Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 456

Chapter 456 Someone Threw A Fight

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The representative of Black Eagle Sect was an old man in his fifties with a beard. His body was stout and tall with a pair of big bell-like eyes, intimidating others.

Mo Wen merely took a glimpse and already knew that this person had the Cultivation of the later stage of Sea of Qi realm. Moreover, his body was very strong so he should be a martial arts practitioner who was skilled in cross-training of martial arts.

Although a martial arts practitioner in the Sea of Qi realm was nothing to him, Black Eagle Sect was merely an influence of the underworld, so it was not easy to invite a martial arts practitioner of such level. Are they equivalent to the Fei Ying Sect, which has the backing of Gu Clan Fort?

On the opposite side, a person from Yamaguchi-gumi walked out slowly. He was a young man in his thirties dressed in Samurai’s attire. His clothes were simple with a short sword, which was glistening a cold radiance in his hand.

“Brother, you think who will win in this fight?” Gu Jingman asked curiously. She knew that Mo Wen had a good eye for such things as he almost knew the result with one look for such level of a martial arts fight. Although her strength was very strong now, even stronger than Mo Wen, her knowledge and insight paled in comparison.

“Both their Cultivations are similar. That young man of Yamaguchi-gumi uses a sword while the kicks and punches of the stout man of Black Eagle Sect are great. They may take at least 15 minutes to find out the winner. As for the final result, I’m not going to tell you…” Mo Wen winked at Gu Jingman. The first part of his analysis was serious, but the last sentence nearly choked Gu Jingman.

“Proud little one.” Gu Jingman stared at Mo Wen. What is there to be lofty about.

Mo Wen smiled but didn’t say a word. Gu Jingman really gave him too much credit. With this kind of neck-and-neck fight, there were too many factors that might affect the winner. There were too many variables in the fight, so without his intervention, there was no way to be certain of the winner. Of course, with his present tactic, obviously whoever he intended for him to win would win if he wanted to intervene secretly. Since he was not confident in guessing, he might as well not comment at all.

The first match indeed went according to Mo Wen’s prediction. The fight between the stout man of Black Eagle Sect and the young man of Yamaguchi-gumi was very intense. It was difficult to know the winner within a short period of time, but with the passing of time, the fight gradually reached its climax.

“We may lose the first match.” Gu Jingman scanned the fighting ground. At this moment, even she could see that the scale of success had tipped towards the Yamaguchi-gumi.

The physical strength of the young man from the Yamaguchi-gumi was, after all, stronger than the stout man in his fifties from Black Eagle Sect. As time passed, he was getting more energetic and his fighting spirit also surged gradually, compared to the stout man from Black Eagle Sect whose energy gradually dwindled. After all, their ages were vastly different.

“The young people are indeed full of energy, but you have forgotten that older people are more experienced and stable. If the young man of Yamaguchi-gumi is able to stabilize and not be in a hurry to win, perhaps he can win. However, if he thought he would definitely win in this fight and is eager to defeat his opponent, the final result will be difficult to tell,” Mo Wen said nonchalantly.

Indeed, as he finished his speech, the young man of the Yamaguchi-gumi attacked frantically and couldn’t wait to finish off his opponent immediately. As a result, the stout man of the Black Eagle Sect had a chance to strike him with a punch which sent him flying back.

“He is too young after all.” Mo Wen hadn’t expected that no sooner after he finished his speech that the young man of Yamaguchi-gumi did exactly as he said. If he was slow and steady, perhaps he might have the ability to win the fight. After all, they were neck and neck. The more he wanted to defeat his opponent, the more difficult it was for him to defeat his opponent, and consequently, he became more agitated.

“You are speaking as if you are very old,” Gu Jingman said amusedly. Mo Wen was reckoned to be less than 20 years old and actually said “he was too young” to a young man in his thirties. This had totally amused her.

“Good!” Du Pingsheng shouted loudly with excitement in his eyes. It would be a good omen to win Yamaguchi-gumi in the first match. If they were able to defeat all the five people of Yamaguchi-gumi, they would win this underground fight.

Jiang Guhuai nodded and clapped continually as he felt that they had gained some faces. If the Black Eagle Sect had won the first match, it would be quite a pride to talk about it in the future.

“These people of Hua Xia Country indeed have some abilities. At least they didn’t disappoint me.”

In the Yamaguchi-gumi region, Yoshida Ichiro’s face remained calm and he nodded his head approvingly. If the five big influences were too weak and couldn’t take a simple strike, he might not get any sense of accomplishment. After all, he had spent a lot of effort in inviting those Lords to the Devil Saber-kai. If those Lords didn’t get to fight while his subordinates won the fight, that would be like hitting the cotton wool with the hardest punch.

“Mr. Director, let me be the second person to go into the match. That person is not my match.” A middle-aged martial arts practitioner next to Yoshida Ichiro volunteered himself. He was dressed in a black Samurai attire with a katana wrapped in his hands. He had been quiet until now.

“Good! Mitsui-kun, you will go for the second match. You must give the people of Hua Xia Country a great blow. Your seniors of the Devil Saber-kai are also here, don’t miss this chance of showing your performance,” Yoshida Ichiro said with a smile.

“I understand!” Mitsui-kun nodded with a smile. He volunteered himself naturally because of this. If his performance was outstanding, perhaps it would give those Lords a good impression. When they returned to the Devil Saber-kai, he might even possibly receive some rewards from the Devil Saber-kai.

