Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 458

Chapter 458 Rescuing People

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The youth that walked out was Mo Wen.

Gu Jingman glanced at Mo Wen and smiled slightly. She did not stop him. Instead, her mood improved.

Widow Wang and Jiang Guhuai looked at each other. Their eyes flashed with a look of confusion. They were secretly wondering why the young man had run out. After all, the fourth match had not yet ended and the battle was still ongoing. Could it be that he cannot wait to come running out to his death?

As for Feng Yuan, his face had been cold from the very start. No one knew what he was thinking.

“Despicable!” Du Pingsheng landed a harsh punch on the arm of his chair. His facial expression was frighteningly gloomy. It wasn’t that he had never thought that they would lose in the underground fight, but he had never thought that they would pay such a high price.

Elder Yuan Kuang was an expert of the Yuan Clan, as well as a pillar of the Triad Sect. Aside from the Yuan Clan clan leader, he was the person with the highest cultivation in the Yuan Clan. If anything happened to him, not only would they have no way to give the Yuan Clan an explanation, the Triad Sect would receive a heavy blow.

Du Pingsheng knew Elder Yuan Kuang’s temper. It wasn’t that he could not accept defeat, but he could not accept ridicule, especially when it involved the ridicule of the entire ancient martial arts world of Hua Xia.

At this moment, even if Du Pingsheng went out to persuade him, it would be useless; also, he did not know how to persuade him. Just as he was sitting dispiritedly on his seat, thinking that defeat was inevitable, a youth had suddenly appeared with a clear intention to disturb the match.

He recognized this youth. It was the person that Gu Jingman had prepared to send out before this. He seemed to also be her brother.

“What are you doing?” Yuan Kuang frowned. His tone was unfriendly as he looked at Mo Wen walking over. Why was he coming out to disturb the match at this particular moment? Right now, his arm was cut off, he had suffered internal injuries and his stamina was severely spent. If the battle continued, even if he risked his life, it would most likely be very difficult for him to kill the samurai from the Fu Sang Country.

Mitsui-kun breathed a slight sigh of relief. Someone coming out to disturb the match was very beneficial for him, even in just allowing him to stall for time. He had originally held the warriors of the Hua Xia Country in contempt. But now that he had seen Mo Wen, he thought Mo Wen was decent.

“Old man, you are old. How can you still fight with others? Leave this sort of thing to us youngsters. The Fu Sang Country samurai is in his prime and yet he is bullying an elder of our Hua Xia Country. He truly is shameless. And they still say that Fu Sang Country values decorum and acts in a civilized manner. If they can commit such acts of bullying the elderly and weak, what morals are there to be mentioned?” Mo Wen said, laughingly.

When he passed by Yuan Kuang’s cut-off arm that had fallen to the ground, he bent over to pick it up.

“Young man, what are you blabbering on about? Right now, this is an underground fight, not a public bus. Cut the crap about respecting your elders and loving your young.” The corners of Mitsui-kun’s mouth twitched. He could not stand Mo Wen’s logic. This young man was attacking Fu Sang Country as soon as he opened his mouth. It was as though he had thorns all over him. He was too audacious.

“Oh, so this is an underground fight. Then, you still talk of virtue and morality after cutting off another person’s limb, isn’t that ridiculous? Or should it be said that the morality of Fu Sang Country is established on war? For example, when invading others during the Second World War, you did not consider it a disgrace but instead an honor. That is Fu Sang Country’s morality,” Mo Wen said plainly.

“You bullsh*t, brat. Are you seeking death?” Mitsui-kun’s face immediately turned cold. The people of Fu Sang Country were most afraid of other people bringing up the Second World War. It was because that was a disgrace that they could never wash away. Using the Second World War to mock them was the ultimate taboo for the people of Fu Sang Country.

“You are looking to die. Did you not say yourself that Fu Sang Country’s warriors are far superior to that of Hua Xia’s? I express my dissatisfaction at such a statement,” Mo Wen said with a grin. Even when insulting people, he remained smiling. But the more he smiled, the stronger the mockery Mitsui-kun felt coming from him.

“Then, I will beat you into submission. You should be the fifth person from Hua Xia Country? Just nice, I will settle you all in one sweep.” Mitsui-kun did not say another word. With a flash of his silhouette, he directly dashed towards Mo Wen.

“Humph, your opponent is me. Defeat me first!” However, before Mitsui-kun got close to Mo Wen, another silhouette blocked his way. Yuan Kuang did not speak anymore, frenziedly attacking as though he was fighting to the death. He silently cursed Mo Wen to death in his heart. Disturbing his match at this time! With just him? Was Mo Wen looking for abuse? If Mo Wen made him miss his best opportunity to kill Mitsui-kun, then he would probably not be able to vent his frustration.

This youth, even if he had a patriotic heart, did not know the weight of his actions. Could it be that he did not know that coming out at this moment was the same as helping the people of Fu Sang Country?

But he could not point this out to Mo Wen. After all, he was the fifth person to represent Hua Xia in the matches. Wouldn’t chastising him be equal to slapping himself in the face? Also, he did not have time to chastise Mo Wen. He needed to kill Mitsui-kun while he still had the strength.

Right now, he could see that it was impossible for the samurai from Fu Sang Country to have the same power as before. If he did, he would not have needed to have acted so timidly and intentionally stop to talk so much to Mo Wen.

