Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 457

Chapter 457 Shame To The Country

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Not only did Gu Jingman realize the problem, the other three big influences also realized the problem. The Triad Sect’s leader, Du Pingsheng, was clearly not pleased.

He had originally thought that only Gu Jingman had a problem, but he never expected the Black Leopard Gang would join in the list. Among the five big influences, two of the influences were participating, how could they win this underground fight?

Jiang Guhuai and Widow Wang merely furrowed their brows, but their faces didn’t look as pale as Du Pingsheng’s. The initiator of the underground fight had always been Fei Ying Sect and the Triad Sect.

Both of them were acting out of righteousness and justice. They had agreed to participate in this underground fight without much choice, so they weren’t worrying too much about the results.

Besides, the Yamaguchi-gumi’s drug trafficking ring in the Hua Dong region had nothing to do with them. As long as it posed no conflict of interest where they were concerned, they chose to not get involved.

“What a good Feng Yuan. When you were reproaching Gu Jingman just now, I thought you did so for a righteous cause. However, I never expected that you would be the lowly person who seeks nothing other than your own profit!”

Du Pingsheng clenched his fists tightly, while his face was full of displeasure. This was because he thought that they were not fighting hard enough.

“Senior Yuan Kuang, I am afraid the burden of this underground fight will be on you. If you lose, this entire underground fight will also be lost.” Du Shengping sighed as he spoke to the old man in a Tang suit who was standing next to him.

Now, two persons had already been defeated. Gu Jingman, who was originally viewed as the core strength, had changed her mind at the last minute. So, since he had already decided that he basically couldn’t rely on the Widow Wang of Red Sparrow Gang, after eliminating all other the possibilities, only the Triad Sect could gain some achievements in the underground fight.

However, the Triad Sect could only send Senior Yuan Kuang. One had to wonder how he could fight so many people from the Yamaguchi-gumi.

“Sect Leader Du, don’t worry. I will definitely try my very best.” Yuan Kuang sighed.

As he didn’t want the Yamaguchi-gumi’s drugs to spread into Hua Xia, he could only agree with Du Pingsheng and choose to participate in the underground fight. However, he could only try his best, but didn’t dare promise anything.

In the third match, it was the Red Sparrow Gang’s turn to send someone to represent the side of the five big influences for the fight. The person sent by the Red Sparrow Gang was an ancient martial arts practitioner, but he was merely in the Cultivation of Sea of Qi. Within a few strokes, he was easily defeated by the middle-aged martial arts practitioner from the Yamaguchi-gumi.

It happened just how Du Pingsheng had expected it would, with the Red Sparrow Gang basically being unreliable. Among the five big influences, the strength of the Red Sparrow Gang was the weakest.

Moreover, this Widow Wang didn’t have much invested in the underground fight, so she naturally wouldn’t give it her best. As such, it had taken only one person from the Yamaguchi-gumi to quickly defeat three persons from the five big influences.

“I knew it. They just can’t be depended on in this underground fight,” Gu Jingman said.

Although the Red Sparrow Gang’s influence was the weakest among the five big influences, it was unthinkable to send merely an ancient martial arts practitioner in Sea of Qi realm out to represent them. Hence, it was obvious that they didn’t put in their best efforts.

“Then, you are relying on me?” Mo Wen smiled faintly.

“It’s great to be able to rely on someone. I told you previously that the underground fight would surely be won with me around.” Gu Jingman grinned.

“Could it be that you have the ability to foretell the future? If I didn’t appear on the cruise ship, who were you going to rely on?” Mo Wen asked jokingly.

She seemed to have the whole situation within her control, but he merely met her on the way here! If he hadn’t appeared, he had to wonder what she would have done then.

“Tsk. If I can’t rely on you, couldn’t I just rely on someone else?” Gu Jingman quipped.

The fourth match was the Triad Sect’s turn to send someone out…

“Senior Yuan Kuang’s ability is quite high. In fact, it is almost equivalent to Uncle Chen’s. He should be able to beat at least one person,” Gu Jingman remarked softly. The Triad Sect’s Sect Leader was an upright person, so he had invited this person for the underground fight.