The rule of the underground fight was to defeat all the opponents completely. The stout man of the Black Eagle Sect won a match, so the second match would also be represented by him until he was defeated. If he could continue to beat the five people from Yamaguchi-gumi, then there was no need for another participant. He could win this underground fight alone.

Of course, under normal circumstances, this was almost impossible. After all, in an underground fight, both parties would have experts. So if they intended to beat five people continuously, they must be way stronger than all of them.

After all, after a fight had ended, the consumption of physical strength and Inner Qi would be very great including the possibility of injury during the fight. Hence, compared to the previous match, the current match would be greatly discounted. Usually, it was normal to win the first match but lose to someone not as good in the second match.

There was no rest time in an underground fight. One must fight one match after another until the other party was completely defeated. Therefore, before that stout man of Black Eagle Sect could catch a breath, the middle-aged martial arts practitioner of Yamaguchi-gumi had already appeared on the fighting ground.

This person had the Cultivation in the acme of the Sea of Qi realm. Within half an hour, that stout man of Black Eagle Sect was completely defeated by the middle-aged martial arts practitioner of Yamaguchi-gumi. He suffered a strike from the sword to his chest, leaving a deep wound. If he didn’t declare his defeat in time, he probably would die at the hands of the middle-aged man.

There weren’t any rules in the underground fight. so even killing another person was allowed. Of course, normally after declaring defeat, they wouldn’t attack again, and let the loser go off. Unless one met with a diabolic person or both parties had a blood feud, they wouldn’t kill each other.

On the side of the five big influences, the Black Leopard Gang’s representative was going for the second match. After a while, a young man in his twenties went onto the fighting ground.

“I have never seen that person before, but he is a little too young.” Gu Jingman glimpsed at the person of the Black Leopard Gang with her brows furrowed slightly. I know almost all the experts in the Black Leopard Gang, but I have never seen this young man. Can he be a young expert who is hidden by the Black Leopard Gang?

She scrutinized the young man carefully and realized that she couldn’t see through his Cultivation. A sense of surprising doubt flashed in her eyes. Is this young man’s Cultivation above me? Normally, she couldn’t see if the background of the person’s Cultivation was higher than her’s.

Although Gu Jingman’s present strength was equivalent to the exceptional expert in the Golden Elixir realm, that was merely her physical strength. It could be said that her body was strong enough, but it didn’t mean that her Cultivation was profound enough. She remained almost the same as before—in the later stage of the Sea of Qi realm.

If this young man’s Cultivation was higher than her’s, he should have at least the acme of Sea of Qi realm. He was so young and was an expert in the acme of Sea of Qi realm. He was indeed a prodigy among the geniuses to them.

“That young man is merely a normal person without any Cultivation.” Mo Wen was amused as he looked at Gu Jingman. With his Cultivation, his ability to observe and examine had reached the realm of being meticulous to the finest details so he naturally knew what Gu Jingman was thinking about.

A normal person didn’t have any Cultivation so naturally, she couldn’t see his Cultivation. If one thought that he was a martial art practitioner, one might easily misunderstand that this person’s Cultivation was higher than oneself.

“A normal person!” Gu Jingman raised her brows. That Black Leopard Gang’s Gang Leader, Feng Yu, actually sent a normal person for the fight. What exactly is he thinking? Even if he doesn’t have any strong experts among his subordinates…but to send a normal person to fight?

It was normal to put in one’s best in this kind of underground fight. Even when one knew that they were not a match, they usually wouldn’t give up. As the representative was able to exhaust the opponent’s physical strength and Inner Qi so as to reduce the pressure of the next person who was fighting in the next match. However, what was the point of the Black Leopard Gang sending a normal person to the fight? In addition, she also knew that there were quite a few experts in the Black Leopard Gang. Instead of sending those people, was he intentionally throwing the fight?

Just now, the Black Leopard Gang’s Gang Leader mocked her for throwing the fight intentionally. As a result, he himself did such a thing after a while.

Indeed, after that young man went into the fight, he was “defeated” within a minute. Instead of saying that he was “defeated,” he should be said to have been slapped out, unable to withstand a single blow.

However, the weird thing was that the young man was actually unhurt. After he got up from the floor, he patted his butt before returning unscathed to the Black Eagle Sect’s seats.

A martial art practitioner in the acme of Sea of Qi realm, even if it was a simple slap, was powerful enough to slap a normal person into meat mud. That young man actually had nothing happen to him.

“Good Black Leopard Gang, so it’s you!” Gu Jingman laughed coldly and looked contemplatively in the direction of the Black Leopard Gang. She had previously conjectured that there was someone among them who was not determined in his stance while intending to involve himself in the drug business, and even had the sign of giving into the Yamaguchi-gumi. But she was uncertain of who that person was previously.

However, now the realization dawned upon her! This move of the Black Leopard Gang had absolutely no intention of covering up. Feng Yuan dared to do such a thing; he definitely had something to rely on.

In other words, he already firmly believed that Yamaguchi-gumi would win this underground fight and would suppress the other four big influences. Otherwise, with his present “performance,” when they returned to Hua Xia in the future, they might not have a good ending.

Of course, if Yamaguchi-gumi won this underground fight and was able to develop its influence in the Hua Dong region, the Black Leopard Gang would have Yamaguchi-gumi as their backing. Then, the Black Leopard Gang wouldn’t be afraid of them.