Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 460

Chapter 460 Movement Of The Undercurrents

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Yoshida Ichiro’s face turned extremely pale while his body swayed from side to side. He nearly fell to the ground.

Ida Tsuruoka was a highly ranked martial arts practitioner in the Devil Saber-kai. If he was to die in his territory, that… but he was the one who had chosen Ida Tsuruoka to participate in this underground fight.

Ida Tsuruoka was floating in the air. Right now, he was very fearful. This sinister youngster was simply a devil from hell. He had no doubt that if he couldn’t escape from him, he would be tortured to death by this youngster. He had already thrown away his pride of being a martial art practitioner in the Qi Nucleation realm by screaming aloud for help.

The people from the five big influences looked at the dramatic scene. All of their faces were extremely interesting to see. They had never expected this youngster by the name of Mo Wen to be so frightening.

In the blink of an eye, he had defeated Mitsui-kun and before everyone could react to it, the next person had also been defeated at his hand.

This shouldn’t be called an underground fight, it was simply a lopsided torment.

What Mo Wen had said previously was right –”Once I joined in the fight, it would be equivalent to bullying you”.

Delight flashed in Du Pingsheng’s eyes as he stood up excitedly. His emotions had been roller-coastering. Previously he was down in the valley of no return, now he had completely made an upturn with the trend of moving towards heaven.

“That youngster… is so strong. I underestimated him previously… he must have the Cultivation of Embryonic Breathing realm. Otherwise, it’s impossible to be so effortless… in torturing a martial arts practitioner in the Qi Nucleation realm.” Yuan Kuang took a deep breath with shock flickering in his eyes. He had actually underestimated the terror of that youngster.

Embryonic Breathing realm! That was simply terrifying! That was a realm beyond his imagination. At least in the ancient martial arts aristocratic families he knew in Hua Dong region, it was basically impossible to have a martial arts practitioner of this level. Perhaps only those ancient martial arts Sects in the deep mountains and primitive forests could have such terrifying experts. However, such an expert with such Cultivation appearing as a youngster was even more extraordinarily shocking.

“Sect Leader Gu, Du Pingsheng is blind and had misunderstood you previously. I shall ask for forgiveness with gifts after this.” Du Pingsheng stood up and bowed slightly towards Gu Jingman, who was sitting a short distance away. He already knew that everything previously was caused by his misunderstanding. Perhaps it could be said that his distrust for Gu Jingman had caused him to put the blame on her. In a nutshell, it was he who didn’t understand the situation and had been impulsive so he should ask for forgiveness.

The youngster was definitely way stronger than Uncle Chen. Moreover, he was not merely stronger than Uncle Chen, he was much stronger than him to a terrifying state.

There were no martial arts practitioners in the Qi Nucleation realm in Yamaguchi-gumi at this time who would have a chance against Mo Wen.

Jiang Guhuai and Widow Wang’s faces had changed interestingly as they could neither smile nor cry. Regardless of what they were thinking, they had never expected the youngster to be so terrifying. It was simply beyond the limit that they could comprehend. However, they didn’t stand up to apologize to Gu Jingman. As leaders of the big influences, they were unable to lower themselves to do it.

However, Gu Jingman having such a terrifying brother made them both apprehensive. They were afraid that Gu Jingman would use Mo Wen’s strength to do something to them. Although they weren’t afraid when it was done in the open, it would be terrifying if it was done secretly. that. After all, a martial arts practitioner in the Qi Nucleation realm could do a lot of things.

Both of them were not ancient martial arts practitioners, so upon knowing that Mo Wen was in the Qi Nucleation realm, the faces of the two ancient martial arts practitioners next to them were as white as a sheet. Only they knew that Mo Wen was not in the Qi Nucleation realm but Embryonic Breathing…

“Sect Leader Du is too polite. The person who doesn’t know is not guilty.” Gu Jingman curled her lips. She was still lying on the chair where she had been since the beginning, leisurely enjoying her tea. She seemed not to mind too much about the underground fight.

Zheng Shuangshuang, who was behind her, was completely dumbfounded. Her hand covered her mouth as her eyes widened and stared at Mo Wen without blinking. She had never expected Mo Wen to be a martial art practitioner, let alone such a strong martial art practitioner.

But earlier on he hadn’t been able to handle even a few hooligans. He was no more than a gigolo who had just hidden behind her back, how could he possibly be so strong?

Zheng Shuangshuang had a deep impression of the previous scene in which Mo Wen was shameless and weak. She had been inexplicably fooled by someone.

“B*stard!” Zheng Shuangshuang stamped her foot and scolded herself secretly. She now realized that Mo Wen had been fooling her at that time.

Gu Jingman cast a look at Zheng Shuangshuang while smiling helplessly. She was very clear how bad Mo Wen could be. She didn’t think there was anything wrong with Zheng Shuangshuang being angry.

“Lord Murano, help!” Ida Tsuruoka had already given up his struggle. He could merely continuously scream for help. Blood gushed out of his body as Mo Wen had already created a few holes on his body. However, a martial art practitioner in the Qi Nucleation realm had a strong will to live that would allow them not to die quickly.