“Perhaps not.” Mo Wen shook his head.

“You think that middle-aged martial arts practitioner of the Yamaguchi-gumi will win?” Gu Jingman furrowed her brows.

Senior Yuan Kuang was quite famous in their circle. Though his cultivation was slightly below an ancient martial arts practitioner in the Qi Nucleation realm, it was stronger than the normal ancient martial arts practitioner in the acme of the Sea of Qi realm.

Mo Wen smiled, but didn’t comment further. On the lawn, the fourth match had begun. Mitsui-kun of the Yamaguchi-gumi had defeated three people on his own, but he still looked fresh, as if he hadn’t had to use too much effort at all.

“Yuan Kuang, the ancient martial arts practitioner in the acme of Sea of Qi realm, I know you.” Mitsui-kun cast a look at Yuan Kuang. Once he started speaking, he was obviously placing some importance on his existence.

“It’s my honor,” Yuan Kuang said tepidly.

“Hua Xia’s people love to boast shamelessly. You always claim that you have the authentic martial arts way and turn your nose up at our Fu Sang Country’s martial arts. Today, I would like to see the standard of a Hua Xia martial arts practitioner at work.” Mitsui-kun took out his katana as he spoke. The cold katana’s light reflected on Yuan Kuang’s face, disturbing his sense of sight.

“The people of Fu Sang Country have merely stolen superficial bits of Hua Xia’s martial arts. You are ungrateful for it, yet constantly belittle Hua Xia’s martial arts. You are not even respectful to your own ancestors, so do you think Fu Sang Country would be the authentic martial arts way?”

“Yuan Kuang is merely an insignificant figure among the ancient martial arts practitioners in Hua Xia, so there’s no standard to speak of. If Fu Sang Country really wanted to compare, would you have the courage to send a letter of challenge to Hua Xia? At that time, it’s needless for you to raise a cry. By then, the martial arts practitioners of Hua Xia will naturally fight the martial arts practitioners of Fu Sang Country. It will be clear then who’s strong and who’s weak.”

Yuan Kuang smiled coldly. This man is not proficient in the martial arts way. He doesn’t even know that he is boasting shamelessly and still blaming others. He doesn’t believe that the Fu Sang Country’s martial arts world would dare to send a letter of challenge to Hua Xia’s martial arts world.

“You are sharp-tongued! You can boast after you beat me.” Mitsui-kun’s face turned cold before he took a step forward. Suddenly, he swerved his katana and a snowy white katana light instantly struck towards Yuan Kuang.

Instantly, both of them fought violently, while the energy fluctuated rapidly. Both persons’ cultivations were quite high, so it was a match in terms of skills and strength. Once they began fighting, they were entangled in the battle…

As time passed, the fight became lopsided…

“I was wondering how the Fu Sang Country’s martial arts practitioner could be Senior Yuan Kuang’s match. I reckon that Fu Sang Country’s martial arts practitioner will be defeated within a minute.” The corner of Gu Jingman’s mouth curled into a smile.

At this moment, even she could see the situation in the fighting ground. That Fu Sang Country’s martial arts practitioner was obviously not as good as Yuan Kuang, and it looked like he was going to be defeated soon!

Not only was Senior Yuan Kuang’s cultivation deeper, but his martial arts skills were also finer. Although he didn’t practice the ranked martial art, his demeanor was noble. Although that Fu Sang Country’s martial art practitioner’s Cultivation was almost equivalent to Yuan Kuang, his attainment in martial arts paled in comparison.

Gu Jingman raised her brows, then looked at Mo Wen and said, “You see? I was right just now.”

However, Gu Jingman’s expression suddenly froze as she fixed her eyes on the fighting ground. Senior Yuan Kuang, who was about to defeat the Fu Sang Country’s martial art practitioner a moment before, suddenly flew backwards. One of his arms was ripped off from the shoulder before being thrown far away onto the ground!

Gu Jingman simply couldn’t believe her own eyes. What just happened?

