Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 47

Chapter 47: Fighting Side by Side

"You are really thinking of killing us all?" Liu Guangwen inhaled deeply with a dumbfounded expression as he walked out from the group. Vengeance appeared to be burning within his pupils.

"Since I will have killed your entire family, so what's the use in leaving you behind? Don't worry, you will soon be able to reunite with your family and accompany them," the short middle-aged man said darkly. His voice was hoarse and unpleasant to the ear.

A look of incomprehension flashed through Liu Guangwen's eyes. He had joined the military in order to escape from the grasp of his enemies. But, they had still come for him.

"We planted a miniature GPS tracking device in your body long ago. No matter where you go, we will always find you. You're very smart to think of hiding in the military region. Indeed, we don't dare find you in the military region. If not, you would have been dead long ago," said the man. The short middle-aged man was not anxious at all. It was as if he knew it'd be impossible for Liu Guangwen to escape his clutches.

"When did you plant a tracking device in me?" Liu Guangwen's expression and tone changed slightly. He did not know that people had done things to his body.

"Haha, you still don't know right? That day when your girlfriend made breakfast for you, you ate our GPS tracking device. Are you shocked, even surprised? Haha" The short middle-aged man started to laugh as a thought came to mind, "I forgot to tell you, that pretty girlfriend of yours was below me last night, pleading for a good time."

"You all" Liu Guangwen's expression was contorted and the vein on his forehead was throbbing as he breathed heavily. He did not even dare to think that the girl that he had loved all this while had betrayed him long ago.

Mo Wen furrowed his brows slightly. The group of people who killed off his whole family even stole his girl. It was just too cruel.

"Hand over that thing and I may consider leaving your body intact," the short middle-aged man who had been laughing just moments ago became expressionless in an instant. His voice was still dark and hoarse.

"Let them off. I'm your only target," Liu Guangwen took in a deep breath and gave Mo Wen and the others a look as he answered.

"Let them off? You dare think you'll leave here alive? I guess you will all have to die. Hm? That little lady looks so pitiful," The short middle-aged man had suddenly taken notice of Qin Xiaoyou. He looked at her perversely and perverted laughter could not stop coming out of his mouth.

Qin Xiaoyou quivered and her face paled. Subconsciously, she shrunk behind Mo Wen.

Liu Guangwen looked at Mo Wen and the others helplessly, "I've implicated you guys today. There's no use in blaming me as I will soon be a dead person. Perhaps this is life." If he had known that his enemies would have tracked him down, he would not have left the military camp.

To him, the military camp was the safest place. As for the miniature GPS tracking device in his body, he believed that it would become ineffective after being corroded by his stomach acids later. Previously, he had escaped the killing of his entire family and still thought that he had a chance for revenge. However, he did not expect to fall prey to the woman he loved most.

"Xiaoyou, are you scared?" Amidst the tense atmosphere, Mo Wen was still all smiles as he reached out his hand to stroke Qin Xiaoyou's head.

"Not not scared" Qin Xiaoyou hugged on tightly to him. Her small figure was shivering slightly, yet her mouth claimed that she was not scared.

"It's alright if you're scared. But there is no need to fear them. Later while we fight them, you should immediately run up the mountain and don't look back," Mo Wen said as he gave a soft smile and pointed to the bumpy mountainous road behind him.

Mo Wen wanted Qin Xiaoyou to get away because he was afraid that too many people surrounding him during combat would distract him from watching over Qin Xiaoyou. Other than Qin Xiaoyou, everyone else on the battle ground were ancient martial arts practitioners. Getting a normal girl like her involved would only bring danger.

Amongst the opposition, three of them were ancient martial arts practitioners who had achieved the Regulated Breathing realm. The other four had the cultivation of the Body Consolidation realm. The leading short middle-aged man had achieved the peak level of skill and was at the later stage of the Regulated Breathing realm. He was an ancient martial arts practitioner who was nearing the Soothing Pulse realm.

Although Mo Wen was not afraid, he was unable to guarantee Qin Xiaoyou's safety in such a chaotic atmosphere.

"No, how can I be a deserter. I want to fight alongside you all," Qin Xiaoyou said through gritted teeth. She thought back to all the combat techniques her instructor had taught not long ago. She grabbed ahold of the wooden stick in her hands and looked as if she was about to battle it out with the enemies.

Mo Wen rolled his eyes. She still thought of fighting alongside them. She really did think of herself as a soldier.

Wang Yuan said, "Xiaoyou, just listen to Mo Wen. You know our abilities well and it will just be more trouble for us if you stay behind. If you're safe, then we will be able to immerse ourselves in the fight wholeheartedly."

This time, Wang Yuan had also become serious. At crucial moments, he would not allow Qin Xiaoyou to fool around blindly. In such a situation, Qin Xiaoyou's combat abilities were insufficient. Staying behind would only cause them to lose their focus.

"Listen to me. Run up the mountain and don't stop. After this ends, I will go and find you," Mo Wen said to Qin Xiaoyou. His tone did not leave any space for negotiation.

"Alright, I'll listen to you," Qin Xiaoyou was glum as she lowered her head. She knew that Mo Wen and Wang Yuan were right. She was a burden and would only cause more trouble if she stayed behind.

"A girl like you shouldn't act so tough, fighting is a boy's thing," Mo Wen said with a softened tone after seeing Qin Xiaoyou's reaction.

"I got it," Qin Xiaoyou's cheeks reddened slightly. It was unclear what she was thinking about.

"After meeting me, you still think you have a chance at escaping? Simply too nave," the short middle-aged man laughed coldly and uncaringly. This bunch of students were rather interesting. They were still thinking of running away at this point in time. Could it be that they had studied till their brains were fried?

"Who said we wanted to run? I want to play with you," Mo Wen laughed coldly. Run away? He had to admit that the old miracle physician Mo Wen had often chosen to run away. Running away was a technique in itself. However, running away just because of these few people would be a joke.

"Go. Other than Liu Guangwen and that fresh and juicy little lady, kill off the other two," ordered the short man. The short middle-aged man saw that Mo Wen was still laughing. He immediately felt like his dignity was being challenged and his expression hardened. He gave the order to take down the four little fellows. Once they were within his control, it would be up to him to deal with them.

The six people behind the short middle-aged man received the command and surged forward. The combat started in an instant.

Liu Guangwen suddenly let out a crazed roar and directly pounced onto the short middle-aged man. From the wavelengths of his Inner Qi, he could tell that he had indeed achieved the later stage of the Regulated Breathing realm.

Wang Yuan was in shock. He had only just found out that Liu Guangwen was also an ancient martial arts practitioner. Moreover, he was an ancient martial arts practitioner with rather profound skills. No wonder he had attracted so many ancient martials art practitioners chasing after his life.

Looking at the fiercely approaching enemies, Wang Yuan spat out his saliva. It was a crucial moment of life or death. Moreover, the enemies' skills were seemingly better than his.

Not long later, there were two ancient martial arts practitioners with the Body Consolidation realm. They were all headed towards Wang Yuan. Their actions were vicious and life-threatening. It was just a fraction of their full abilities and yet Wang Yuan was already fraught with danger.

Mo Wen looked over to Qin Xiaoyou. Qin Xiaoyou had bit onto her lip and turned around to run up the mountain. Even though the mountainous road was tough to ascend, the path downhill had already been blocked by people. Hence, she could only climb up the mountain.

"You thinking of leaving? Not so easily," a tall, skinny man with a figure like bamboo pulled out a pistol from his holster. With a ping sound, he shot at Qin Xiaoyou's heart from the back.