Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 58

Chapter 58: The Treasure Trove

Next, Mo Wen took out some 30 jade bottles of medicine from the wooden box and inspected them all. As expected, he discovered many precious completed drugs. He also discovered that there were five or six boxes containing jade bottles, each of them filled with medicines.

Most of the medicines were used to help practice the Nine Yang Scripture and the Nine Yin Scripture, coalescing the twin essences of Yin and Yang of heaven and earth. With the medicines in the jade bottles, a martial arts practitioner could practice the Nine Yang Scripture and the Nine Yin Scripture with greatly reduced effort and maximum results.

The medicines in the wooden crates were collected by the Ming Cult over decades as supplement medicines for the next cult leader or Sacred Maiden to practice the Nine Yang Scripture and the Nine Yin Scripture. Unfortunately, after the catastrophe befell the Ming Cult, these accumulated medicines had lost their original purpose, locked away in this sealed room.

After hundreds of years, Mo Wen had hit the jackpot. With the wooden crates of medicines, for him to practice the Nine Yang Scripture and the Nine Yin Scripture was a breeze; he could accomplish this in a short span of time.

The supplement medicines helped people practice the Nine Yang Scripture and the Nine Yin Scripture making it very precious, thus the Ming Cult in its heyday could only amass so much of them. Just by the use of these medicines, it was possible for a large number of martial arts masters to be born.

Aside from medicines for helping the practice, there were divine healing medicines. Among the medicines, there was a bottle of cream called the Grass Essence Paste; it had strong healing effects on physical wounds.

"Come over here."

Mo Wen beckoned to Qin Xiaoyou, who was standing not far away.

"What for?"

Qin Xiaoyou approached him quizzically. Just now, she was flipping through some ancient literature on a bookshelf. She realized the Ming Cult was tremendously rich in its heritage. The cult's literature collection spanned across astronomy, geography, social sciences, Feng Shui, Eight Trigrams, Eight Diagrams Tactics, and history

The collection was overarching and included the best work from all branches of studies.It was puzzling as to what was the cause that led to the Ming Cult's destruction all in a sudden, since it was a sect with such a long history.

Mo Wen grabbed Qin Xiaoyou's hand, rolled up her sleeve, and applied some Grass Essence Paste on her wound. As soon as it was applied, the cream colored Grass Essence Paste absorbed into Qin Xiaoyou's wound and was completely solidified on top of the wound.

"So soothing."

Qin Xiaoyou stared at her arm; the burning pain was completely gone in an instant. Furthermore, she was washed over by a slight refreshing feeling.

"As long as it's not painful."

Qin Xiaoyou did not have many physical injuries, but it still must have been very painful to have a large patch of skin cut.

Mo Wen applied the Grass Essence Paste on Qin Xiaoyou's other arm, then ordered her to sit.

"Take off your pants," Mo Wen said expressionlessly.

There were far more wounds on Qin Xiaoyou's thighs than on her arms. Even her special-made military pants became worn with a few large openings. He could only apply medicine to her wounds if she took off her pants.

"I can do that myself"

Qin Xiaoyou flushed. Obviously she knew that Mo Wen wanted to apply medicine on her wounds, but she felt slightly embarrassed since it was just the two of them in the room.

It was summer; she only had panties underneath her pants. Taking off her long pants in front of Mo Wen was deeply embarrassing.

"Take it off."

Mo Wen frowned. He wasn't having any lewd thoughts. There couldn't be inhibitions for the doctor to treat the illness. As a man of medicine, when treating the patient he could not have any distractions.

In the other world as the Imperial Court physician, he had to treat the illnesses ofthe palace's imperial concubines, princesses as well, as the empress dowager. Some illnesses could not be treated without removing clothing.

Qin Xiaoyou could treat her thigh injuries by herself, but the abrasions on the back of her thighs and her lower back were harder to treat.

Seeing Mo Wen's serious expression, Qin Xiaoyou didn't resist further. Her face turned bright red as she slowly took off her pants.

Qin Xiaoyou was wearing white underwear. Her legs were smooth and pale, as compared to the back of her neck. The month of military training had indeed tanned her quite a bit.

"Your eyes better not wander." Qin Xiaoyou placed her pants to the side with an embarrassed look, feeling somewhat at odds with herself.

"What is there to see?" Mo Wen said expressionlessly.

His hands were quick at work, applying the paste on Qin Xiaoyou's wounds. He was professional and skillful. Qin Xiaoyou didn't even feel pain when he touched her wounds.

His words made Qin Xiaoyou's face turned gloomy. She muttered a soft hmph, turning her face aside.

"Turn around," Mo Wen ordered with his eyelids drooped.

Qin Xiaoyou didn't respond for a while. She seemed to be rebelling against him; she stared at the wall not far away from them and couldn't be bothered with him.

Mo Wen rolled his eyes. He could only turn around to face Qin Xiaoyou's back, then applied the medicine to her back and buttocks.

It only took him a short while to take care of all the wounds on Qin Xiaoyou.

"Are you still in pain? Did I leave out any part?"

Mo Wen raised his head and asked. Obviously, he was not going to check on Qin Xiaoyou's private parts.

"There are no more spots."

Qin Xiaoyou glared at Mo Wen, pulling up her pants while pouting. Then she once again began to ignore Mo Wen, walked towards the bookshelf, and continued checking out the precious literature collection of the Ming Cult.

Mo Wen blinked, looking at an angry Qin Xiaoyou. Women sure are baffling. He was just looking at her thigh, it wasn't like she would lose a piece of flesh if he looked.

Also, weren't beautiful women's gorgeous legs meant to be admired? If not, why were there so many women, young and old, prancing around the city with short skirts and even shorter hot pants?

After that, Mo Wen walked into the sealed room alone. According to Chang Qingfeng's handwritten article, the cave abode had three passageways. One lead into the secret chamber, one to the outside world, and another lead to the Ming Cult's treasure trove.

He walked up to the point where the passage branched off into three, then took the left passageway and walked down till he reached the end, coming face to face with another stone door.

Mo Wen opened the stone door and entered. Inside was a large room, stacked with thousands of large crates.

He casually opened one of the large wooden crates, its insides glittering with gold. The crate was filled to the brim with large gold pieces with the Ming Dynasty's official seal there.

Regardless of age and dynasty, gold was the hallmark currency. Any slightly larger organization would have gold stored up for use in emergencies.

The Ming Cult had a thousand year legacy, so naturally they would have a large reserve of gold. As for exactly how much gold the Ming Cult been keeping, Mo Wen had no idea.

But there were over a thousand big wooden crates in the treasure trove. The sight was enough to demonstrate the enormity of the Ming Cult's wealth.

If Mo Wen had all the gold here to himself, he would be one of the richest people in the world.

But Mo Wen only glanced through it without paying much attention. With his current state of mind, even though this gold might be helpful to him, it wasn't really attractive to him.

After that he entered another stone walled room in the treasure trove. Similar to the room before, the room was filled with over a hundred wooden crates. He randomly picked one and opened it; immediately the room was illuminated with the shine of jewels. Inside the box were emeralds, opals, ambers, jades, crystals, carnelians, diamonds...

Vivid colors and brilliant lights; sparkling and shiny.

Mo Wen let out a bitter laugh. The Ming Cult was indeed rich beyond measure. But even though these jewelry pieces were gorgeous, they weren't really practical.

He opened a few other wooden crates. As expected, they were all packed with enchanting jewelry. Pearls as big as longans, diamonds as big as red beans, emerald jade with ice-like transparency. One could find everything there.