Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 455

Chapter 455 Drawing Lots

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After Gu Jingman selected Mo Wen as her battle representative, the leaders of a few large factions came knocking on her door to protest. They mocked and ridiculed her, truly forgetting their places.

“May you all please go away? My mind is made up. For this underground fight, I have done all I can. I hope every one of you will also do the same,” Gu Jingman said plainly.

“Since the Sect Leader Gu insists on this course of action, you are disregarding righteousness and violating morality. After this underground fight ends, if we lose because of the Sect Leader Gu’s indulgence, then my Black Leopard Gang will find the Sect Leader Gu to have a nice chat.” The Black Leopard Gang’s leader Feng Yuan left behind these threatening words, then turned to leave with a cold look.

Once this was said, the facial expressions of the few leaders of the factions that were around changed slightly. Feng Yuan had spoken too harshly. It was tantamount to indirectly declaring war on the Fei Ying Sect and splitting completely with Gu Jingman.

In the aspect of influence, the Black Leopard Gang’s was far beneath the Fei Ying Sect’s. As such, Feng Yuan was usually a person who was very cautious in his dealings, as he knew very clearly who he could offend and who he couldn’t.

His being so reckless and bold today did not seem like Feng Yuan’s usual personality. Even if he was nervous over the underground fight, it was truly out of character for him to act that way.

The expressions of a few high ranking members of the Fei Ying Sect who were standing behind Gu Jingman turned ice cold. Feng Yuan’s words were the same as challenging them. Also, he had spoken those words in front of the leaders of the other three large factions.

“That was so reckless.” Gu Jingman merely gave Feng Yuan a cold glance, then did not say anymore.

“Everyone, please leave. Our sect leader needs peace and quiet,” Zheng Shuangshuang said plainly. Even though she also greatly objected the lady boss’ decision, she had to stand by her.

“Sect Leader Gu, won’t you reconsider? Senior Chen’s lifetime of cultivation has reached the pinnacle of the Sea of Qi realm, so he certainly can suppress the people of the Yamaguchi-gumi. If you can win just one match, our chances of winning will improve greatly,” the Triad Sect’s sect leader Du Pingsheng said.

Before this, he had already planned for Uncle Chen, who was beside Gu Jingman, to be a member of the battle lineup. Thus, he was naturally surprised that, when the day came, such a surprising change to the lineup would appear.

“I thank Gang Leader Du for thinking so highly of me, but I cannot be compared to Mo Wen,” Uncle Chen said plainly.

Du Pingsheng naturally did not believe Uncle Chen’s words. How could a mere youth be stronger than a senior that had practiced ancient martial arts for so many years? Since Gu Jingman had made such a decision, she surely would have discussed it with Uncle Chen. Right now, they were but finding a pretext to dismiss him.

“Sect Leader Gu, please reconsider.” Du Pingsheng slightly sighed. He saluted Gu Jingman, then turned to leave.

Widow Wang and Jiang Guhuai looked at each other, then they looked at Gu Jingman again. They both let out a cold laugh. Before this, Gu Jingman was the one who voiced the strongest objection towards the Yamaguchi-gumi. In the end, when things had come to this, she was the first one to turn.

Mo Wen drank his tea. Only after the incident ended did he ask with an amused expression, “Could it be that my appearance is that unsightly?”

Gu Jingman rolled her eyes at Mo Wen, deciding not to bother with him. Just now, Mo Wen could totally have showed off some of his skills, stopping others’ words with his actions. However, he just stood aside and enjoyed the fight, as though it had nothing to do with him.

Zheng Shuangshuang pressed her lips together, thinking to herself, Of course you are unsightly. A man who only knows how to hide behind a woman’s back. What use can you be?

On the other side, in the Yamaguchi-gumi’s area, a hundred meters away.

“Did you investigate properly? Is Yoshida Jiro’s death related to the people in the five major influences?” A slightly chubby middle-aged man narrowed his eyes, a glint of cold light flashing in them.

