Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 55

Chapter 55: Leader Mo Wen

"The Ming Clan used the all-conquering Sacred Fire Sword as an iron plague for over thousands of years, and even derived sets of Sacred Flame Insignia martial arts teachings because of it. They only found out about the secret of the Sacred Flame Insignia after the Leader of the 37th generation of the Ming Clan. If those ancestors of the Ming Clan knew about the truth of the Sacred Flame Insignia, they would be so embarrassed," Mo Wen thought to himself internally. Having a treasure in one's hand but not knowing its true power would be a blow to anyone.

He could only sigh at the fact that the Sacred Fire Sword had been hidden so well. If not for the extraordinary talent of the Leader of the Ming Clan of the 37th generation, then there was no knowing how long it would have remained buried.

His palm turned slightly and the blade of the Sacred Fire Sword shrunk back in without a sound. At the same time, the temperature in the secret chamber had gradually reverted to normal.

"This Leader of the Ming Clan was definitely deserving of his title considering what he had done for the Ming Clan," thought Mo Wen as he helplessly dismantled the Sacred Fire Sword into the seven pieces again. He took the pieces of the Sacred Flame Insignia and assembled them into a simple and unsophisticated belt. He put it on his body and adjusted the length a little. It wouldn't appear to be any different from a normal belt.

The hidden power of the Sacred Fire Sword surprised Mo Wen. The person who had casted the Sacred Fire Sword was a unique talent.

Mo Wen scanned the secret room and respectfully bowed three times to the skeleton of Chang Qingfeng. Since he had inherited his legacy, he would achieve whatever Chang Qingfeng had entrusted upon him despite having little interest in setting up a religious sect. Mo Wen was instead more interested in living a carefree, unrestrained life.

With a choice made in his heart, Mo Wen started to stroll around the secret chamber. He walked over to the three large bookshelves on the western face and casually retrieved a few books to flip through. He found out that they were all the martial arts teachings of the Ming Clan placed in this secret chamber. It preserved the most complete legacy of the Ming Clan.

There were the Sacred Flame Palm, Cold Ice Immortality, No Phase Stick, Seven Injury Fist, Eagle Step, Purple Dragon Martial Arts, and so much more. The variety of martial arts teachings was close to a hundred. However, in comparison to The Heaven and Earth Great Shift and Nine Yang Scripture, it was still a large number of levels away.

Mo Wen randomly flipped through several of the books, but he lost interest. He walked over to another book shelf and found that the books were all depicting some mysteries of martial arts. Just like the ancient classics of the Ming Clan, they were also treasured classics, but Mo Wen did not have much interest in them.

He dully walked to the last book shelf and just randomly flipped through several more books. Then, Mo Wen's expression became serious. The books on the third book shelf were actually all related to medicine. Moreover, the collection was plentiful and had thousands of years of impartation of medical techniques and the various types of medical classics.

In the history of the Ming Clan, every generation produced a miracle physician and always had an impartation of medical techniques. The Leader of the 34th generation of the Ming Clan had exceptional medical skills and was known as the great miracle physician. He had promoted the medical techniques of the Ming Clan so much so that they became renowned far and wide.

It was said that the master of the Leader of the 34th generation of the Ming Clan was called Hu Qingniu and was referred to as the medical deity. His medical skills were unfathomable and he was the world's leading doctor in that era.

Precisely because of such a master, the Leader of the 34th generation of the Ming Clan could push the medical techniques of the Ming Clan to greater heights.

At this moment, the secret chamber was stored with the medical classics that had been passed down by the Ming Clan for thousands of years. It was a priceless treasure trove.

The Yellow Emperor's Internal Classics, Hua Tuo's Deep Internal Mapping, Pulse Classic written by Wang Shuhe, Thousand Gold Wings, Wang Yi's Foreign Taiwan Secrets, Yellow Emperor's Shrimp Sutra, Western Subaid Church Moxibustion, Effective Prescriptions of Taiping, Acupuncture A and B, Thousand Gold Prescription...Mo Wen couldn't believe his eyes.

Book after book of ancient classics on medicine! There were so many that it made one a little dazed. Many of them were the only existing copies, handed down through generations and rare throughout the world. It was impossible to weigh their value. The medical knowledge within them, especially, was not just basic knowledge like that recorded in Li Shizhen's Compendium of Materia Medica.

Some of the medicinal material within the book encompassed a new world of medicine. There were many rare medicinal materials that were recorded which were very difficult to find.

There were also several interesting medicinal materials that even Mo Wen did not know of. Perhaps those medicinal materials were non-existent in his world. Even if there were, they may have not been discovered or their beneficial properties were unknown.

To Mo Wen, these medical classics were priceless in value. Once he had researched thoroughly into them, not only would his medical skills improve, but he could also combine the medical skills from his past life with his medical skills from this lifetime. Having a thorough understanding of all the medicinal materials plus his already existing knowledgewouldallow him to become the miracle physician Mo Wen that he once was.

In an instant, Mo Wen had completely immersed himself in the vastness of the medical classics and lost track of the time outside.

Not knowing how long had past, a subtle wave of crying interrupted Mo Wen's train of thought. He frowned his eyebrows and subconsciously looked out of the secret chamber.

Who was crying?

Mo Wen mumbled under his breath to himself and prepared to continue intensively studying the medical techniques. The Ming Clan's medical skills were so extensive and profound that the personal letters of past miracle physicians of the Ming Clan captured the essence of medicine. Even though it was Mo Wen and he usually maintained a calm facade,the readings caused him clap his hands in relish when he read the parts that made him excited and could not help but exclaim with glee.

However, in the next moment, Mo Wen realized that something was not right. At that moment, he was in the secret cave abode. Who would be crying here?

After he had time to process the information, he knew who it was without a second thought. Mo Wen put down the book in his hand immediately and walked out.

He had been so immersed in the amazing ancient classics of medical techniques that he had actually completely forgotten about Qin Xiaoyou.

He face-palmed and walked back out to the cave abode outside a little awkwardly.

The sky had already become bright. The crack above their heads let in a ray of sunshine and had lit up the cave abode quite a bit. Mo Wen had actually stayed in the secret chamber for a whole night!

Not far away on a huge net was a small figure curled up into a ball. The little body shook and trembled as sobs came out.

The sunlight above their heads had shone in through the cracks and painted the entire net in golden yellow sun rays. If he had guessed correctly, the huge net was likely used by the owner of the secret chamber as a hammock to lie on and bask in the sun

"Why are you crying?" said Mo Wen as he touched his nose and smiled awkwardly.

He could emphasize Qin Xiaoyou. Falling into a precipice is scary. Even if she did not die, nobody would hear her cries for help in this deep cave. You would not know if it was even possible to get out alive. Under such sorrow and fear, it would be difficult to control your feelings.

Mo Wen had tested the satellite communication device previously and it was unable to be used to communicate with the outside world. There was seemingly a mysterious layer of power over the cave abode that was interrupting the signal. It was completely impossible to receive anything from the outside world and similarly, impossible to send anything out.

Beforehand, he had not been able to contact Qin Xiaoyou so he had guessed that she had run off to a spot where there were satellite signals. However, he then used common sense to refute this guess and no longer thought it could be true.

Now that he thought about it, the odd cave abode and the impartation of thousands of years by the Ming Clan appearing suddenly did not follow common sense either.

The sudden sound had scared Qin Xiaoyou so much that she stopped crying in an instant. She lifted her head all of a sudden and noticed Mo Wen standing not far away, just slightly smiling, and she wiped her eyes as her pupils expanded. Her tears immediately started falling again.