Just now, they were obviously about to win. At this time, she had to wonder how everything could have changed so rapidly! It felt surreal.

Du Pingsheng stood up from his chair instantly, a coldness in his eyes. Senior Yuan Kuang was actually defeated, and he even suffered a severe injury!

Widow Wang and Jiang Guhuai were very calm. When they saw Yuan Kuang’s arm being ripped off, some excitement was secretly hidden in their eyes.

After all, Yuan Kuang was an expert in the Triad Sect, so now that he was without an arm, their strength would be greatly hampered. This naturally was an advantage to the pair.

“Hua Xia’s martial arts practitioner was indeed vulnerable to a strike.” Mitsui-kun gradually tucked away the katana, which was still dripping with blood. He then looked at Yuan Kuang with a mocking look. Is Hua Xia’s martial arts practitioner very strong? Hmm. At least he used his practical actions to prove his previous viewpoint.

“You.. shameless person…” Yuan Kuang struggled to stand up from the ground, while one of his hands was pressing on the spot at his shoulder where his are had been ripped away. It was gushing with blood!

His eyes stared fiercely at Mitsui-kun. Previously, I was obviously winning, but just when I was about to defeat that Fu Sang Country’s martial art practitioner, he suddenly had a terrifying power that flung me out in such an irresistible manner!

He could be certain that was not Mitsui-kun’s power, as that power belonged to a martial art practitioner in the Qi Nucleation realm. A martial art practitioner in Sea of Qi realm certainly couldn’t have it! That Fu Sang Country’s martial art practitioner’s Cultivation was supposed to be at a level similar to his, or even lower than his!

“What do you mean by calling me a shameless person? Hmph. Defeated means defeated. Hua Xia’s martial art practitioners not only like to boast shamelessly, but also like to find excuse for themselves. Using Fu Sang Country’s words, those are the worthless ones who tarnish the martial arts way!” Mitsui-kun smiled coldly before adding, “However, Fu Sang Country is very reasonable and observe strict etiquette. Even if you are defeated, I will not kill you. However, I hope you will behave yourself in the future.”

He then concluded, “Alright. I, a Fu Sang Country’s martial art practitioner, have not only surpassed a Hua Xia’s martial art practitioner, but also have greater tolerance and a bigger heart. I am the real martial art practitioner.”

After he finished speaking, Yoshida Ichiro stood up from his seat and applauded. The surrounding people followed suit, one after another, constantly cheering.

“Bullshi*! When did I admit defeat? You think you have won? What a joke. I merely lost an arm, but I am not defeated. Only when you kill me will the underground fight be won. Come on. Even if I am to give up my life, I want to see what kind of demon or ghost you are!”

Yuan Kuang stretched his hand to press on his own acupoint. After finally stopping the bleeding, he stood up again, picked up his long sword, and walked towards Mitsui-kun. He was determined to give his all in this fight with the Fu Sang Country’s martial arts practitioner. His power previously was definitely abnormal. If he still can use it on me again, I am ready to face my death! If he can’t… Hmph!

“Aren’t you afraid of death?” Mitsui-kun’s face turned gloomy and his pupils constricted. I could only use my previous power once, there will be none left now…

This person clearly has a severe wound, but he is prepared to fight me with his life. Is he insane?

“Afraid of death? We are yet to find out who will die first.” Yuan Kuang sped up his pace, used his Inner Qi of his entire body, and was prepared to kill Mitsui-kun.

He was determined to not bring shame upon his country. The Hua Xia’s martial arts way couldn’t be shamed!

“Lunatic.” Mitsui-kun retreated a step back, almost like he was cowering. If Yuan Kuang intended to die in this battle, he would most probably die with him!

However, it was definitely impossible to admit defeat at this time. Otherwise, he would have to eat his own words and slap his own face. Moreover, the higher ranked persons of the Devil Saber-kai were watching, so he didn’t dare admit defeat.

“Hold on.” Just when Mitsui-kun was facing this awkward situation and hesitating, a a youngster walked out and spoke in a clear voice.