Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 462

Chapter 462 Cutting Ties

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One person had become two people. Ida Tsuruoka and Murano had both fallen into Mo Wen’s hands consecutively, one after the other. The two of them were each gravitating in front of Mo Wen on either side as their blood-curdling screams rang out continuously. It was a scene of tragedy…

“Pfft!” Looking at the unbelievable sight before him, Yoshida Ichiro could no longer hold himself back as he coughed out a mouthful of blood and almost fainted. Although he had not fainted, he would have actually rather have fainted. That way, he would not know anything and that was less of a torture than whatever he was currently enduring.

Didn’t that Lord Murano have a frightening Cultivation of the Embryonic Breathing realm? Isn’t that the highest ability amongst all ancient martial art practitioners?

How could such a thing happen!

Yoshida Ichiro simply could not understand how a proper master of the Embryonic Breathing realm could be so pathetic in the hands of such a young boy. What happened to that incomparable realm and Cultivation of his? What about that palm that could frighten a hundred people to death?

Yoshida Ichiro was not an ancient martial art practitioner and there were simply too many things that he did not understand. Inside, he was filled with indignance, rage, humiliation, and fear. He had already invited Lord Murano over. Yet, the outcome was still the same. It was as though no matter how hard he tried, it was impossible for him to succeed. It was just as scary as a nightmare.

At the moment, the Mo Wen who appeared innocent with a bright smile was simply an exceptional demon in his eyes.

There were a few ancient martial art practitioners by Yoshida Ichiro’s side. One by one, they all seated themselves on the floor. As ancient martial art practitioners of the Devil Saber-kai, they had a deep understanding of just how frightening Lord Murano’s Cultivation already was. There were not more than 30 people in Devil Saber-kai who were like Lord Murano, and they all belonged to the higher ranks. Yet, a youth from Hua Xia Country could actually torture him as though he were a toy. Could it be that they were having a nightmare?

The Yamaguchi-gumi side had fallen into complete despair. Meanwhile, the people on the side of the five major influences all had their mouths agape in shock.

“That…” Du Pingsheng pointed to the battleground. He could not believe the battle that he had just seen. It could not even qualify to be called a battle.

Just what exactly had happened? That master of Yamaguchi-gumi was really of the Embryonic Breathing realm, and not just of the Qi Nucleation realm? How could a master with the Embryonic Breathing realm not even last a blow from the opponent, and did not even seem to have any ability to resist the attack? Was there even any difference between the Embryonic Breathing realm and the Qi Nucleation realm?

At the moment, even Du Shengping was in a state of confusion. Everything felt surreal and he was even suspecting if he was dreaming. In fact, it would probably even be difficult to have dreamt up such an absurd scenario.

“Such a scary youth. Who is he even, and why is he so scary?” Yuan Kuang grabbed on to the handrail tightly. His pupils dilated as he started murmuring to himself. He had never seen such a frightening youth before. In fact, he had not even heard of one; not just their aristocratic families, even the longstanding ancient martial art sects had not ever developed such a frightening young master.

This Mo Wen was simply a demon. He was truly in a different world of his own.

“Senior Yuan Kuang, it cannot be that the youth is really…really an ancient martial art practitioner with the Golden Elixir realm, right?” Du Pingsheng swallowed his saliva as he asked in a dry voice. To him, the Embryonic Breathing realm was already legendary. However, it was still an attainable goal, and he had still heard of news of masters with the Embryonic Breathing realm.

However, the Golden Elixir realm was the legend of legends. Sometimes, they even took it that ancient martial art practitioners of this realm did not exist in the first place, as they had not ever heard rumors of any in existence. If there were really ancient martial art practitioners of such a level, they definitely had to be from a different world.

Meanwhile, at the moment, a youth had appeared before their eyes. In fact, he could actually be the legend of all legends. This made him feel a very surreal and absurd feeling well up in his chest. Just what has this world come to?

“Although I have not come across a senior who has achieved the Golden Elixir realm, I can be certain that even a master with the peak of the Embryonic Breathing realm would not be able to defeat an ancient martial art practitioner with the intermediate stage of the Embryonic Breathing realm so easily. No matter how big the difference in Cultivation, it is impossible for such a defeat. Perhaps, only the legendary Golden Elixir realm can achieve such an outcome…” Yuan Kuang sighed and he felt a little desolate within. Such a young boy could actually be a master with the Golden Elixir realm. Meanwhile, he who had trained for his entire life, being so diligent for tens of years, was still stuck in the Qi Nucleation realm. The difference between them was just like the heavens and the earth. Could it be that he was destined to such a bitter life for good?

Du Pingsheng remained silent. Previously, that ancient martial art practitioner with the Embryonic Breathing realm named Murano had already exclaimed in shock that Mo Wen was of the Golden Elixir realm. However, the fact was simply too unbelievable for the people to take in so easily.

On the other side, Widow Wang and Jiang Guhuai had begun to tremble. They had never imagined that the youth called Mo Wen could be so powerful. Even an ancient martial art practitioner with the Embryonic Breathing realm was not a match for him.

Even though they were not ancient martial art practitioners themselves, they knew that accumulation and foundations were very important principles in ancient martial arts. Most of the time, the powerful ancient martial art practitioners were the old people who had trained for tens of years. Yet, how could a young boy like Mo Wen be of such a frightening Cultivation?

“Chairwoman Wang…” Beside Widow Wang, a middle-aged person breathed out lightly. With an attempt to suppress the fear, he said with a cold expression, “That youth… young senior is a master with the Golden Elixir realm. It is the highest possible realm attainable in ancient martial arts; if he goes against your Red Sparrow Gang, our Li Clan will immediately withdraw all support and we will no longer have any relations whatsoever.”

