Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 461

Chapter 461 Continued Abuse

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The appearance of Murano instantly gave Yoshida Ichiro a boost of confidence. Now that Lord Murano had stepped out against Mo Wen, it should be as easy as stretching out his hand! In an instant, Yoshida Ichiro seemed to have gone from Hell to Heaven.

“Embryonic Breathing realm!” In the area of the five major influences, Yuan Kuang stood up in an instant and shouted, while his eyes flashed. He never thought that the Yamaguchi-gumi would actually also have an Embryonic Breathing realm strong practitioner!

A mere underground fight between the Yamaguchi-gumi Kyushu department and themselves had actually brought out an Embryonic Breathing realm strong practitioner. It was somewhat unbelievable. No matter how one looked at it, it was a bit bizarre.

Even if the Yamaguchi-gumi’s headquarters had a major incident, they would most likely find it difficult to invite a Devil Saber-kai Embryonic Breathing realm strong practitioner to appear. Hence, someone from the piddly Kyushu department wouldn’t stand a chance after issuing such a request! Their sending an Embryonic Breathing realm strong practitioner to deal with them was overestimating them a bit too much.

Could it be that this plan of the Yamaguchi-gumi’s was not Yoshida Ichiro’s plan, but a plan from the Yamaguchi-gumi’s headquarters? But, why would they expend such an effort just to sell drugs in Hua Xia? Yuan Kuang could not quite wrap his head around this point.

Du Pingsheng’s mood, which was originally getting better, had turned from sunny to gloomy. This was because an Embryonic Breathing realm strong practitioner had actually appeared in the Yamaguchi-gumi.

This caused a deep sense of concern to well up inside of him. Against such a strong lineup of the Yamaguchi-gumi, even he was doubtful as to whether Mo Wen could still claim a victory.

“Embryonic Breathing Realm!” Widow Wang said, as a glint of astonishment flashed in her eyes. She then turned to exchange a glance with Jiang Guhuai, who was equally astonished.

Even though they were not ancient martial art practitioners, they knew what the Embryonic Breathing realm meant. It was the absolute pinnacle, the most exalted existence!

They also knew that the Embryonic Breathing realm represented the pinnacle of martial arts. Moreover, they had never seen one before. Even the martial arts aristocratic families behind them did not have such a strong practitioner among them!

On top of feeling shocked, there was also a glint of smug satisfaction in their eyes. Since an Embryonic Breathing realm strong practitioner had appeared, Mo Wen would surely die.

Right now, they were all praying silently, secretly hoping that Mo Wen could die at the hands of the Embryonic Breathing realm strong practitioner. Even if he did not kill Mo Wen, they hoped that he would at least cripple him.

Regarding the results of the underground fight, the two of them had originally not been concerned one bit. But, it would be more practical for them if they could eliminate Mo Wen here, as he was indeed a threat to them. Otherwise, with Mo Wen’s continued existence, they would be so worried that they would never be able to eat well or sleep well in the future.

As for Gu Jingman, she only raised her gaze for a brief moment, enough to glance at the field once. Then, she lowered her gaze and went back to minding her own business. She was currently fixing her nails with a relaxed look.

It was Zheng Shuangshuang who was the one frowning. She felt slightly concerned,

After all, if they lost this underground fight, they would have worked so hard for nothing. Also, in the Hua Dong region, they would not be able to interfere in the activities of the Yamaguchi-gumi.

“I hope he can create another miracle!” A light flashed in Yuan Kuang’s eyes as he looked determinedly at Mo Wen.

This youth had already given him too many surprises and miracles. He hoped that he would not stop there and would continue to surprise everyone by defeating the Embryonic Breathing realm strong practitioner.

“It is too difficult. After all, Mo Wen is still young.” Du Pingsheng sighed. He was also an ancient martial art practitioner, so he understood everything very well.

Even if the two of them were both of the Embryonic Breathing realm, Mo Wen was still too young, so it would most likely be very difficult for his attainments of the martial art ways to be comparable with the older practitioners. Even when their cultivations were the same, it was seemingly impossible to win against a practitioner with decades of foundations!

Only if Mo Wen’s cultivation was far superior to that of the Yamaguchi-gumi’s Embryonic Breathing realm strong practitioner’s would he have any chance of winning. But, Mo Wen was already of the Embryonic Breathing realm, although he was so young.

Obviously, the chances of him becoming stronger were slim. To have a beginning stage Embryonic Breathing realm cultivation, at least among the younger generation, he was already a legendary existence.

The corner of Feng Yuan’s mouth split open to reveal a smile. The appearance of Murano had calmed his heart, which had been restless since Mo Wen had appeared.

He never imagined that an underground fight would have so many unexpected twists. Luckily, during the last match, victory was still within the Yamaguchi-gumi’s grasp.

Before this, he had known that Yoshida Ichiro had invited a powerful force. However, he had never imagined that the person that he invited would be this powerful.

For him, Mo Wen’s appearance was purely a coincidence. However, at this point, Mo Wen would not be able to do much.

A pressure that enveloped the heavens and the earth suddenly descended from the sky, menacingly surging towards Mo Wen. It seemed to be prepared to squash him.

“Another one that has come, looking to be abused.” Mo Wen’s lips curled to form a smile. His smile was brilliant as usual, as though he had not felt the crushing pressure that had just gushed forth upon him like waves.

“Looking for abuse? I think you are seeking death.” Murano was enraged. This youngster not only did not recognize the situation before him, but he had actually dared to talk to him in such a manner. He must be tired of living!

