Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 463

Chapter 463 The Cardinal

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A faint voice resonated through the air, the sound of which caused everyone to be in a good mood. It was like they were being refreshed by a Spring breeze.

Mo Wen raised his brows and glanced towards the source of the voice. Just then, a lady in a white robe took a few steps gently and elegantly in the air. She looked just like a goddess.

He squinted his eyes to a slit, realizing that he had seen this lady before. She was the Caucasian lady who he unintentionally peeped at while she was showering onboard the cruise ship!

Since that time, Mo Wen had almost forgotten about it. He definitely never expected to see her here!

This lady in the white robe was very strong. In fact, Mo Wen could feel that she could very well pose a threat to him. Hers was not the kind of strength that a normal martial arts practitioner in the Embryonic Breathing realm was able to possess. In fact, she seemed to be at least in the Golden Elixir realm.

Everyone present was looking at the lady in surprise. Her body was enveloped in a holy and pure white radiance, and she was like a goddess who had just descended. She was so bewitching, the people were all overwhelmed with uncontrollable senses of piousness and wanted to worship her on their knees.

Gu Jingman lifted her head, while her brows furrowed. For the first time, a gloomy look appeared on her face. She, too, could sense that this lady was very strong. She was so strong, her strength seemed to even surpass Mo Wen’s.

Du Pingsheng and company were all utterly shocked that such a person existed in Yamaguchi-gumi. However, the lady in the white robe was obviously not a citizen of Fu Sang Country, so they wondered why she had appeared in the underground fight?

“We meet again.” Mo Wen’s lips curled into an evil smile before he commented thoughtfully. Although there wasn’t any actual interaction between them, they had indeed “met” once!

As Stunning Snow cast a look at Mo Wen, she showed no expression on her face, almost as if she didn’t understand the meaning of Mo Wen’s words. Her aura was pure, holy, and spotless.

“Let him go.” She pointed at Murano. Even if it was raised in an order, her voice continued to sound surreal.

“You are the fifth participant of the Yamaguchi-gumi?” Mo Wen asked tepidly. According to the Yamaguchi-gumi’s sequence of participants, this lady in the white robe could definitely be considered as the fifth person to appear.

“As I am not a citizen of Fu Sang Country, I’m not interested in your fight with them. But, he is still of some use to me. If you let him go, I will not make things difficult for you. In the meantime, I will also agree not to help Fu Sang Country go against you,” Stunning Snow said stoically.

She didn’t have any interest in the underground fight. The reason she came was to save Murano, as he was still of some use to her, at least in searching for the Divine Blood in Fu Sang Country.

“What if I don’t let him go?” Mo Wen smiled apathetically.

“Aren’t you afraid of me?” Stunning Snow asked, while she turned her eyes to look at Mo Wen.

It was the first time she had really looked at a person seriously. Before this, everyone was merely an insignificant wisp of smoke passing before her eyes.

While she was speaking, her body was emitting a shocking pressure. Her aura was so sacred, nobody dared look her straight in the eye.

At this moment, the aura on her body was equivalent to the Golden Elixir realm. In fact, it was even stronger than the normal Golden Elixir realm!

“Of course I am not afraid. I am a big man, so why should I be afraid of a woman? Moreover, you are a woman who I have ‘seen before’…” Mo Wen laughed cheekily, speaking words that he hoped might provoke he.

He then thought to himself…

From the moment this woman appeared, she had a haughty look, as if she was above all the people and things of this world!

I even intentionally talked about the incident the other day so bluntly, yet it didn’t anger her!

This is unbelievable, can it be that this foreign woman doesn’t care about her modesty and chastity?

“You are a very brave person. Since you are reluctant, I can only make my move.” Stunning Snow looked deep into Mo Wen’s eyes.

This youngster seems to be fearless of death, as he has attempted to infuriate me time after time!

A streak of holy and pure white light shone out of her body, followed by a sacred light beam that descended from heaven and enveloped Mo Wen. Once its invisible ripples spread out, they instantly covered the entire public square.

Yuan Kuang, who was a few hundred meters away, trembled at the sight. He could feel a destructive frightening power coming from that sacred aura and radiance. It caused an uncontrollable chill to surged in his heart.

“One of the Cardinals among the clergies!” Yuan Kuang shouted in utter shock.

This year, he had been travelling around the world and had some experiences overseas, so he knew a great deal about the various clergies. The Cardinals among the clergies had a strength that was equivalent to the martial arts practitioners in the Golden Elixir realm. As such, they were considered as very sacred and noble in the western world.

For such an existence to actually appear in an underground fight, and at such a young age, was truly remarkable! Yuan Kuang wondered if he was dreaming. Being able to see Mo Wen, this kind of abnormal youngster, was a true rarity in one’s lifetime. Now, there was actually an appearance of another spectacular existence, even more abnormal than Mo Wen!

Du Pingsheng could feel a frightening power coming from her, like a shocking wave that was rolling over him. He had never felt this kind of frightening power, as if a simple punch from it could destroy the entire lawn!

“Such power is equivalent to the later stage of the Golden Elixir realm!” Mo Wen’s pupils constricted and shock flashed in his eyes.

He couldn’t believe that such a terrifying prodigy existed in the western world. He had clearly underestimated her previously.

This lady in the white robe was definitely no more than twenty-five years old. If she was placed in the Huatian Palace, in terms of talents, she would have already surpassed anyone that he had ever known there.

“I don’t intend to bully you, nor do I have the need. I will leave immediately if you would just give that person to me now,” Stunning Snow said stoically. After all, she had received the order to investigate the whereabouts of the Divine Blood, not to make enemies.

“You are indeed very strong.” Mo Wen sighed. He knew that if he were to fight her without any tricks, he would definitely be not match for this woman.

He then added, while a big smile spread over his face, “But, I dislike admitting defeat. So, I won’t admit defeat if I don’t have to!”

“You are indeed very confident.” Stunning Snow hadn’t intended to make a move, as she thought that Mo Wen would retreat after becoming aware of the overwhelming odds against him.

However, she never expected that this youngster would be so obstinate! This caused her to look at him in surprise. She honestly couldn’t tell whether he was simply being arrogant to cover his own insecurity or if he really was confident in his abilities.

Regardless, she didn’t intend to waste any more time with Mo Wen. That streak of pure and holy light, which was enveloping everyone, was directed to the center of the group. The frightening power squeezed towards the center, as if it was prepared to completely lock Mo Wen within it.

Stunning Snow then pointed a finger, and a fair and glowing huge hand appeared in the sky. Then, it smacked down vigorously towards Mo Wen. She had finally decided to teach this arrogant youngster a lesson!

“Such a fierce woman!” Mo Wen exclaimed, while smiling cheekily.

At that moment, two streaks of radiance, one golden and one black, rose from his body to form a whirl that actually blocked that pure and holy light beam’s compressing power! In the meantime, his figure flashed and appeared outside the light beam in a split second, while two masses of golden lights shone like brilliantly blazing suns within his eyes!

The next moment, a streak of nearly invisible ripples enveloped the entire public square, instantly covering everything within it.

“Power of Soul and Will!” Stunning Snow exclaimed, while her body trembled and shock surged in her eyes. Her figure then retreated unexpectedly, like she had met with something frightening and wanted to hide from it instantly.