai heard the words, his face changed a little. However, he merely glanced at Widow Wang and didn’t utter another word.

Gu Jingman couldn’t be bothered paying attention to them. Regardless of how Widow Wang tried to cause trouble between them, Jiang Guhuai wouldn’t dare to challenge Gu Jingman head on.

“Sect Leader Gu, your Gu Clan Fort’s influence is abundant,” a man in his early forties said, walking over. “It was said that Gu Clan’s Old Sect Leader had killed three experts in Qi Nucleation realm half a year ago. He is indeed an exceptional expert who has gained vigor with age.” The man put a hand over his fist in front of his chest at Gu Jingman. There were two seats between Gu Jingman and him. The man was the Leader of Triad Sect which was one of the five big influences.

“Sect Leader Du is too generous.” Gu Jingman nodded her head while her face relaxed quite a bit.

Half a year ago, Gu Clan Fort had a sudden change. They faced the combined oppression of the Tang Clan and Zhou Clan Manor and had nearly been forced to leave Yuntai Mountain where they had operated for a hundred years. After that, both Zhou Clan’s Clan Leader and Tang Clan’s Clan Leader, who had been against Gu Clan Fort, died and both big Clans were destroyed while Gu Clan Fort got over the crisis.

At the time, everyone thought that Zhou Clan’s Clan Leader and Tang Clan’s Clan Leader were killed by Gu Clan Fort’s Old Clan Leader. At once, Gu Clan Fort’s reputation increased tremendously and it was able to rule over all the ancient martial arts influences in the Yuntai Mountain region. It also got the respect and fear of many ancient martial arts aristocratic families.

Gu Jingman had always been muddled-headed about these events. She didn’t understand what exactly had happened. Gu Clan Fort had obviously been at a disadvantage but, in the end, had managed to get rid of the Zhou Clan and Tang Clan. However, as her grandfather had gone into seclusion after the events, she had nobody to ask about it.

Then she had met Mo Wen in Dafang Sect and the series of things that then happened made her realize that Mo Wen must have been involved with the events of that time.

“Sect Leader Gu, this underground fight with Yamaguchi-gumi is of great significance so I hope you will have the big picture in mind and give it your best effort. Obviously, the Triad Sect will work hard for it and do our best in fighting against Yamaguchi-gumi.”

Du Pingsheng, leader of Triad Sect, had deliberated a little before stating his thoughts. He was different from Jiang Guhuai as he was an ancient martial arts practitioner. Even though they were quite far away, he had been able to hear the conversation between Gu Jingman and Zheng Shuangshuang.

Regarding the infiltration of Yamaguchi-gumi’s drug market in Hua Dong region, his and Gu Jingman’s stance had always been very clear. At the same time, their two influences were the strongest among the five big influences, so he had high hopes on this ally – Gu Jingman.

However, after hearing Gu Jingman’s intention to get someone to participate casually, he felt something was wrong instantly. He questioned whether Gu Jingman had already given up, or had perhaps made some kind of agreement with the Yamaguchi-gumi. If that was so, they might not win this underground fight. Without the strong support of the Gu Clan Fort, he was not confident in defeating Yamaguchi-gumi.

Both parties had established the rules of the underground fight. Each side would choose five participants to fight each other round after rounds until the five participants of a side had been completely defeated.

The Yamaguchi-gumi’s side could choose five people while the five big influences would choose one person from each influence. Therefore, it meant that after Gu Jingman had chosen Mo Wen, she couldn’t choose another person. If she had chosen a youngster to participate in such an important underground fight, what else could it be other than throwing the fight intentionally?

Widow Wang took the chance to interrupt. “Sister Gu, you were strongly against Yamaguchi-gumi previously. Are you that now? You have gathered all of us here. Then, you simply give up, that is somehow neither righteous nor virtuous…” Window Wang naturally wouldn’t give up any chance to strike at Gu Jingman. She was directly saying that Gu Jingman was unrighteous and an unvirtuous traitor who was cooperating with the enemy.

“I said the same to Sect Leader Gu just now, but she was adamant about it and simply refused to change her mind,” Jiang Guhuai said with a helpless expression.

Another middle-aged man of average stature walked over and spoke bluntly, “Sect Leader Gu, please have the big picture in mind as this matter is of great significance. Are you pretending to be for Hua Xia while helping the Yamaguchi-gumi secretly?” The man, who was the Gang Leader of the Black Leonard Gang, clearly saw Gu Jingman as a traitor. He looked at Gu Jingman with resentment.

“Hmph. Whatever I do isn’t subject to your critique,” Gu Jingman said coldly. She hadn’t expected that even before the underground fight had begun, these people would be objecting to her one after another. Some people were even attacking her both in the open and secretly, taking the opportunity to pick on her.