“You…” Widow Wang looked at the middle-aged person beside her and her expression turned pale. She was so angry that she could not bring herself to say anything for a while. Although she was the Chairwoman on the surface, her Red Sparrow Gang always had to be devoted to the Li Clan. The Li Clan had always been in control of them. All these years, she had done so many favors for the Li Clan and contributed so many benefits. Yet, now that they were faced with some problems—it was not even certain if they would be a target of revenge—the Li Clan was so hasty to cut all ties with them, in fear that they would be dragged down as well. This absolutely made her feel bitterly disappointed in their actions.

“Chairwoman Wang, don’t blame our Li Clan for being too heartless. The Li Clan is just a small family and we will not be able to withstand any disturbances. A single word from a master with the Golden Elixir realm is sufficient to completely destroy our small Li Clan. If we offend such a person, our entire clan will fall into a huge crisis…”

The middle-aged person with the surname Li inhaled deeply. He knew that doing so was a little heartless. However, when faced with such things, one could not hold on to their feelings; a master with the Golden Elixir realm would easily destroy them. Even if he did not attack personally, he would already be able to destroy a small aristocratic family like them. Only he himself knew how low their status was in the ancient martial arts world. Perhaps, they would be champions in. the normal world. However, in the world of ancient martial arts, they were nothing but an unqualified force.

“There is no need to say anymore. I know that I have done something wrong, but so what? Gu Jingman has always been at loggerheads with me. Even if I ask for forgiveness, I can’t do anything if she is bent on taking revenge on me.

“But, please remember that whatever that I have done have mostly been for the interest of your Li Clan. If not for your Li Clan, Gu Jingman and I would basically not have any clashes in interests. You and I are both very clear about this fact. Similarly, Gu Jingman should be very clear about it as well. If she wants to exact revenge on me, would she really let your Li Clan off in any case?” Widow Wang laughed coldly. She did not offend Mo Wen before. By right, that youth would naturally not take revenge on her so absurdly. If he simply attacked her due to his relations with Gu Jingman, would Gu Jingman actually let their Li Clan off the hook?

The expression of the middle-aged man with the surname Li turned cold and his eyes darkened.

On the other side, Jiang Guhuai had an ancient martial art practitioner by his side. He was probably saying something along the same lines to Jiang Guhuai. That middle-aged man had been the first to battle and the first to win the battle.

“When you were on the cruise ship, did your men attack that youth?” the middle-aged man asked Jiang Guhuai coldly.

“I don’t know. Everything is because of Jiang Siyin…” At the moment, Jiang Guhuai’s intestines were already twisted into knots. Internally, his hatred for Jiang Siyin began to grow. If it had not been for him, he personally would never have offended Mo Wen. He had never imagined that such an unimposing youth would be able to kill off someone so frighteningly. If he had known, he would not have dared to approach him even if he had a hundred guts.

“Anyway, you settle it yourself. This incident is purely your personal thing and has nothing to do with the Zhou Clan whatsoever,” the middle-aged man with the surname Zhou said calmly. He had already thought it through to ditch Jiang Guhuai and the Black Eagle Sect at any time. Although he did not have the authority to make such a decision, he believed that after the clan leader found out about it, he would also do so immediately.

Jiang Guhuai’s expression immediately darkened. He gripped his fist tightly but did not say anything more.

Gu Jingman lifted her head slowly to look at the scene on the grass patch. Then, she shook her head and let out a sigh, saying, “This damned lad, he has actually broken through into the next realm once again. Does he even bother to leave anyone alive!”

Initially, she had thought that she was close to surpassing Mo Wen. Even if she was unable to surpass him, she should not have been too far away from his abilities. However, judging from the current situation, she was clearly lagging behind quite drastically…

She had thought that she could brag a little in front of Mo Wen as a powerful older sister with a lot of presence, but now… it was impossible and a faraway dream!

Meanwhile, Uncle Chen who was behind Gu Jingman had an expression filled with shock. He knew that Mo Wen’s Cultivation was frightening. However, he had never thought that it was too such an extent. Golden Elixir realm! To him, such a realm was a legend of legends. Initially, he had thought that he understood Mo Wen a little. But now, he realized that he did not even understand him one bit.

In the past, he had always thought that Mo Wen was a little mysterious. From the first time that he had met Mo Wen, he already sensed that he was out of the ordinary. In fact, he had also proven how extraordinary he was time and again. However, the more that he knew, the more shocked he became, and the more he thought of Mo Wen as someone mysterious and not so simple.

From the beginning, this youth had always been draped with a veil of mystery. In the arena, Murano and Ida Tsuruoka had both basically become Mo Wen’s puppets. Their bodies levitated into the air and were thrown around as he pleased.

At the moment, Ida Tsuruoka had already begun to cry for help. When he saw that Lord Murano was reduced to the same state as him, there was a sense of desolation hitting his heart.

“You…you…pig! Fu Sang Country…is not somewhere…somewhere…for you to be so cocky…” Murano was really someone with a backbone. While trying to bear the pain, he was continuously cursing and scolding Mo Wen at the same time. There was actually even a fierce look in his eyes, and it made him look just like a wild wolf that had been injured.

“You actually look a little like an ancient martial art practitioner. However, since you dared tell me off, you will have to pay with an arm of yours.” Mo Wen calmly lashed out with a single hand and a dark wind flashed by. Murano’s arm immediately fell off, detaching from his body completely.

“Highness Stunning Snow… Save me…” Murano cried out in pain. The pain had caused his body to tremble continuously.

“The ancient martial art practitioners from your Fu Sang Country do not have the attitude of the martial arts. They simply cry for help without reason…” An airy voice descended and began to resound all across the grass patch.