Against the frenzied attack of Yuan Kuang, Mitsui-kun secretly complained inside. He originally thought that the youth coming out to disturb the match would give him enough time. But who would have thought that Yuan Kuang was so decisive and had already seen through his intentions?

“Old man, I have already said that such things should be done by us youngsters. You can just sit at one side and watch.” It hadn’t been clear what was happening when Mo Wen had walked into their battle, but now, with one hand, Mo Wen had actually easily dragged Yuan Kuang out of the fighting ring.

Just a moment before, Yuan Kuang and Mitsui-kun had been frenziedly engaged in battle. But in the blink of an eye, the two of them were separated by at least fifty meters.

Yuan Kuang looked at Mitsui-kun who had instantly appeared in the distance. He was unable to explain what had just happened and felt very wary.

“What are you doing?” Yuan Kuang regained his senses. He looked at Mo Wen who had grabbed onto his shoulder with one hand. He immediately felt rage stir from within. This youth had actually come to disturb the match. He was being so mischievous.

He reached out his hand, intending to push Mo Wen away. But he strangely found that he actually could not move his body at all. A terrifying power was pressing on his body. It was like a wall, restricting him until he had no room to move.

“You…” Yuan Kuang was apprehensive. He looked at Mo Wen unable to say a word. A terrifying thought appeared in his mind.

“Old man, take this pill. After a week, your arm will be as good as new. As for the people of Fu Sang Country, I will settle them.” Mo Wen reattached the cut-off arm on Yuan Kuang’s wound. A golden light flew out and surrounded the wound, emanating a soft and gentle glow.

Yuan Kuang felt his arm was like a furnace. It got warmer and warmer, but it was not hot. Instead, it was very comfortable. Mo Wen let go and the cut-off arm actually remained attached. Yuan Kuang tried moving it and discovered it was very stiff. It seemed as though it was a prosthetic. He could not control the finer motions.

“Right now, it is only re-attached. Only after a week will it truly grow back again,” Mo Wen said smiling, seemingly seeing through Yuan Kuang’s suspicions. Then he passed him a pill.

The reason he had directly come out was to save Yuan Kuang’s life. With his current condition, continuing to fight with the samurai from Fu Sang Country would only result in mutual destruction and Yuan Kuang needlessly losing his life.

“Your kindness cannot be repaid with just words. I will remember this. In the future, if the opportunity arises, I will surely repay this kindness.” Yuan Kuang nodded at Mo Wen. Now he understood that the youth before him was not a simple figure.

“Old man, it would be better for you to get out of the ring and watch the match. I also would like to know how capable Fu Sang Country’s samurais are,” Mo Wen said, smiling.

Yuan Kuang nodded his head. He coldly gave Mitsui-kun in the distance a glance, “I admit defeat, but that does not mean Hua Xia Country has lost. I cannot represent anyone, let alone represent the warriors of a country.”

After saying this, he coldly walked out. He knew in his heart that with the youth around, his insistence was already meaningless. If the youth also lost, then it would be impossible for him to win at all.

“Elder Yuan Kuang, what is important is that you are alright. The rest is secondary,” Du Pingsheng said in a soft, comforting tone as he stood up.

At the same time, he let out a sigh of relief inside. For Yuan Kuang to return alive was the best outcome for him. Right now, he had to thank the youth that had disturbed the match. As for losing the underground fight, he could only sigh. At least no matter how bad the situation was now, it was not worse than the situation from before.

“We have misunderstood Sect Leader Gu. Pingsheng, later when you get the chance, we should apologize to Sect Leader Gu.” Yuan Kuang sighed. He knew that before this, he had completely misunderstood Gu Jingman. He also never thought that a youth would have such frightening cultivation. At the same time. He was secretly glad that with this youth, maybe they had a high chance of winning this underground fight.

“Misunderstood?” Du Pingsheng was slightly stunned. He looked stunned at Yuan Kuang, then immediately glanced at Mo Wen in the ring, and then looked at Gu Jingman who had been calm since the start. In his mind, he gradually thought of an unlikely possibility.

“Heroes are born young. Our thinking has been too fossilized and opinionated,” Yuan Kuang said emotionally.

“Elder Yuan Kuang, could it be that Mo Wen…” Du Pingsheng said, still somewhat in disbelief.

“That youth’s cultivation is at least above the Qi Nucleation realm. As for exactly how high it is, even I do not know,” Yuan Kuang said softly.

Du Pingsheng drew in a cold breath, fiercely raising his head to look at Mo Wen. A light of hope flashed in his eyes.

Qi Nucleation realm! For them, that was the highest realm. Only the clan leaders of the Gu Clan Fort and Yuan Clan had such cultivation.

Mitsui-kun shook his head. He felt that something was off. Just now, he was still working hard to receive Yuan Kuang’s frenzied counterattack. How was it that, in an instant, Yuan Kuang had disappeared before his eyes? The next scene was even more shocking for him. Yuan Kuang, who had been fighting with him to the death a moment before, had actually actively admitted defeat and stepped out of the ring. This series of changes made it hard for him to even respond.

“Don’t look anymore. Your current opponent is me.” The corners of Mo Wen’s mouth curled up as he slowly walked towards Mitsui-kun.

“Brat, what you said just now is unpleasant to this elder’s ears. Since you are seeking death, then I won’t go easy on you.” Mitsui-kun coldly glanced at Mo Wen. Even a callow brat dared to mock him in public. He secretly made up his mind that he would surely kill the brat that did not know the immensity of heaven and earth on the spot.