As Murano waved his hand, a gigantic palm descended from the sky. The vigorous palm had been formed from an accumulating Inner Qi. It came down with a loud crash, like the Buddha’s palm. Its manner was terrifyingly imposing.

Mo Wen remained smiling and as calm as before. He was still mocking Ida Tsuruoka, as though he had not seen the gigantic palm that was crushing down. He remained fixed to his same spot, not moving an inch.


The palm that was made of Inner Qi plummeted. However, it didn’t crush Mo Wen. Instead, it dropped into a swirl and strangely started spinning within it. Then, it disintegrated and fell off bit by bit.

The enraged Murano calmed down at this moment. As his body was floating in mid-air, he stared incredulously at Mo Wen, who was beneath him.

He had casually extended the palm strike just now, not demonstrating his full strength. However, it would be hard for a Qi Nucleation realm practitioner to resist it, let alone counter it so easily.

“You are also of the Embryonic Breathing realm?” Murano’s expressions turned serious. He had just discovered that Mo Wen actually had the cultivation of Embryonic Breathing realm, just like like him.

“It doesn’t matter what my cultivation is. Since you have come, you will end up like him.” Mo Wen laughed.

“You are so arrogant. What martial arts did you use just now?” Murano coldly snorted.

However, he wasn’t in a hurry to attack at the moment, as he wanted to find out Mo Wen’s background first. For a youth to have such a terrifying cultivation, his background was most likely not simple. He might even have treasures or powerful martial arts with him!

He was different from the others. He knew how terrifying and rare it was for a youth to have such a cultivation, as well as how difficult it was to develop as such a person.

Their Devil Saber-kai spent all of their efforts training their youths, but only one of them had Embryonic Breathing realm cultivation. That person was already naturally talented beyond compare.

But, it had only been with the continuous effort of the Devil Saber-kai that he had manage such an impressive achievement. Besides that, the person was already 28 years old. So, in terms of age, he was most likely much older than this youth who was before him.

Regardless, he was not worried. No matter how powerful the youth was, he was most likely only at the beginning stage of Embryonic Breathing realm. As such, it was impossible for him to be at intermediate stage.

After all, it took a lot of time and effort for one to advance to another level of the Embryonic Breathing realm. It was no simpler than breaking through to the Embryonic Breathing realm from the Qi Nucleation realm. Hence, as he had the cultivation of the intermediate stage Embryonic Breathing realm, he didn’t have to worry about anything at all.

“You’ll know my martial art after you have tried it.” Mo Wen smiled and waved his sleeve.

Immediately after that, a terrifying aura filled the field. A shapeless swirl expanded instantly, with Mo Wen at its center. In the blink of an eye, it had enveloped Murano.

The next moment, Murano’s body shook slightly. Then, he tilted, as though he had been pulled over by some force. His body, which was originally floating, sank continuously. On top of that, his body seemed to be out of his control, fumbling over and approaching Mo Wen clumsily.

“You… how is it possible…” Murano screamed, his eyes filling with horror.

He looked at Mo Wen in disbelief. At the same time, his body struggled constantly, while he attempted to wriggle himself out of the bizarre ripple. But, the ripple’s power was strong and bizarre.

As such, his efforts were futile. Even though he exerted all of his strength, he could not get out of it. The feeling that Mo Wen was giving him now was as though he was being faced with a huge mountain that was insurmountable!

“Ugh, I’ve told you not to come out to seek abuse, but you didn’t listen.” Mo Wen purposely sighed as he glanced at Murano. At the same time, he used The Heaven and Earth Great Shift to constantly pull Murano him towards him.

“You… aren’t you… Could it be that you are at the Golden Elixir realm? How is it possible? No… You shouldn’t be at the Golden Elixir realm! Then, how can you…” Murano was horrified, so he started stuttering and screaming continuously.

Mo Wen’s cultivation was too terrifying, as it wasn’t at the Embryonic Breathing realm like he had predicted at all. Instead, it was akin to that of the Golden Elixir realm! His cultivation had far surpassed the cultivation of the pinnacle of the Embryonic Breathing realm.

However, as compared to that of a Golden Elixir realm practitioner, Mo Wen’s cultivation was slightly different. Specifically, it didn’t give him the feeling of being irresistible or cause him to tremble from the depths of his soul.

After he had broken through to the Embryonic Breathing realm, he had met the only elder to have reached the Golden Elixir realm from the Devil Saber-kai before. The elder’s aura was completely different from Mo Wen’s. Even though both of them had powerful and bottomless cultivations, Mo Wen’s aura lacked the pressure of someone at a higher realm.

“Come over quietly.” As Mo Wen’s eyes flashed with a golden light, a bizarre soul power slightly swept past.

Then, Murano’s figure shook and his gaze turned dull. He seemed to have lost consciousness. As such, he stopped struggling and, with a swish, his body appeared in front of Mo Wen.

“Since you came to be abused, then I will fulfill your wish. Did you not say before, something about how powerful your Fu Sang Country samurai were, and how much you wanted to experience our Hua Xia martial arts? Right now, I am giving you the opportunity.” Mo Wen grinned.

He then flicked his fingers, and a cold aura seeped out from them. The surrounding temperature dropped to freezing instantly. Then, tens of black silk threads danced in the air, like thin snakes!

As Mo Wen’s five fingers flicked slightly again, all of the black threads pierced into the bodies of Murano and Ida Tsuruoka! The next moment, the two of them screamed with in agony.

Their faces were contorted and their bodies were constantly shuddering. It was as though they were experiencing the most hellish pain. Their mouths were frothing uncontrollably.