Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 459

Chapter 459 Bullying

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“Just now, the strength that burst out from your body, it was not yours, right? You martial arts practitioners from Fu Sang Country are shameless. When the Sea of Qi realm practitioners are fighting, a Qi Nucleation realm martial arts practitioner was actually assisting from the sidelines,” Mo Wen said with a cold laugh.

The trickery of the Fu Sang martial arts practitioner did not escape Mo Wen’s eyes. The force that he used to defeat Yuan Kuang just now most likely belonged to a Qi Nucleation realm martial arts practitioner, as it was hidden among Mitsui-kun’s Inner Qi with a special technique.

That Inner Qi could only be used once. However, it was enough to handle a Sea of Qi realm martial arts practitioner like Yuan Kuang.

“What nonsense are you talking about now? I clearly defeated your Hua Xia martial arts practitioner with my own strength.” Mitsui-kun’s facial expression changed slightly, turning cold in an instant.

As this youth had actually identified that his power was abnormal, he was naturally taken aback. However, only a fool would admit such a thing!

“Not only are you Fu Sang people shameless, but you also like to lie to yourselves. You people are merely covering up your shameful acts by worshipping at the Yasukuni Shrine every year,” Mo Wen said plainly.

“You are seeking death.” Mitsui-kun was enraged now, and moved to strike at Mo Wen.

However, just when Mitsui-kun swung his saber, a terrifying pressure hovered over him, pinning him on the spot. He couldn’t move a muscle.

“You… How is this possible…” Mitsui-kun’s eyes were filled with disbelief. He stared at Mo Wen, stunned. He just couldn’t wrap his brain around what was happening.

Mo Wen slowly strode towards Mitsui-kun, his slender hand grabbing onto Mitsui-kun’s shirt collar, lifting him up, then throwing him out. Mitsui-kun’s body flew like a baseball before slammed onto the ground.

“I’m not killing you, not because I am kind, but because don’t want to get my hands dirty with your blood,” Mo Wen said plainly.


Mitsui-kun spit out a mouthful of blood with disdain, while his face grew pale. He had more than ten fractures on his body at the moment, and he was merely a Sea of Qi realm martial arts practitioner. It had almost killed him to be dropped from such a high place just now!

“Mitsui-kun…” As Yoshida Ichiro stood up instantly, his eyes narrowed.

His facial expression was hard to read. He would never have thought that a youth would be powerful enough to cause Mitsui-kun to not be able to counterattack.

“Carry Mitsui-kun out for treatment. You must heal him.” He waved and ordered his subordinates to take swift action to help Mitsui-kun.

Instantly, a few doctors in white coats ran towards Mitsui-kun, who was lying on the ground and was unable to get back on his feet. As there was always a high possibility of one’s getting injured during an underground fight, Yoshida Ichiro had prepared for a medical staff to be on standby.

However, the medical staff only attended to the people from Yamaguchi-gumi. They wouldn’t provide treatment to people from Hua Xia.

As Mitsui-kun was his important subordinate and right-hand man, he specialized in aiding him to complete tasks that he couldn’t do for himself. So, if anything was to happen to Mitsui-kun, it would be too high a price to pay.

Mo Wen’s mouth curled to form a cold smile. Even though he didn’t kill the Fu Sang martial arts practitioner, he had completely crippled his cultivation.

Heal him? Mo Wen knew that there would most likely not be many people in this world who could heal a person who he had crippled!

“You guys, go away! Get lost!” As the medical staff surrounded Mitsui-kun and were just preparing to lift him up on the stretched they had brought with them, Mitsui-kun shooed them away as he roared in anger! His eyes were bloodshot, and he seemed to have taken a big hit.

“Mitsui-kun’s cultivation has been crippled. This youth from Hua Xia is merciless!” a middle-aged man, who was wearing samurai clothes and standing behind Yoshida Ichiro, exclaimed. He stared at Mo Wen with a gloomy gaze.

Yoshida Ichiro’s body shook slightly as he drew in a cold breath forcefully. His face turned more and more pale by the minute. He couldn’t accept this reality at all.

Crippling Mitsui-kin’s cultivation was equivalent to chopping off one of his arms. Furthermore, he would not be able to shirk this responsibility. Even though Mitsui-kun was working for him, Mitsui-kun’s status was no lower than his.

After all, he was a martial arts practitioner, who would most likely be able to break through to the Qi Nucleation realm in the future. As such, the Devil Saber-kai attached great importance to Mitsui-kun.

“Lord Ida, this Hua Xia youth…” Yoshida Ichiro’s facial expression was sullen as he turned around to look at the middle-aged man.

He was being very respectful towards the middle-aged man. However, his gaze was filled with hatred, as he seemingly wanted to vent his anger, but was not able to at the moment.

“This youth is not simple. He most likely has a Qi Nucleation realm cultivation. I will personally attend to him after this. Don’t worry. I will explain to the higher ups regarding Mitsui-kun’s condition. You are not at fault. We didn’t expect them to be able to invite such a figure here.” The middle-aged man frowned.

He could sense that the youth was most likely at the intermediate stage of the Qi Nucleation realm based on the Inner Qi that he had released just now. Moreover, the youth was actually not even at the beginning stage! He was very surprised that a mere youth would have such deep and profound cultivation.

Within their Devil Saber-kai, there were only a handful of such talented youths. Hence, the background of this youth from Hua Xia was most likely not simple.

However, he was not scared of Mo Wen, because he had the later stage Qi Nucleation realm cultivation. Thus, he should be fine when faced with a youth with the intermediate stage Qi Nucleation realm cultivation.

On the other hand, thankfully, Yoshida Ichiro had invited him this time. Otherwise, on top of losing the underground fight, they would have suffered great losses.