Not long ago, he had found out about the death of his second younger brother, Yoshida Jiro. He had died in his own house, but his death was strange. He seemed to have passed away without any warning.

As the director of the Yamaguchi-gumi’s Kyushu department, Yoshida Ichiro had seen every possible situation. Hence, he naturally knew that Yoshida Jiro’s death was abnormal. His death was definitely not a result of natural causes.

Upon further investigation, he discovered that not only was Yoshida Jiro dead, but his son, Yoshida Yuichi was dead, too. Even Aso Saki, the martial arts practitioner from the Devil Saber-kai was dead!

At the same time, a huge incident had occurred on Sword of the Sea. Many people had disappeared for an unknown reason. Nobody knew whether they were alive or dead.

“Director, the killer was very careful. He thoroughly cleaned the crime scene. We didn’t get many clues at all. Also, all of the surveillance footage from the control room has been damaged. Luckily, the hard disks were not lost. Given enough time, we can recover the footage,” a middle-aged man reported respectfully, while bowing slightly.

“When can the footage be recovered?” Yoshida Ichiro asked with a frown.

“I have ordered someone to take care of it, but it will take at least a week,” the middle-aged man said with his head lowered.

“Rubbish!” Yoshida Ichiro snorted coldy.

He wasn’t really worried about the death of his second younger brother. In fact, he was secretly happy about it, as now there was one less person who would engage in a power struggle with him.

The Yoshida clan had been in charge of the Yamaguchi-gumi’s Kyushu department for generations. Theirs was a mafia family, who had a long-standing history. As such, there would naturally be many power struggles in the inner circles of such a large clan.

Now, with Yoshida Jiro dead, there would be one less opponent for Yoshida Ichiro. Hence, he didn’t have to worry that this second younger brother of his would continue to fight for power with him.

But, Yoshida Jiro’s death could not be taken lightly, especially since he could not give the clan an explanation for what caused it. Not only did he need to find the culprit, he had to handle it elegantly. After that, he could further fortify his position as the head of the Kyushu department.

“The five major influences of the Hua Xia Country are the most suspicious, as they are the only ones who have such an ability to carry something like this out,” the middle-aged man said.

“That is not necessarily the case. Yoshida Jiro had Aso Saki at his side. Even if they wanted to kill Yoshida Jiro, they could not have done so easily. Moreover, it would be even more impossible for them to not leave a trace of evidence. Right now, it is a troubled time aboard the Sword of the Sea… Ugh, never mind. You go and restore the footage. You can leave now.” Yoshida Ichiro waved his hand helplessly, sending away his subordinates.

Some things he knew, but could not tell other people. If it really was those people who killed Yoshida Jiro, even if he knew who the culprit was, he would most likely not be able to seek revenge upon him.

“The person that killed Yoshida Jiro did save me some trouble. If he did not kill Aso Saki, how could I invite the lords of the Devil Saber-kai to come participate in this underground fight? I initially had no confidence in going against the practitioners that had the support of the five major influences, but now… Humph! They will lose without a doubt.” Yoshida Ichiro coldly laughed.

Originally, he had not invited the lords of the Devil Saber-kai to come and participate in this underground fight of the Kyushu department. But, with the death of Aso Saki, they had indirectly provoked the Devil Saber-kai.

As such, he only needed to twist the story around, push the blame over to the five major influences, and spice up the complaints. After that, he need not fear that the lords of the Devil Saber-kai would not have their eyes on the practitioners that came from the Hua Xia Country.

The ferocious dragon stays in its territory. They are but mere insects, yet they dare to come to the territory of the Fu Sang Country, even vainly hoping to suppress their Yamaguchi-gumi? They are such day dreamers!

“Pass the order down. The underground fight is about to begin.” Yoshida Ichiro stood up from his seat and walked to the center of the arena.