“Don’t scream anymore. Nobody is going to save you. Simply enjoy being bullied.” Mo Wen’s lips continued to have a smile on them but still looked cruel. However, though he was constantly torturing Ida Tsukuora, he didn’t kill him and didn’t extirpate his Cultivation. After all, it wasn’t easy to practice to the Qi Nucleation realm. Although Ida Tsukuora had faults, he didn’t deserve to die.

In a tall building some distance away, there were two people inside the hall; a beautiful woman dressed in a white robe and a middle-aged man dressed in samurai attire. The woman sat on a chair while the middle-age martial art practitioner stood next to her.

The middle-aged man was the man from Fu Sang Country who had appeared just now at the outskirts of the forest and attempted to plunder the Divine Blood. However, even when he allied with the old man from the Snow Leopard Clan, they were no match for Masri from the bloodline of the Fallen Angels. In the end, they had escaped after a perilous fight.

However, because of it, he managed to escape a crisis – he didn’t fall into the watchful eyes of the Vampire Marquis.

“Highness Stunning Snow, those clergies including Pislen are all dead at the hands of the traitor of Blood Kindred. Many people besieged her, but the woman of Blood Kindred was very strong and used Twilight at the last minute which killed everyone.” Murano lowered his head slightly while treating this woman in a white robe before him with much respect.

“You know any more than this?” Stunning Snow lifted her eyes slightly, her voice sounding faint and empty.

“Anything else I don’t know. As for the whereabouts of the Divine Blood, I also don’t know. However, if there isn’t an accident, that woman of the Blood Kindred should be in the hands of Masri of the Demon Gods Alliance at the end. He was in the Fallen Angels, the abandoned clan, with very strong power.”

Murano shook his head with some surprise hidden in his eyes. The Highness Stunning Snow of Gods Alliance had come personally to investigate this matter. Could there be some hidden secret that he didn’t know? The normal Blood Kindred’s Divine Blood shouldn’t be able to pique the Highness Stunning Snow’s interest.

“Masri was already dead and his remains were yet to be found. Now, we don’t even know who had killed him,” Stunning Snow remarked tepidly.

Murano gasped as he heard her words. That terrifying stern youngster was actually dead and his remains were yet to be found. Exactly who had killed him? With Masri’s ability, it would take at least a martial art practitioner in the acme of Embryonic Breathing realm. Normal people basically wouldn’t be a threat to him.

“You may go then. Pay more attention to the whereabouts of the Divine Blood for this period of time. Let me know once you have any news.” Stunning Snow closed her eyes slightly with her body surface emitting streaks of pure and holy white radiance. She looked sacred and couldn’t be infringed, causing people to respect yet not daring to get close to her, as if she was a deity.

Originally, she was not interested in the Blood Kindred’s Divine Blood and was reluctant to meddle in it. However, she received a notice from the Gods Alliance which ordered her to investigate this matter and telling her she must find the Divine Blood which had gone missing.

In the future, she would know that the Divine Blood was not normal Divine Blood but was the Divine Blood passed down by a Blood ancestor.

Once the Blood Kindred got the heritage of Divine Blood, it would be possible to create the existence of a Blood ancestor. The Gods Alliance would definitely prohibit such a thing from happening so they had ordered her to prevent the Blood Kindred and the Demon Gods Alliance from obtaining that Divine Blood.

However, two days had already passed by the time she had begun to investigate this matter. The Blood ancestor’s Divine Blood was already missing. Nobody knew whose hand it was in. Whoever it was barely left a trace and there were very few leads for them to investigate.

In the meantime, she had discovered that the Blood Kindred didn’t obtain the Divine Blood. There were a few Marquises from the Blood world who had descended and already contacted the Blood Kindred of the primeval ancestral land. Many of the Blood Kindred had been sent out to find the heritage Divine Blood.

Stunning Snow was silent while Murano bowed slightly. He knew that he shouldn’t disturb her highness at this time so he prepared to turn around to leave.

However, there was a series of anxious screams of help on the lawn outside. There was a faint mix of pain and misery in those screams.

“Ida Tsuruoka!” Murano furrowed his brows. Displeasure filled his face as he walked towards the window. He took a glance to realize that his subordinate had actually been captured to be tortured alive. Rage surged in Murano’s eyes suddenly while he secretly cursed that this good-for-nothing was a cause of shame to him.

He took a leap and flew out of the window straightaway like a male eagle before pouncing onto the lawn.

Stunning Snow gradually opened her eyes as surprise flashed within them. She stood up slightly and walked towards the window before she looked towards the lawn. She actually recognized the man who was torturing the other man.

“Help… ah… help…”

“Stop screaming. It’s useless to ask anyone for help.” Mo Wen said lazily. Every now and then he would make a move to torture Ida Tsuruoka. The people who were watching the fight had chills running down their spines. This youngster was simply too ruthless.

“Nobody can save him, right?” A cold voice suddenly resounded from the sky, followed by a massive pressure which descended from heaven. The terrifying aura was accompanied with a wave of Inner Qi which hit vigorously towards Mo Wen. The momentary outburst of power was shocking to everyone.

“Lord Murano.” Delight flashed across Yoshida Ichiro’s eyes and his heart which had been in his mouth had once again gone back to its position a little. He never expected Lord Murano to actually appear. It was so difficult for him to see such an important person. He only knew a little about him only through his subordinates near his side.

However, he never expected the process of the underground fight would make him appear here.