“Qi Nucleation realm!” Yoshida Ichiro took a deep breath.

Even though he was not a martial arts practitioner, he knew what it meant to be a martial arts practitioner with Qi Nucleation realm. At least under him, the strongest person was Mitsui-kun, and he didn’t have any strong practitioner with Qi Nucleation realm at all.

He figured that there would most likely only a few Qi Nucleation realm martial arts practitioners in the headquarters of Yamaguchi-gumi. Besides, those people didn’t work for Yamaguchi-gumi, as they pledged their loyalty to the Devil Saber-kai.

“Lord Ida, please join the battle,” Yoshida Ichiro said respectfully, while bowing slightly.

Ida Tsuruoka stood up expressionlessly, then strode towards the center of the field slowly.

“Are you the third candidate from Yamaguchi-gumi?” Mo Wen asked plainly, while staring at the middle-aged samurai who was in front of him.

Sensing a fluctuation in the man’s aura, Mo Wen could tell that the force that was in Mitsui-kun’s body had originated from this man. This was because only a martial arts practitioners at the later stage of Qi Nucleation realm could hide his Inner Qi in the body of others. Beginning stage and intermediate stage Qi Nucleation realm martial arts practitioners didn’t have such an ability.

“I’m Ida Tsuruoka. I am interested in learning some of your Hua Xia martial arts. I hope you will not disappoint me,” Ida Tsuruoka said calmly.

“You are still not qualified to learn Hua Xia martial arts. The force hidden in that guy just now was yours, right? In terms of being shameless, us Hua Xia people will never be comparable to your Fu Sang people!” Mo Wen said.

“It has always been acceptable to do whatever it takes to win in an underground fight. Thus, any of our tricks would be reasonable and fair. You are the one who is uninformed,” Ida Tsuruoka said with a cold laugh.

“Oh? That cheating trick is considered reasonable and fair? So, it is not against the rules for me to purposely bully the weak, right?” The corners of Mo Wen’s mouth lifted as he spoke.

“Of course. But, only if you have such an ability. But, I can tell you, martial arts practitioners from Fu Sang Country are not like you Hua Xia people. You can’t easily bully us just because you want to. After all, I want to bully you too!” Ida Tsuruoka’s facial expression turned cold.

Right now, he really wanted to show the youth what it meant to not know the immensity of heaven and earth! As he took a step forward, a powerful aura swept out, crashing towards Mo Wen forcefully.

With his later stage Qi Nucleation realm cultivation, he could win against Mo Wen easily, at least in terms of momentum and style. He would indeed put pressure on any opponent mentally! However, his thoughts were idealistic, yet the reality was cruel.

Before Ida Tsuruoka’s pressure could reach Mo Wen, a terrifying aura swept out in an overwhelming manner. The aura broke down his tiny pressure in an instant.

Then, in a majestic and unstoppable manner, the aura crushed Ida Tsuruoka. It was as though a huge mountain had landed on him from the sky!

Ida Tsuruoka’s facial expression changed in an instant. His eyes were filled with disbelief and his body was shaking. He was like a little boat being tossed about in the middle of the ocean. He could be destroyed anytime.

Cold sweat soaked through his clothes instantaneously. He was also as pale as a sheet.

“You… you…” Ida Tsuruoka stared at Mo Wen in horror.

For a moment, he couldn’t even speak. He was so nervous, his lips were slightly shaking.

Mo Wen was actually not at the intermediate stage of Qi Nucleation realm! Moreover, not only was his cultivation not at the intermediate stage of Qi Nucleation realm, but he was a frighteningly strong practitioner, who was at the Embryonic Breathing realm at least!

Embryonic Breathing realm! Even in the Devil Saber-kai, this was the existence at the pinnacle of the pyramid! These kinds of martial arts practitioners were definitely rare, even in the Devil Saber-kai. To think that a youth would actually have such a terrifying cultivation, one had to wonder what had actually happened to this world!

“Don’t blame me for bullying you. This is an underground fight. We only talk about the results, right?” With a smile on his face, Mo Wen walked towards Ida Tsuruoka, slapping him on the face right away.

Immediately, Ida Tsuruoka fell to the ground. This later stage Qi Nucleation realm martial arts practitioner was as helpless as a toddler now!

“Clearly, you are shameless. Yet, you made it sound as though you are reasonable.” Mo Wen grabbed Ida Tsuruoka, pulling him up from the ground. Then, Mo Wen gave him another slap on the face.

However, this slap didn’t send him back to the ground. This was because there was a shapeless force that was controlling Ida Tsuruoka’s body, causing his body to float in front of Mo Wen at all times.

“You have caused our Hua Xia’s martial arts practitioner to lose an arm. So, I will chop off one of your arms too.” As Mo Wen’s hand made a slash in mid-air, a gale flashed past and one of Ida Tsuruoka’s arms fell off instantly!

As his blood splashed everywhere, Ida Tsuruoka let out a blood-curdling scream. His face’s color changed from red to pale-white.

He was both in pain and ashamed. He felt like he was a plaything, ravaged by others, while being unable to move an inch.

“Stop it! We admit defeat. We admit defeat!” Yoshida Ichiro shouted frantically.

His forehead was sweating continuously. Ida Tsuruoka was an important figure in the Devil Saber-kai. So, if anything was to happen to him, the responsibility was too huge for Yoshida Ichiro to bear.

“Just now, I said that I wanted to bully you. Naturally, I can’t just bully you once. I will take your other arm too.” Mo Wen didn’t pay attention to Yoshida Ichiro’s plea at all, and with a flick of his fingers, another gale blew past, chopping off Ida Tsuruoka’s other arm!

“Lord Murano! Help! Save me…” Ida Tsuruoka was finally scared. He suspected that this youth, who had a smile on his face, would surely torture him to death!