He then saluted somewhat ceremoniously towards the five major influences and said loudly, “Fellows from the Hua Xia Country, according to customs, the agreement of the underground fight is in effect. Have you finished preparing?”

“Naturally we can begin battle at any time. We hope that your Yamaguchi-gumi upholds the agreement. If you lose in this underground fight, you cannot ship drugs to the Hua Xia Country for the next ten years.” Du Pingsheng walked over with a cold look on his face.

“That’s a given. We, the people of the Fu Sang Country, are the most trustworthy of all,” Yoshida Ichiro said plainly.

“Trustworthy? After your Fu Sang Country lost in the Second World War, how many terms of surrender that you promised have you actually kept?” Gu Jingman said as she smirked.

“Sect Leader Gu has gone on a tangent. Those are national matters, not things that we should bother ourselves with here.” Yoshida Ichiro’s facial expression turned slightly cold.

“Let’s stop talking nonsense. Send out your Yamaguchi-gumi’s representative. The Fei Ying Sect will be the first to battle,” Gu Jingman said plainly.

According to her, Mo Wen was supposed to be the first to battle, thus directly sweeping all of the members of the Yamaguchi-gumi and silencing the members of the other major influences.

“Sect Leader Gu, it would probably be inappropriate for the Fei Ying Sect to battle first, right? The person who battles first is especially a key factor in the fight. If they lose too horribly, it would inadvertently affect everyone’s morale.” Just as Gu Jingman had finished speaking, Widow Wang stood out to protest.

Based on influence alone, she was no match for Gu Jingman. But at this moment, she did not want Gu Jingman to take control of the situation. Otherwise, others would believe that the five major influences were being led by Gu Jingman’s Fei Ying Sect.

“Leader Wang has a point. We need to send someone who is strong for the first match. Not only must they win, they also need to win heroically.” Jiang Guhuai agreed.

Actually, he was not really concerned with who went out for the first match, as his goal was the same as Widow Wang’s. He did not want Gu Jingman to stand out too much.

“Since everyone disputes the order of appearance, let’s draw lots.” Du Pingsheng frowned. In front of such strong opponents like the Yamaguchi-gumi, you all have actually started fighting amongst yourselves!

However, he also agreed with their assertions regarding the first match. If he lost too pathetically, it would inadvertently affect their morale.

“Then, draw lots.” Gu Jingman wore a cold expression. She glanced at Widow Wang and Jiang Guhuai, then sat down, seemingly not in a rush anymore.

“Lady boss, we’ve drawn the fifth lot.” After a while, Zheng Shuangshuang walked up to Gu Jingman, helplessly passing her a bamboo lot stick that had the number five engraved on it.

Gu Jingman glanced at it, but she said nothing. She gently shut her eyes, seemingly not caring about anything anymore.

“We can only appear in the last match,” Zheng Shuangshuang said helplessly.

She had not thought that her luck would be so bad. She had actually drawn the fifth lot! Initially, she had thought that if she could draw the first lot and get the Fei Ying Sect to appear in the first match, she could help her lady boss vent her anger.

However, she then thought that drawing the fifth lot was not necessarily a bad thing. It could prevent Mo Wen from appearing in the match and losing too pathetically, thus disgracing them all. If Mo Wen did not need to appear and the five major influences could win the underground fight, that would be the best outcome.

Yoshida Ichiro coldly laughed. As expected, the people of the Hua Xia Country really loved fighting among themselves. They actually drew lots to decide something as important as the order of appearance in the matches!

In an underground fight, a difference in the order of appearance could dictate the final outcome of the fight. Didn’t the Hua Xia Country have the tale of Tian Ji racing horses [1]? They actually did not understand this truth!

Among the five major influences, Jiang Guhuai drew the first lot. So, the Black Eagle Sect would choose the first person to fight.

[1]: Historically, Tian Ji and his allies utilized their strengths to combat the enemy’s weaknesses.